Pyramid Simulations.

Pyramid Simulations.

on Law and Order in the 21st century.

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stone on stone. stone on stone. . _ .. . _ _ .. . _ * _ . .. _ _ . .. _ . stone on stone.

in dragging the stones together, in his inner soul, already he know how pointless all that was.

His own, little son. his wife. his life. all taken by that judge, against the £aw.
in being a responsible man, in caring for the many, he knew. He knew what was expected.

Justice and Fairness, created by a single man. That was what they expected.

what’s good? – what’s kind? – justice and fairness, that’s our good, kind be seen, later.

.. . .. . . . .. . ..

defending The Federal Republic.

The story of one well-respected man, with Work, Home and Family.

destroyed by People who took money, called selves Youth and Welfare Office, for Family.

one day, he’d taught them what it meant. What it meant to create a peaceful, worldwide society. Marked by his own hands. He despised the thought, and yet. There seemed to be no other way.

Why had he written all those Letters, told them, so they could handle it all by £aw, correctly?

There was no other way, it seemed. From nothing good comes nothing good, you know.

. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .

. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .

A sign had to be set. a Sign had to be visible.

That sign was to be visible, for sure.

In being an honorable man, first shield. (!?.).

he was responsible for that one child. He knew.

and maybe that was the Ticket. Fight for your right. in a good way. fair enough.

And nobody was willing to take, to bear that one responsible. And the child was on his own. Should he wait until the child, his first and only shield, was humiliated in the school class, also?

Like so many man before, in this corrupted country. Not very far, you know. Not very far developed. Not very far developed, unless one man was abel to set that one sign.

In conjunction with the Country‘s constitution, the declared Targets of the Neighborhood culture, shall it no longer be all owed to rip children off a parent, just so because the went propose the standard way.

. ..

.. .

The Curse and mark of Cain, for a start.

ooh, how he hated that one very, well-thought Reason.

stone on stone. stone on stone. _ _ .. _ _ . _ _ . stone on stone.

. ..

But the letters of that book of £aw, the £aw of severe Crime’, left him with not so many options.

And so, he decided to set that Sign, one day. For the many old, ol’d Fools out there, to see.

. ..

.. .

According to The Federal Republic of Germany.

Book of Criminal £aw and Order.

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Hoe, hoe.

Foot, walk.
Surprise, prise.

Chuck !. . .. ?!!? .. . Wohoo !!
Hit by reality, Light up on a cry‘n.

Whoo! Marked, made. Sign, set. good, right.

Humble Truth. in Modesty, and Reason. Example.
Understanding. What’s good. Seen kind. That’s good.

And so, he was an honorable man. Form good. For all of them, to see.

Found reasonable way, warn People on Street, so they defend them selves.

Now don‘t understand me wrong, Young Modeler. But that‘s why we have the Law.

.. . .. . .. . .. .

Now before we go into detail here, let me first say that not every Social Worker, Bureaucrat, Judge, Expert, Lawyer, or Town official is a bad person. That’s ridiculous to say. So when it’s about the Public State vs. the Private Individual, with Home and Family, Dynamic Applications is on neither side, formally. Naturally, how ever, in being touched ourselves, we have a soft touch on the Family side. As in being honorable men, both Transparency and Privacy protection are with us, every day. And so, we see our Target in providing, in caring for a good balance between the Public State, and Home and Family, with a soft spot on the people‘s Home and Family side, naturally. For everyone. Because it seems to us that within more than 10 000 detail Laws, some basics seem to have been almost forgotten. What’s Law then worth it, we are asking, when it won’t count, where it comes to real basics, to the most essential values? – of having a home, at all? – of having a family, at all?

In this article – based on a True Story – we are reporting about incidents of Human Rights violation that have happened – and are probably happening every day – in some departments called Youth Welfare Office, right here, that’s happening today, in my own Town of birth, in the Federal Republic of Germany. So that’s what aye am to defend, with nothing much left but my own, good name, that aye have got from my own wife, Yvonne Bernhardt.

Because what we are talking about here, on this very page, is not only an open accusation. Neither is it revenge, or any other personally intended harm, from our side, from the side of the Human rights movement.

What we are talking about here is nothing less but the public reporting of an intentional, planned, repratedly executed, proven, mean, and – as it works out over time – the most evil daily crime. Dreamers. Dreamers are, in the worst case, small children, ripped off their parents, for no good reason at all. Are they allowed to live with us, in the promised land, on the promised ground of their father’s home, of their family? –

There are people on this planet, believe me ot not, who intentionally take away other people‘s children – no, wait – who intentionally care for taking away loving parents‘ children, just for creating a so-called welfare business from that. That‘s what we publicly accuse here. It’s not that everyone working in a Youth Welfare Office is a criminal, you know. They can decide for themselves. And that’s what makes them a criminal.

Some of the people – where they may have took the children from – could not even properly speak our language, peoperly. But it won‘t matter to them. To day, in the example we have observed, ourselves, the Town‘s officials deny intentionally the smallest adjustment of the necessary Protocol Form Templates, where people shall report on demand their Home, Address, Family, belongings. They are – valid from 15 February, 2018, where such incident was first reported – intentionally – not even allowing people tocomment on the takeaway of their children, nor to choose freely to care for their beloved children at home, as it is their duty according to our constitution. Really. Not even a small Textbox is allowed for free speech, on the standard form. Instantly they demand payment from loving parents, may it be father, may it be mother. As a reaon, they told us that it’s assumed who ever brings up question shall be assumed right, whoever should remain on the other side, shall be assumed wrong, in their opinion. You complain about this? – it‘s rejected in the most rude way. In our case, they have denied openly the support for a loving Family‘s father🐢, denying that such father complaining would be anymore a relevant family member

So first they remove your child’s address, then they refuse to report properly about where child is, and when the incident of hostage taken formally and orphan creation has happened, and then they accuse you for not being willing to care for child, even should you have written more than 10 letters to them, asking for caring for child.

Now that’s what we call an intentional crime, in the general case. That’s why we have filed it, accordingly.

The proof is on the Table, right next to the Feet of the State Attorney, in charge.

That‘s how they do it. We call it a case of corruption, according to the Law. As the Law is with the people. In response to similar accusations, in the Netherlands, in 2o2o, Prime Minister Marc Rutte has retreated.

