This page collects and answers Frequently asked Questions about Dynamic Applications.

In the beginning, we’ve answered them one by one, free of charge.
In long evenings and direct message channels on Twitter, world’s fastest network.

Two years later, we got so many users (125 000+ downloads and counting), that we’ve created a :

F.A.Q. – our Frequently asked Questions.

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now we’re Top 100, the best value for money applications for Business/Finance, around the globe. We are Dynamic Applications. altogether. We the people. Thank you so much!

now that’s of course only true on softpedia. an encyclopedia for soft worships.

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at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

we the people make a wish come true.



what’s that?


absolutely, yes! 100 dna coins.
you’re asking the Top Nr. 1 question of 2016, our first year.

Q:  what’s that? :    — o — ?.  &  t++ -> v/.  — ;*) —   q.e.d.

A:  ?. -> v/  was crowdsolved!  (c) (P++).

i see, i see. now you’ve got more questions.
it’s not over yet. We say this is just a “normal” experience in being an inventor.

People of all kind come across your beautiful rocket for the very first in a lifetime (idea, it’s unfinished of course! we’re talking about year one, what did you think are we all genius? – everyone is working on their own thing, that’s the beauty of it…)

So people are asking themselves, what in hell is that guy talking about? – what’s it about? – what are they doing there? – and why do they think it’s gonna be a major success?

at Dynamic Applications, we say if you get questions like that, you’re heading in the right direction over time. If not, you’ve probably invented just another Doenerbude (a popular junk food here) and so everyone knows what it is. Good news in that case is they are gonna ask you questions like “and how much is this?” when pointing to your super secret cocktail sauce, the only thing they haven’t seen before. They know your product and want to try it on the spot. So if you’re all new to the Startup Scene, we recommend you to go for a Doenerbude in case you’re looking for quick money. You can reach profitability in less than 2 years, if you’re any good in baking bread, have selected a good spot, are nice to your customers, and have got any idea what you’re doing there.

But you’ll never be much more successful. lifetime.

With Dynamic Applications, it’s just for those who want a little more challenge than that. So it’s much about be Nr 1, or be laugh Nr. 1 in your local community. If you’re looking for this kind of challenge, this software is your place to go.

It’ll help you to fine-tune all your driving screws for producing an excellent product at a very attractive price point.

Best one in the market.

oh, by the way, what it is? – in case you want to know that, read on. In case you want to know how, read on here.

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The winner takes it all | c’mon, it’s 21st century! – we the people, let’s grow. Altogether.


and what’s Dynamic Applications, then?


good question.

It’s actually developing towards an NGO than a traditional company. A Non-Governmental Organization like Greenpeace, Transpareny International or Amnesty, just to name a few famous examples.

At Dynamic Applications, our values are Transparency, Privacy protection, and Participation. Three advantages from the customer perspective.

That’s also why we are operating both from a .com and a .org domain.

The .com domain indicates that i also try to feed my family. Much like you. And so, it it is commercial. We’re transparent, and so we call it like that. And our small business calculators are fully self-explanatory.

With more than 125 000 downloads and more than 1200 website pages around the globe publishing our small Dynamic Applications already, we think we’re heading towards a global Open Government initiative, altogether.

And that’s why we’re also available through www.dynamic-applications.org.

Just my 2 ct.


and that Twitter competition? 


Customer driven development means You, our SocialMedia crowd on Twitter, world’s fastest network, can vote for the next big thing, and then we’ll work on it, and you get it for free. 1 month, minimum.

In turn, we’re working on the Top Nr. 1 @dynamic_qs platform vote.
Next, we’re going to publish the top voted simulation from @dynamic_idea.

See our Dynamic Idea and Roadmap voting Competition article for details, and to see what’s the current user favourites. By the way: who said Twitter is not a programming language? – You type text right into an editor, press a button, compile once, there you go. Published on a website, fully automated. So please, don’t tell anyone you can’t do any programming. You’re lazy. Lazy people have no success.

For the patient reader: there’s a few universal promo codes in the competition’s tweets. This way, you get everything we offer for free.

You’re testing, it’s free.

We give in everything to make these people called True Entrepreneurs, you know, might also call them Early Movers, as happy as possible, as courageous, confident, wise, proud in supporting the right thing, and successful, in the long run.

And it’s a long road. The road of a lifetime.


Dynamic Idea user voting? – is it free?


FavStar.fm was an automated free service. They had built a website for every Twitter account, and it counted both Retweets and Favourites together for you. That’s how people can interact with your messages on Twitter, and show interest, like or love (Fav), or even tell their friends (Retweets).

In June 2018, FavStar.fm has closed its doors. So we had to replace it with Twopcharts.com for the time being. Twopcharts.com has got a free most favourite Tweets page.

There are two accounts in the competition, tweeting selected ideas and features.

