User Survey on Customer’s Opinion.

Dear Customer!


on this very page, you’ll find the official Feedback Formula of Dynamic Applications. As you may know, this very company is much about the correct determination of values.

When you’re founding your own Startup, the most important question to ask yourself is: what’s the one thing that you wish to change, to work on, to make this world a better place for all, from today?

Cause from today, then, that’s your new driver. No one’s telling you what to do. every day.

You are now grown up, as well. And if you want any money on your table, you better work on some any thing useful. It’s better you have some Target, at all. a first Sign of Success.

The values of Dynamic Applications are Transparency, Privacy Protection, and Participation, to day.
And so, in solving our tasks, in defining our work, we try to focus on our promises.

There’s a lot of companies around, but that’s what people can now expect from us, you know.



Dynamic Applications - dynamicons - 48x48 Logo

one day, we all have to make a few decisions.

Now can you stand to your own word, or not? – ask yourself this question. If you can’t bear some people’s reaction on your finest offering, anymore, it’s about time to adjust your word.

That’s AGB, Terms and Conditions, nothing less. That’s rules. Good, simple rules. That’s word.

In servicing We the People, there’s quite a lot of them around.

So how can we know what You always wanted to tell us, to improve?

In solving such general questions, we try to look at the world from our customers’ perspective.

Privacy Protection.

Dynamic Applications - dna Logo - 48x48

It’s your own hand’s work. It’s your good Copy right.

No data gathering. No Server behind you. We try to respect that where possible.

In our customer‘s best interest, and for a good price.

So the first challenge here was to develop a User Survey that is fairly well understandable, self-explanatory, and could be suitable for very many, if not every customer, as far whe’re possible.

The second challenge here was to provide a way to Feed us back under Privacy Protection. So that you may feed us back, then recreate at Home, undisturbed, in joy.

The solution we found, it’s actually quite simple.

At Dynamic Applications, simple ideas are always good.


Third challenge in time was called Participation.

dynamic_idea - logo - 48x48

we see it so that the Survey is a participative element itself, in that it helps to fulfil Art. 17 of our AGB.

The fundamental right of Petition, Questions, and Complaint, in a modest, decent quality. done.



So here it is, our User Survey on your valued opinion.

Fill it out, send it back, and sign it or not, as you prefer. Should you neither fill in your Name, Address, Position, nor Bank Account, how could we ever breach your valued Privacy Protection. And so, we’ve decided for traditional postbox delivery. It’s perfect.

„Just send me today. That’s why i was developed. Thank you!“ – it’s gonna whisper, so silently.

Are you ready?

Now open your eyes, and please ask yourself this very question.
So How good are we, on our journey, in a lifetime of work spent for you guys, to day?
In case of question, please feed back how good Dynamic Applications fulfill our promise.

Finally, one thing to note on Transparency, in relation to Privacy Protection.

So where’s good rights, to find, in optimal solution of any conflicts within these two requirements? – of course, we say, front door of your own house, your living room. May all your privacy, your family well be protected within, as well there’s equal rights for others to accept, to remain to be:

in public, do main, here we say.

Participation starts in it’s smallest form, that’s what we know here for sure.

The rest is personal opinion, a matter of belief. So others may well say it isn’t true.


Here’s the Dynamic Applications User Survey in PDF printout.


Dynamic Applications. User Survey on Customer’s Opinion – Page 1.


User Survey on Customer’s Opinion - Page 2
Dynamic Applications. User Survey on Customer’s Opinion – Page 2.


Dynamic Applications. User Survey on Customer’s Opinion – Page 3.


Here’s the Dynamic Applications User Survey in PDF printout.


This user survey was intended to send your feedback to:

Dynamic Applications, Helpuper Str. 314, 33818 Leopold‘s Height, European Union (D).

As usual, we’re providing our documents under the Creative Commons (cc-by-sa) license (name us and share alike). You are invited to create your Personal Customer Survey from that, in creative ways.

For example, add your own Logo in top right corner and there you go.


Finally, here’s our Work Order PDF Template. Yes. Quite a few people asking for that.
From 25 Euro, we’re willing to adapt one of our Templates for your specific needs, by the way.

Be invited though to adapt it to your own needs, and to charge your work on that. Because from accepting our license, and acquiring Small Business developments, you’ve all rights to do that. Don’t we forget to charge a fair amount for work from our own hand’s work.


Standing on your own Feet without charging for your work is not Standing on your own Feet.


Your customers are satisfied? – they’re going to pay you, right upon this very form.

Because they’ll know quite fairly well that if they never gonna pay, you’re never gonna work for them, again. So work, as good as you can, and then, you gotta make them customers pay back your share.

Justice. in Simplicity. As easy as that.


Ask. Listen. Think about it. Speak. done. That’s Youth.

.. .

.. .

Ask. Listen. Think about it. Forget. gone. That’s age.


Finally, for our international supporters and customers.

This survey tries to define a somehow fair balance between Home / Family / Privacy (Neighborhood culture) and World Culture. We are no people of strong Nationalist here; however, please understand that on this very page, naturally, the rights of my, of our neighborhood culture are reflected a bit more strongly towards our international customers. So that’s why we took an abbreviated version of the basic law of my country to feed us back. This way, it’s universal, and no important thing would be overlooked.


Dynamic Applications - Value Proposition Canvas
Dynamic Applications – Value Proposition. Keys to Success from the Customer’s Perspective.


In case you’re working in an Institution of Public Right, let yourself inspire by this first ever attempt, and be invited to create an even better version for the people consulting you in your office.

Still hope it’s a good enough culture for a right to petition page, so that once in a while, a small international letter would arrive.

I am sure this would be very interesting for our little son, so if you’re a child as well and looking for a paper friendship, please go ahead and note us.

Now looking forward to Letters, be sent, in time. That’s a nice thought. Nice thought, helps man over time.

So friendly people bring cure to man kind. and that defines what’s good.




a new morning - Dynamic Applications - Welcome - New Model


about Dynamic Applications.

dna logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain

Dynamic Applications. Values.
We the people make a wish come true.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

Thank you for reflecting Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

4 thoughts on “User Survey on Customer’s Opinion.

  1. I’ve recently started a site, the info you offer on this website has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.


  2. Dear Frolep,

    thank you so much for your kind comment. Yes of course. This place shall as well serve to feed us back. Wish you good luck on your Endeavours! a fair chance for us all, to find purpose in life. What else could we wish for. So i dedicate this page as well to my small family.

    Johannes and Margret Grote, my parents,
    Christa, Norbert and Tobias, my siblings. To all my nephews and nieces,
    Yvonne Bernhardt, my first and only wife, and Mr. Lukas Bernhardt, my son.

    Martin Bernhardt, geb. Grote.


  3. It is really a great and useful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.


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