But in this country, The Federal Republic of Germany, they rather stay with some old, rotten habits that they have preserved from The third Reich, it seems. But they call their office the Youth Welfare and Family office, already. So in changing the name, some one above have got a clue on what should be their task. But not where it comes to Form Templates. Many of these are signed with unreadable signees, and then, one person is marked responsible on the side. This way, you never even know if that‘s the sender in person.

In organizing the Takeaway, they took a few precautions.

As you can imagine, such people see the world a but differently from the standard opinion. They see it so that there‘s no problem in declaring hostages and orphans, as long as you can earn yourself some decent salary from it. It’s a pity really; however, on this very planet, there are people of all species, you know.

As things like that have happened; as many of these people have created all kinds of mysteries of spell around it, just to be able to look into the mirror im the morning – and done exactly that for years – they can not bear the humanist, the same rights for all approach. So if you tell them, should children have a Far there, and Mo ther, together, as it comes from biblical Truth with art. 4 GG, they laugh you in the face, my friend. That‘s nothing they‘d take any serious, believe me. How would such godless people trust in god.

Because there is equality before the Law, but there is also Freedom before the Law.

And they know it. That’s exactly how they plan to get away. So the number of opinions are many, and so they don‘t have to fear for talking garbage argument. Instead, you have to prove them criminal in Court. See? – it‘s not so easy anymore, once you have understood this, to keep your beloved children with you.

And that‘s exactly why we‘re filing for a take a look insight, with loving parents of our children, as it was granted to us by Informationsfreiheitsgesetz, Art. 1, first paragraph. But, no! They would not even let us take a look, inside. They claim that where a crime has happened, they would not have to show, as other people from the Office in the Court Place, and Town officials are involved. So here they claim towards the loving parents nothing less but in dubio, pro reo for themselves. That‘s what aye call an organized crime.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, this goes with Par. 125a StGB, Sentence 4:

besonders schwerer Fall von Landfriedensbruch”.

That‘s when an organized group of people intentionally riots, rips off, or damages other people‘s property.

Still, every one person shall be welcome to decide and position themselves on either side, based on good argument. That’s how we see it. What we don’t support anymore is the take away of other people’s good, democratic and fair opinion, of speaking up for good old Family tradition, Mother and Father with children..

However, should you concern your self with some good argument, and declare Far there, Mo there each a quarter, where it comes to caretaking, and half of Time to decide well for child, so that child can well see both of his parents, now you will see how mean some people gonna go, just because of you have asked for that.

Cause you, my friend, now you have brought some well-defended argument. You broke the bread not half and half, you broke the bread 4 quarters. Now here, you ask for half of your half. Half free, half same, exactly. That‘s exactly the 25% of all your own belongings, of Home, of Family, of Property, that stays with you in Court, on arrival, by executing the basic Law, properly.

That‘s how man‘s work, and woman‘s care, are same before the basic Law. You have to execute the Basic Law your self, my friend, and then they treat you almost like a criminal, in Court.

In our case, for example, they took away good right of Protocol, that’s granted with art. 17 GG.

So we defend our selves supplying Protocol Form to a hundred Thousand users of Dynamic Applications, each single sheet defended properly by me, Martin Bernhardt, with 75 € before the Law.

That‘s a 7500 : 1 safe bet that we are living in the righteous state, right here, in Germany.

So that We the People can bring Protocol to Court, create report, justice, fairness self, in cases of Family Law and further violation, against corruption and crime of intention, all over planet one. Because there was a Promise. Do you remember that? – there was a Promise that in this very state, such crime should never anymore be about to happen. That’s the constitutional value, you know. And so, for that reason, the Welfare State was defined. So that people shall be empowered – everyone – to be allowed, to be able to create good reason, good faith, one by one.

Undeniable Values, that was the promise. But read for your own self. Such goes with Art. 9 GG, section (3).

. .. . .. . .. . .. . .

. . .. . .. . .. . .. .

The Federal Repbulic of Forgotten values?

In 21st century, the world has become small, my friend.

Once they‘ll have understood that now article 1, 2, 3 of constitution are with you, my dear friend Human rights activitist, then you have understood the danger that people like you bring good right on the Table.

That‘s why we say good right was always with you, my friend. But don‘t you think a minute one of them is ever gonna be your friend. Just go ahead, and talk like that, you gonna find out pretty soon how mean and evil people gonna go, just to protect their own existence, just cause they think they gonna get away with it, together. You have made your self some enemies, my friend, in Youth and Welfare Offices for Home and Family, around the globe. You have made your self some enemies, and pretty soon you will find out how mean and evil other people can forge proof, and lie as hell just to forget, just to have crap of all kind on the table, of their own, frankly made up, intentionally. Yeah, yeah.

That‘s how we identify a repeated criminal offense, an organized group of criminals, in general.

And that‘s exactly why we‘re filing in with art. 100 gg (2), at The Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, from here, to Karlsruhe. Set them a deadline for the 15th of July, they are already a week late.

In less than 4 weeks, my friends, we are therefore willing to file in directly to The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, that neither corrupt Judge, nor State Attorney of our Town of Birth are willing to process the general case, in order with one of the most important lessons of our constitution. Personally delivered.

What did you think, my dear friend? – in such a case, believe me, you do not want to Trust any Person in between. In being an honorable man, you wanna buy yoir self a Ticket, one way, to Court of Constitution, and get your self a fine, decent, personal receipt signee right on the spot. So that they know that they should bring their children, when it comes to general hearings, 2 or 3 years later. What did you think, my friend.

No knife cutting of the innocent, anymore.
To execute the Law properly, you have to keep your own hands clean.

That‘s how you defend your own Family, orderly, in The Federal Republic of Germany.

. .. . .. . .. . .. . .

Art. 25 GG: The primacy of International Law.

The general rules of international Law shall be an integral part of federal law. They shall take precedence over the single federal laws and directly create rights and duties for the inhabitants of the federal territory.

Art. 100 GG (1) (2) (3): concrete judicial reviews.

(1) If a court concludes that a law on whose validity its decision depends is unconstitutional, the proceedings shall be stayed, and a decision shall be obtained from the Land court with jurisdiction over constitutional disputes where the constitution of a Land is held to be violated or from the Federal Constitutional Court where this Basic Law is held to be violated. This provision shall also apply where the Basic Law is held to be violated by Land law and where a Land law is held to be incompatible with a federal law.

(2) If, in the course of litigation, doubt exists whether a rule of international Law is an integral part of federal law and whether it directly creates rights and duties for the individual, as it is defined with Art. 25, the court shall obtain a decision from the Federal Constitutional Court.