@dynamic_idea on Top Charts – @dynamic_idea (Top favourite dynamic ideas), or 

@dynamic_qs on Top Charts – @dynamic_qs (Top favourite Roadmap Vote).

We are convinced that to be successful means that you prepare everything for that very day. Even if you thought today is the day, and noone shows up, you ask a few people why. From there, you find out how to do it any better, as a general behavior. So if this works out, we scale up by factor 10, and have a regular income of 100 Euro per Month, and so we get 100 EMails per day.

All we need to do is look up FavStar.fm once in a month. So even in that case, we don’t have to change the concept to continue to go up towards a regular income of 1000 Euro per month, our final target. No problem if the Mailbox breaks down at one point. Who cares about 20th century eMail, anyways.

Once we reach that, we intend to play the large game. We intend to lower our prices, again. And that’s what we call Success.

Vision. Dedication. Roadmap. Improving. Service. Hard Work. Challenges. Passion.

And finally, outstanding performance.

So for everything in the competition, if you’re on Twitter, you got two votes.

And yes. You have to do a little micro-marketing for us. But hey, it’s free!

You’ll get the work of a lifetime for it. We say a retweet by someone who is willing to put our little idea under their own face it’s probably much more worth than 99 cent.

We are rich by heart.

And so we don’t complain, as we believe if we got just enough SocialMedia Followers, Website visitors, and Downloads, we’ll be able to dig up a few dimes here and there. If we went the other way round and published a traditional German Programm for 99 D-Mark, no wonder lots of people are not buying. So we try to get near a sustainable price point from the very bottom, which is your advantage.

And so we got customers from day one. Just my 2 ct.

Oh, by the way.

In case the top wanted Tweets and a few more details are hidden, that’s part of Favstar.fm’s crowdfunding idea. We haven’t been able to afford it, but if you want, you can crowdfund us with donating a favstar.fm premium account for a while.

If not, feel free to check the Release Notes and the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition for detailed information on what we call Customer driven development, here.

BPM Review - Reinaldo Martinez
ever thought about tweeting Your Review to us? – Reinaldo Martinez did this one.


what are dna coins?

Martin Bernhardt - mydarkstar - Twitter Logo 48x48

It sounds like BitCoins, but don’t you worry.

First of all, dna coins are wasting no computing power at all.

Startup Product Manager - logo

dna coins are implemented as just being a simple counter inside each Dynamic Application. 

  • You’ll get 1 dna coin for starting up the software.
  • You’ll get 1 dna coin for starting up a simulation model inside the software.
  • You’ll get 2 dna coins for calling the Website through any Menu item or Help icon.

And so, dna coins are your personal award for using Dynamic Applications.

Once in a while (on 2nd, 4th, 7th, 11th, 16th, 22th dna coin reached), you’ll get additional rewards. And once you’ll reach 1000 dna coins, you’ll be upgraded to Perfect Desire mode, free of charge. 

Any simulation model. All features.

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so i am allowed to develop a competing software, really?


Sure! You are.

There’s lots of free programming environments around, and good books.

What’s waiting for you is a lot of frustration and a lot of fun, altogether. So it’s not like frustration in the beginning and fun in the end. It’s a continuous experience. We recommend to buy a traditional one, paperworks, even if a little outdated. Then, download Visual Studio enviroment, and start rightaway. It’s all there, maybe the best free development environment in the world. It’s got a beautiful designer, an unbelievable amount of libraries with well-written functions, and a professional debugger. You can research any kind of question, online. For example, from VS 2015, you can support Touchas well. Trust me on this one, you don’t want to care about supporting Touch on day one. Your real promise, of course, is that you can do as wonderful things as we can. We’re still talking about the easy stuff here, as our calculators are not at all demanding.

Pretty small, actually.

Perfect for worldwide deployment.

about World Problems
about our mission. Sharing Economy.

Oh, by the way.

You’re allowed to copy ideas. Ideas are everywhere.

You see something, it’s already in your mind, so it has influenced you, no matter how much you deny it. So yes. You are allowed to re-build it, in your very own way.

As usual, you are not allowed to steal, so you are not allowed to cheat and debug or modify our .NET bytecode. As well, we don’t steal things like sourcecode.

It’s simply not allowed. If you still want to go that way, don’t complain later.


and if it’s free, why isn’t it Open Source? – i want to vote for that!


We like the general idea of Open Source, a lot.

The problem: let’s assume most people are lazy for a moment. Lots of Adware and Spyware reloaded plagiates coming up, some of them really looking good, some people with big money buying huge Adwords or SEO campaigns, there we go bankrupt with the whole family. In addition, lots of try-around plagiates with simulation models that don’t really work. So Open Source sounds good, but if you do it the wrong way, you can end up in a mess with the whole company.

We’ve been thinking about a Dynamic Applications inventor package, including an old version of our sourcecode, say, v0.1, then do quarterly updates to v0.5.

