Customer and IT Service Conditions.

Standard Rates.


[a german version of this page can be found here: Kunden- und IT-Service-Konditionen].

  • day one: free (Clubhouse, Facetime, Skype)
    intro, Talk or Startup Workshop on Fridays (from 1h up to 1 day p. P. per year).
  • 25 €/h (50 €/2h):
    Startup Consultancy (Idea, Business Model, Cost/Profit Plan, first steps, AGB).
  • 25 €/h (50 €/2h):
    Small Business IT-Support (PC, Wifi, iPad), Windows / Mac OS / Linux / iOS.
  • 25 €/h (175 €/day):
    WordPress Website creation (design, pages, pictures, Business Plan, AGB).
  • 25 €/h (175 €/day):
    platform development based on the Dynamic Applications Roadmap.
  • 25 €/h (175 €/day):
    of Dynamic Applications (Business Planners, Scorecards, Input Values, Targets and Formula, Data Transfer, Re-Branding, Setups, and Sourcecode).
  • 25 .. 32 €/h (200 .. 250 €/day):
    Project Management, Software development (paid Work time, 32 €/h: Offering/Order).
    Here we grant a 30 day right for remarking any defects or criticism, then to be paid.
  • 48 €/h (400 €/day):
    IT Program development on customer contract, including a 2-year warranty under AGB.


Dynamic Applications in (x / y / t) are our reference, example of work, our capabilities, and plan.

We’re happy for any request for a Programming task. Feel free to ask. This is welcome. We’re open to agree on other, comparable tasks according to your needs, at 25 Euro/h standard rate.

For professional collaboration with financial consultants, advisors and institutions, it is expected that no more than 75 €/h may be conducted per Person on your own behalf, to serve as well the good name of Dynamic Applications. 

Projects with Dynamic Applications usually involve the creation of Small Business Planners. In such cooperations, you may choose additional roles (Simulation Model development, Pre-Sales, Project Management, Delivery, Docs, Support, Warranty). Here we offer to provide 2nd-level Support in such cases. To provide one responsible face to the customer, we are willing to work as a responsible main contractor, but also as a Subcontractor, as desired.

In pursuing an honest craftmanship, we invoice the customer regularly, with a 14-day schedule. Then, we do our work as good as we can, we plan, we serve, and we create, so that the customer can verify our work, and finally we charge our work time, for each participator, accordingly.

You can always bring up specific refinements towards these our standard conditions. However, these will require signed agreement of Martin Bernhardt, beforehand, naturally.


Dynamic Applications are designated to represent the lifetime work of Martin Bernhardt.

For 250 Euro, we offer a 2-day do-it-yourself workshop on creating a 2-3 page Startup Website with WordPress. From here, you’ll be able to maintain most tasks, yourself.

From 750 Euro, we offer to create a complete WordPress Website with Header, Menus, 10 pages with Text, Imagery or YouTube video integration, and Domain handling / mapping. 

For 250 Euro, we’ll create a Small Business Planner with your personal, or professional icon (no extras. please send Product Name, 256×256 logo, and final calculation models).

From 750 Euro, we offer a professional re-branding with vendor information, your custom license, 1..12 simulation model integration with banners, a final date of operation, and a lock of all future business models to run only on your platform. This includes one full week of work on refining your product offering. From there, you’ll be a Vendor who may create financial forecast and projections for your customers, and sell these under your own name.

For Startups and new Customers, on request, we offer to charge 10 €/h for an order up to 1000 Euro, on your very first work order only. It is expected that accept our standard conditions (AGB and dna license), here. From then on, it’s gonna be regular price per move.

Travel and Accomodation have to be paid by customer, and we have to add MwSt (VAT) tax according to the Law.

Feel free to call us, and ask back in case of question.


Martin und Lukas - Pizzahut Bielefeld 2013
You’ll need food. We’ll need food. How do we share in a fair way?


Customer’s benefit, our mission.