(3) If the constitutional court of a Land, in interpreting this Basic Law, proposes to derogate from a decision of the Federal Constitutional Court or of the constitutional court of another Land, it shall obtain a decision from the Federal Constitutional Court.

. .. . .. . .. . .. . .

Unfortunately, in daily reality, such nice words will not help you, much, my friend.

Therefore, should this ever happen to you, my friend, we recommend you take a long, deep look into the Strafgesetzbuch, The Book of Punished Crimes. No punishment with out the Law, my friend. That’s how it’s assumed for State Attorney. The Federal Republic is not on the hunt for people’s children,, all by itself.

So do you wanna keep your children with you, yes or no.

So if you want to have some defense, it’s up to you, my friend. Accuse the one who took the child, by law. Or don’t complain to us that it was taken. In being a well-known, good faith of Human rights told activist, well you have made your self some enemies, assembling right behind your back.

You better watch out, my friend, so do you wanna keep your children with you, yes or no.

That‘s the one question that you wanna think about, tonight.

And make sure that you wanna discuss that with your beloved Wifi, or Hus band, so to call. Cause that‘s exactly what you wanna make up your own mimd, up on.

That‘s why we took the Time to help you, friend.

As we are gonna need quite a few thousand friends along our way.

. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .

. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .

At Dynamic Applications, when it comes to Basic Human Rights, we don‘t need to consider long.

Transparency. Privacy protection. chance. and Participation. our values.

That‘s also why we deploy AGB, Terms and Conditions with every Windows 10 Store App, and we have written a small, general people’s rights license, what we have called the dna license, for you. As well, we deploy Protocol Form, Work order Form, and the Youth Welfare office diagram with thousands of people on the globe.

Chances are that we will never see our beloved own child once again, as a family.

May all Strokes of Luck be with us, my friend. One day, your father‘s story gonna find you well. Then you will understand what happened, and how they treat our family, for three and half a year in row, to day, already.

May stroke of Luck be with us, in defense. Defending arts, music, £and all through our own existence. That‘s how we do it. That’s why we share. That‘s how you‘re gonna do it, one day, my little sun. No reason to sit down with Deutsche Bundestag, and Sonntagsrede halten with nice words of all Sunshine, bla bla bla.

Just do it, defend your self, my friend.

So shall they measure you in deed, my little friend.

Thank you for supporting us, dear Lawyer, reader, Journalist, or Family next door.

Have far there’s blessing with you. Have thought of Home, my dear. My wish for your today.

. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .

. ..

Criminal £aw, § 15.
Intentional and negligent conduct.

Unless the £aw expressly provides for criminal liability for negligent conduct, only intentional conduct attracts (and therefore causes) criminal liability.

.. .

. ..

Criminal £aw, § 16.
The Mistake of Fact.

(1) Whoever, at the time of the commission of the offence, is unaware of a fact which is a statutory element of the offence, is deemed to lack intention. Any criminal liability for negligence remains unaffected.

(2) Whoever, at the time of commission of the offence, mistakenly assumes the existence of facts which would satisfy the elements of a more lenient provision, may only be punished for the intentional commission of the offence under the more lenient provision.

.. .

sun on sunken earth horizon

.. .

Criminal £aw, § 17.
The Mistake of £aw.

If, at the time of the commission of the offence, the offender lacks the awareness of acting unlawfully, then the offender is deemed to have acted without guilt, where the mistake was unavoidable. If the mistake was avoidable, the penalty may be mitigated pursuant to section 49 (1), the £aw of Migitation.

. ..

Had he not all the time presented, good, well-thought out solution?
Had he not charged them, duty full, in all the time?
Had he not cared for his beloved ones, as well as he should?

Why was he then not paid, accordingly, by the indebted, to feed his own one Family?

Was it his fault that others had broken the Law, intentionally, only to benefit them selves?


So what‘s Responsibility worth it, when they won‘t even give you a Lawyer, anymore.

Day by day. No mercy. Day by day. .. . .. . .. . .. . day by day. no mercy. day by day. They thought that they could get away with it, harming so many Families like that, you know. And once they have once taken part, there’s not so much options for the criminals, in Court, as well in Town’s all offices. Would they, should they point now the guilt upon their collegues? – at Dynamic Applications, we say yes. We say yes because there’s no excuse for capitol crimes, even in a small Town’s office. There’s a limit to everything, you know.

That’s why we create calculation models for thousands of people, you know.

That’s how we create what’s called The Public defense.

. .. . .. . .. . .. . .

And so, it was his duty to come up, with one well thought out, fair enough a plan.
The £aw was with him, and the poor, around the globe. That was one thing for sure.

The Plan to show for many people, how to defend, fair enough, your one, owe Family.

So he published the Plan, ahead of time. Give time for Judge, Welfare Office, and the Criminal
who took 750 € on the child’s 10th birthday, and put the Father’s birthday present in her pocket.

Shame on that one Criminal, who took the money from a child, on his 10th birthday. Reason. So he had told them, all the time. Fair enough, pay back your guilt in time, as well.

In the old books of Wisdom, of be belle, of Mow see, he did not have to read that long.

Cain‘s marked by god, in the very beginning. Truth. Righteousness. Mercy. and Privacy protection.


a small sign of Privacy protection was set, by god. Life saving Privacy protection, announced in the most appropriate way, for so many victims to see. To orient, up on a gain. So Cain was marked with a Scar by god, for having killed Abel. So god was Merciful and Righteous at the same time. As Cain was marked by god, the people all around the Waste Lands, where Cain was sent, could very well so see – all by themselves – that Cain was already bearing the guilt, as Cain was publicly ashamed. And so, he resolved the issue in the most benefitial way.

Even the life of Cain was properly preserved, so he as well deserved the smallest chance.

That‘s way we the People have created, by Law, my friend. Follow the people‘s will, or there was no will, for you, anymore. as well, my friend, as well. Life’s all about to see, to elaborate, to go an appropriate way.

That‘s why we the People have created the Law. To remember the good way.

Now here we learn that Kindness was not at all about Forgiveness.

Kindness way about creating good life for so many People.

Example. Show good example, to follow up, a gain.

And make it count, for the many, for certain.

Make it count in respect for the Welfare Society, in good faith.

. .. . .. . .. . ..

.. . .. . .. . .. .

The Curse and Mark of Cain, well done, adapted well for 21st century Families, around the globe.

