Hall of Fame.


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Welcome to the Dynamic Applications Hall of Fame. As you may’ve seen on our Website already, at Dynamic Applications, we’re inventors. And the first thing to know about inventors is that we are no fame seekers, no Rockstars, at all. If we were, we’d jump around with our guitar all day and not waste a second on creating Apps for the whole world.

Well you know, we’ve made some experience. With v0.1 of our Dynamic Applications, called Predicted Desire at the time back then, we started to publish Tweets like:

Predicted Desire.

we’ll automate consultancies.

alpha version v0.1.
for the True Entrepreneur only.

Download PD.

and so,

we got no Success at all.

Unfortunately, i’ve deleted most of these later in a fear of copyright issues, as some of the pictures used even it wasn’t clear to me where i took them from.

Like being caught in a momentary lapse of reason, in a way.

Imagination is everything. It’s the Preview of life’s coming attractions.

Hall of Fame.

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1 download as of 29th Febuary 2016, for Predicted Desire, our first ever pilot application.

10 downloads on Softpedia for PD (now Startup Product Manager), 1st month, July 2016.

25 downloads on Softpedia for PD (now Startup Product Manager), 2nd month, August 2016.

12 500 + Likes on Facebook for a Newswatch TV review and U.S. broadcast in January, 2018.

25 000 + Retweets and Favourites on Twitter, world’s fastest network, in 2016 and in 2017.

125 000 downloads around the globe as of February 2018, and free Workshops on Fridays.

275 000 Followers on Twitter, world’s fastest network. Our follower feedback channel.

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Excellent value for money. 

That’s what i call psychology, Mr. Roberts. 

Thank you for supporting us, we love you. Keep voting!

Make sure to consider that Time aspect.

Are you ready to grow?

Success is much about - dna
Dynamic Applications. Success is much about heading in the right direction, over time.


Startup Product Manager v2.76. Free do-it-yourself Business Model Tutorials.
Startup Product Manager v2.76. Free do-it-yourself Business Model Tutorials.

Dynamic Applications. Business Models for the 21st century Founder or Foundress.

Hall of Fame.

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for Dynamic Applications, according to the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition, based on the active, public vote in Retweets and Favs of more than 10 000 people in the competition.

Your road to Success.

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our road to Success.

Customer Driven Development in a pair of scales, softly balanced by @dynamic_idea and @dynamic_qs, our idea and platform voting channels on Twitter, world’s fastest network.

We build step by step,

Business Process Manager - logo Small Business Developments - logo - 48x48 Perfect Desire logo - one world

in continuous integration (a software development paradigm), small and simple for a start. Like a silent glimpse, if not a silent stroke of luck from a futuristic science fiction novel, live from day one. Which got a true point in having a realistic simulation model under its hood, so that everyone can either admire your competence, or start competing against you, or even inform you that you made a mistake and so they fix it for you for free. Remember that, whatever the simulation says, most people won’t have the detail Know-How that it took to collect that Knowledge.

And very many Startups have failed in thinking that they better keep their small know-how to themselves, and so no customer ever found their way into that Startup’s office bureau.

It takes a little courage to grow, you know. Go all in or be forgotten, soon. Every day. 

SocialMedia networks of 21st century is wonderful for posting beta versions, and there are all these super smart people around there. Who got nothing else to do but to show you that they got the knowledge, and you have no idea at all of what are you doing there, man. 

Have fun!

If you don’t take everything too serious, it’s a lot of fun to play your game of life like that.

Small Business Developments.

Small Business Developments - logo - 48x48

Small Business Developments was published in September 2019 as our 2nd Professional Business Model Development Environment, including 48-month forecasts in a variety of examples, based on System DynamicsFor 25 Euro, it features a fully customizable Formula System, based upon a beautiful, inline Formula Editor, and a one-by-one value addition.

It’s publication was done after a few weeks of collecting ideas for a more professional name for Perfect Desire, following yet another discussion with a future partner of Dynamic Applications, Jürgen Wille from Grafenau, Germany. He pointed out that it would be very difficult for him to defend a professional Dynamic Applications Business Simulation that i have build for him, personally. He argued that in the car industry, such extraordinary outstanding conditions, with hourly rates starting from 25 Euro/h for developing along the Dynamic Applications roadmap, in combination with the 25 Euro yearly license fee (only!), and all the YouTube videos and funny, emotional and easy-language declarations and postings on our Website, it would be extremely difficult for him to defend all that as a professional partner. 

