Customer Quotes, Reviews, and Awards.

Customer’s Quotes.

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In a way, this is a little thank you – page. It’s a thank you for all your wonderful messages.

We believe that in 21st century – information age – it’ll become more and more essential to become visible, considering an exploding number of public websites.

At Dynamic Applications, we are visible because of our SocialMedia network.

We’re working to make our solutions better, they found us, and all these people out there are our reporters, wherever you are. So the important thing to note here is that we don‘t rely on wealthy media to write about us. This is ok.

At Dynamic Applications, we build our success on thousands of first-hand recommendations by you, our users and customers, in the first place. We the people, connected in international networks, united in online democracy. Our vision.

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As you can imagine, in an attempt to offer outstanding business cases, we don’t have much traditional money. As a small family, we are poor people in a rich country. We are no beggars, though. We win our value from creating products, and your downloads are our coins. We’re crap, and the more we are, competing in The international Network, our chances are seemingly trending towards zero. As we are so unbelievably small.

And still, we are no beggars. Not anymore.

We just go ahead.

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If we see a chance on the horizon, we‘re determined to use them. Only condition is that it makes our offering any better for you, our customers. And if you send in an idea and it fulfils that, so we put it on our public roadmap for you, the users of Twitter, world‘s fastest network, to decide what we shall work upon, next month. As we believe in something, here. While others are running for money, we prefer to view the world from our customer‘s perspective. We believe in customer advantage, full Transparency, full Privacy protection of even the smallest family, for freedom of choice, fair chances, and participation. That‘s why. And in 21st century, that‘s pretty much trending our products towards the perspective of simplicity, usability, reduction, and beauty, so it becomes easily attractive for every person on earth.

We‘re no super heros.

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That’s a way for other people to go. In understanding fair rules, as well, we’re reducing ourselves. At Dynamic Applications, we‘ve just selected a niche market, a market where we can express our very own contribution, much like you. So that’s why we have written the dna license to invite you in creating your own offerings on our platform, if you want.

It’s all ready, but as we grow, it’s all about choosing best details to go. We pay you with a better offering, every 2-4 weeks, and you give back in that quite some people, about 5-10% of our downloads per month, help us by voting, and by reporting about this, on a voluntary basis. While others keep collecting their diamonds, beautiful houses, and shiny cars, it’s wait or vote, here, as simple as that. And in the end, only rich people, who are in a hurry, have to pay. We don’t steal from them, see? – it is welcome to pay, and so, they can also contribute in freedom of choice. Same chances for everyone, remember? – So if we contribute, and so we grow all. We’re just developing, and we‘re defending, as well, our small additional markets, over time. So whatever we do here, we say to us, at least i have tried to provide anything. Our promise. What a powerful message that is, won‘t you agree? –

at Dynamic Applications, we‘re builders.

You are free to criticize everything.

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We’re not saying everythink is perfect, here. In case you have a better idea, please let us know. Pay with a Tweet. What we keep offering is a work in progress, as part of our principles. It‘s getting better, if ever so slow we start, here. It is based on a very good idea, at an exceptionally good price. All we ask for is to kindly pay us back 99 cent after using our products for a year. In visiting this very website, it’s our culture that separates us from competition. Laptops we got all. And we’re expanding, worldwide.

Pretty fast if you view it over time, actually.

Thank you!


Dynamic Applications - people - culture - growth - support - sharing economy
Crowdfire HQ – Team culture – growth – Support in Sharing Economy – Vashi, New Mumbay.

free of charge.

Dynamic Applications - dna logo

most valuable comments from people who were helping us to find our way, for free.

  • “awesome !”

Carlton Avant, Father Green Inc., New Jersey, USA.

  • “consult yourself. – that’s what it is.”

Ulrich Grubert, IHK OWL, Bielefeld, EU.

  • “add gamification. add process management.”

Ulrike Künnemann, Innozent e.V, Paderborn/Bielefeld, EU.

  • “we’ve added you to Earth plan for free!”

Sneha and Rish, Crowdfire HQ, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India.