Serving the many with example, and foresee – less violence – less effort – more fairness – more time – to see again, one Lucky Family. And many more to follow, on the way. Taught from example, how to behave, how to report, how to refund them selves, so how to rescue their own family, and punish all those criminals, in public, to see.

In his Country, we the People, we the People were all Same, before the £aw. That’s one thing for Sure.

And so, he gave example, how to create good right without revenge, just to defend the Family. So he created welfare for the many, In parallel, he filed with Constitution, art. 100 GG (2). So that the formal spell arrive, as well. Create official words of Truth, of Witnessing the good, in the most formally corrected way.


So here we learn that Memories and Privacy protection have one thing in common.

Privacy protection is not all about hiding things, alone. Privacy protection is all about protecting things of value.

At Dynamic Applications, we conclude that Privacy protection should be in well-declared balance to Transparency. So Truth, Courage, Righteousness, and doing good, was as well important.

So kindness was to follow, properly.

So doing good was not at all about just throwing things of Value out of your own Window. Doing good was also to be seen of knowing what are Values, what are important Values, and how to determine their value in exchange.

In the most easy way, the Value of being harmed would then be calculated by all the Effort that it took to correct the case, and turn it around, properly calculated by Your own Customer’s hourly payment rate.

At Dynamic Applications, that’s defend by our 4th, and final value.


So where Democracy shall be assumed the fair and even balance of all Truths, the Law shall be assumed to be the outer border of what’s bearable, what’s not. Where Law was hurt, it was the Task of State Attorney to take care.

So that’s to decide shall State Attorney be allowed to create bill, to create invoice for them selves, or pay back their own Salary, of course. That should well be defined, that should be seen an Honorable good for State Attorney.

That’s then what separates the Attorney of The Federal Republic from the Criminals.


And not so many victims were destroyed, on Planet Earth, from day of good example on, again.


.. .

.. .

Pyramid Simulations.

Far there. Mo there. Sun saye. and dau’ther.

Pyramid Simulations. Far the’re. Mow the’re. Three Edges, Four Walls.
£aw and order, ready at hand, for you to create example self, from example given.

Our free collection of £aw and order Pyramid Simulations, with a forecast module based on System Dynamics.

Pyramid Simulations - logo - 48x48

In respecting one of world’s most utterly exciting innovations, the Pyramid’s construction of ancient Egypt. So shall we benefit our State of the Art Federal Attorneys, in 21st century. as warranted by art. 9 gg (iii), to art. 100 gg (ii).


Dynamic Applications. Softpedia Award for a 100% adware and spyware-free download!

. .. .

Pyramid Simulations includes:

  • The Bakery Tutorial – baking bread and operating the most basic micro court.
  • a multi-material Tool builder simulation. construct defense of £aw in all its kind.
  • art developer (basic) – defending Music, Arts, Land. cause good work is h’art work, only.
  • Law and order – Invoice accumulator. an example of accumulating charges, orderly.
  • Law and order – Patchwork Family. a fine, small example on values of equality, for men.
  • Small Business Simulations with 3, 5, or 10 offerings of £aw or other Society services.
  • Protocol Form, an innovation in £aw. Defended with 75 € on Human Rights, to AG Lemgo.
  • Work order Form. defends your right to Work, with 748 € before Art. 12 of constitution.
  • App Developer (basic) – a prototype of digital society, with outreach in reason.
  • Internet of Things developer (basic) – adds Package, Parcels, and Transport on.
  • The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition – your vote for Features on my road.
  • a freely configurable Time ruler with 10…240 days/months/years (Win 10 App only).

. .. .

We develop a standalone client, here: Small. Precise. Pure. and Safe.
No Adware, no Data gathering, no Server behind you. It’s your business. We respect that.

Latest version exclusively on, our free FTP download Server.

Defend the Law, and get your well-deserved, refunding independent income.
Substracted from the Wages of injustice, so shall we benefit the Poor

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Pyramid Simulations. £aw go.

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We’re following a customer-driven, agile development approach with 2-4 week cycles. Beat us for everything not exactly perfect on Twitter, next two weeks. 24/7. We guarantee you a free 1-year-license. and we’re here if you need help.

Pyramid Simulations is copyright (c) 2o21 Martin Bernhardt, Founder of Dynamic Applications. 

Unlimited License for the Windows 10 Store App, including inline Target Editor, and unlimited Upgrades.

. ..

Beautiful Island in the Mountains (Caribic Parts)
Beautiful Island in the Mountains (Caribic) – an imagination of the defendable Patch work Family. what a dream.

.. .

Dynamic Applications, Startup Product Manager. Bakery Tutorial. Basic welfare, included with Pyramid Simulations.

.. . .. . . . .. . ..

sun on rising earth horizon

Bundesrepublik Deutschland, allgemeines Strafgesetzbuch (StGB), 15.07.2o21.

. ..

Strafgesetzbuch, § 15.
Vorsätzliches und fahrlässiges Handeln.

Strafbar ist nur vorsätzliches Handeln, wo nicht das Gesetz ausdrücklich auch fahrlässiges Handeln mit Strafe bedroht.

.. .

Strafgesetzbuch, § 16.
Irrtum der Tatbestände.

(1) Wer bei Begehung der Tat einen Umstand nicht kennt, der zum gesetzlichen Tatbestand gehört, handelt nicht vorsätzlich. Die Strafbarkeit wegen fahrlässiger Begehung bleibt unberührt.

(2) Wer bei Begehung der Tat irrig Umstände annimmt, welche den Tatbestand eines milderen Gesetzes verwirklichen würden, kann wegen vorsätzlicher Begehung nur nach dem milderen Gesetz bestraft werden.

.. .

Strafgesetzbuch, § 17.
Der Verbotsirrtum.

Fehlt dem Täter bei Begehung der Tat die Einsicht, Unrecht zu tun, so handelt er ohne Schuld, wenn er den Irrtum nicht vermeiden konnte.

Konnte der Täter den Irrtum vermeiden, so kann die Strafe nach § 49 Abs. 1 (gesetzl. Milderung) gemildert werden.

. ..

Sonnenuntergang - Hintergrundbild

.. .

In defending the £aw, it seemed, there were not so too many people with him.

It felt quite much like being last man standing, alone in space and time, responsible on planet earth.

Still, there was no excuse, no welfare, misery, or even breath just taking. Week by week, the Criminals sent more of letters of inferior injustice, you would not have believed, should you not have just seen them by your self.