As i said, we’re poor, but we’re proud in working from both our hands work, even if just typing code into a traditional Notebook keyboard at the beginning of 21st century. Remember not everyone on this very Planet got a high-speed connection to the International Network, or the latest, brand-new MacBook Pro.

Wait for the moment your first very program starts and runs allright. You’ll see. Magic.

The real magic will come to you not before that very moment when you found your first very good idea. An idea to do something useful, at all. So at least you haven’t wasted all your time, you know. This is also the reason why this is not an Open Source software.

Believe me, You’ll feel a lot better if you’ve gone all the way, yourself.

Never say never, you know.

So this very software will be Open Source if some bogus advocat comes up and challenges us on court up to non-existance. It’ll be the last thing i do.

In the very rare case that no bogus advocat will ever show up,
we plan to publish Dynamic Applications as Open Source right before i retire.


any key benefits, features or USP that separate you from competition?

dna hope signal logo

you bet.

ok, ok, long answer.

let’s first discuss what could be a useful benefit of a company, at all. So how do we separate beneficiality of System Dynamics (SD) platforms and solutions.

First of all, if you look at what happens in politics, it doesn’t help society if a very few scientists, like, the specialists of the specialists, use an interesting mainstream buzzword like “the world wide climate problem” or “the world wide medicare”, not even talking anything near the “feeding the world” problem, and make so super sophisticated simulations about it, that the scientists are barely able to understand their own model.

While the 20th century builder is digging coals from 500 m beyound ground, so people have it warm and healthy, paying 50% for Taxes overall. As we all gotta care for other people with so many problems. And then, you the coal worker gonna die either from cancer or pneumoconiosis (dirty lungs) 25 years ahead of time.

I mean, everyone contributes. I’m not saying we all have to be coal workers. But you get the point. Look at the relations in this equation system. It’s bending over.

Meanwhile, the scientists debate about sophisticated details. Then, they continue with their exciting thought experiments. We all need a little bit for a healthy living.

Thought experiments.

As today’s work is done by machines, we have to concentrate on that. It’s so important! Imagine. An artificial intelligence could be able to look at people from the computer’s eye and identify terrorists on the spot, just by emotional intelligence recognition. We have to think intensely about that, right? – Imagine if someone did this the wrong way. Imagine. Isn’t that important? –

Look at the products Amazon, Google, and Apple are working at. There you go. We’re saying a lot of people are buying a lot of crap, so if you’re interested in that, you’re wrong here. We’re trying to deliver something useful. A tool.

So how could they report about that climate problem to, for example, a European Union commission or, for a much better example, Mr. Donald Trump in person.

Then, they expect any reasonable decision could follow from that. How?
What we’re saying here is: it’s not the fault of Mr. Trump, right?

From what i’ve seen, this is typical for today’s SD simulation market, though. Decadence.

So here we come in with a disruptive approach and go “hey, why don’t we first let everyone in the world participate in the whole thing, so they understand better?” –

To achieve that Target is very easy, of course. You just have to make your approach ridiculously attractive for everyone. Read more about it in the foundation of our works, one of the first blog posts, the historic about Dynamic Applications article.

Short answer, it’s very easy.
Start from crap, go online, add values for free. Then, add more values.

So what we try to do here is to lift people up from that level “oh, climate change simulation model details. Whow. Ok, i’m completely out of it.”

Ok, once we understand that, what’s so beneficial about Dynamic Applications, then?

Maslow - Bedarfsentwicklung in der Zeitachse
Maslow: aspects of self-realization. should call it sense-fulfilment really.

Key Unique Selling Points.

dna logo

Honest answer is we were hoping some people would find our works any valuable.

Ok, you’re expecting a little more clearly an answer.

First of all, from the SD perspective, what you see is what you get: a lot of crap.

As in SD we look forward and backward over time. So yes. This is a pile of garbage if you look backwords from 2020. Only good things to say about it, at this very moment, are:

  1. it works.
  2. full transparency of solution. it’s understandable.
  3. as we offer excellent business models, it’s free. Hit the market from day one.
  4. open any competitor’s website and they talk about your benefits, full stop:
  5. what a good deal for you. adwords & wishy washed commercials. Moneymakers.
  6. here, you’re invited to build the same thing.
  7. customer driven development.
  8. we talk about our mission.
  9. we elaborate our concept in detail.
  10. we polish our products. dark UI theme. beauty.
  11. you’re gonna have a lot of fun reading [useful? for outstanding solutions.]
  12. no data gathering. full privacy protection. we go all-in and offer undetectability.
  13. we’re reachable. You find us. You gotta Q? Call us. You’re trying, it’s free. [Details].
  14. we do our work as good as possible here, but not better. It’s a trade-off thing.
  15. so we publish a lot of interesting models with a good idea in their heart.
  16. you’re invited to join, check that crap, feedback us, make it really good, publish it.
  17. Dynamic Applications Web Store is open. We support first movers for free. 100%.
  18. what key markets we target to disrupt, then? – easy question. capitalism. hunger.
  19. we’re slow. we disrupt a market over 20 years. oh! you missed year one. too bad.
  20. at the same time the competitions talk about the future, we define future.