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Apart from being a platform developer, the second leg of Dynamic Applications is working as a Freelancer in IT projects. We’re grateful about every request.

So we develop Small Business Planners as some kind of Reference Application.

Here are a few rules that we’ve developed to fulfil your requests in the best way possible.

  • We are looking for a trustful, sustainable customer service relation.
  • We offer to start small and then we proceed step by step, at minimal cost.
  • We set up a priority list with Customer’s cost/profit, so you can order from top.
  • No reason to order, or buy anything where you’re not convinced.
  • First come, first served, and one customer at a time.
  • Your Order is valid from being confirmed by Martin Bernhardt.
  • Paid orders have priority before work on the Dynamic Applications Freeware.
  • We work according to the specification of our fixed price offering, from 750 Euro.
  • No need to pay where you’re not satisfied for a reason, as a general guideline.
  • In case everything was good, we are grateful if you pay within 14 days.
  • We offer 2 years of warranty for creation of 3rd party products (see price list).
  • 30 days correction on paid worktime and service tasks (on a fair is fair basis).
  • This warranty includes repair on any proven defect at no cost under dna license conditions, up to a total refund of payment on defects that can’t be solved, where reasonable.
  • In December, we work on the Dynamic Applications Freeware. It’s our Christmas present for you all.
  • Feedback, questions, improvements and substantial bug reports are always welcome.

.. .

Formal Liability, Conflict Management, and Bug Bounty.

With every customer contract, we offer a Bug Bounty of 25 Euro (including Freeware and Shareware). For this, you have to prove a) error, b) solution, and c) explain why it is better to solve like that, for everyone. In Court of AG Lemgo, we defend our work by 75 Euro, where should we have done wrong.

For conflict management, we provide Protocol Form, Work order Form, and an “in voice” Form Template, free of charge, that are defended by the AGB, Terms and Conditions of Dynamic Applications, via Martin Bernhardt, towards AG Lemgo, our defending court here in Germany.

You are invited to use these well-defined Form Templates to defend your own work and claims under these conditions, on your own behalf, on your own responsibility. Involve us where necessary.

In case you are willing to test our offering, first, we recommend Key Account Manager, our all-in-one solution. It includes all of our Business Planners, and it allows you to open Tickets via a simple EMail from Support Menu. For that very limited price, we are offering to support you up to 2 hours per Month. That’s how we do it at Dynamic Applications, defending ourselves as trustworthy craftsmen.

. .

why to decide for Dynamic Applications.

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As of today, our calculation platform, the standard business planners, the main website, and the basic design have all been created by Martin Bernhardt in person. When there’s no order, there’s no bill to pay. In being the founder of Dynamic Applications, we create useful applications, than to send endless job applications around, tracking on everybody’s nerves.

We reserve the right to maintain a copy of self-written source code. The original sourcecode is property of Dynamic Applications, so that we can guarantee a stable, reliable platform. 

Calculation Models in x / y / t can be used to solve differential equations in higher order.

It is our mission to simplify all scientific mathematics well down to define a simple set of Input Values, Target Formulas, and Stock Values, easily accumulating over time.

For customer projects and enhancements, we’ll be happy to deliver customer specific Sourcecode as well. Hereby, we’ll regularly keep a copy of the Sourcecode for maintenance purposes.

Unless otherwise defined, we’ll consider our Version of the Sourcecode as our own property, and the customer may see their version of the Sourcecode as their own property, under same right. So that we don’t have to create everything again, next time, and the Customers have the warranty to be able to continue their product development.

You can book your personal Startup Workshop with Martin Bernhardt here.
For References and Recommendations (“Zeugnisse”) of former employers, refer to this PDF.

At Dynamic Applications, we’re builders.

All things considered, now we’re happy to serve you well under these our general conditions.


Martin Bernhardt, Founder.
+49 15 25 35 26 101

Startup Product Manager v2.16, running a Dynamic Applications simulation.

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about Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we create Small Business Developments, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and all do-it-yourself parts be free.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

We the people make a wish come true.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.