Business Models for Explorers, Scientists, and NGO campaigners.

Workshop: Your Perfect do-it-yourself Business Model Tutorial.

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Your way to Success.

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From our perspective, there is no “standard” company in the world. Why did you think that we the people are all different? –

and so are our companies, right?

Dynamic Applications - Nature, Humans, Sustainability, Growth and Contribution
Dynamic Applications – Nature, Humans, Sustainability, Growth and Contribution

In 21st century, it’s our company culture that separates us from any competition out there.

Laptops we got all.

Take your time and see part one (1) of this Workshop if you have no idea what this is about.

Overview: Business Model identification.

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We solved that in Part 1 of our interactive Business Model theory workshop, so here we go.

for Explorers, Scientists, Authors, Visionaires, NGO Consultants, and Inventors.

and anyone, who wish to be.

Dynamic Applications - Business Model Tutorials
Dynamic Applications. Business Models for the 21st century.


Business Models for the 21st century Explorer, a True Scientist and Inventor. 

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Business Model Nr. 1: Continuous Delivery.

This one is for everyone who is willing to “live the flow”. As for the Scientist or Teacher, we have a special situation here: You may be paid by the State. As soon as you have got your reputation, and your work is constantly good, no need to change anything for anyone.

Just keep going, just keep contributing.

An advantage of this business model is that you don’t change much. So there’s little need for envy, for other people attacking your position. As soon as there is a disbalance, you’ve learned to balance it all out. So “living the flow” means living in endless sustainability, in a way. Your Target is that everything stays as it is. A small success here and there doesn’t hurt, you know, as it gives you increased security.

Things you are missing? – well, first thing to note here is a True Target. As you’re not actively progressing, struggling, fighting your way, chances are you’re underperforming. In a way, you’re also running in a wheel. Good news is you’re in a rather safe position, don’t have much struggle and fight in your life, as you succeed in targeting to reduce that. From our perspective, it depends pretty much on your personality whether you see this as an advantageous position.

If you’re looking for a good load balancer, you can use Business Process Manager to balance your work times. 

Business Model Calculations are much about defining your way to your true Target though, the one thing you want to reach within the next 4 years. Ever thought about leaving your safe Teacher’s life behind you, looking for one more challenge to go? – now, here’s a winner.

Startup Product Manager is your tool of choice. Start building.

Have you thought about constantly improving through continuous delivery? – in that case, our series of platform builder business models may as well be relevant for you, as those target to build a sustainable platform from continuous growth and contribution.

21st-century-bookstore. about true innovation.
about true innovation. a 20th century bookstore. continuous delivery. continuous improvement?

Business Model Nr. 2: Train-the-Trainer.

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The natural, next level of integration for the Scientist, or NGO campaigner, would be the Train-the-Trainer concept. We’re still traditional here, not talking about inventors yet.

Train the Trainer means that instead of going to the customer (student, scholar, fund-giver) yourself, you teach others how to do it. At Dynamic Applications, we’ve integrated part of that into our own business concept:

we try to concentrate, to reduce ourselves to the task of platform development. As you can not do everything altogether, this means we require others to transport our original ideas.

With limited ressources, how can we achieve that?

Our approach is so that we look at our customer’s requirements, again.

These could be the ability to use our platform at any time, use it for their own purpose, build their first own wonderworks right within Dynamic Applications. Then, it’s less fun if you just do it for yourself. So we constantly increase possibilities for all users by adding features to our public roadmap that will allow anyone not only to create simulation models of their own, but also to create ready-to-install Setups easily.

Setups that will include their self-constructed simulation models, then the ability to include their own Website in our menus. As there’s a little drawback with everything, this could naturally decrease the number of visitors to our own website. Still, seen from the customer’s perspective, it may be a great advantage that may finally convince them to start their own offering.

Finally, we have posted on our Roadmap the ability to upload and sell their simulation models in a Dynamic Applications Web Store, directly. So to earn your own money is naturally one of the largest attractors you can present.

This is of course part-by-part. The important factor to note here is that you take your customers on a journey where everyone can see what you are heading towards. Your natural desire, your Success criteria is that as many customers as possible identify with the Targets of your organization. And this is where the participation concept comes in.

Our dynamic roadmap voting here works so that we work on the top voted issue every month. As long as an issue stays at the top, we feel free to work further on it, or continue with the 2nd next vote. So we invite everyone to join us in identfying the way, and so we hope that people stay with us even if competition gets harder over time, as we continue to grow. So we contribute, and we learn, and we grow altogether, our basic idea.

This way, we resolve another very important aspect of the Train-the-Trainer concept:

You can’t train people if you don’t involve them. 

If you just tell them how about the truth (your truth), they’ll forget. 

If you involve your customers into elaborating the general concept, altogether, no reason to leave your project as long as everything comes at a good price, free at best.