Maslowsche Beduerfnispyramide
Maslow: Pyramid of people’s needs.

Oh, before i forget.

dna logo

We didn’t say we’re going to disrupt the SD market, not at all. I am afraid there will be discussions, but i wish my collegues would stay as fair, or even more fair if they want.

So we got no problem at all if someone opens up a website and goes, you know, we’ve seen a lot of scientist bashing around, especially with people from Teutoburger Wald around, so here are our 10 key arguments why to buy from the scientist. Go ahead.

We thought before we came by, we started from books. They were selling expert books.

Few people buying so you gotta take a really high price. As well, few people buying SD solutions at an extraordinarily high price. We’re not saying competitors are greedy, not at all. We’re saying at the time we enter, as it seems you could be happy if anyone buys your book at all. Now we come here and supply this interactive e-learning solution and well, we’ll need for a little less books in the market, it’s true.

At the same time, market of people addressable by professional SD solutions at all, increases maybe by factor 10. From the SD perspective, we say it’s win-win. Congrats.

Ok, so let’s look at the SD competition. Well, you shouldn’t do it, as people may head over, but then we’re transparent as well and you have to keep to your culture. Creditability.

If you say the solution of Iseesystems (an excellent, sophisticated SD approach) is even more attractive than ours, congratulations! First. These guys should work on models where you can see your result diagram without a magnification glass. Oh, by the way.
At the moment we started, their standard solution was 2.499 $. Probably worth it, if you ask me. Just i didn’t have that much. See how i ended up:

Building my own tool, just to be able to start working on a professional basis.

Oh, by the way. There’s a little drawback with everything, you know. You’ve seen it coming all the way along, even before you read the first sentence.

Ok. Here you go.

The only thing we ask you guys for is to pay us back 99 ct after one year. So you gotta make a decision. a) support us b) pay. In the last year, lots of people have supported us, with thousands and thousands of retweets in world’s fastest network, alone. Can you imagine how i feel? – supporting our little project here. You guys are so awesome.

A little problem remains that, if you never pay, altogether, i cannot feed my family. So let’s look at the numbers. At the moment, we think 90% of downloaders have not supported us at all, yet. Maybe 10% have supported us with a retweet or fav. About 1% have supported us with multiple retweets or favs, a Facebook post even.

1 per mille have written a personal review or similar (THANKS!).

Less than 1 per mille have payed.

So we reserve the right to switch you off the whole thing right after year one, later, or even later. Don’t complain. There’s always ways to work around it, you know. Buy yourself a new Laptop, for example, or spend numerous hours to work around it.

Good news is that by end of march, 2016, we got 10 downloads.

So we prefer to look at it from the glass is half full perspective and so we say, whow! In March 2017 – now – we got 16.26 Euro from Windows 10 Store Apps on our ccount. Already. Pretty large bunch of honest people out there, as it seems! Thousands of Testers in their very own year one, again.

Oh, by the way. The website seems a little neglective, right? Written in a fast way?

Expect our best thoughts right within the software, so why waste our time here.


We take pride from working.
Let’s go to the next topic so we can focus on programming again, later today.

My lifetime is limited, as well.


how does your concept work now, in detail?


We’re following a top-down approach, here.

So with every problem we do, we start with a sketch on a sheet of paper, put circles and sample numbers on it, call this a Balanced Scorecard, derive a few first formula and there you go.

We create a list of Input Values and Target formula (a simulation model) from that, compile once, out comes a Dynamic Application.

This means we transform a 2d function y = f(x) into a 3d function y = f(x, t) for you.

Read more about this in The Desire Language Specification.

So the whole user interface is a really a Dynamic Application:

each position of every Input and Target value, with ToolTips showing all formula and sample calculations, it’s all being constructed automatically from the simulation model.

This is possible because all our solutions are based on a differential equation solver, and so we can solve about every net profit calculation that you can think of in this world, automatically. You asked for it, now you got it.

Read our docs if you are interested in how that works in detail, everything’s there.

If you’re willing to read yourself through the docs, there’s a little benefit in that: You can even build this kind of product yourself, then. Well you know, it’s not a challenge. A true inventor would always invent their very own rocket, you know.

But if you’re one of these big companies and looking for quick money, just go ahead.


and how about your company culture, then?


Good question, 1st! – congratulations.

Very few people have asked this one, let’s see….

0 :)

So i ask it to myself, as i think it’s of major importance, although easily overlooked.

Social Styles Model – People and Culture. It’s much about sorting a drawer full of varieties.

culture defines

dna logo

who we are, why our customers trust us, and why we are successful. Consider you have a variety of companies in the world, on day one.

Some are going to rise over time. Some are going to fall.

Which one is going to raise in a sustainable way?