Some times, he asked himself, am i already Mayor of the Town of Criminals, or why would they not discuss with them selves? – cause by the £aw, in that Town, they had already State Attorney. How lazy can one bee, you know. Never came any help, any one thing just useful from there. Probably he thought, they had well, so many criminals to hunt, completely they forgot create good £aw for many people to attend, respect, and benefit from that.

In that so many of his Letters went by, unforeseen, never to be read, one day he just decided State the Attorney self. And so, he gave example by the £aw, 3 months for them to see, comment upon, decide do they want action self to do, defend the £aw, or what, just as they should, then should they take the Money.

However, was it up to him, no way they should complain, would he take payment off the Judge herself.

. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .

Dynamic Applications, Apple Tree. Basic welfare, self established, from defending the Family Home, together, with children.

. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .

Far there. Mow there. Sun the’re, and dau’ther.

Pyramid Simulations. Far the’re. Mow the’re. Three Edges, Four Walls.

Basic human rights. Would not every good Judge always take care, respect that?

So even when Judge go’t some bad days, her self, should not care for destructing her oath.

And was it, should she learn to walk herself like disabled, so that she see how it was for the Family, where good right was not anymore available. So we gave corrupt Judge some time to think about how to treat people well.

or was it more relevant to hunt for the Woman from Youth Welfare Office, who cared personally for child being removed to a foreign location, without Father’s signee, at an age where child was not able to read and write, even?

Finally, was it all right to burn down the car of a criminal who called herself Berufsvormund (a person who earns money by cutting out the mouth of people, literally), who had accused the good Father of being insane in Court, because the case was so ridiculous that even the corrupt Judge would not write Father insane, with all them stupid accusations, then lost the case, then would not pay the 750 € for effort that the Father filed in, so cared for that good Father could not even acquire an adequate birthday present for the child’s 10th birthday?

Then, she cared for that the Father could not even have a small birthday party with Son on Easter, 2o21, everything prepared nicely, then Sun won’t show up on 10 a.m. as ruled by the Judge, then calling up Father at 14:30 saying that child would not show up, which she had cared for personally, so that Father could sit there on Easter, 2o21, all the Time through the weekend, including Easter Saturday, Sun day and Monday, and clean up the birthday party preparation and eat all the fine, small cheese cubes that father had prepared nicely, all by himself.

You know, not that it was a misunderstanding. She filed personally with Court that Father would have rejected the date, so that Father was even accused by her for not willing to see the child. Is that not really mean and evil?

It seemed very adequate for the Father to burn down at least the car of that one criminal.

So that much told about the good right of a Father. Fair enough, we’d say.

But, was the right way then, executed personally by Law, in self defense, also the best way to go?

The car being a stupid thing, worth probably not worth 1000 €, the child’s 10th birthday destroyed for life.

. ..

.. .

a stupid thought also, isn’t it? – with People so utterly mean, with criminal and corrupt Judge in Court, with State Attorneys having their feet on the Table, not willing to process all the proof that was given, properly?

Three years to go, he thought to give in, 3 more years, then it was proven 6 of 10 years, that his child was taken hostage as well, all the time, like so many others. So it was all about that he was also man, was also living being on the Planet, with Family and Friends and having a good life, as promised as it was for every one.

From this horribly story, however, people then took example, created Curse and Mark of Cain, around the globe, to mark the one in charge of custody, of taken child from selves. So something good was created in the long run.

So others see that they were marked, shall not be hit again in humbling down the street. Fair enough.

No Gutachter, no more of w‘hisdum bureaucrat with funny paperworks worth nothing here, for that required, anymore. What a wonderful world, to fore see. Far there, speaking. Breaking the bread, evenly.

Welfare created. beauty fully, in one example for the many.

Good is not always in foregiveness, remember that. Good is seen kind from many years in Time.

So it was relevant that good example gave a Lesson on how to resolve a conflict so that many People know how to behave, correctly. Still, in the one example it was as well important that the punishment was way beyond what’s to be suffered by the Family, so unlawfully punished by the corrupt bureaucrats in Town where justice was no more, attending. Shall God forgive them Criminals before the £aw, or put them all in Hell as they deserve.

That’s not for man on Earth well to decide.

.. .

. ..

So here we are, basic a gain, we just defend ourselves, our very own, in House and Family.

So we are honest, righteous and good people, give Privacy Protection even to the Criminal, in minimum approach, then they have chance as well as we defend ourselves, and finally, democracy and part being before £aw. In reporting incident beforehand, more than enough Time we have given to the State Attorney.

Shall they not come by later, and complain themselves, that we have chosen ethically correct approach of our own defense. Life, Food, House or Shelter, and the Family, was promised to us by the basic Humane Rights.

Medal of Honor they can eat themselves, so that we save that money, for the poor, as well.

Defended Family, created self, and fair enough, to remain guilty less.

The one thing to remember.
Cain mark was better than ein mark.

One thing for sure, my friend. That’s one thing for sure.

Believe me, my friend. In the long run, that‘s for the best of your own Benefit.

.. .

. ..

No one was to defeat us, finally, when we took Law and order in our hands, from being treated like old dirt for many years. As good right was always with us, now it’s for all of them to see. How wonderful a family.

So here we recommend to you a well-thought proceeding.

. .. . .. .

1.) Seven Lives with you.

may you be father, may you be mother, or child.

write down every incident on Protocol Form, or create one self. Defend by Law with 75 €.

so how much is good right, my friend? – keep in mind, be you father, be you mother, be you child. It is always so that there is same rights for all, against your own very self, the individual. So in a child care full sense, that would mean that one half of the right is with child, while a quarter would stay with the Father, and Mother, in the standard case. So that’s your good right, to demand.

Should one else may object, bring up proof is to them.

Now you take a good guess is it handled like that? – and why is that not. That‘s Q. solve it.

You won’t believe me? – read on, my friend.

Now we congratulate you, my dear friend. Today you are going to learn for your life.

So here’s how to defend your self to the worst ever enemies, that you may offend, may as well offend you as they see it their duty to take children off parents who behave in the best possible way. Yeah. That’s how they do it.

Dynamic Applications.
Transparency. Privacy protection. chance. and Participation. our values.

Thought from the Planmaker’s very own personal perspective, well-known and well researched argument follows.

. .. . .. .

. .. . .. .

2.) Charge where you may, in the decent way.

Provide example to them how they could treat people in a better way, generally.
There’s nothing much that they would hate so much, so they write back in the most mean way.