This can be achieved through giving tasks, do-it-yourself tutorials, competitions, and most important, a good and fair participation and success Target to be heading towards, to finally achieve. If you follow this way, success is almost certain.

Naturally, You’re going to expand over time.

The tricky part here is to create a balance between your own, limited Startup ressources (budget), your fixed monthly cost, your running costs, and your very low, just slightly expanding income over time. Startup Product Manager will give you an easy starting point.

For the professional Startup Founder, we recommend Perfect Desire, our top product, here.

It will not only allow you to calculate all those fixed scenarios that everyone does. It will allow you to modify, edit and add all kinds of Input Parameters and Target Formulas, as you need them. So Perfect Desire will allow you to manage your very own company, according to your own Targets and requirements.

Once acquired, if nothing else, we offer unlimited upgrades.

Social Styles to consider with Train the Trainer: different offerings for different people.

Business Model Nr. 3: be part of it.

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If we think about good concepts for a Startup, let’s look at two classics in internal organization management: the capitalistic and the communistic company concept.

Interestingly, the communistic company concept is not so rare, at all: everyone gets more or less a constant payment. If it’s not the same payment, typically for those companies, you are not allowed to tell. So everyone will be working more or less for the company, 100% of their work-time. The big advantage of this concept is of course the 100% team effort idea.

The big disadvantage of the “communist”, flat-rate team payment approach is that there is no reward for the people who are hungry to deliver, the high-performer. While these people work harder for everyone’s success, every day, there is no natural reward. There may be Thank-Yous, but after a while, these may get nerve-tracking, as a thank-you is said quickly and means nothing. Burn-out Syndrome, or even worse, bore-out Syndrome may be resulting from this. Overloaded with lots of highly uninspiring standard tasks to deliver, but no time for a good thought or concept, as long as it goes.

On the other hand, let’s look at the pure capitalist idea. 100% success benefit for the true entrepreneur, the highest reward possible. Everyone working for their own profit. This may work out well in certain situations, for example, the 3-person Startup. In the communist approach, everyone will hold one third of the company. As long as the other two are working, why not spend an hour here and there on an interesting side-article? – let’s call it research! After a while, everyone is waiting for each other to fulfil the challenging tasks. Should anyone have a good day and take a challenge though, everyone benefits with 33%. So you got 100% of the work and 33% of the benefit.

So for the 3-person Startup, let’s look at the capitalist approach. Define a list of Tasks, invent some kind of voting (1×3 votes, 1×2 votes, 5×1 vote each). So you got a weighted vote and as soon as everyone enters their numbers, the most important startup company tasks will head up the list. Now all you got to do is to discuss and agree upon some suitable time frame for that task. Grab anything from Top, get your payment. 

In a larger context, the capitalist approach may be leading to an aggressive company culture over time, though. In every larger company or team, there’s less motivation to think for the company as a whole. Everyone, every team, is more or less a specialist in their own task. With a 100% success based payment, no wonder if collegues start to invent all kinds of ideas to “steal” important tasks, important customers from each other.

There’s no reward in working for the Team, remember? – 

so while the revenue sharing of important tasks may work well for the 3-person Startup, the larger it gets, the more it becomes important to work for the Team as a whole, for the company, the university, the non-profit organization.

So a good management approach would be to create some kind of balanced situation, here. An idea could be to define 50% of your work time for the team, so there’s a high incentive to work for each other, to work together. Then, a 25% incentive could be for yourself, so to feed incentives for the high-performers. Finally, some 25% could be reserved for the company budget, for example, to be able to pay basic costs, company HQ, hardware, software, heating, and if anything remains, have some budget left for bad times to come.

In case of the pure capitalist approach, 100% of the revenue goes back to the employee, remember? – imagine you have got to collect money back from 10 employees, as soon as there is not enough budget to feed the team for the next month, or for a combined Research and Development approach. And then, 1-2 persons from the team say that they don’t have money to feed back into the company, right now. That’s what we can call a severe crisis for the existance of the whole organisation.

If you don’t agree with the 50% team, 25% you, 25% company budget, think about 33% for each. We’re not saying it’s the only way to go. What we’re saying here is that it’s important to define a measure, a scheme, a structure here that’s seen as fair by a large majority of co-workers and employees. If you can achieve that, you’ll have defined the basis for a motivational company culture. And our culture defines how successful we’ll be over time.

Laptops we got all.

There’s not really a product recommendation for the be part of it business model. Instead, we recommend to read the dna license and the Ethics of Sharing Economy article in case you’re interested in attracting people to your project. We’re pretty sure you can borrow an idea there. Remember that we’re no copy-cats. We read, understand, and write everything in our own words. This way, we also don’t harm each other’s Google rankings. We rather define a wording of our own, according to our Targets and Team Culture. This way, we can attract a target audience of our own, where our offerings shall perfectly match the search keywords entered by the people interesting in an answer to their questions. Customer first.

