Your first Business Plan Calculator in 10 Steps.

Starting up your Business.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Welcome to Dynamic Applications, Young Modeler!

This 10-step Tutorial will show you all you need to know about how to use us in ten simple steps. We’ll open the Bakery Tutorial, do a first estimation on Production Cost and Sales, and we’ll see how easily, and instantly Dynamic Applications will create your first functional business plan projection, counting all these conflicting parameters together.

The one thing to remember is that with this simple Tool, you’ll get a perfectly balanced, interactive Business Plan in no time at all.

Dynamic Applications review on Newswatch TV, in a U.S. broadcast from Jan 08, 2018.

Now don’t you worry –

The first thing to note about us is that at Dynamic Applications we’ll Protect your Privacy to the maximum extent. We do this by gathering no data at all from all our Apps. That’s why we’ve chosen to develop a traditional Windows Client for you, soon to become…

Your personal management consultant.

Keep this page in your Web Browser, then switch off your Wifi.
Start your Dynamic Application, and check that out.

Are you ready to grow?

The other thing to note here is that if you find that there is way too much text on this website, you’re the guy to follow the pictures on this very page. A picture says more than 1000 words. You’ve only chosen the wrong type of media, here. For you guys, talking business, we’re on Twitter in short terms.

On Twitter, world’s fastest network, we say everything in a single Tweet. No bla bla, at all.

Ok then, let’s go!

Business Process Manager - logo Perfect Desire logo - one world dynamic idea - small logo

After download, double-click your Setup.exe, then follow instructions until you’ll find an Icon on your Desktop, looking just like one of those small symbols we use for chapters.

Double-click on that Icon on your Desktop.

Startup Product Manager. It’s just a small desktop symbol, you know.

on the down of a new morning, a Symbol shows neverending hope.

Startup Product Manager - logo

The Software opens quickly showing the Simulation Model Selector first. It allows you to select your Simulation Model (another word for interactive Business Planner) of choice.

Select Bakery Tutorial and hit OK.

Dynamic Applications - Simulation Model Selector
Dynamic Applications – Simulation Model Selector

The Bakery.

dynamic idea - small logo

The Simulation Model Selector goes away, and you’ll see how our secret Startup Engine starts reading some formula and creates your first Dynamic Application in no time at all.

a Bakery.

Your task now is to create a Business Model from the most basic thing.

baking bread.

First thing to note as we look at the Startup window:

everything is clean and even.

On the left, you’ll find what we call the Input Value Panel. All the driving screws to turn for managing your first own company. These are the values that drive your business.

In the center, we grasp a look at the heart of operation, the Universal Equation Solver.

All you’ll ever see from that powerful engine is the Target Value Panel, right next to the Input Value Panel.

don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s not getting complicated at all.

Exploring NewLand.

dynamic idea - small logoPerfect Desire logo - one world

In the Target Value Panel, center of your Application, we’ve collected a few Targets to begin with, like, your Bank Account Balance, Gross Revenue, Net Profit, your Employee Salaries, and your Total Cost calculation, including Materials, Energy and Production Cost.

On the right, that’s where we learn to look ahead of Time.

We start from present and we haven’t turned one single screw, any of those small driving knobs on our interactive Business Planner, so we’ll just stay in the very present of today.

No movement forward, just the infinite balance, infinite boredom of today.

Hey, you! Were you looking for Success? –

ok then, let’s create some problem to handle.

Dynamic Applications - Bakery Tutorial - Startup Screen
Dynamic Applications – Bakery Tutorial – Startup Screen

Power on. Baking bread.

Business Process Manager - logo SocialMedia driven App developer - logo dynamic_idea_logo_48x48

Talking about Success, one thing that many people associate with that in being a company, is generating money. That’s because from a traditional perspective, a company will need money to buy goods, produce them, create some bread, sell it, and, as we say it nowadays, feed some money your employees. So that they can buy anything they want.

The first thing to note about creating money is that it’s good to lower your running cost.

That’s Input Value Nr. 5. Try entering another number, if you want. Does that change anything? – yes. You’ll see instantly that the dark-red Cost curve, or let’s say, Cost line, will move up and own as we rise and lower the cost value. And if you look closely, you’ll see that the Target Value for Total Cost will also change, accordingly.

On the left, we find our Input Value Panel, collecting all our management screws to turn. Now, if you look very closely, there’s a very powerful Mode Selector next to all our Input Values. Yes. It’s that small line showing “===”.

Change that mode to up, down, or squared.

The Detail Value Panel opens in the center bottom, and you’ll see your value rising over time. And that’s how we manage our little company here. The perfect Option, The perfect Choice, the perfect Decision is always a compromise. Ready in a Second, in no Time at all.

Squaring the Circle.

Are you ready to grow?

