Key Account Manager.

Key Account Manager.
honesty is best.


Please Welcome 2021. The Dynamic Applications Support Network.


Key Account Manager | Dynamic Applications.
Manage your Work Orders, Time Table, Invoice, and Internal Finance Report.


Key Account Manager.

Nessum Dorma – Let no one fall to Sleep.
it‘s a work in Progress.





In Corona Times, hundreds of Votes expected within one year. Millions of People, alone at home, and who knows will the boss send anymore money at the next month‘s end. And so we learn it‘s better to stay hungry and train early to keep your self alive. In the end, all we can do here – as a single person is writing – is to provide another Tool, for you guys. But the idea was to connect a well each other by providing contract that each one of you shall have the right to open up Tickets, one per Month, to bring you on the road.

And shall it be that 3 Tickets ever should remain unsolved, rest of the year was free of charge.



So if you feel that that sounds really like a wonderful idea, each user may apply to turn the tide and switch themselves into the Team of Dynamic Applications, helping each other.

Payment? – well, you know, we thought the customer should decide is Ticket closed or not. One Ticket‘s closed, your share is already available. Our Work. Acquired for a really good, fair price.

For the Customer, 25 € Acquision of the Toolkit, or 12 €/Month for solving your Support issues.

And here we learn that Success will come to you in small steps, as well.



So here with Paul Potts, it’s the final applause is the result of all that hard work, apparently, and not the beginning. Same as with so many of us people on their road to Heaven.

It‘s a decision, you know. Your decision. Much like at Dynamic Applications, iit is my own decision to live my life in the world of Dynamic Applications. in Newland. oh, whow. am i first?

So typical with Startups. and now you know why it’s good to have a working Plan with you.

First Sales, Profit and Cost reduction. Do it yourself courageously with passion.
Much better than following a plan that could never work out.


Key Account Manager. | Dynamic Applications. Simplicity. Reduction. and Beauty. Logo.
Key Account Manager. | Dynamic Applications. Simplicity. Reduction. and Beauty.


Key Account Manager | Dynamic Applications.
Manage your Work Orders, Time Table, Invoice, and Internal Finance Report.

The good news, from the business perspective, is the long road to Success.

In the best case, you‘re gonna a Founder, a Foundress for a lifetime.

In 21st century, it’s to be our culture, our ethical behavior,
that‘s gonna define all our company’s success in time.

Laptops we got all.


  • The Capitol Building - Washington D.C. - United States of America.
  • Dynamic Applications - Wer im Glashaus sitzt...
  • Desktop Wallpaper - cc-by-sa - Dynamic Applications - xyx - ebm
  • just an old, wooden House. Home
  • Dynamic Applications Web Store -
  • Dachgeschoss Ausbau - do-it-yourself Holzausbau mit dreieckigem Fenster zum Garten
  • Developer Notebook - MacBook Air on a wooden Table
  • Dynamic Applications. Value Proposition.
  • Donate to Dynamic Applications
  • Mary Stuart. a collection of Pirate Party Founder Cards.
  • one dna coin shall be worth one hour. Free voucher, use on your own risk. Licensed under Creative Commons (cc-by-sa).
  • Key Account Manager. - Dynamic Applications.
  • Key Account Manager. | Dynamic Applications. Simplicity. Reduction. and Beauty. Logo.
  • Wind Turbine - Power Generation v5.42 - Renewable Energy - Understanding Sustainability
  • electrical-train-miniature-town
  • 21st century Truck Driver
  • Living Room - Martin Bernhardt
  • Martin Bernhardt - Dynamic Applications - Helpuper Str 314 - Leopoldshöhe
  • Dynamic Applications - Work Place
  • Wind Turbine - Kite Surfer - Dynamic Applications
  • a new morning - Dynamic Applications - Welcome - New Model
  • PD - Math Formula Selector
  • PD - Input Target Stock Start Value and Comment Selector
  • PD - Inline Formula Editor - activated
  • Balance Scorecard - Bakery Tutorial - Bread Production.
  • Golden Dessert - Website - Sweets on Wheet - Wafers
  • Golden Dessert - Website - it's more than just sweets
  • Martin Bernhardt - Wohnung - Küche
  • Likas Bernhardt - Civilization
  • Small Business Developments v4.78 - customized for Shoe Production
  • Frisch durch das Leben wandere, sprich wahr erwäg nicht lang. Verlass dich nie auf andere, und rechne nie auf Dank.
  • Photovoltaic System, v2.88. The perfect number of PV Panels for your own house.
  • Predicted Desire v1.0, Bakery Model. a first preview, published in March 2016.
  • Success is much about heading in the right direction, over time.
  • Dynamic Applications - under construction
  • dna banner - small water cells fore green land town - 1920x424
  • The true Pirate is the base Pirate.
  • Schafe - Helpuper Straße - Leopoldshöhe
  • Martin Bernhardt - Wohnung - Köln Ehrenfeld
  • Martin Bernhardt - mydarkstar - 48x48 logo
  • Dynamic Applications - Logo.
  • Startup Informer v176 - 01 Website configuration
  • Internet of Things developer simulation with automated ToolTips
  • Photovoltaic System. The perfect number of PV panels for your own house.
  • Startup Product Manager v0.01, a first mockup in 2015.
  • Bakery Tutorial - rising Daily Bread Sales - accepted
  • Eventbrite - Save Your Date for a Startup 2020 Workshop
  • 2017.11.25 - Softpedia - Dynamic Applications overview page
  • The Reverse Experience - logo
  • The Reverse Experience - logo
  • World income distribution - 2015 - one world
  • World income distribution - per country
  • World income distribution - 1970 - one world