We say, the company with the best customer culture will have the most convinced, excited, and recommending customers over time. So it will be the most successful one.

Even if there is a technical problem at some point, as long as people trust you, no need to worry. Things like that have happened before.

Remember that everyone else has do it the other way around, so you’re the lucky one here. There’s 90% of whole Website in English. We’ve selected world’s most common language from day one, so how much can you ask for if the whole thing is free.


Why isn’t it multi-language?


Are you asking a serious question? – this question has been asked so many times, i don’t even remember. For whatever reason, this kind of question seems to be important.

Well well, i never understood what this was about, but since it was a user favourite and i was not quite sure how much that question of culture is reallyimportant for people, i’ve put it on Twitterfor vote and it became pretty much a two thumbs down thing.

It’s placed somewhere within the least favourite roadmap topics of all time.

Maybe it got something to do that we offered to vote for the all-in-one customizable solution where you can adjust Input Value renaming (works!), Target renaming (works!), Unit renaming (works!), renaming of hand-written User Comments (works! the automated parts are automated, anyways) and even Target Formula redesign (in work right now!), deletion of values (works!)

and finally, the addition of new Input Values and Target Formula, to make it even extensible. It’s in the works right now.

Don’t blame us if you can’t load and save yet, it’s not got many votes so we thought it’s not that important. Or let’s say, i thought it was important, so it went on the roadmap very early, but if everyone else says they’re not interested, well well, we can do the fully customizable proof-of-concept first, no problem from the technical side.

Customer driven developement, you know.

At least we all got a lot of fun, this way. If you ask me, it’s the perfect approach for being famous on SocialMedia. Joy and Fun.

So to answer the question, we think that people are not that stupid as we thought, as we thought it might be difficult to understand if they just see those funny, self-destructive complaints about our wonderworks in their timeline, and got no idea what the whole thing was about. Well, why do we write that F.A.Q. now.

Finally! 42.

All questions answered.


i got a virus warning, what should i do?

TRX_logo_48x48 dynamic_qs_logo_48x48 PirateDesire_logo_dark_48x48 dynamic_qs_logo_48x48 dynamic_idea_logo_48x48

In most of all cases, no need to worry.

We are implementing our software in continuous integration. This means that we upload new versions whenever they are ready.

Most download sites (as well as our own site) just show a download button banner that links to the Setup.exe on dynamic-apps.eu, our free FTP server.

As we are doing frequent updates, it may happen that very few people have downloaded your specific release, yet, as it was published today or yesterday.

With most Virus scanners, you can right-click the Setup.exe file and perform a deep scan.

Apart from that, we link to Softpedia from every product page.

They are checking our uploads with a wide collection of Virus scanners. If you want to be 100% sure, download from their archive, where they are automatically backing up every clean software installation. And no, we have never introduced or uploaded or even had a virus here. We are using AVG free at the moment, which is a great virus engine.

Finally, keep in mind that having a Virus on a Setup.exe doesn’t mean that it came with that Setup.exe. You may want to make a full scan on your Desktop computer. If you want to track it down, make 1 more download and check that one. If it’s infected, can’t believe it.

Don’t worry. even if that download would be infected, it couldn’t harm you. Don’t execute it.

Please let us know right now.


you’re saying it’s not transferring any data. seriously?


seriously. why not? –

we thought it’s an advantage from the customer’s perspective. It’s a win-win scenario over time. As a few large companies near to The Circle of Cupertino have been thinking different, Let me elaborate on that.

There is this Twitter competition and the Docs and you can reach it by clicking a menu item. What we did there is we start a Text link to that very website. What happens is much the same as if you click on Text link, above. Your computer identifies your default browser, starts it up, and then it tries to access that Website (everything on Twitter is also on a Website per definition. You’ve got to lock your account to have it all private, so it’s an open network and therefore really fast in transporting information).

So we don’t transfer any information to and from Twitter, they do it themselves. What we mean if we say we don’t transfer any data at all is that we operate no Server in the background, that is collecting all kinds of information about you and your business plan.

We thought it’s an advantage from the customer’s perspective, and if we see that, we always go that way. This is also why basically all our applications are free to use. If you now say well, Perfect Desire isn’t free anymore, yes, you’re right, but you can get the functionality for free if you’re at least willing to take a look at our Twitter competition and check for our universal Promo Code, there. We guarantee it will allow you to use everything we use completely free of charge until the end of 2018.

Pay with a Tweet.

Just in case you’ve got as high an understanding of justice and fairness and found our applications any helpful, click on that Perfect Desire button and kindly donate 2.49 Euro, or buy an App from Windows 10 Store for 99 cent, and you’ll get unlimited free upgrades in both cases. We thought that’s a really fair offering.

Apart from that, in case you wanna try we really don’t transfer any data at all, just disconnect from the Internet anytime when running one of our applications. See? – everything works. Now click on that competition buttons and there you go. Your browser opens up and fails to connect to the International Network. Don’t blame us, it’s not our fault. You’ve plugged yourself out.