Well, he was not the first possible candidate to point that out, not at all.

My line of defense though was that Dynamic Applications are, and shall be free of charge in the standard version, shall be available as a Freeware through this Website, that we don’t take as much as we can, here, but as little as we need to survive in good old Germany, at the beginning of 21st century, and that not all we people got the chance to visit a public State University, for many years, free of charge, as well.

So that also explains why we use the simple, direct language spoken down on street, every day, and not that posh shiny language of what they call ‘professional’ websites.

I say that in targeting many people, it must be simple. So this is a professional offering for the many, and we have good prices so that poor people can afford Dynamic Applications.

He understood, and still argued how difficult it was to defend these my conditions. So i finally considered again and gave him right in one point:

should it be the task of Dynamic Applications to create jobs, from selling them?

I said yes, why not. Financial Simulations are everywhere, and why should you not be able to create, to base upon Dynamic Applications your very own existance, if you prefer?

As you can imagine, it would be an honour to me.

And so, in September 2019, the Welcome page of Dynamic Applications was rewritten for Small Business Developments. Perfect Desire was archived and made available through the new product’s page, which was basically Perfect Desire, renamed. A few weeks later, when i saw how many people were still visiting the Perfect Desire page, how Perfect Desire even made it to the Top 10 Visitor’s Favourite Pages in the Sidebar many times, i decided to refine the business model a little further. So from 01 Jan 2020 (v5.0), Small Business Developments shall represent the professional introduction on our website, while Perfect Desire shall be continued at same pace, as well.

And so, the license conditions and prices for these 2 separate products were split again.

As many Small Business Owners don’t have much time to lose, it’s not relevant for them to have an Open Source solution and create their own variant, by programming. Still, i did not want to remove a feature that was promised for Perfect Desire. So in October 2019, i have split Small Business Developments as a standalone solution, that is functionally equivalent to Perfect Desire, except that the PD v1.0 Source Code will be missing. 

And Perfect Desire will be included to be the Open Source solution.

The sourcecode included is not the latest version, because that allows me to protect the integrity of the Business Model of myself, as well as the integrity of our professional solutions.

So that every customer can easily distinguish between Dynamic Applications and any cheap plagiates that might be the result of modifying the sourcecode. My fear was that if only a few people would manipulate the original sourcecode to include Adware, Spyware or broken, betrayal Target Formula Systems and ToolTips, these people could harm the whole ecosystem of Dynamic Applications, as well as any honest participator, in creating disbelief and mistrust on purpose, for their own sake. So i am afraid, that’s not possible to day.

All in all, i found that fair enough a license fee to consider.

Small Business Developments - Smart Car Simulation - Formula Editor
FrontBench v4.72 – Smart Car Simulation – with inline Formula Editor (Demo Version).

We the people make a wish come true.

The original price point was split so that Small Business Developments was 25 Euro per Person per Year, including the first year, and Perfect Desire was 75 Euro, including the Dynamic Applications Business License for three (3) years, and the full PD v1.0 C# Source Code.

Even when you’re poor and you don’t have 75 Euro, there is a path to start with our Freeware, and possibly Small Business Developments as an intermediate step, to be able to  earn enough money to afford Perfect Desire, our Top Premium and best ever solution, our infinite target, over time.

I found that pretty fair, because when someone acquires the SourceCode, there will be questions, and i was willing to support and answer quite a few of them, free of charge. 

And same rights for all, in Transparency, Privacy Protection, and Participation. our means to follow. 

Take a look! May be our original conditions still be on the Small Business Developments page.

At Dynamic Applications, we try to refine our solutions over time so that we have very good, defendable conditions in comparison to before, and that we offer exceptional business conditions to all our customers, as a general habit.

Transparency, Privacy Protection, and Participation. our values.