So with the right determination in your heart, let Success be your Target.

What we can do here is to help you on the way.

in the end, that’s what separates a Successful Diamond from a piece of lump and coal.
The will to go on.



Key Account Manager features:

Key Account Manager. 48x48 Logo.
  • Key AM is based on Dynamic Applications, our Professional Financial Planning suite.
  • 32 interactive Business Planners are included right with Key AM.
  • ..
  • Bakery Tutorial, Startup Product Manager, App and IoT developer, PV System, Wind Turbine,
  • Water Supply, Apple Tree, 21st ct ww growth of Forest, 21st ct Truck Driver
  • ..
  • Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition – we work from Top Votes.
  • Configurable Time Ruler from 10 .. 240 .. 1000 time units (n sec .. years).
  • ..
  • Additional documents include Protocol Form, Work Order Form, Business Cards, Value Proposition Canvas, and a small, Excel-based Income and Expenses calculation sheet for the local Tax office.
  • ..
  • Support Tickets based on your desired Subscription, from 12 Euro/Ticket.
  • ..

Key Account Manager - Value Proposition Canvas
Key Account Manager – Value Proposition.

Key AM one.

For 7.48 Euro, we offer our own collection of Startup documents, Work Order Form, Templates, do-it-yourself Finance and Bookkeeping Table, and Startup Business Planners.

Key AM.
Just the pure thing.

7.48 € Starter Pack.

Key am one - buy now.
Key AM one. buy now.
Key Account Manager. - Dynamic Applications.
Key Account Manager + 2x Starter Support.

Key Am Two.

In addition to the Starter Package, you’ll be allowed to open up 2 Support Tickets of your own choice. Your way to Success shall be our Target. Most useful if your Questions relate to our Startup offering.

Key Am Two.
Try a CoWorker.

25 € Starter Pack,
incl. 2 Support Tickets.

Key am Two - validate.
Key AM Two + 2x Support
join the Dynamic Applications Support - one Ticket per Month
support by Dynamic Applications. one Ticket per Month.

One Year all Inc.

A Strock of Luck and Fortune won’t knock on your door, Twice. Open up to 12 Support Tickets, one per Month. As of Today, You’ll be Supported by Martin Bernhardt, in Person.

Key AM. Work with us.
One Year all Inc.

First Mover: 7.48 €/Month.

You’re not convinced? – no problem. cancel any time, any month.

Key am. one Year all Inc.
Key AM. one Year all Inc.

Key Account Manager.

With or without Professional Support by Dynamic Applications. it’s up to you.

The Product acquisition (via PayPal) will lead you on to the download page for Key Account Manager.

Dynamic Applications - Small Business Developments - Shoe Production
Dynamic Applications – Key Account Manager v6.04. Cost and Profit of a Small Family Shoe Production.


Martin Bernhardt is a fine,
honest consultant.
By developing a customized Warehouse Solution,
He helped us to manage our small Horse Blanket Washery, on a simple, but very affordable Level.
All our Invoices are automatic now.
Within 2 years, our Revenues have almost doubled.

Marianne Klocke, Inhaberin. Horse Blanket Washery, Salzkotten, Germany.


