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Martin Bernhardt.
Dynamic Applications

Helpuper Str. 314a

33818 Leopoldshöhe, EU (D).


Tel:  +49 15 25 35 26 101


USt-IdNr:  DE 3037 0 2425, Public Bureau of Tax and Finance, Detmold.


Skype:  martin.bernhardt.2002
Twitter:  @dynamicons, @mydarkstar.

Clubhouse: @mydarstar, Club: ,Dynamic Applications.

. .. … “what’s been said in the Clubhouse, shall remain in the Clubhouse” … .. .

So that’s spaces of global contact where we can Tweet, meet and talk securely. Please respect as well our agb and stay away from bribery, fraud and corruption. Victims of such are allowed to talk about that with us, on a confident level, so we’re just protecting our own Trustworthyness, here. Please understand that we’re a Startup consultancy and no Lawyers. Formally spoken, unless otherwise confirmed by signed, written letter of Martin Bernhardt, we see our statements in such meetings as an expression of free speech. This is because we can not know every Law in every country, so we protect ourselves by having declared agb, terms and conditions. By basic right of walk of foot for poor people, we defend our selves with ag lemgo (formally spoken, up to olg hamm, here in germany, where no other remedy would anymore be available).


Dynamic Applications are based upon:
Federal Republic of Germany, Constitution,

Art. 9 GG Abs. (3):

The Freedom of Association.

The right to form associations to safeguard and improve working and economic conditions shall be guaranteed to every individual and to every occupation or profession.

Agreements that restrict, or seek to impair this right shall be null and void;
measures directed to this end shall be unlawful.


Transparency. Privacy Protection. chance. and Participation. our values.

about the freedom of association

Direct Customer Feedback Form.

be invited hereby to send us your questions, comments, feedback, and constructive criticism. These data will be sent to us. Let us know if you wish for a reply.


Contact Form.

To discuss matters of urgency, You are also invited to call us on the phone. Most of the Time, Martin Bernhardt will consult you in person. In being a Small Business consultancy Founder, he represents Dynamic Applications, to day. Support and basic questions are free, as well as our free Friday service from 2016. We’re occupied? – please refer to our mailbox.

For substantial feedback, be invited to fill in and send back our detailed User Survey.

Your own ideas and improvements are always welcome. Thank you for supporting us.

Who we are.

Perfect Desire logo - one world

At the moment, Dynamic Applications is just me, Martin Bernhardt, hoping to support my small family (my little son and me) with a small contribution to our family income in due time. I am working here as a traditional craftsman by german law (Gewerbetreibender), much like my father, Johannes Grote, a local carpenter, and so for all my work, we also pay regular taxes. So that’s about the most basic type of company. Work in full responsibility.

For professional orders, we try to give good conditions, which you’ll find listed, here:

Customer and IT Service Conditions.

So we offer Startup Founder and Foundress Consultancy, create Websites, i’ve created a small Article Warehouse for a nearby Blanket Washery (based on MS Access / VBA and Code 128 Barcodes), and of course, i’ve done quite a few customizations of Dynamic Applications for specific purposes (e.g. Photovoltaics, Car Industry) for a good price.

If you’re a new Startup or you consider to start a business and need early advice, take note of our Free Friday offering (1 day per Person per Year).

And, of course, with Dynamic Applications, there are to mention the thousands of people out there, helping us on our way. Retweets, Faves, Mentions, 5-star votings, and a few people even have bought our full-featured Windows 10 Store Apps for a few Euro.


So Dynamic Applications is much about you and me. altogether.

Here’s a few details about me, first.

Founder’s Vita.

Please note the following license, and our Terms and Conditions (AGB) of our Website and our Software. We tried to make them as fair as possible by law. Sorry for all those third-party conditions, it’s our tribute for using their free service.

dna License.

You may follow our Website from the sidebar (Follow button), and will send you a note when we publish a new Logbook article that we found well worth reading. You can cancel it anytime by pressing same button again. As for our products, we try to offer really good value for money, everyday. So that’s the most important things to know. Read that AGB page if you’re interested in details on Law and Order, as we see it just and fair.

AGB | Terms and Conditions, from 2020.

Our Software is free of charge in the basic version, and it does not gather any data about our customers or their product calculations. It actually does not send back any data at all.

It’s your business. We respect that. Full Privacy Protection. No Server behind you.

There’s free universal Promo Codes hidden on some pages of this website, as well as in the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition on Twitter. We’re open for Feedback, 24/7, there.

Pay with a Tweet.

Thank you for supporting us.

About the Dynamic Applications NGO concept.

we see and declare ourselves to be an NGO:  a global, non-governmental organization.

As this kind of business is rather unknown to local authorities, Dynamic Applications is registered as a traditional manufacturing trade and craftsman (‘Gewerbetreibend’).

So i pay taxes and everything for all my work, just like every small businessman. We see ourselves as rather poor, but honest people.

For details, please refer to the dna license, the license declaring your rights in using the Software Products of Dynamic Applications, worldwide, and finally, our AGB, Terms and Conditions from 2020. 




We believe in building a value before you ask people to pay. However, a few people have asked me about that we should put a Donation link online, so here it is. Any small donation is welcome, and you can always make them recurring, but you don’t have to, today.

Minimum donation we ask for is 1 Euro. Maximum donation is 1000 Euro per single person or organization, including public institutions (do nation). Please respect that. Apart from that, it’s pay what you want. Don’t give too much. give reasonable and give back what you owe, or pay with a Tweet.