Small Business Developments includes the full variety of Dynamic Applications:

Small Business Developments - logo - 48x48

  • The Bakery Tutorial, our introductory Startup cost-profit calculator.
  • Water Supply. build tool. dig down. build well. grow food. supply more families.
  • Apple Tree. world’s most traditional, decent business model.
  • a Multi-Material Product price calculator over 48 months.
  • Small Business Models simulating 3, 5 or 10 products altogether.
  • Business Process Manager optimizing 10 tasks of work time.
  • SocialMedia driven App Developer simulation.
  • Internet of Things Developer simulation.
  • Photovoltaic System – an introductory PV amortization model.
  • Photovoltaic System Prosumer – PV with Network Electricity Trading over 30 years.
  • 21st century Truck Driver – sells his House, buys old Truck, and drives on.
  • 21st century worldwide growth of Forest – our CO2-based natural growth simulation.
  • Fully configurable Run Time Ruler, in 10..240 Units, from nano seconds to a hundred years. 


Small Business Developments - logo - 256x256
Small Business Developments. Logo.


We develop a standalone client: everything included. Precise. Pure. and Safe.
No data gathering, no Server behind you. It’s your business, it’s your data. We respect that.


buy now - green button

and download today.


Small Business Developments v4.76. customized for Shoe Production, with inline Target Formula Editor.
Small Business Developments v4.76. customized for Shoe Production, with inline Target Formula Editor.

Apple Tree v4.48, initial version. Works allright.
Apple Tree v4.48, initial version. Looks fine. Works allright.

Apple Tree.

Apple Tree Builder - 256x256 logo
Apple Tree. Logo.


Apple TreeEat an Apple, save some Seeds, grow small Plant in your House Garden, wait for 3 to 7 years. Watch your Apple Tree growing, pluck 10 Apples per Customer, when you have finally harvested the first fruits. Define your own Apple’s Value, Price and Sharing Economy rate. Keep the rest for your own family. Open your very small business, sell Apples for a lifetime. And have wonderful Apple Pie in Autumn, every year, from your own Garden Fruit. 

Apple Tree Garden was published in May 2019, with v4.48 being the first public version. Within the first weeks, it’s name was shortened to Apple Tree. The name is program. 

Apple Tree is one of world’s most historic, well-known Small Business Models of all time.

The purpose of this educational, eLearning Apple Tree Garden Builder Simulation is to think about how little it needs to create a sustainable, basic living for you and your family.

How many Apples will you need for a sustainable living?



Be invited to create your very own Apple Tree Garden, your Orange Tree Plantage. Rename every Input and Target Value according to your own needs, modify, create and add your own Formulas, your very own Business Model Calculations to survive. All you need is our Universal Promo Code, as hidden in the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition’s Tweets, as well as on various substantial pages on this very website.

Food and Drink – Apple Tree contributes to Dynamic Applications’ most basic answers.

Our Apple Tree Garden Simulation shall be free of cost, including the Windows 10 Store App called Apple Tree. Unlimited Upgrades for all our Windows 10 Store Apps, our long-term warranty since 2016.


Apple Tree - a Dynamic Applications Business Model - included
Apple Tree, a Dynamic Applications Business Model. all included.

Water Supply.

Water Supply Chain - logo - 256x256
Water Supply. Logo.


Water Supply Chain. build tool. dig for water. build well. grow food. supply more families.

Water Supply is, naturally, the most basic Dynamic Applications of all.

As usual, we are following a step-by-step approach. So the first version of Water Supply (v3.84) simply includes a Well builder simulation for the supply your own house. Depth, Diameter, Volume, Mass. The next additional simulation model was covering to calculate the Energy in kWh needed to lift up the whole mass of water (e.g. 32 t of Water) into a cylinder that’s used for a Staircase Roundway to the upper floor within your own house.

As you’ll see, it’s less than 1 kWh for the total amount of 32 tons of Water, 10 m up.

This simple calculation shows up that it’s almost needless to construct such a small-scale Water Supply Battery for your own house, as the amount of Energy won will be as small as the storage capacity of a standard car battery. Still, it would be possible to construct such a battery, and since Water Mass also scales up linearly with height per ton of Water, as a Photovoltaic System scales up with the number of PV Panels.

So considering that a simple, Electric Water Turbine or pump can reach an efficiency of 70%-80%, we can follow-up how cheap it will be to pump about any amount of Water up and down. The reason for that is the unbelievably small power of Graviation. It is so small that you’ll need a whole Planet Earth to adhere one single person to it’s surface, and still that one person will be able to jump up and down a meter, if healthy and necessary.