Your business model keeps running. We won’t even recognize or have any chance to find out.


In a way, Dynamic Applications is very similar to the Ethics of BitCoin and Ethereum.

In case you’d like to read more about our ethical foundation, read our sharing economy manifest in The Ethics of Sharing Economy.

So in a way, we the world’s people loving basic democracy, privacy protection, freedom of choice, fairness, transparency, open gouvernment, and a slight chance of fair justice of all, are forming an identarian movement as well. It’s happening right now, and we call it the rising stars of the Sharing Economy. At Dynamic Applications, we are just a microscopic piece of contribution, as are you going to be over time. While others keep gathering for themselves, we’re growing so slow, you know, as we’re so small, every single one of us. Only we love freedom and independency for everyone, and so we have chosen the international network to refuge, grow our own streets, houses, grains, bread, fruits and apple trees of labour, and expand each other by sharing the food for free. There’s so much open space in there.

While they are fighting each other in the nations of 20th century, we are expanding our sharing economy network in worldwide collaboration. We’re courageous. We’re determined. While others are gathering to beat a single refugee, We go the hard way. We’re founders. We’re creators. We’re contributors towards an Internet of beautiful things. And chances are some robots will survive us, having stored our ideas deep in their heart. They are working for money, we are working for purpose. By protecting everyone’s privacy, we are working for anyone. We are Dynamic Applications. Who are you? – feel free to connect.

Comment section is open, below, and feel free to select from our the 5-star voting according to your own preference.

We recommend to choose 1 star for nationalists like Donald Trump, but that’s up to him of course, as it’s up to you to feed us back. Remember that as we see it, it’s a culture of invitation, open for people from all over the world of today, as well as for people of the future. Freedom of choice means freedom of choice for everyone, and justice means a fair chance of participation, for every one of us in this very world of 21st century. It doesn’t mean we all gotta live or move right into the center of Ruhrgebiet, in a suburb of New Delhi, in the dust of Beijing, or the slums of Mexico City, right? – get ready, young modeler. Grow your business over time, at minimum cost.

Define your world, your society, your bitcoins, your culture. Calculate an exceptional offering. Your offering. No need for data gathering, just keep sending invitations, one for every single person on earth. We the people are gonna be people out there, not so far from now, and half of them got Smartphones as well, so we all live on the backs of the forgotten poor. Is that gonna be too much, already? – well, there’s word of mouth that wealthy people have less time for children, as the more they grow, the more they need more time for the culture of greed. At Dynamic Applications, we say it’s up to us. Our world is large enough, whether in nature, or in digital age. Just be inviting, and believe me, one day the right customers are going to find you. As they seek orientation, don’t expect them to be famous and great and courageous and nice, from day one. They are joining as they’ve just seen something, and now they’re testing you.

Are you ready to go?

Thank you.

Hey, you? – are you waiting for something? – at Dynamic Applications, that’s perfectly allright, but you may join today, as you prefer.


you’re saying it’s fully transparent by concept? 


Yes we can.

When programming in Desire, our Formula language, as a model designer, you will get automated ToolTips.

We say it’s an advantage for everyone.

Think about it from the user’s perspective. Every machine amortization calculation or business plan you are publishing will be fully transparent by concept.

We say this will generate Trust in whatever Startup Rocket you are working on.

Remember our applications are not for lazy dumbos. We do them as easy as possible to operate, so it’s really fun just enter a few numbers and click on those up and down arrows and take a good guess, you’ll see. You’ll be able to solve a complex problem, like operating your first very company, by targeting all complex questions one by one. If you make half of them and have an error of 50% for the rest of them even in the worst case, so you got no idea of that thing you’re working on yourself really, it’ll give you an estimation as precise as possible, with a median difference in expectation of 25% only.

So in the typical case of plus and minus addition with few multiplications, you got about a 75% correct prognosis on day one. And you can always restart this very rocket as soon as more numbers become clear to you from experience.

we predict as precise as possible.

Now you can try out all kinds of success strategies and choose for the best one.

Oh, about that full transparency thing? – well, it’s only for people who really want to go the Next Level of Integration. This way, you can generate Trust.

Forget about kickstarter.com, or however your crowdfunding campaigner was called.

We say forget about any bank credit or long-term campaign, at all. Get working! Prove your concept to everyone from day one. Start building! You’ll start from a piece of crap as well, so what! We did this way and deliver about 10.000 downloads per month, already. Worldwide. Your advantage is the arrival of SocialMedia, where millions of people are looking out for the hottest attraction in their free time. Let them have a good laugh, what do you think we got in the first 6 months, when more and more dynamic ideas went online and the core not even running! We let them laugh, as we had an idea.

Let it be a work in progress and just prove to everyone questioning you how and when you’ll hit the world market and make this one a major success. Why are you hesitating?