Keep in mind that your value in Court, where it counts, should as well be reguarded by the Judge in herself, in himself very well representing the Standard Society against you, in it’s smallest, 1 person form.

And how much in People is that, my dear friend?

So it’s Far there, it’s Mow there, it’s your own sun, and your dotter. As easy as that.

That’s your business value. You got one quarter of everything with you, on arrival, my friend.

Keep that in mind when filing in your own charges. Keep that in mind and always file a bit less than expected.

. .. . .. .

. .. . .. .

3.) in voice them, in debt them, one by one.

Always charge a bit less than what they probably earn, near to standard minimum wage.
Should there be no standard minimum wage, refer to Federal Republic of Germany, with 10 €/h.

Claim that it’s a relevant standard minimum wage, as people can count to 10, around the globe.

That’s what defines a Social Value, you know. It’s also value to have value when it counts.

So values are not at all about making as much debt as possible, my friend.

Now of course, you can not just do good and then charge other people for that.

So you have to point out how they have offended you in a rude way that was not appropriate, first.
Then, you solve that issue in the general way and file that as Fachaufsichtsbeschwerde.

At Dynamic Applications, we’re builders. constructive, up on to see, be gravity.

So we always prefer to go all roa’d up day, by day, just in the most of constructive the way.

. .. . .. .

. .. . .. .

4.) give 14 days by £aw, send reminder, +14 days, 2nd reminder, have’m by the Eggs.

In the righteous state, where we have £aw, it is good habit that People are also same before the £aw. So that reminds us of the purpose of £aw. That we all orient us upon the Examples of bitter injustice. And make it count.

You have to make it count, in Court.

That’s why we care for declaring our own AGB, Terms and Conditions.

De jure value, my friend. De jure value is value that’s with you when it counts, in Court.

That’s your additional balance, your value de jure, prepared for the day when it counts, my friend.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, for example, that value is protected by art. 19 gg (3), by constitution.

Art. 19 GG (3):

These basic rights shall also apply to domestic legal persons to the extent that nature of such permits.

. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .

sun on rising earth horizon

. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .

5.) fight for your child, by £aw, with no illusions. You will benefit from that years later.

Know that the criminal bureaucrats are in heavy advantage. They have it every day. People coming into their office will all kinds of problems. So some of them are friendly (mostly the new ones) and some of them hate work. As you can imagine, they can not make good with every case, in limited time. As soon as they start hating their own work, they start punishing people who complain, in the most mean way, because that makes them feel better.

So they can remain angry and talk to each other how mean people are who benefit their work. That is because they like to work like that, obviously. That’s why they have chosen to work in a place where they can take loving parent’s children away. So they are against any change for the better that could lift up the measure. So why is that best approach, possible? – support constructive approach, and constructive people be with you, my friend.

Let them discuss with each other, shall bring argument to the sun.
Always Respect other People, as well. keep a fair, well-balanced distance.

Justice means also some range to apply. So you don’t have to meet up exactly on spot.
Don’t you worry, keep in mind, it’s one quarter at minimum, but three quarters? – way too much.

At least, my friend, at least, your little sun will not be disrespected, by his friends in the school.
Strong Far there, strong Mo there, strong child, far see. The story of Mow see, our lesson.

. .. . .. . ..

. .. . .. . .. .

6.) expect to lose your Lawyer, should you ever consider to have one, in less than year one.

We have seen many times that the Criminals and the Corrupted Judge were supporting each other. The problem here is not that we do not have enough Laws against the Criminals, the Corruption itself, or the putting money into their pockets for destroying your children’s life, intentionally creating orphans and hostages.

The problem is that even when you go along the described way, and you file in all that Proof that you can find what was against the £aw, nothing happens at all. The Lawyer knows it and leaves you, corrupts the case, gets away with the filings of first Court hearing, and keeps the files for themselves, leaving you in chanceless position. This is natural to them.

This way they make the most benefit for themselves. Proof taken. Next Victim coming up, risk minified, making friends with the Judge, so friends from that Office pay Lawyer.

In the most of all Cases, take the word Lawyer out, and put Gutachter in. same result. That’s Transparency, no ?. Cause the System tends to benefit most those who know how to use it, correctly.

. .. . .. .

. .. . .. .

7.) use 10.000 € and make pressure on the State Attorney and the Courts above.

Look into the books of Crime, you will find many of most useful support, by £aw. The problem here is therefore not that the £aw was not with you. The £aw is already with you, and you shall benefit from the £aw, my friend.

That’s why We the People have created the £aw to protect you.

You just have to understand how it works. So you have to fight them pigs using their own weapons, against them. It’s pointless to write down proof and oath, then supply proof and oath again, then file in additionally their own letters with State Attorney. Believe me, nothing good will happen to you, my friend. In the best case, you will be dragged to street, when trying to pick up your own child on the day that the Judge herself wrote down.

On days like that, thank God that you haven’t been beaten to clumb, that they have not put you in Jail. In the case we have observed, two Policemen showed up, smiling already on arrival, dragging a peaceful father to the street border by force, then, taken photo of Personal ID card. While father wonders why, two weeks later, Sim card of iPad suddenly defunctional. Bill shows up almost 75 € booked on that one Sim card. Here you can imagine how funny that is when Police men play free your WiFi with your own Sim card and you get the bill in abonnement.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, proceed as usual. The word you are looking for, wordless grasping for breath, is called: “Daten-Hehlerei” (StGB § 202d). That is another severe crime with up to three years in prison, for creating a pile of paperworks with no value behind it, and then putting money into some people’s pocket for that. In cases like that, however, you better beware, my friend.

You have to report that as “Begründeter Anfangsverdacht”.

It is very important that you file in like that, or they might even turn the case against you, as “False Accusation” is also a crime. See? – to beat the ones by their own £aw requires hard work and elaboration. That’s why we charge for it standard minimum wage, or slightly above. In the reference case, we found even 25 €/h not inappropriate. So we charge them by the standard wage, that we charge for customers, and so we treat them equally before the £aw. This also prevents that your customers can complain why should they pay more than you charge the criminals. So here you do good in protecting yourself by not working for the benefit for the Criminals, in any way.

Then of course, write down a few chosen examples of all the incidents that were happening to you, for your supporters to see. Dig up 10.000 Euro by any means and make people read it. Where you won’t have any more money, well, unfortunately, then you may want to think about publishing useful stuff like calculation examples.

The good news is that with 10.000 Euro, you can buy yourself 1.000.000 Visitors around the globe, with 1 ct per Visitor, mostly from poor Countries where the £ow people are. They will support you for their own benefit.