Dynamic Applications - Input Value, mode selector.
Input mode selector.
Detail Value - rising up
Detail Value – rising up

Click on that, and an Input Mode selector will open up. And here it starts, the whole magic. You’ve now detected the small driving screw that drives the world forward. Our world. Let’s choose our running cost to go down over time, so we pay less and have more money in our pocket.

And instantly, in the middle bottom, the Detail Input Panel pops up, all set with latest proceedings. It includes some Detail Input Values to configure:

Starting Point, End Point, Percentage of Change, Undo or Accept.

Let’s say for the time being, we just accept the plan to lower our cost by 50% over time.

And what’s our time frame, you are asking? – well of course, in creating your first own Startup, we should as well consider that slight chance that in the end, we may succeed at all. This means nothing less than that we’ll manage our small wonderworks here, our very first company, for a very long time. For the rest of your life.

In being a successful business owner, it’s good to not look too far ahead from the very beginning. Time’s infinite, but it’s learning by doing, you know. So many years to come.

So in the default configuration, we’ve set the Time axis to show 48 months:

This year, next year, the 3rd year, and the final year.

Bakery Tutorial - Step 1 - lowering your fixed cost over time
Bakery Tutorial – Step 1 – lowering your fixed cost over time

a First Step to Success.

Startup Product Manager - logo dynamic idea - small logo Perfect Desire logo - one world

OK – let’s hit that small green checkmark and so we accept to lower our running cost by 50% within the next 4 years, and your first step to success will already be done.

Now isn’t that awesome!

We aren’t just earning some money, as it was in the very beginning. Right now, we have already learned, we have started to earn more money over time.

See how your Total Cost is lowering, and your Net Profit is already trending upwards.

Well, well, it’s an easy example. If you look at Net Profit in dark orange, we kind of fooled you here in creating a business model that works out from day one. So don’t you worry when in creating your first own Startup, you’ll soon find out that it’s not that easy to make profit from day one, as you got neither Goods, Tools, great machines, nor do you know anything about how to do it right.

We’ll check that part out in our do-it-yourself Business Planner Tutorial, later.

In case you’re interested in a more realistic scenario, how about setting the mode selector to saturated for the time being? – just a thought.

Dynamic Applications - Detail Input Panel - Fixed Cost accepted
Dynamic Applications – Detail Input Panel – Fixed Cost accepted.

Starting up Your Sales.

Startup Product Manager - logo 21st century Truck driver - 48x48 icon

And here we go! We’re making Progress so smoothly, aren’t you keen to take a huge step forward, as well? – sure, sure, that’s the spirit we need! At Dynamic Applications, we’re True Entrepreneurs. We are fuzzing around with ingredients like flour, water, sugar, salt, and yeast all day, and at the end of day one, our first bread is baken.

Let’s sell.

We find the deep green Input Value called Bread -> daily sales almost at the bottom of the left panel. On day one, we are very optimistic, but we’re also realistic enough to see that we have rather small Sales on day one (in most cases, it’s actually gonna start at 0, but let’s take it easy for a moment, here. We’re just learning how to operate our digital Startup accelerator, you know. That’s why in default preset, we’re already baking 100 breads per day).

And so we set our Sales Input development Mode to squared, assuming we’ll double our total Sales over time, that is, in the next 4 years.

And with 4 years to come, to go, that should be very possible, right?

It’s always like that. Whatever Input development Mode you’ll select, it’s always gonna be double or half in 4 years. That’s because we say it should be possible to change the world, your world, that much in 4 years with almost any Input Parameter of your smart Company Planner you look at. If you really try.

It also reflects that whatever you try, competition never sleeps. So in daily business, it’s really the key one target to get all the details right, you know. And so we won’t confuse you with final results jumping up and down like crazy. And so, the default change is always twice or half a value within 4 years. You’ll find all out about it once you start to enter true numbers.

Are you ready?

Dynamic Applications - project a rise in daily bread Sales
Dynamic Applications – project a rise in daily bread Sales

Projecting Your Sales.

Pirate Desire - dark Logo 21st century Truck driver - 48x48 icon

The way it works, in agile development, as we call the True Entrepreneur approach here, it’s much about Think Big and be realistic enough. Think Big and be small.

Step by Step. 

We truly recommend this approach to the True Entrepreneur Startup. Focus on your Strengths. Sell what you have, and if it’s just to find out more about your customers requirements. If you went the other way around, you’d end up in perfect normality. And how do you want to make money from selling normality?

The other good news is that in focussing your strenghts, you will, maybe for the first time of your whole life, feel like working inside the perfect company. Your very own. As you’ve just created the perfect company to sell your strong points: unique selling points.

Your USP. 

Now we’re ready to hit the green checkmark in the Detail Input Panel for the 2nd time.