You got nothing to lose.

Let them find out everything about your tool. Some of them are going to be so hooked up, they’ll want to buy. It’s 21st century marketing! Everyone has something in the works.

What did you think Kickstarter is all about?

Remember everyone got their very own rocket sleeping deep in the very, very backyard of their brain. They also read about Facebook and that you can open your very store really simple, now, and Amazon now got cross-seller options as well, and Ebay is also still there. You’re the one who got this very idea, and you thought a long time about it before even reading this very page, right? – it’s all about the details, and believe me, you are the only genius in your very rocket, worldwide.

As soon as you see copycats, a sign of success. We’re here to help you on.

Find the next right answer, these guys were only the first ones.

Keep going your way.


is Donald Trump allowed to use it?


what kind of question is that? – you guys from SocialMedia keep asking funny questions.

of course!

He is of allowed to use it. It’s wonderful! Imagine him sitting in his old people’s home there in Washington D.C., he’s finally got the tool to start working. We’re not talking about the big money stuff, here. Honest work, all up from the very bottom, crafted by your own hands with no money at all. It’s much bigger. At an exceptional price, all ready to hit the International Network from year one.

Forget about the United States of America, believe me, the International Network is really much bigger (just making fun, you know). He’s a politician. We have nothing against him but, just so happy we don’t have to live in that golden bird cage.

Check our dna License for details, in case you got more questions now.

By the way, he is not allowed to use it for any military purposes, though, or when working in or for a company planning to construct a nuclear power plant. Bummer.

Same rules for everone.


what’s a Dynamic Applications Web Store?


Well you know, only a True Entrepreneur would do something as crazy as that, even if it’s the top of life product from Steve Jobs, the genius.

Finally published a year after he got his first cancer diagnosis, and it was already getting close. And when he got one more year to go, with his team of enthusiasts, he created the App Store concept, thousands of thousands of brand-new Jobs like, App developers and SocialMedia managers, and layed so the fundament for The Sharing Economy, all over the world.

So we got the Dynamic Applications Web Store open, as well.

Only good thing to say about it is, we can make an exceptional business offering.

It’s located at 21startups.wordpress.com, as this way we got a different design that’s capable enough to hold 42 startups minimum, in a way that’s easy to overlook. Don’t worry, there’s still room in there. Read more about that concept, here.

Remember that Dynamic Applications is all about excellent business models, for everyone. And it’s always good to be honest, serious and trustable, even from day one, but at least you have to be from year to. So we prefer to show that we have understood our own business model by offering exceptional business cases to everyone.

And do we pay our tax? – you bet. In publishing mostly freeware, we’re poor. But we take pride from working.We’re builders.

We are 21st century builders. 

Startup Product Manager, your interactive 21st century business plan.

In being a Founder or Foundress, you have to believe in your own idea.

Because if you don’t believe in your own idea anymore, nobody else will.

That’s for sure.


Customer and Partner Service Conditions? 


The plan was so that if we need more money and are willing to sacrifice more fun for it, we’ll look up the next customer from our Customer and IT Service Conditions page, and produce another item on day one, a Setup.exe, there you with your perfectly customized business planner. Be successful.

We’ll charge you on day two so in fact, you pay day one, just later.

We’ll see if that part of our little concept here is ever going to work out :)

The important thing to notice here is that we’re not just bongo bongo, i am Tarzan you are Jane. Not at all. We’re preparing for it. Think small, and you’ll stay small. Think big, prepare yourself, make everything ready, will it scale up if they come by the thousands.

If you do it like that, make everything ready, you’ll have a chance. Some people will eventually come by your website and check your offering. If it’s all beautiful and makes their heart sing, they’ll tell others about it.

The best way to make your business go all the way down the road is to not even prepare.

Ok we gotta do something here, do a little bit more automization there and finally, as soon as everything’s perfect, expect the first customer come by and pay you back. Not before. That’s how customers are, that’s how we all are, so think back in time and ask yourself have you bought iPhone 1, the original prototype, on day one? – there you go.

It’s an early mover thing.


So is there any free support now, or not?

dna hope signal logo
Tough question.

You have to consider that this is a small family business, mainly operated by myself (Martin Bernhardt), in 2016/17.

We’ve opened a few channels on Twitter, world’s fastest network, and now we got about 100000 Followers on Twitter, 5000 friends (the maximum) at Facebook, 25000 contacts at LinkedIn, and a few more on Instagram, Xing, Pinterest. The number of retweets and favs per day is about 50. The number of incoming direct messages on Twitter is about 100. Most of that is commercials.

You can not read yourself through 100 commercials every day and dig for the serious, personal questions, from a business perspective. Believe me.

We are trying to open a few reliable communication channels for people who are interested in the solution and need advice. At the moment, these are Skype (martin.bernhardt.2002), @dynamicons on Twitter, and EMail support.

