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Business License.

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The Dynamic Applications Business License is a short summary of the dna license towards you, our Startup Founder or Foundress of 21st century. It explains how exactly can you found your business on Dynamic Applications, or integrate us into your portfolio at low cost. We provide it as a Service for the typical Business Owner who’s not got much time.

In exchange, we offer a resale flatrate for everything that you’ve created upon Dynamic Applications, and that you now want to sell, valid for one year before us, from today.

On this page, you can acquire the Dynamic Applications Business Licence for one year.

The Business License fee (a small tribute) is 25 Euro for the whole year, for all products.
Note that you do not have to acquire our Business License for Sales of < 100 Euro, in a year.

In case of question, in court, the license that comes with your software will be valid for that software.

Dynamic Applications Business License conditions.

License conditions for using Dynamic Applications in a Startup, Company or Organization.
License conditions for selling your own simulation models on top of Dynamic Applications.

From 2018, we provide a general license model for customized or re-branded versions of the Dynamic Applications platform. It is intended for Startups and for Small Business Consultancies who wish develop specific simulation models on their own.

Dynamic Applications are free to use for private, personal use and free for 1-2-3 person Startups around the globe. Offering Dynamic Applications on your Website shall be free of charge, as long as you offer your simulation models free of charge, as well.

Using Dynamic Applications in a company or organization of 4 or more persons will be 25 Euro per User Installation per Year.

Offering Dynamic Applications, whether original or re-branded, for commercial purposes will be 25 Euro per User Installation per Year (Sales Flatrate).

For re-branding, you are welcome to place your logo, your banner, your menus or documentation, and to translate or create Dynamic Applications in your own language. As far as this may require customizations to the software, our price list from the Customer and IT Service Conditions page on our website will apply. As part of our principles, do-it-yourself parts are free.

As part of our Transparency culture, we‘ll require to keep a minimum statement to remain in the info menu item, so that people can see it’s reliable, as follows. You can see this as a quality reference.


Dynamic Applications

In case you bought a specific simulation model from a 3rd party consultancy, please refer to your vendor for any errors within the simulation model’s formulas. We can not warrant what we have not created.

Our warranty is limited to the correct functionality of the equation solver as described in the docs. Our money-back warranty is limited to the total price that you‘ve paid for your Dynamic Application (25 Euro maximum) in case we can’t fix a bug within 4 weeks after reporting.

You are not allowed to publish Perfect Desire, our all-inclusive solution, for download on your website. Perfect Desire is a Professional Business Model Development Environment, it includes the original Visual Studio 2017 PD v1.0 C# Sourcecode, and it’s exclusive to the Dynamic Applications website for reasons of Transparency and integrity.

One word towards Software Piracy.

we share the vision of a free Internet, so our Software is free of charge in the basic version.

However, should we find out that you are selling Dynamic Applications, and you have not shared your basic license fee with us, your license fee will be 7500 Euro. We think these conditions are fair enough, as considering our price range, there’s a huge benefit for you, already. Most chances in life don’t knock on your door, twice.

For re-branding, you are welcome to place your logo, your banner, your menus or documentation, and to translate or create Dynamic Applications in your own language.

As far as this may require customizations to the software, our price list from the Customer and IT Service Conditions page on our website will apply. As part of our principles, all do-it-yourself parts are free.

You may very well create Dynamic Applications that are much more expensive than our own products for specific simulations that you have created for your customers.

At Dynamic Applications, we have a tradition in offering exceptional business cases to our customers.

Key Account Manager - Value Proposition Canvas
Dynamic Applications – Value Proposition Canvas (included with MS Office Folder)

about Small Business Developments.

Small Business Developments - 48x48 Logo

Small Business Developments (whether bought via PayPal, or get it from Microsoft Store) includes the Small Business Developments software product and the Dynamic Applications Business License for one (1) year, for a total of 25 Euro. 

So that’s our Starter Kit for everyone who wants to create their own financial calculations in x / y / t, on a professional basis.

Small Business Developments and Perfect Desire, Feature Overview:

  • The full collection of Business Simulations from all Dynamic Applications, as published.
  • All Features activated per default, including the inline Formula Editor.
  • Unlimited upgrades, considered that you have paid the License fee in a year.
  • Fully Configurable Time Ruler, Start Date, and Time Units from 10 ns to 240 years.
  • Free support on Fridays (book-a-Workshop, up to 1 day p.P. per year).
  • Dynamic Applications Business License (Sales Flatrate for 1 year for all simulations).

Acquire Small Business Developments with Dynamic Applications Business License (25 €) for one year.

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Small Business Developments. Logo.
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Dynamic Applications in (x / y / t) are our reference, example of work, capabilities, and plan.

For professional collaboration with financial advisors (from small to large), insurances and financial service providers (ref.: Key Account Manager), we offer to share revenues as follows:

. .. (i) (mbe) 25 € / 25 € (you), .. (ii) (mbe) 48 € / 48 € (2 y), .. (iii) (mbe) 25 € / 75 € (for you). ..

It is expected that no more than 75 €/h may be conducted on behalf of your own Person, Company or Institution, to serve the good name of Dynamic Applications. This corresponds to the total value of 100 €/h for reliable, together signed contracts. For Apprentices and Startups, on request, we also offer to share evenly 12.50 €/h under certain conditions (ask).

Financial Projects under the Flag of Dynamic Applications usually involve the creation of Small Business Planners. For this reason, in being The Founder of Dynamic Applications, hereby i reserve my right to develop the platform of projections in (x / y / t), so you may choose any additional role (Pre-Sales, PM, Support, Delivery, Docs, Warranty, but as well the refinement of existing business planners). So i could create a prototype, and you extend it with the customer.

Finally, from having ability to Test our Software for 30 days, we invoice the customer regularly, including the cost of yourself, and Martin Bernhardt. We are also willing to work as a Subcontractor. You can always bring up refinements.


Then, we do our work as good as we can, serve, plan, create, so that the customer can verify it, and charge accordingly.


Dynamic Applications - Small Business Developments - Shoe Production
Dynamic Applications – Small Business Developments v4.96 – Shoe Production for a small Family.


about Perfect Desire.

Perfect Desire is an exclusive product that includes that software product and the Dynamic Applications Business License for a lifetime. Perfect Desire includes the original PD v1.0 source code from 01 July 2016.

Acquire Perfect Desire with The Dynamic Applications Business License (75 €), for a lifetime.

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Perfect Desire. Logo.
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Thank you for supporting us.

On successful acquisition, please click on: back to Dynamic Applications. This will lead you to the download of your Dynamic Applications business package, instantly.

In having acquired Perfect Desire, you are always invited to ask for support. We warrant one full business day of Support per Year, free of charge. We’re here if you need help.

Product and Feature Matrix - Dynamic Applications

Dynamic Applications – Product and Feature Matrix – including a complete Simulation Model Overview.

about Dynamic Applications.

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Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we create Small Business Developments, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

We the people make a wish come true.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.