It was the winner of the Dynamic Idea competition, and it was built in November, 2018.

It includes the Well Builder simulation for the typical House owner. It will calculate Time, Depth, Effort and Volume of your personal Food and Drink supply. To accomplish for supporting your own family, the Water Supply product contains an additional simulation model that calculates the energy that can be stored in a Water Cylinder, as well as the Multi Material Product calculator and the Bakery Tutorial.


Food and Drink – Water Supply has Dynamic Applications’ most basic answers.

Our Water Supply Chain shall be free of cost, including the Windows 10 Store App called Water Supply.

Water Supply, v3.76. Well Builder Simulation with Height Energy display.
Water Supply, v4.04. Well Builder with Cylindric Staircase Water Reservoir Energy calculation.

21st century Truck driver.

21st century Truck driver - 48x48 icon

As we prefer to be free and independent here, and so we are rather a participative than a autocratic hierarchy form of organization, i’ve been a little cheekily and have renamed that tweet so that it finally became the famous 21st century Truck Driver simulation. 

After the 21st century worldwide growth of Forest was a real challenger, this one was a lot of fun. I actually developed the simulation model in a day, and published on day one.

One or two weeks later, Catalin Chelariu of Softpedia sent and email and asked whether he really understood that this was meant to be a 21st century Truck Driver simulation.

Also they informed me that the 21st century Builder menu where we had named a few companies that helped us on our way (WordPress.com, Twitter.com, Paint.NET etc) had to go away or we would lose the status of adware free software. I hadn’t seen it like that, but he gotta point there, and so the menu is called Extras now, and all 3rd-party websites had to go. 

In the mail to Catalin Chelariu, i first developed that picture of LEGO™ bricks.

So as Dynamic Applications are a collection of software products no more, but rather a platform where you guys can develop your own collection of software products upon, we intend to focus on simplicity, elegance and beauty. And so, we do Tutorials and instructions and the PD documentation for all our products will also be updated in the near future again. But that also means that it’s probably not a really good idea to develop the perfect 21st century eTruck simulation and then we publish that one for 99 cent, or free of charge even. At LEGO, they also don’t sell houses that are all complete. Instead, we publish a simple starter and give you guys some Tipps and Tricks and ideas to start afrom, and now you can develop a simulation with Gallons and Miles before i sleep, a Museum on the Road simulation, world’s first ever eTruck with a Photovoltaic System and Battery supply and 800 horse power engine, or whatever you want from it. 

At Dynamic Applications, we’re builders.

21st century Truck driver, v2.76 - just created
21st century Truck driver, v2.76 – just created.

21st century worldwide growth of Forest.

21st century worldwide growth of Forest - logo

The 21st century worldwide growth of Forest simulation is our largest success up to today. It has gathered hundreds of downloads on single freeware and shareware pages around the globe, resulting in thousands of downloads on a single page from its 3rd month of existance. Right after completing the Target Formula system, it was naturally the next @dynamic_idea to publish, before finally focussing on the next roadmap item in line: load and save. And that finally made it a Professional Business Model Development environment in September 2017.

Customer driven Development and true Participation takes a lot of patience, at times.

My recommendation is that you keep strictly to the public vote and refuse to build the most important features, even if singular customers go completely mad to you right during a public presentation. It’s free to vote, but it’s paid if the customer wants to have a feature right now and it’s not at the top of the voting. And if you don’t keep to your own promise in any single sales presentation of your whole life, no wonder that you never make a dime in a lifetime.

Of course, a lot of people do coincidal faves and retweets if you do it like that, and some people just vote on the latest posting and they never understand. Others refuse to look downwards. But believe me or not, as long as the most important features are missing, there’s a lot of incentives for people to join your voting competition.

Pay with a Tweet!

Fair enough.

21st century worldwide growth of forest
21st century worldwide growth of Forest, public info, on Twitter.

The Reverse Experience - logo

21st century Worldwide growth of Forest, Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition:


21st century worldwide growth of Forest - green logo

21st century worldwide growth of Forest v2.44, initial version. Published 2017.07.30.