If you don’t want to pay or donate, please open your favourite page on the Website, and vote for it with 5 stars at the bottom, and do it now. Otherwise, you’ll forget. Thank you.

Please note that although the Dynamic Applications concept certainly has quite a lot of elements of an NGO, we’re also a company (,Unternehmen’).

That’s why redirects to the .org domain, directly. Transparency. One purpose of Dynamic Applications is to feed me and my family, so we got something to eat, too, as we don’t live from public welfare.

We’re going to live on a minimum level, and so, our business will have minimum impact from the traditional business perspective. Not much harm. For this reason, we have not officially registered a “beneficial” organization to give donation certificates for your personal additional taxpayer benefit, or even gain one for ourselves.

From the aspect of bookkeeping, such a donation is like paying a voluntary price for our services. Please pay only as much as you want, and don’t expect us to run after you and fulfil your wishes. So this is more a give-back thing if you want, say, if you should find our little programs just a bit more useful as it seemed on day one. We believe in the value of work here.

Should our work have been confident enough, and should you owe us as a public institution (Amt) or defense (CourT), so shall thou pay do nation, honestly, as well. We don’t have to charge Tax against us (ref. art. 2, 3, 4 gg – adequate state behaviour in reprocity towards our own agb).

We recommend to check out our products free of charge first, then decide for yourself do we produce some value. You’ll see. We just ask everyone to kindly respect our desire for freedom of decision and independency, as well. I’m a Founder, you know. Founders are on their way to define a world of their own. To create something new. So that we got some food to feed our family, as well. We just refuse to live from Public Welfare and define our own way of life. Public Welfare is ok, by the way. Some people really need it. It’s up to everyone. I just preferred to be a producer, and if it’s just to find a reason in life. Believe me, a lot of fun and happiness can be involved on such way. producing utilities.

Should you have specific requirements, our Customer and IT Service conditions page is the place for you to go. There, you can order. Here, you can donate. But there’s no room for corruption and personal greed, here. What we mine here is purpose in life. For many.

At Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people. We are Sharing Economy.

And that’s what it is about. Good, old-school economy.

Honesty. Work. Respect. Proof. Value. Challenges. Freedom. Friends. Choice. Confidence. Voice.


Thank you for supporting us.

We’ll remember gratefully of you, oo. There’s nothing much more i could say about this.



Donate to Dynamic Applications - Sharing Economy Founding

Donate Button

do nations are welcome from (1 $) to (1000 €) per month. please respect these our boundaries.

History of Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applications - dna logo

From August 2016, after 11 months of full-time development at no charge, we have a Professional Business Model development software. It is called Perfect Desire.

We ask a very small fee for a universal differential equation solver, lifetime.

The reason we do this after 11 months (Nov/2016) already is that I hope to buy a small book as a Christmas present for my wife from this year’s income (she doesn’t read the website, please don’t tell her should you know us). Books.

Knowledge and recreation in one.

Next year, I’m pretty optimistic we’ll top this year’s earnings, as we can give a better software. And so all promises of the future are looking bright, like a ray of sunlight gleaming through our window in early morning. She’s a good wife, we’ve got a happy kid, and we are just a very small business family here, somewhere on this planet.

Much like yours.

Martin und Lukas - Pizzahut Bielefeld 2014
Family evening at Pizza Hut, Bielefeld, European Union.
Our Home, a self-built carpenter’s house in Leopold’s Height, Teutoburger Wald.

about Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters.

Altogether, we pursue to develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple, interactive and most beautiful business planners for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for visiting Dynamic Applications, today.
Comment section is open.

7 thoughts on “Impressum | Contact.

  1. Name: Reinaldo Martínez

    Topic: A winner from your Idea Competition.

    Your Message: I have been working on a plan to have cities generate more O2 than they consume to fight climate change. It has been already done in Caracas, Valle Arriba Urban development by Arch. Victor Artís. He did it by calculating the development’s O2 consumption and expanding the green canopy. However, to calculate the amount of O2 from the canopy tree species, by tree species may be hard.

    It seems that there is someone already working on some related task: The simulation of tree’s growth.

    I should be interested in developing a method for accurate calculation of trees O2 emissions plus CO2 trees, soil and water bodies sequestration rates. Some simulation app may be helpful.

    Danke schoen!

    Time: 18.05.2017 at 16:46
    IP Address:
    Contact Form URL:
    Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.


  2. Thank you, Reinaldo! I would be honored to be connected with Victor Artis, so we make a Skype call and see if we can make up a plan. How about we do a quick sketch on a sheet of paper: Words that should be covered by the scorecard. We put a few number on, and there we go. Ready to publish.

    Just ask him to connect with me, and suggest day and time. This is Berlin time zone, at the heart of the European Union. Lots of things to combine in later, but that’s addressed by the crowd voting. So, as i’m 47 right now, whatever we do, there’s 20 years for everyone to feed me back on that very simulation model, alpha one, that will come up from our discussion. @all: be invited to fill in useful links, below.

    This was the first ever user comment towards Dynamic Applications, sent to us by Reinaldo Martinez from Caracas, using the feedback formula above. I thought he won’t mind if i put it online, so i’ve added a comment section here as well, and we’ll use it for that purpose.

    About the topic – from my perspective, if you want to make it any good, it’a all about simplicity in perfection.

    Let me quote Albert Einstein.


  3. F*ckin’ tremendous issues here. I am very happy to look your article. Thank you a lot and i am looking forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?


  4. Like

  5. I just could not depart your site before suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard information a person provide for your visitors? Is going to be back often in order to check up on new posts


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