a Pursuit of Happiness.

Transparency. Privacy protection. and Participation. our values.

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But how can we realize that?


Online Democracy.

That’s our culture. We are convinced that every person on Earth has a value, and if we look at what this means, we value every human being with a value of 1. Same rights for all, and justice for all to follow.

A natural right of coexistance. A right to live. A right to prosper. A right to participate. A right to follow their own path.

A natural right on a pursuit of happiness.

We want justice. And justice, if you look closely, has got a lot to do with participation.

Same rules for everyone, and justice for all.

For this reason, to be participative, we have to object, we have to refuse true egoism.

Let’s be honest, let’s face it. The biggest form of egoism is called nationalism. But what is that, a nationalist?

The nationalists are people who take the best part of acre to be found on this planet, fruitful and arable, enlarging into ocean in 5 large fingers, and divide that part amongst each other. And then they invent laws, the laws of property and possess and money and the uttermost right to defend your own land, of what they call god’s own country.

If you want to criticize something, it’s always good to suggest something better in the first place. And, it’s always best to start small. To start by yourself.

Think big means be small. Nothing else.

So if we contribute, and so we can grow. Altogether.

woman in india leaving a riot and taking a phonecall
about Pirates.


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In being Pirates, we put topics on a list, and then we define some rules that allow us to be voting on that list. In a fair, participative, and evenly distributed measure. Nothing else. We are Sustainable. We are Liberal. We are Religios. We are Atheist. We are Communists. We are Capitalists. We are Anarchist. We are Socialists. We are Environmentalists. We are Democrats. And so we vote, in Online Democracy. In all that beauty of our common diversity.

We the people, participating in Sharing Economy.

Sharing is Caring.

Let’s collect 48 Euro, per person, per year. Our membership fee. In my humble opinion, i suggest that we start to solve the critical problems in here, as well. We all pay 4 Euro per month. And our voting, our online democracy, in being fair and participative, shall deliver the best way to go, the best ideas to follow, right?

In my humble opinion, our payment should start from 1 Euro per hour, for the Top 10 voted positions on our list.

From an electoral vote of 2% upwards, it shall be 2 Euro per hour. And we shall activate 10 more positions at 1 Euro/h to follow.

From an electoral vote of 3% upwards, it shall be 3 Euro per hour. And we shall activate 10 more positions at 1 Euro/h to follow.

And so, in being Pirates, our own wage shall always be decided by the people, by public majority. It shall be our electoral vote result, rounded in Euro.

Any single Pirate, whether man whether woman, shall be granted 10 Votes with yearly membership renewal. Weighted 5 x 1 vote, 1 x 2, 1 x 3 votes.

And any single Pirate shall be granted the undeniable right to put one personal topic of interest, whether IT or people-oriented, one topic of heart on that very list. Our voting shall be continuous, and any idea, that hasn’t won a single flowerpot, shall be removed after one year. As our list of greatest ideas on earth shall be limited by 1000 positions. In case we need more, we subsidize. We split forming a new working group with a pursuit of a new list. A new way towards happiness.

Billing is monthly.

and that scales up.

about the Pirate Party.
The Pirate Party of Germany, Central Western Europe Union, back in 2014.


Perfect Desire logo - one world

With that kind of courage, the courage of modesty, of vision, of participation, of challenges, in poverty, of hard work for our small project’s success here, of a fair share for everyone, we now have got all we need to be successful, to win the battle, in our very hearts.

Pirate Party at 50%. Bundeskanzler at 50 Euro/h. Ministry at 50 Euro/h.

Parliament from 1 Euro/h to 49 Euro/h.

Evenly distributed amongst us, in 500 paid positions from a 1000 positions list of our best ever ideas, our very own promise for this very planet.

That’s what i call Democracy 2.0. That’s what i call participative democracy.

Fair and even.

Let’s begin.


Let’s hoist our Sails. Let’s start by ourselves.
Let’s start sharing our membership fees, evenly distributed.

That’s what i call a promise.

And i’m pretty sure that a lot of people in this world are going to understand that.

Show me that one country. That one country in the world where the Top 10 leaders, the hardest workers, earn 50 Euro/h all-in-all. No big buzz. A language for the people.

That’s what i call Newland.

That’s what i call a true winner. They started to explore their vision by themselves.
Let’s begin. Let’s hoist our Sails. Let’s explore. Let’s attack. Let’s start today.

Let’s fulfil our vision.

Let’s sail.

And they are gonna join us by the thousands.

The true Pirate is the base Pirate.

in being lost Pirates, remember one thing:

We defend here the most basic things of human history:

Transparency. (Honesty, Security, Verification and Trustworthyness of Public State)

Privacy Protection. (Home, Family, Privacy, Security, Rest, Sleep, Simplicity, Recreation, in all our beautiful Diversity)

and Participation. (So that everyone on this very planet shall have same rights of basic democracy, including the right to see their own children, shall they have done no wrong.

and so we pursuit one universal Happiness in that social shall be, when court says one third to be with father, one third to be with mother, and one third shall be child’s own wish where to be, mainly, in case of family split-up, or living temporarily or longer in 2 houses, for any child below 12 years of age, from now on in the standard case, unless otherwise agreed upon. because that’s what we may well all learn from our own man kind’s bitter history, of greed).

So that we define the general guideline here, much like a Pursuit of Happyness, and then of course, in every single situation, there may be reasons to side-step from this guideline.

So one could say that child’s part shall grow over history, as small children have less will it may be good to declare the half-half 2 house family, then later the child’s wish shall be respected to define more parts of their own history, but both parents shall have the right to raise their own children, part by part, in infinite future to be.

And so we fight for our rights, to day.

But we’re peaceful, so we defend ourselves in a peaceful way.

Look into constitution of your own country, we say.

Because if we won’t, i see half of us people on street, one day.

Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say. When they help take next Pirate’s children away.

And i don’t want to accuse anyone, you see. I just wish they’d take care of our children, in a good way, at Your own Town’s Youth Welfare Office, one day.

Pirates of the World United.
Pirates of the World United.

Download Pirate Desire.

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Our fully featured Business Model Development Environment for Innovators and True Pirates.

  • Pirate Desire is our Easter Egg for all Fans of Dynamic Applications: 
  • Includes a wide range of Simulations for Startups, Pirates and True Entrepreneurs.
  • See Startup Product Manager for a list of features in detail.
  • Fully functional Input Value and Target Formula system editors.
  • Translate Dynamic Applications to your very own languages.
  • Load and Save.
  • Publish on the International Network, free of charge.
  • Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Voting competition – included.

We develop a standard Windows 7 / 8 / 10 client. Precise. Pure. and Safe.
No data gathering, no Server behind you. Just the pure thing.


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Perfect Desire v2.88 - Bakery Tutorial. Note a few small Pen Symbols. Produce Candles. Edit Target Formula. Create.
Pirate Desire v2.92 (final version): from Bakery to Candle to Motorcycle factory.

Dynamic Applications.

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Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. and you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

we the people make a wish come true.

Thank you for choosing to visit Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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