Dynamic Applications - worldwide connections - crowdfire - support - growth - sharing economy
Dynamic Applications – Worldwide – Crowdfire – in – Support – growth – and Sharing Economy.

Startup Product Manager Review by Catalin Chelariu, of Softpedia:

“Determine how much money you need to run a production and view accurate forecasts, with this useful application” –

Predicted Desire Review by the Windows Club:

“Plan your business startup with Predicted Desire for Windows” –

Business Process Manager Review by Reinaldo Martinez,
inventor of the The Urban Eco Toolbox project:

BPM Review - Reinaldo Martinez
BPM Review – Reinaldo Martinez, Founder of the Urban Eco Toolbox, Caracas, Venezuela.

Pirate Desire review by Phuong Bui,  [translated from Vietnamese]


Pirate Desire is a free application platform for business planners, producers, events, platform development and service planning. Using Pirate Desire to model ideas will be very intuitive and easy to understand, while also allowing you to take control of your privacy by blocking data collection.

It can be used to determine the current status quo of a Startup to develop, and to solve remaining problems with successful 4-year cycles. Pirate Desire users can also set goals, check all your development options, and see the results quickly.

While operational, it can still validate the equation system, display, download and save all calculations in XMILE – the standard for simulating the Dynamics System over time. It is very intuitive to display your calculations through the ToolTips feature. Includes all direct numerical formulas.

Pirate Desire is an application platform for building fully-functional and professionally-designed simulation models. It’s not Open Source, but the source code and concepts are shared around the world. In addition, the utility offers background ideas for the future, including the ability to create Setup, icons, emulators, and menus for each person. And for printing charts as well as sharing models to web stores.

Two user votings on these features on Twitter can be reached directly from Pirate Desire.

[Note: Pirate Desire is a free variant of Perfect Desire, our professional Business Model Development Environment. It will show a Pirate quote at Startup, and it will run 100 times only. On the final day, it will show you a hidden Treasure]. 

Freeware and Shareware Magazines, Awards & Ratings for Dynamic Applications:

Dynamic Applications - dna logo

ok everyone, as we’re uploading our solutions, we’re getting more and more banners coming in… we got over 50 five-star banners by now… some of them seem automated, so it’s almost a commercial function, requesting us to promote the Freeware Website. So here are just a few examples. We prefer to include just picture awards, as about every automated click-through banner of the first generation was void within the first 12 months (broken image or page):

.. .

Software Informer - No Adware - No Spyware - No Viruses award


Predicted Desire - 100% clean award by Software Informer
Predicted Desire – 100% clean award by Software Informer.

.. .

Photovoltaic System, App Developer, Internet of Things Developer, and Perfect Desire are based on the same platform, so we’re not going to add all their banners, again and again.

we’re not going to add these anymore, as some of them got broken after time: Target website changed. It’s too much work. Apart from that, we got problems with http images: if we use such, our website isn’t regarded as safe https website, anymore, by Google.

See the Freeware Website of your Choice. You’ll find all 4/5-star banners and more reviews on your favourite Download websites, all around the globe. Please let us know if our product is not available at your favourite Download site, so we can check that out.

In the meantime, we’ve written our own review on all those Freeware websites:

Top 25 Freeware Download Websites for Dynamic Applications

In December 2017, we have counted 1124 single Website pages referencing one of our products, most of them linking back to the manufacturer: Dynamic Applications.

Here you can already imagine the power of the upcoming Sharing Economy, a network of free and micro-payment websites referencing each other, highly connected and referenced by SocialMedia fan crowds.

SocialMedia success.

Dynamic Applications - dna logo dynamic_qs_logo_48x48 dynamic_idea_logo_48x48

In the first 3 months alone, more than 25.000 people (including bots joining without our knowlegde) have joined the new, topic-related feedback channels we have opened on Twitter, world’s fastest network.

@dynamicons, @dynamic_idea, @dynamic_qs, @mydarkstar.