Projecting Sales. 

Bakery Tutorial - rising Daily Bread Sales - accepted
Bakery Tutorial – rising Daily Bread Sales – accepted

Ramp up Your Production.

Business Process Manager - logo 21st century Truck driver - 48x48 icon SocialMedia driven App developer - logo

We’ve sold our first own bread! The customer ate it and let’s assume he found it well. And now we see something for the first time that’s very important to remember:


How many people in this world do you think would give a lot to have become, have been able to feed their children with that one bread?

Thousands to come.

What ever it is, your True Target – we leave that one up to decide for you – one thing is pretty much for certain, right now:

You’ll want to ramp up your Production.

You’ll find the production item right at the bottom of our Input Value Panel, in a slightly more optimistic green colour. We’ve decoupled it from Sales, because we’re smart, and so we want to be able to produce ahead of time. With that large of a Sales demand projection, we ramp up our production as quickly as possible, selecting:

Trending production.

It sounds good, in daily reality though, the typical advance of the trending curve is that it shoots up, then follows exhaustion, and finally, it’s gonna reach some plateau of productivity. Almost like in real life.

Let’s hit OK.

Bakery Tutorial - ramp up your Production (trending in time, cost)
Bakery Tutorial – ramp up your Production (trending in time, cost)

Practice and Theory.

Business Process Manager - logo SocialMedia driven App developer - logo Pirate Desire - white Logo Perfect Desire logo - one world

Repeat all steps, and you’ll see how quickly we solve a problem, here. Management decision ready to go in a minute.

Now the important thing to remember is that in daily life, what happens is that you experience a difference between Practice and Theory. That doesn’t mean our planner is wrong, or that it won’t make sense to do any planning at all, as some people may have assumed before. Not at all. It’s always good to have a really good plan in your heart, to address some need, and define Your very own Target, Your very own Success.

Looking at Results, we now see a company in operation. It’s like Squaring the Circle.

In daily reality, we see Lots of Conflicting Parameters. As well, in being a Founder or Foundress, now we see how easy it is to combine, to even measure the outcome of all that thoughts, of all that confusing ways to go, ahead of time.

In the beginning, we’re all uncertain, you know. It’s not that easy to found a Startup for the first time in your life, you know. Not at all. And that’s not the point.

The point is that Dynamic Applications are here so you guys can start managing your new life, whereever you are. No budget required. All you need is an old laptop from one of the Garbage Hills of modern society. That’s why Dynamic Applications are free of charge.

At Dynamic Applications, we believe that every person on Earth should be allowed to follow their own Pursuit of Happiness, going your way, free of burden, in full responsibility. So from any given situation, you should always be free to act as you prefer.

The important thing to remember here is that we can not predict the future, reliably.

What we do here is creating a plan, a projection towards future from present, or past. The plan itself will be Perfect in Theory, which means it will calculate the numbers you gave it and show the statistical, median expectation of all your single estimations. And a great plan, accompanied by hard work, is the best chance for Success over time, that we know.

As competition never sleeps, if someone else comes up with a genious idea, all you need to do is start up your Dynamic Application of Choice and create again the best plan to follow from today, from tomorrow. That’s just how the world works.

A good plan in your heart, and a great Tool to make a great plan. That’s it.

all you need. 

Are you ready to grow?

Bakery Tutorial - in Daily Production - with trending Targets Cost and Profit
Bakery Tutorial – in Daily Production – with trending Targets Cost and Profit

Your way to Success.

Pirate Desire - dark Logo 21st century worldwide growth of Forest - logo 21st century Truck driver - 48x48 icon dynamic idea - small logo Perfect Desire logo - one world

Ok, ok, now was that everything, you are asking?

Not at all.

We recommend that for today, you keep trying out things. There’s a large variety of existing, proven business models in this world. Way more than you might think today.

Remember that question of culture, of personal strenghts, of expressing yourself?

Show me that one company that’s not like that. Your Culture. Your Belief. Your Success.

well… there’s Burger King, of course.

If it comes to Burger King, what they do there is that lazy people can buy a business plan from Burger King, sign a contract that requires them to do pretty much everything exactly like Burger King has described that in their genious document, and then you’re allowed to buy more things from Burger King, like, bread, meat, salad, sauce, onions, Flyers, Company Logo, Street Sign, Burger King Palace, and so on. At some point in that contract, you’re even allowed to produce then your very own Burger Kings and sell them to all kinds of hungry, fat, and probably quite as lazy people out there as you are.

If you want to be successful like that, sure, sure, just go ahead.

And we’re not saying that at Burger King, everything tastes bad! Not at all.

At Dynamic Applications though, our True Target is to create some bread that’s tasting even better than the real thing, that’s tasting even better than a standard burger king could ever. As we say that the only king in that game is the people who have created Burger King for exactly that very purpose.