. .. . . .. .

sun on sunken earth horizon

. .. . .. . .. . .. . .

. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .

. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .

8.) where everything else fails, set up a Step by Step approach in executing the £aw.

My friend, know well that you are mostly on your own, now. Where you have collected Truth, good rights, and Law for three years, already, at some point you are about to make yourself the complete idiot of the Neighborhood.

So was your life worth anything, or do you want them throw you in the next Garbage bin, literally?

Believe me, when People around you see how badly you are treated, them good ones, they won’t know what to do. So they are sorry with you and then they talk about it behind your back, as it has always happened.

However, as it happens within our modern, 21st century Society, so many people have so many experiences.

So they never know and they would not take time, look at your proof, at all. Instead, the first Winners-of-the-Crisis show up, to hurt you intentionally, as soon as they’ve heard that the Fortunes of Court, Judge, and State Attorney are no longer with you, my friend. So here it’s really be careful to survive, and be sure to make impact in time.

We recommend you to follow a multi-step approach. Mark (‚T’) Signs on Street, for example, all around the court place. It’s not forbidden to give them criminals some additional time to think of what they’re doing to harm other people’s decent, valid life, regularly.

However, give no more than 12 weeks in the most extraordinary benefit.

Then, it’s up to you to show Proof up in Time, that you can very well defend your self, and execute the Law properly. So that’s why we read you the books of Crime, here for the Federal Republic of Germany, speaking.

Now it’s about Time to Help up, my friend, for all of them to see.

Keep well in mind that where burning a car, even the worst of Criminals will not pay you back, for that.

. .. . .. . .. . .. . .

. .. . .. . .. . .. . .

9.) on How to get the Judge, the State Attorney, the worst criminal, even in Court, to work.

Have the good right, the books of £aw with you, every day, my friend.
And keep in mind you have Dynamic Applications, the perfect Pocket Calculator, with you.

Undetectability. Privacy protection. What ever they have done to free your Wifi, the numbers of measure are with you. And so, they never know if collegue in next chamber would not be calculating the next Plan.

It‘s better not to have too many corrupt files, and not so many bitter enemies with you.

Finally, consider so the good right to be with you, as a single person. So what can you do?

In The Federal Republic of Germany, here, for example, there is a fine, small book of Law from 2014 – designated to fight corruption – that allows any business man and woman to send an invoice for your charges, remind 2 weeks upon, remind again 2 weeks upon, then charge already 40 Euro, plus 10 Euro for the Train ticket in addition, that’s 50 bucks cash, my little friend, for your effort alone. That’s your good right. We say as well, following from art. 9 GG (3), it‘s your good right to return 2 weeks later, and get your 50 bucks again. Even as a child, that‘s fair enough your good right to assume. It saves a lot of money for not involving the Court executor, in person. Best thing is that it won‘t affect your total charges, at all.

In simple words, it pretty much works exactly like a savings bank account, with best rates of interest.

50 bucks, cash. That‘s why we the people have created the Law, so that the Law is with you.

Shall young corruption fighter not forget to visit Far there, some of these days.

So we recommend you to take the Time, demand insight into the Court’s own files, inspect them closely, copy any additional documents you have not seen before, and report additional Crime by Book of Law.

Then, we recommand you to go, you in person, to the department of State Attorney, and file in your personal Crime report. You just want them to sign it, you say. Let them sign it. Don’t go without receipt, or the Law is no longer with you, my friend. 4 weeks later, after sending first reminder in 2 weeks, you bring that small, 2-3 page booklet of anti-corruption Law and order with you, and, right there, pawn 50 bucks from same State Attorney.

You bet that’s gonna be discussion on that day, is good right with you, in being Father, Mother of your child.

Believe me or not, some 25, 40, 50 bucks to pay out of their own pocket, that could bring up an anti-corruption movement of itown. So we encourage you to do it. It’s in our all best interest!

You file a receipt with State Attorney, leave the good Law with them, they can charge right the same amount from Head of the Department. And, who knows?

Maybe that very boss of State Attorneys would exactly be willing to call up Mayor of Town, in person, and report to them there’s another anti-corruption report filed in, so would not Mayor pay in person 75 bucks of refund for good State Attorney. So they can arrange easily a fine, decent budget reserve for when you’re back in 2 weeks later, and it’s in the best of their own interest. You gotta need to make some good friends in life, you know. With all these debts, these unpaid bills we see in modern, corrupt political regimes, aye am always sure even the Mayor of Town will be delighted to pay exactly that amout of bucks out of their own, large pockets. Maybe even they would want to discuss with friends from Politician’s Party, you know. Maybe a house or two will not be built as quickly, you know. This way, the money can be used to prevent crime, and pay for few good, honest people cleaning up the dirt.

It’s the PC with us, my dear friend, as always. As well as Father’s door is open for his son, from book of Hiob, book of Job, to day. So here we stay, and recommend you to set small, decent Cain marks where you can, and give others some time to correct their own path.

As well, defend your self like a Lawyer. Are you not the Lawyer now? –

with all that effort taken, why don’t you claim charge for your self, in public?

Altogether, we the people, would that not Form some fine, decent movement? – we say yes.

So that’s why we are defending our small funny project here, Dynamic Applications, with 248ooo Euro before the £aw. So it’s 76ooo Euro for each product just in case they come up and start charging you back, in the most mean way. So we can give them one product with Sourcecode, in the worst case.

Leaving them 1ooo Euro to survive, in the other case, you are already a bit better than the standard criminal. Follow the example, So everyone can see that you are an honest man, father, woman, mother. Well you know, Mr. Donald Trump would certainly not defend himself, like that. Leaving 1000 Euro on the street, for their enemy, you know. Nothing personal, just giving example. So check out what’s standard in insurance for Lawyers in your country, and defend your own self, house, family, and business heritage, accordingly.

This way it’s most benefit for the most all of us here on the Planet. Bring benefit, help them with improvement (nothing they hate that much, believe me), charge only for work time, of your very self, allow them keep profit of everything else, and make it count even where State Attorney seems as well corrupted as Judges in Court.

As soon as people would read in the Newspaper, as well reads State’s own Attorney, top level, reads corrupt Politicians as well who stopped State Attorney all time, in your country.

Then, even State Attorney knows that it’s Time now for action, as in less than 2 weeks, in all Newspapers of your own Country, they write upon bribery, witness of proof and corruption, and bring up more cases chime in.