  • an old renovated wooden house. Home.
  • DieWi GmbH - Industriebedarf - Startseite - Home
  • Creative Commons - all-cc-licenses
  • Dynamic Applications. Business Model Calculations.
  • Republica Berlin 2014
  • Weltkarte - Dynamic Applications - Schule Leopoldshöhe
  • Key Account Manager - Value Proposition Canvas
  • The Capitol Building - Washington D.C. - United States of America.
  • Mary Stuart. a collection of Pirate Party Founder Cards.
  • Donate to Dynamic Applications
  • Apple Tree v4.48 - initial version
  • Dynamic Applications. Still life.
  • Developer Notebook - MacBook Air on a wooden Table
  • Heathcare Simulations v5.32 - Virus Infection for a Country or Town population
  • über Hummeln, Bienen, Wespen und Schwebfliegen - ganz einfach erklärt.
  • Small Business Developments - 256x256 Logo
  • Key Account Manager. | Dynamic Applications. Simplicity. Reduction. and Beauty. Logo.
  • Ambient Street Road - California
  • Key Account Manager. - Dynamic Applications.
  • an intimidating cascade of natural stone pylones
  • Welcome to Dynamic Applications. It's a work in Progress.
  • People with goals succeed because they know where they're going.
  • Startup Product Manager v2.76. Free do-it-yourself Business Model Tutorials.
  • Business Model - Participative Crowdsourcing.
  • An automated data transfer towards Dynamic Applications through Altova Mapforce
  • Albert Einstein - any intelligent fool
  • Planning for the Future while you still have the Time


Key Account Manager.

Open for Webmeetings, feedback, concept, your Queation, Startup 2021, interests, and discussion.

Let’s make some beautiful Plan, our road to Success. together.

Your Idea. Your Startup. We’ll just bring you on the way.


dna Key Account Manager Logo - 256x256
Key Account Manager. Logo.
Key am one - buy now.
Key AM one. just the pure thing.
7.48 € for the Tools.
Key am Two - validate.
Key AM Two + 2 Support Tickets.
25 €, altogether.
Key am. one Year all Inc.
Key AM Support. one Year all Inc.
7.48 Euro per Month.

Under same rights for all, you can apply for Participation in the Key AM support network.

Basically, from 25 €, you acquire the formal right of question and answer. As you can imagine, it is always a good idea to think first, then ask your question wisely… – especially, when you are limited to 1 Support Ticket per month. Just my 2 ct. See our AGB, Terms and Conditions for details and warranty, we well as our general Customer and IT Service conditions.

Simplicity. Reduction. Intuitivity. and Beauty. our Targets.
and it‘s gonna be a long road to Success ..

Dynamic Applications.
Key Account Manager. Honesty is best.


— ~ — confirmed Key Account Managers of Dynamic Applications — ~ —

2016 .. 2020: Martin Bernhardt, Founder.
2o21: Ms. Afsha Butt, Edmonton, Canada

„i am here with Martin“ (Clubhouse, 2o21.o1.27)



PS. With the good Name of Ms. Afsha Butt, we imagine a Role for representing Dynamic Applications towards the Americans. Please note also that we express no obligations at all of Ms. Afsha Butt and her Team at (

Key Account Manager. 1024x1024 Logo.
Key Account Manager. Logo.

The Key Account Manager Logo is self created art work, based on a picture of Kate Beckinsale, apparently taken from or associated with the Movie “Pearl Harbor”. It relates to the greatest thread on Democracy, realized on the United States Pacific Fleet on 7 December 1941.

As we see our selves as Democracy Defenders (ref.: AGB, Terms and Conditions), that seemed a perfect match. The name of Kate Beckinsale is also a highly symoblic one:

Kate (ref. Kajüte, Capt’ns cabin) is a small house or cottage with little Land (to farm upon).
Mrs. beg-and-sale sounds for itself (in german: Mrs. bitten, betteln und verkaufen).

For this reason, we found that highly symbolic name fairly well suited for representing our Team, defending the poor at Dynamic Applications, creating plans of good hope to sail upon.

Please note that apart from the icon, there are no relations with Mrs. Kate Beckinsale.

We see it so that it is fair to assume that many poor people are rather unknown, so any chance to be seen might be a chance for them to gather hope for a good, decent life with less of sorrow. All in all, we found it fair enough to assume that we can use the artwork created, with our best intentions.

Should she ever sail by and demand her fair share, we are willing to share 75 € in court, plus half of all income created with Key Account Manager. At the moment, that would be about 100 € Euro, altogether. Apart from that, to protect as well Mrs. Beckinsale’s Privacy, a milky glass effect has been applied to her picture, which fits her mood nicely, we found. So that she declares her own good name, is privacy protected fairly well, got her small chance, and is fairly evenly distributed, around the globe.

That mentioned, everyone else is invited to declare themselves and join us, as well. So the special mention here is basically meant a thank-you. We are working for a good price, fair enough to pay for a professional service. If you like the idea, you are invited to create your own Website.

We have reserved this Domain name ( for ourselves, but you are free to book the next one. We are open for cooperation where it makes sense. Thank you for supporting us.

See AGB, Terms and Conditions for official statements on contracts with Dynamic Applications.

about Dynamic Applications.

dynamicons - Logo - 48x48

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. Your very own.

We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we create Small Business Developments, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

Transparency. Privacy Protection. and Participation. our values.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

we the people make a wish come true.

Thank you for considering Dynamic Applications, to day. Comment section is open.

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