Be rich on other people’s back.

The thing to note here is that there’s additional benefits in using Dynamic Applications.

First of all, Dynamic Applications are not only Protecting your Privacy.

Which means nothing less than that we’re developing a simple, old client, gathering no data at all. And since there’s no Server behind you, you’re not only allowed to create your very own burger, here. Not at all. You’re also allowed to develop our simple bread factory into any company you’d like it to be.

  • it could be producing Candles, a Motorcycle
  • it could be Cats and Dogs, or Your beautiful House for next year’s Christmas Market.
  • your company could be Producing a Tool. It could be producing a Software, an App.
  • it could be producing a Device for The Internet of beautiful Things.
  • it could be producing a Platform for Tool creation (… what is Dynamic Applications?)
  • it could be optimizing a Service, creating a Service Product even.
  • it could be a Library, a School. An online university, even? – eLearning

A clear description of what you are doing, why you are doing it, why you are doing it this way, and not another way, and why you think it’s the best way to follow of all ways in the world. And in all that variety, there’s different aspects to consider, to concern.

The whole beauty of this world, here it lies all before you, in its unbelievable variety.

At Dynamic Applications, we say it could bear one more Starter.

Your Chance.

And don’t you compare your beginning to someone else’s middle, you know.

Think big. be small. 

Are you ready to grow?

Dynamic Applications - full Transparency of Formula and Calculations via automated ToolTips
Dynamic Applications – full Transparency of Formula and Calculations via ToolTips.

Selling Transparency.

SocialMedia driven App developer - logo The Reverse Experience - logo Business Process Manager - logo Perfect Desire logo - one world 21st century worldwide growth of Forest - logo

Exactly! Now we’re getting to the point.

Transparency. Doesn’t that sound complicated?

Privacy for the People, in Full Transparency of Dynamic Applications.

You’ll see, it’s not that complicated. We think it’s actually quite good for you, a true winner. Take your Mouse and head over one of those small [i] or [T], for Input and Target Value, or even one of the sum-up [S] symbols.

ToolTip appears! Huge one.

It’s because it’s got so much information to share.

in a matter of concept, at Dynamic Applications, we say: Sharing is Caring.

We put the world in question, and then we Think it from the other way around.

Your Customer’s perspective.

In case you’re interested to learn more about that one, our blog is full of articles around True Values, Self-realization and Fulfilment, The Meaning of Things, True Targets, and there’s always Your perfect do-it-yourself Business Planner Tutorial to read on.

On this Starter page, we’ll focus on one final thing.

Your way to Success.

Translate Dynamic Applications to your very own Language and Topics of Interest
Dynamic Applications in your very own Language. Rename Topics, create comments.

Online Democracy.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

To read on, we recommend you check out the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition

Not that you miss anything. Ah no, this is not the place to mention it. Click it or leave it. Just wanted to say that right within The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition on Twitter, world’s fastest network, at some Thank-you locations, there’s a free universal Promo Code hidden right in there.

In case you find this too annoying and you’re the lazy one, don’t worry, start up your Dynamic Application for the 2nd time, and it’ll activate Perfect Desire, our Professional Business Model development environment, free of charge. It’s an infinite target. The Name is Program.

It’s gonna repeat that activation from time to time, that’s part of the game. You’re tired of that, hunt for the Promo Code, get Perfect Desire, or buy an App. We do it so that everything is free, but you know, in the end some people always have to pay the bill. Maybe you have some money, want to concentrate on your very own business, and don’t waste much Time? – You See. Lazy People can pay, and thankful people will buy. And we’re so grateful that about one in a thousand even did that, so far.

If you enter our Universal Promo Code, or start up Dynamic Applications for the 2nd, 4th, 7th, … time, all Input and Target Value editors will be activated by default.

And so, you can create your very own Dynamic Application, the one that’s calculating the perfect business model for yourself. As long as you do it at home, in privacy, your privacy as a founder is fully protected. As soon as you go online, in publishing your very own Dynamic Application, in attacking the world right in the same way we do it, in Sharing is Caring, they’ll be fully Transparent to any person on earth operating them, again. It’s simply not possible to create intransparent Dynamic Applications.

Understanding is key.

Think it from your Customer’s perspective.

So the one final thing to note here is that in combination with being fully Transparent on the International Network, and in Protecting your Privacy at Home, as you prefer, Dynamic Applications are also Participative. As that’s the kind of culture we believe in.

Dynamic Applications are participative in that we allow everyone to vote on the next idea we publish, the next feature to implement on our public roadmap.

Pay with a Tweet.

Dynamic Applications – create your very own, interactive Business Planner.

Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we create Small Business Planners, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators, for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

We the people make a wish come true.

Thank you for choosing to visit Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.


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