Formula Editors.

Startup Product Manager - logo Business Process Manager - logo Perfect Desire logo - one world

from publishing Business Process Manager so that our first set of very basic applications was complete, we had to concentrate on the platform roadmap for the first half of 2017.  

As Steve Jobs once said: 

  • True Innovation is not about incorporating every feature that you find. 
  • True Innovation is much about excluding anything but the most crucial features.

And so, we rather make one thing good, then 10 great sales ideas in a hurry, resulting in another Jack of all Trades applications. We got so many of them around, you know.

No downloads at all.

And so, on 2017.08.30, we finally completed Perfect Desire, our professional business model environment, by adding the first working version Load and Save to all our apps.

To check out all our small roadmap voting additions in detail, see the Release Notes page. 

Perfect Desire v2.20 with Formula Editor
Perfect Desire v2.20 (an early version) with Formula Editor.

Perfect Desire.

Perfect Desire logo - one world

An infinite Target. We hope it’s never gonna be complete.

Inline Title Label editing, automated adaption of Formula and ToolTip comments.

First self-healing aspects. Create your own formulas in a self-verifying formula system.

Translate Dynamic Applications to your very own language, and publish free of charge.

Perfect Desire v2.88 - Bakery Tutorial. Note a few small Pen Symbols. Formula Editor activated.
Perfect Desire v2.92, our Professional Business Model Development platform.

Business Process Manager.

Business Process Manager - logo

Business Process Manager was a missing piece.

We’ve added it for the 21st century Service consultant, Supporter, Project Manager, and CEO. No products, just talking. But you guys shall also be there in 21st century, and so i’ve created that App before my 47th birthday on 25 April, 2017.

We should’ve put that in the voting, but i simply forgot. Excuse me.

And so, i’ve added that one as a birthday present. Who said i am not allowed to spend my time for my own side-project free of charge, once in a while. It was an exception for celebrating my birthday, you know. Please excuse me. So many congratulations. THX

Business Process Manager v2.50 with small interactive Icon Symbols.
Business Process Manager v2.50 with small interactive Icon Symbols.

Internet of Things developer.


Internet of Things developer, next one in line, right from January 2017.

It actually started as a spin-off from App developer, and the two products kept to be identical in functionality (apart from the product icon) for quite a while.   

Remember we pursue agile development here, and that’s not a bug, it’s a growth concept.

The following @dynamic_idea still relates to IoT developer, and we’ll build a simulator to forecast IoT expansion as soon as it’s got the public vote.

Internet of Things developer v2.76, December 2017. Your small device. worldwide expansion.

App developer.

SocialMedia driven App developer - logo

The SocialMedia driven App developer simulation won our competition in March 2016.

It was first published in November, 2016. With a free Windows 7 / 8 / 10 Setup.exe from Dynamic Applications and a Windows 10 Store App in parallel, both free for 1 month.

As of February 2018, we’ve still managed to keep App developer free of charge, here.

2017.04.25 - SEO Stats, Dynamic Applications.
2017.04.25 – SEO Stats, Dynamic Applications. Thank you to Ann Lin from Kiev, Ukraine!

The original idea behind Photovoltaic System was to show that we can do something greater than a bunch of overly simple business planners. Published on 2016.10.30, it gained about 25 downloads in its first month of existance.

Photovoltaic System logo - 48x48

Much better than Predicted Desire (PD v1.0). A great success at that point in time! :)

As a founder, you have to believe in your own idea from day one. If you don’t believe in it anymore, how could anyone else. I keep saying this to myself every day in the morning, believe me or not. Then, i check out how much money i’ve earned the day before (most of the time, 0 Euro), but in Year 3 of existance, on some days we got a Euro or 2, on one day.

dynamic_idea - solar farm - fathergreen.us - final
Dynamic Idea: Photovoltaic System. Feb/2016 winner. published 2016.10.30 (v1.60).

and here we are,

Startup Product Manager - logo

our first ever winner. Predicted Desire, bakery Tutorial. Posted in December 2015, days before finalizing our Business Plan, it won the competition in Jan/2016. First alpha published 2016.02.29, on a leap day. A pocket calculator, really.