So you expect to get Letter from them, and as soon as that one arrives, make sure you got your self Print out of this very page, my friend, as you never know would they not send Letter to WordPress onwards, and get your Website down in the first place. Here in the Federal Republic of Germany, that’s against the Law.

But you never know.

This one case here, from today, my friend, 15th of July, 2o21, goes well with The Federal Constituional Court of The Federal Republic. That’s your advantage when you can read Law, and read your self up to art. 100 GG (2). Filed with department of Amtshaftung, that’s German for Bureaucrat connections, at OLG Hamm, highest Court. From our Perspective, a relatively modest sum to charge, considering the total effort. As we have filed the issue as a Capitol Crime in the general case, we ask them as well to consider a small, general refund, to ease up proceedings, as all cases would have to be reconsidered from 15 February 2018, naturally.

Aye am sure they will know how to treat this well, in order, in line with our Federal Constitution.

. .. . . .. .

Pyramid Simulations. reflecting the value of all four angles, in representing the standard society values to you.

. .. . . .. .

When people heard of the adventure, of the incident, at first they were all wondering.

Was that the good right to see? – so here we learn how many people think, and still, never a good thought comes to them alone. As well, we took so many of our lessons from teh Bible, good old one book of Truths to see.

That’s why you make yourself a well-known name, Young Modeler.

Justice from ancient ages, well thought on and elaborated in fairness, for the many people to orient upon. Meanwhile, the corrupt State Attorneys that were there before were hunted by the Crowd of Honest men.

Now think your self, Young Modeler. Which world do you want live up on, with your own Family.

It’s a long road to a good, well-deserved life, my friend. We’ll keep you posted.

Honest lives the longest, may friend.

7 Lives with you, to more row.

Sometimes aye still wonder about the car, of that one Criminal. That car to burn down, on street. So that one of the meanest Criminals, of the many, in that town, would not be able to hunt for other people’s children, anymore, that quickly. And af she did, you know, then, at least, the Neighbours would again be able to hunt for her, in the good way, to create some good for more than a day, to say at last.

The good right to burn down her one, almost our own car, with Garage, Wallet, Shoes, Passport, Portemonnaie, and surplus clothes to follow, on next occasion. In being honorable men, however, we the people, we would not be that mean, you know, to take her own children away. Even judged by same rights for all, for no crime done, at all? – no. Have you seen one crime here, just told upon? – not even close, aye saye.

Like in the good old days, of the Middle age. Ritter and Burgfrow ‘llein, you know.

Where every one on street, in the Village, was well allowed go fighting for them selves, and family survival.

What a promise full direction to orient, up on, for all the brand new century kids, on the block.

The garden hoe, however, the planter‘s holy symbol, man kind‘s last Tool ever to possess, it‘s lying there. all well, in the lower floor drawer, to day. Peacefully waiting for to be so helpful in the garden work, next spring.

at the end of Time, all that remained from endless debate, was just one value.

. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .

one Family to be chosen, decided self. fair enough.

and that‘s exactly how we all define our selves, in being an honorable man.

. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . ’

unless exception.

Stay tuned.

.. .

. ..

Pyramid Simulations.

.. .

£aw and order, ready at hand, for you to create example self, from example given..

Our free collection of £aw and order Pyramid Simulations, with a forecast module based on System Dynamics.

Pyramid Simulations - logo - 48x48

In respecting one of world’s most utterly exciting innovations, the Pyramid’s construction of ancient Egypt. So shall we benefit our State of the Art Federal Attorneys, in 21st century. as warranted us by Art. 9 GG (3).

Winner of the 2o21 Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition, decided by We the People from one world.


Dynamic Applications. Softpedia Award for a 100% adware and spyware-free download!

. ..

Pyramid Simulations includes:

  • The Bakery Tutorial – baking bread and operating the most basic micro court.
  • a multi-material Tool builder simulation. construct defense of £aw in all its kind.
  • art developer (basic) – defending Music, Arts, Land. cause good work is h’art work, only.
  • Law and order – Invoice accumulator. an example of accumulating charges, orderly.
  • Law and order – Patchwork Family. a fine, small example on values of equality, for men.
  • Small Business Simulations with 3, 5, or 10 offerings of £aw or other Society services.
  • Protocol Form, an innovation in £aw. Defended with 75 € on Human Rights, to AG Lemgo.
  • Work order Form. defends your right to Work, with 748 € before Art. 12 of constitution.
  • App Developer (basic) – a prototype of digital society, with outreach in reason.
  • Internet of Things developer (basic) – adds Package, Parcel, and Transport on.
  • The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition – your vote for Features on my road.
  • a freely configurable Time ruler with 10…240 days/months/years (Win 10 App only).

.. .

We develop a standalone client, here: Small. Precise. Pure. and Safe.
No Adware, no Data gathering, no Server behind you. It’s your business. We respect that.

So why have we spoken of Cain’s mark, to day? – here we took lesson from the one book, itself. In marking Cain with the Cain’s mark, to day, Gawd teaches us not to hunt for the Cain, but instead given punishment by forfeiting good right of the Cain murderer, and send him with small chance for Survival in the Waste lands.

Pyramid Simulations.

. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .

. .. . and if it was, only, one small sun. . .. .

Far there. Mow there. Sun the’re. and dau’ther.

Most basic Humane rights, bee’n fighted four, to day.

. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .

So even the Bible teaches the all of us well, good measure.
Substracted from the Wages of injustice, so shall we benefit the Poor.

one last word, to all the Criminals, ground there. where you gonna say:

“How we will hound him, since the roots of Trouble seem to lie with him, you should fear the s‘weard, ur selves; for wrath will bring punishment by s‘word, and then you will know why there was judgement, on earth”.

Pyramid Simulations is inspired by The Book of Job, chap [20]. So far, 2nd speech on good.

Let’s defend the £aw, and shall u get ur well-deserved, refunded, self learned, & so given income.

Pyramid Simulations - Logo - 256x256
Pyramid Simulations. £aw go.

. ..

download now - new version get-it-on-windows-10-store customize_up

Pyramid Simulations is copyright (c) 2o21 Martin Bernhardt, Founder of Dynamic Applications. 

Unlimited License for the Windows 10 Store App, including inline Target Editor, and unlimited Upgrades.

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.. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . ..

Dynamic Applications. defendable Values for the 21st century population, around the globe.

.. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . ..

Pyramid Simulations. Law and order of the Family defense. You think won’t count? – have you got heritage.

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