We’ve built those right into our Windows 10 Store Apps (and Perfect Desire, for those who can’t or don’t want to use Windows 10 Store). So the Support menu item is exclusive for users who have paid at least 99 cent.

As most traffic is on Twitter naturally, all i can say is we’re checking through those accounts every day. If you want us to post something to you to 10.000 + followers, mention


in your Tweet.
@dynamic_idea and @dynamic_qs are reserved to the public voting competition, so we won’t retweet you there.

We’re checking all channels for mentions, every day. Also we try to follow you back.

However, we can’t guarantee that your direct message on Twitter is read. Please use one of the methods above. Also it should be clear that for 99 ct, you can not expect an hour of professional consultancy following for free. We’re there, we listen, and we do what we can. But the main task here is to program the software. So what we guarantee here is that your vote, the public vote, in the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition is heard.

Everything else is just a voluntarily offering, and we do it at times. If you have a serious inquiry, please take the time and write an EMail to support@dynamic-applications.org.

Finally, in case it’s really urgent, please find our phone number on the Impressum page. There is a mailbox in case i’m concentrating on the software, but most of the time, phone is on and i’m just programming the standard stuff. It’s all about the details, you know.

There’s also an online support formula where you can fill in your request.

As for the question of payment, here at Dynamic Applications, we believe in fairness and try to offer a really good value for money. We start charging as soon as there’s something we can do for you, specifically.

So you are invited to send us feedback. We love it. It’s free.

And if you want to discuss anything personally, call us on Skype. Just please don’t go mad on us if we can’t be available at times.

Business hours are: Monday 10 a.m. to Friday, 6 p.m, Berlin (Europe) timezone.

Thank you for all your feedback and comments.


Finally, a challenge to escape us from infinite boredom. 



We’re not making fun. Thanks for all that positive comments, smileys, laughing smileys, thumbs up, and all these other funny things you guys keep sending towards us. We enjoy it a lot, even if most of it is not really a question.

When i started this very project, first 4 months i didn’t even know is it possible to implement a differential equation solver, at all. It is. So that was a challenge. Now we’re facing the inventor problem, you could also call it the innovator’s dilemma, as more and more details keep showing up, and we’ve got that feeling to be heading ahead of time a little slower, every day.

In the long run, it’s almost getting boring, you know. But not yet.

It’s not over, yet.

dynamic idea smileys
Thanks back to @_RayBerard for his wonderful smileys! very useful!

Good that you guys keep voting for all kinds of challenges, so we always know what to do, next.

And got a lot of fun, altogether.


why do you publish The Reverse Experience?

Business Process Manager - logo The Reverse Experience - logo SocialMedia driven App developer - logo

The Reverse Experience is a traditional Reversi / Othello player.

dynamic idea - small logo

You can introduce yourself into thinking far ahead of time. As i did when being a child, with my Grandma, Magdalene Blecher. The one person in the world i know who was really, really poor in monetary wealth, but at the same time, hopelessly willing to share the little she got, and always in a good mood about everything.

So it allows you from a variety of strategies in a Scenario Variation, and i derived most of these from an old book i found in the University of Paderborn public library. It was about IAGO, written by Paul S. Rosenbloom from MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In this book he described the variety of strategies he thought about when developing the first ever computer game to beat a human world champion.

In the long run, plans are to use the game search engine for an automated optimizer, so you the user can select any Target Value of choice, say, the total number of people you have given a piece of luck and a little fun with your ever so small inventions, and then the Solver starts selecting switches here and there, tries out values, interpolates, and all by itself, next day all switches have gone to the optimal position and there you go, your problem is solved. For some reason or another, i think it’s the super coolest idea of it all, really. Take a memory from your Grandma and implement it for the whole world out there, so something important that she gave me on my way can live on.

It should work, you know, and in my former life of being a Strategy Advisor for large-scale infrastructure development and investment planning, i’ve seen working optimizers based on similar approaches, like, Monte-Carlo Analysis, or Evolutionary algorithms.

it’s always about the details, you know.

The details drive you nuts. And it takes an awful amount of time to roll it out in any perfection, so lots of people say “hurray” and keep sending you smileys and thumbs up, i just hope i’m never going to lose that again. Please give me some time and let’s talk about it in a few years from now, it may be ready.

we’ll make progress… lots of things to do :)

it feels so good to have a plan and keep working your way, you know. contributing.

At Dynamic Applications, we’re builders.

To be continued…

dna hope signal logo

All this funny talking around the stuff is over! – now forget about that nonsense here, our Software is much more Professional as it seems. We take pride in our work, as well. And we’re nearing 10000 downloads per month, not even that half of year two has passed.

are you ready to go?

try it, or never be able to kickstart your life. I’m just sayin’…
you’re wasting your time here. Forget about the F.A.Q. and get yourself the real thing.


Dynamic Applications. be free. rule the world, yourself, this time. working for a useful, even life.


Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing to visit Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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