Even the most basic functions were not ready and so we put some picture gfx in there (see the Predicted Desire Museum page for a few images from that time. It was so embarassing).

Dynamic Idea: Bakery Model. Jan/2016 winner.
Dynamic Idea: Bakery Model. Jan/2016 winner. 2016.02.29 (v0.1). 2016.06.30 (v1.0).

Startup Product Manager v2.72 with beautiful, automated info symbols.
Startup Product Manager v2.76, simulating the Bakery Tutorial. Your company. baking bread.

Now see what it has become.

125 000 downloads of Dynamic Applications in Feb/2018. 

Dynamic Applications - dna logo Business Process Manager - logo SocialMedia driven App developer - logo dynamic_idea_logo_48x48

interested? – 

why don’t you head over to our Product and Feature Matrix, now. It’s free of charge.

Are you ready to grow?

The innovator’s dilemma.

dna logo

first of all, nobody will understand what it is. People are asking all kinds of funny questions about what you’re doing there. This is partly because they’ve never seen it before, and partly because in being a Founder or Foundress, whatever it is, it’s not entirely clear to yourself. Don’t worry.

You want to show the world that you are still there and you got a great idea and you want to grow. And if you look closely, you can still glimpse a tiny piece of that thought within our applications today: Consult Yourself. And so, we started to grow and went straight for the best business case in the world:


Good news is that once in a while, your very own idea starts getting more clear to you.

The rich guy’s mistake is the poor guy’s advantage.


Business Process Manager - logo PerfectDesire_logo_48x48 21st century Truck driver - 48x48 icon

there’s again something stupid in that idea, and it took me one and a half more years to determine that point, exactly. At that point in time, quite a lot of people came up here and said Martin, really, does it have to be freeware? – and how long are you going to do it like that? – and my answer was really the same, as it is today, and i said i got 20 years to go. The point where it went wrong is that they thought i’m crazy and i thought they’re weak.

Then, a guy called Denis Roberts showed up on LinkedIn. First thing he told me was that he took 500 British Pounds per hour, as a usual rate. So i had the right feelings towards him straight from the beginning of that webmeeting. And you guys bet that i told him how we are doing it at Dynamic Applications and he said, well well, i’m just an old professor working with University of Westminster here in London. But listen, i have seen some things. And you the young Startups of today are all the same, and you are doing that same mistake all over again. You want to change the world and offer everything for free, and then you go bankrupt within 1 or 2 years, and what’s the point in that?

I said: hm.

You gotta point there.

Startup 2020 - logo IoT developer - beautiful butterfly on a robot hand logo dynamic_idea_logo_48x48

How much impact did you have on the global markets if you go like that? – nothing.

So if you want to grow and you want to disrupt your market, and if it’s the worldwide economy, you got to pull the market as well. That’s what you guys don’t understand all the time. Because if you make a genius product and then you charge an unbelievable price for your wonderworks, all that happens is that most people start wondering how is that price possible (i said: Yeah, I heard that question.) and then what happens is that most people won’t buy, as they can’t believe it anyways and so they start looking for loopholes and bogus points.

As nobody does it like that.

And they got a value system which is much more “normal”, and you’ve put that value system in question. And even if they don’t understand it, it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Even though the offering is exceptionally great in itself, it scratches on people’s view of normality, and so they rather keep comfortable in their point of view, of life, and don’t buy.  

So if you want to grow and be successful,

you and especially you, Martin, should know that a little more bit of precision is needed here, and that’s where your small business predictors should come in, really.

So you have built a tool and you are showing to everyone in business that you have not understood how to operate your own tool, in a way.

You got to check out your competition, first.

What’s the value of your offering?

Startup Product Manager - logo SocialMedia driven App developer - logo Perfect Desire logo - one world

let’s take Dynamic Applications for example. If some guy doesn’t have to drive to next town to a Startup Consultancy or Big Bank to estimate the value of their Startup, and they can do it from home, it’s 10 British & at minimum. It could even be much more if we consider someone makes a good plan and you help them to fix their whole future life.

