Still life.



This still life is all I ever do –
There by the window, quietly killed for you –
In this glass house, my insect life –
Crawling the walls under electric lights –

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Gesellschaft und Staat: ein soziales Wesen. Der Mensch.

about social justice.

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Heute morgen habe ich abgegeben beim Landgericht Bielefeld, im Büro von Dr. Misera, Vorzimmer, und bei der Sekretärin der Justiz Frau Peters eingereicht eine Beschwerde zu einem Verfahren in einer Familiensache.

Es war ein bisschen schwierig, das Büro zu finden, weil unten haben sie gesagt, es ist Büro 504. Dann war es aber Büro 5.214, oder so ähnlich, weil sie da oben schon wieder neue Nummern haben. Aber die kleine Nummer stand nachher unten rechts noch in der Ecke. Also da sind die total korrekt.

Es war niemand zu sehen, und die Sache mit den Nummern habe ich erst später verstanden.

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when everthing else fails, what’s important in life?

  • Home, Family. To be at home with your family, undisturbed.
  • Beyond that, the Existance and Stability of a State. Understanding outside world.
  • And finally, Participation. Same Chances. Same rights for all. Public Votes for We the People.

All you need.

So, let’s accept democratic rules. And we the democrats shall guarantee same rights for all, may it be right, left, or green wing radicals from Extinction Rebellion.

One vote per man.

Then, Laws be valid for everyone. The rest is personal opinion.

Results? – Kindness. Respect for others, and Tolerance, in all our Modesty.



We the People. democrats.

Welcome, 21st century of choices.

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Life‘s what you make it.


World Press Photo 2015: Rescue Operation – Italy-Libyan Coast – Massimo Sestini (AP).


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dancing with Tears in my eyes.


we the people make a wish come true.


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Thunder Road.

The screen door slams,
Mary’s dress waves
Like a vision she dances
across the porch as the radio plays

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Every breath you take ?.

The Police:

Every breath you take.

Published back in 1984 – on their once famous album:



Are you ready?


Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take

I’ll be watching you

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The Prince and the Revolution.

In Memory of an honest person.

Federal Press Agency - The Circle Logo. - 48x48



His name was Prince,

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