Well, we have also sent a lot of contact requests, yes, but we haven’t bought your accounts. We followed you once, you followed back, only if you want, and you can leave anytime. So we just have different news tickers with topics of info for you.

And they seemed to be interested in SocialMedia connections, right? –

Jan 2016: started with 3 accounts, 10.000 Followers. May 2016: up for 60000 followers, an average of +450/day since 01 Jan 2016 – at this spot, such a big thx to you all, and sorry to everyone we have overlooked to mention. August 2016: we’ve passed 100000 followers!! –

December 2017: you’re 250000 on Twitter, 29250 on LinkedIn, 5000 friends on Facebook. Limits…

Thank you so much.

From Twitter stats, we see that a Tweet from a single account gets from 1000 to 2500 impressions in the first week, alone. This means nothing less than that we save about 2.50 Euro from a single Tweet, compared to booking Google Adwords. Now with 4-5 Tweets a day, multiplied by 10 accounts, through 365 days/year, make up your own picture.

What a powerful feedback force to drive us forward on our way, every day. 

Dynamic Applications. Growth and Contribution, evolving over time. our emphatic fan crowd.

SocialMedia driven Website visitors

dynamic_idea_logo_48x48dna hope signal logo

Top Tweets scoring at 100000 people who have seen them (Twitter impressions).

about 1/100 of viewers have hit the green (retweet) or red (fav heart) button.
about 1/1000 of impressions make a person go to our website, per Tweet.

you think, such a few?

we think, best 1 of 1000 in the world.

we think that’s a game theory proven approach.
welcome to 21st century, age of surplus information.

August 2016: we already got more than 5000 Retweets, which means 5000 inbound Web-Links from independent sources! – June 2017: we’ve surpassed 25000 Retweets and Favs.

If you want to be included, tweet feedback, mention us, request by Mail, or comment below, yourself. We’ll be happy to retweet you, as we do all the time! Only condition is it is useful.

 online democracy

dynamic_qs_logo_48x48 BPM_logo_48x48 dynamic_idea_logo_48x48

Should you like our Software, prepare to send in your @dynamic_idea, young modeler!

Fav-Votes and Retweets are equally counted and welcome.

But should you think this gallery is probably not representative and sounds overall too nice, or would like to express any other unfulfilled issue, bug, or desire, (or just want to say thank you), @dynamic_qs, our public roadmap in form of a feedback and support database, is your place.


We can say that more that from our point of view, more than 95% of all feedback is really positive. However, we also value any critical feedback, as long as driven by argument. Content is key. So whatever feedback you send, as long as we can figure your argument, we’ll put that online for you.

International Networks, driven by customer’s priority.

Our way to success.

How about you.

worldwide_growth_of_forest_snow_logo_48x48 PhotovoltaicSystem_logo_48x48 AppDeveloper_logo_48x48 worldwide_growth_of_forest_logo_48x48 TRX_logo_48x48 BPM_logo_48x48

Your company is selling shoes? – building? – machines? – cooking?

We’re pretty sure your problems are as complex as those of everyone else.
You thought about connecting before, right?

Take a minute and look what others wrote to/about us on world’s fastest network. Twitter. Content is key. Information, Feedback, Love, Hate, Beautiful Pictures.

And Worldwide Connections.

That’s the one thing you get for free. We’ll show you how to manage it.

How long do you want to wait. Connect.

Be warned. From about 25.000 Followers+ you don’t manage to check your timeline anymore, so we just read and answer the direct feedback channel. One hour of fun, 5 tweets a day, 500 new Followers. Be warned: it’ll consume up to one hour, every day.

Startup Product Manager v2.50 with beautiful, automated info symbols.
Startup Product Manager, v2.56. Bakery Tutorial. Our bakery is baking bread. And yours?

Check out our Workshops for your personal Topic of interest, and book a Workshop in case you’re interested how to achieve success in SocialMedia, and get 5000 Visitors to your Website in 6 months. Whether you want to build a Software Platform, write a book, or start a Team worker consultancy, we may have something for you. Your success.

Achieved by your own hand’s craftmanship.

Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

we the people make a wish come true.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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