Of course, we also have a few advantages:

Dynamic Applications have no hidden interest, so we’re neither interested in your car, your parent’s house, the money on your bank account, your life insurance, or anthing else a banker or investor might find a useful security for them. Then, we are fully transparent, and even with the nicest young lady, you never know how transparent they are. Next, we protect your privacy by all means. As Dynamic Applications are gathering no data at all, there’s no Server behind you. Switch off your Wifi and check that out. So there’s nothing to be afraid of. And finally, we’re participative. Ever seen a bank where you can vote for their best possible way to go, in the customer’s interest, completely voluntary and free of charge? – and then, you even get the next App for free from it. I haven’t seen that with a bank house.

And so, first of all, you got to estimate your price point according to the current market conditions, and then you start attacking by offering a price point 10% or maybe 20% below your strongest competitor, and then you have to write next to it that it’s a bargain and why.

And so people start comparing and understand what they can get in comparison.

Like we did that in our Product and Feature Matrix, you know. 

As of today, everything’s still free of charge, but at times you have to go a little extra road, so the free workshops are only on Fridays and the free formula editor system is only available if you are willing to hunt through the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition and check for our universal PROMO CODE in there. Well, well, we charge for being lazy.

So with good Sales, there’s much more Psychology than logic involved, when we’re working with human beings. It’s always the same and that’s how human beings are.

And if the market then starts to pull back towards you, one day, as you are making some money now, and your best competitor starts lowering their prices because you take some reasonable share of their former money home with you, then Martin, then you can show the greatness of your approach, and how far you can go that easily, and they can not.

But not before. 

We’re working on it, you know. We’re working on it.

Just i love it to be free and you guys can check it out and start to donate, as you prefer.

There’s a small reward with everything, you know. I’m telling you. It’s a mystery, in a way. And so, we like it to keep people hunting for Promo Codes in and around our Website, free of charge. A million download baby. It’s a game of life, and through all battles of daily challenges, i play it with engagement and joy, and a lot of other poor people seem to like it very much, which is such a great feedback from you guys out there.

Dynamic Applications Business Forecast, True values, 2017.11.24.
App developer v2.84: Dynamic Applications Business Forecast, True values, 2017.11.24.

And so,

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he wished me luck and now we got a Hall of Fame and i admit that the pricings of Dynamic Applications have gone up by factor 10 in 2018, as the Business License now requires to pay 25 Euro per User Installation per Year for any company above 4 team members or employees. And so i hope it gives less headaches to all those normal people he described.

But at the same time, Dynamic Applications are still free of charge, for all you people who are sitting on a crossroads and want to grow, so that everyone on earth should have the same chance. And so we the people now take it from the big ones and we still grow in being the relatively poor ones here, altogether. So whatever the Business Model Theory says and a guy like Denis Roberts thinks or says, i said it’s free and as of today, i’m still alone here but we are Dynamic Applications and we keep our promises, be sure of that.

And if nothing else remains from me.

Whether i almost ruined my whole life here or not, that’s my problem. As of February 2018, we still got 18 years to grow, and we’ll see. i see some light on a very far horizon, and it says that Dynamic Applications are going to be Open Source around the globe, well before 2037 A.D., when they finally thought they made it and bankrupted my whole business in all its beauty that one day, in being so great and big and wealthy as they are. Believe me, i didn’t know it any better, I’m trying to learn.

if you like my idea, feel free to go online and publish Dynamic Applications in your very own language some day, as the dna license allows you to do it exactly like that, free of charge. And so, we are two Founders.

We the people, we’re gonna be here to stay.

And so as a Startup you got one product that you can sell from today, or attract visitors first, as we did before.

free of charge.

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You know what? – that’s the wonderful aspect of being independent. Start from 0. No bank credit, no angel investors. Why do you want to work for the rich ones again? – in the best case, they take 5% interest, in the worst case, they take your parent’s house away.  No obligations to anyone, that’s what i call a true winner. Let’s grow it all yourself by just creating something that hasn’t been there before, created by your own hand’s craftmanship, with an exceptional price point calculation that’s your top winner strategy on the Top 1000 best value for money offering of all time, around the globe. My wish for your today.

Best thing is, your followers are all around the globe and you walk out of your door and your neighbour next street won’t even have heard of it before, as we are people on this very planet, altogether, and the limits to growth are so far away from you. 

Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

we the people make a wish come true.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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  1. You could certainly see your skills within the paintings you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always go after your heart.


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