Apart from that, feel free to offer exceptional business cases at every occasion, as a general habit. That’s how we handle it at Dynamic Applications. How do we do that?

well, there’s a little drawback in everything.

In being the founder, i’ve sold my beloved Volvo V60 in early 2017. Not only to dig up some additional budget. Much more important, with Tax, energy prices and maintenance, this will allow us to save about 250 Euro/month. Then, working from home, just with a laptop and a small internet budget. At some points you are missing all those collegues. Of course, there’s hundreds of free offerings, business or research project presentations if you just enter your name in a few newsletters, and there are lots of chances to meet people in your free time. Finally, make sure to cancel all kinds of insurances, including any old people’s savings to feed your state or your local bank manager. Your work is going to be your rent.

One certain thing to note in being a Startup Founder is that

You have to believe in your own idea.

Logic says yes.  

Business Model Nr. 4: competitions and awards.

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Aren’t we all looking for fame, admiration and that one award, that one review, where everyone is gonna see that this is such a unique, exceptional offering?

good question.

To fulfil that business model is easy: keep your eyes open to all kinds of local, national and global competitions and awards. There are numerous websites to inform yourself. Enter

Startup Competitions

in Google to inform yourself, and estimate your chances. Keep in mind though that most awards are given by a committee of people, or even an organization. In the end, you are depending on the likes and dislikes of a few people. In case you don’t succeed, all is lost. In case you do succeed, there may be some funding that comes with the award. 

As being a Startup Founder, remember that everyone else is also looking for their outcome. So a very attractive award or competition will probably have a very high range of very good, challenging contributors. Also keep looking for hidden revenue streams of the people who are gratifying the reward. Maybe they just use the competition to be able to collect a lot of genious ideas, then have some interesting stuff to publish on their website? – could it be that you are as well asked for, if not required, to fulfil some additional criteria? – in case you have to care for your own traveling cost, it could end up in just a few people looking at your offering, borrowing the best ideas they can grasp to publish on their own website.

In competitions, if people are asking for contributors, could it be they just want to have everyone post a back-link towards them? –

at Dynamic Applications, we’re certainly not against competitions or awards. We value true participation a lot. The whole Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition is an idea to let users participate in our success, but it also collects first-hand recommendations and micro-marketing of everyone, in response for getting our small startup business plan applications for free. What we think is that there should be a good balance. It’s not that easy to work for free, you know, when having to feed a family as well.

In the end, you have to believe in your own idea.

dna header - lighted sea haven in fog at night
21st century Startup culture. Alone on the Top of a Mountain. Thousands of customers to go.

So we’re not saying this is good or bad, we’re saying that winning in competitions and awards can be a challenger, which is going to drive you forward. In certain situations though, there is a similarity in stepping down from the aspect of a successful Startup founder, towards the aspect of filling in a lot of paperworks. Much like you have to do it when presenting yourself to other companies as an employee, or presenting yourself to acquire your next funding from the unemployment agency for the unemployed.

What we’re saying here is that in being a successful 21st century Startup, your website, your products, and your culture is much about going to define your offering for this world.

So in the best case, a link to your website and a few sheets of additional information should be enough to describe your product. You can also use all kinds of competitions, from banking to magazines to crowdfunding, in an attempt to get some attraction from a certain group of customers. So the best competition and award is the one where you are working for your own results, your back-links, your voters, your crowdfunders. 

Check back to the Business Models for Team Workers page to read more about the Crowdfunding approach, and to the Business Models for Platform Builders for the Crowdsourcing approach.

From our perspective, a truly motivating offering will certainly be attractive enough to care for your own revenue stream over time. So we’d kind of recommend not to base your hopes on the judging of a few, highly important people or consortium, but on your own hand’s craftmanship. In being Founders of 21st century, it’s not our words that defines us.

It’s our work that defines us, ever improving over time.

Think about a good measure to define your way to success, our wish for your tomorrow.

And never give up.

Dynamic Applications - freedom of choices, reflection, options, poverty and luxury, growth and contribution
Dynamic Applications – poverty, reflection, options, growth and contribution, passion.

Our wish for you?

don’t you worry, all you need is a bit of courage and a good heart to start from. From our own experience, all we can tell you is that you can learn a lot of things on the fly.

Vision. Dedication. Challenges. Passion. Hard Work. Learning. Understanding.

and finally, finally. Years from now. 

Outstanding performance.

SPM v2.50 - bakery tutorial with beautiful info symbols
Startup Product Manager v2.76 – our Bakery Tutorial, after 2 years of continous development.

Workshop: Your Perfect do-it-yourself Business Planner.


Table of Contents:

Finally, select your perfect 48-month business planner, free of charge. See our Products Menu for more. All Applications are free to use, 99 ct after one (1) year of successful usage.

Dynamic Applications.

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Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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