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On this page, we describe an offering to create WordPress Websites with you, or for you.

In 20th century, companies used to have Flyers, Brochures or Leaflets that used to show your offering. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course.

In 21st century though, every Startup has got a Website instead. This way, you can present your work in an online catalogue. It’s owned by yourself, and it’s up-to-date, because it’s well under your own maintenance. With WordPress, you can even sell all your products and services online. You can integrate Sidebar Widgets, Calendars, and a Traveller’s Map.

There’s a large variety of beautiful, well-designed and professional Themes available where you can choose from, and lots of them are free of charge. From a Photo Library to a Presentation site with large imagery to a collection of Videos or an Online Shop, for all kinds of purposes you’ll find beautifully designed Artwork that’s all ready to be filled.

Dachgeschoss Ausbau - do-it-yourself Holzausbau mit dreieckigem Fenster zum Garten
Small Business. Your Products. Your Service. Your work. Your Website. Your Shop. Your Profit.

Responsive User Interface.


Once you’ve selected your favourite design, now you can add Text, Imagery, PayPal Buttons, and even YouTube Videos as easy as writing a letter with MS Word. The WordPress Layout System will then care for arranging your pages, dynamically. Depending on the Visitor’s Computer, Tablet or Smartphone Display, every user will get their own presentation, with the Layout carefully designed to match their Screen in Width, Height, Text, and Button Size.

So you can concentrate on creating Text and Content, the WordPress Engine will take care of a beautiful design, who ever is going to be visiting your Website.

We offer to support you in 2 variants:

  • create for you a Website with 10 pages, imagery and Support (1 week, 750 Euro).
  • do-it-yourself Workshop – Basic Introduction and ongoing Support (2 days, 250 Euro).
  • we can not warrant 3rd party rights, here especially, rights and deeds of WordPress.
  • instead, we’ll empower you to decide to host everything yourself, or rent by license.
  • on request, we’ll teach you to do develop do-it-yourself cost-profit business models.
  • Support and Warranty – for all our customers, simple cost-saving questions are free.

At Dynamic Applications, we see ourselves as a Startup and Small Business Consultancy. Founded in 2016 by Martin Bernhardt, an IT specialist from Germany, we offer to serve you with our digital expertise for creating a beautiful representation of your own work, for your customers. 

Startup Product Manager v2.76 - Bakery Tutorial
Startup Product Manager v2.76, calculating Revenue, Cost and Profit for a Bakery.

Budget considerations.

Especially for a Small Business, visibility is an important issue to consider.

The purpose, the Target of creating a Website should always be to define a good balance between the Quality of your Product or Service, the Visibility to attract enough customers, the Revenue made hereby, and the Cost of Website creation, SEO, and Marketing.

In the best case, the underlying calculation should be so that the additional visibility projects a Return of Invest within 1..2 years. By then, the initial cost for Website Development should have been amortized by creating additional Revenues.

Your Success is our Motivation. From then, any additional profit should be yours.

Finally, we can talk about Law and Order in your country, and how to defend yourself.   

Donate to Dynamic Applications
Integration of a PayPal Button.

Here are the basic guidelines of ordering WordPress Websites from Dynamic Applications.


  • With a WordPress Website, we’ll prepare you to start a professional Online Business.
  • You can always choose your favourite Design from WordPress Themes Catalogue.
  • What’s your offering? – we’ll interview you about your Products or Service.
  • Sidebar and interactive Widgets – Menus and Navigation. 
  • ..
  • Is your Business Online-ready? – we’ll define a list of Processes, Options and Services.
  • Select your Domain Name – – where to book them.
  • Website Hosting – at, or self-maintained via
  • ..
  • A professional business should follow a good plan.
  • We’ll talk about Return on Invest, Visibility and Marketing, e.g. Google Adwords.
  • Search Engine Optimization – addressing Long-Term Visibility and Natural Growth. 
  • Do you wish to sell things online? – Integration of PayPal Buttons for an Webshop.
  • ..
  • In case not everything can be done in a single week, we’ll sort with you by Priority.
  • In solving your challenges step-by-step, we can create an optimal cost-profit scenario:
  • a working solution, even if rudimentary, at minimum cost is better than all expensive promises.
  • Per-day or Per-hour payment is possible, on request, down to the single hour.
  • First we explain, then you may order, then we have to work, then you may check.
  • No need to buy anything as long as you’re not convinced. 

In creating your Website, we offer to serve you with our expertise for making your business more successful. This offering is therefore intended to be a Service. We talk about options, you have to make the decisions. And once completed, at some point, you’ll have to take the ownership, and so as well, the responsibility of your own Website. We should talk about Legal obligations, Terms and Conditions, AGB or Impressum, depending on your country’s law. However, we’re no Lawyers here. Should you have specific requirements, we recommend to consult a Lawyer, or an Expert in Online Law in your country.

As usual for Service-based offerings, we’re only paid for our work time, at 25 Euro/h. With this offering is not included additional cost for Domains, Premium Themes or Business Tariffs, etc. However, it is very well possible to create for you a Website that’s free of additional charge. We’ll proceed as you prefer.

What we offer for that is a Service for Website Creation, IT Support, and solving technical questions. Since you’ll be empowered to create new pages and exchange content as you prefer, we can not take the legal responsibility for operating your company. As well as you handle it with your offline business, everyone should be responsible for their own work.

From having acquired your Website, we’ll transfer Login and Password to you. So you can operate your own Website on your own. Support Questions will be free of charge.

In case you require us to do additional work for you, that’s of course possible as long as you have ordered, or until the work time budget you have ordered has been consumed.

To make things a bit easier to understand, we can always provide a substantial, written offering, describing our work as discussed with you in detail. Then, we create the Website. It’s then going to be your task to check if everything has been done, correctly. Here you can come back to us with any request or issues that you’d like to be solved before acceptance.

Usually, we agree on a 2-4 week timeframe for acceptance, and finally, payment of our solutions. 


Now follows a collection of Websites created by Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications.

You can visit any Website (=> click below <=) and check out its Functionality and Design in detail.

Example 1.

a Website for Golden Dessert, Bakery, Winnyzja, Ukraine.


Golden Dessert - Website - it's more than just sweets


Example 2.

a Website for Edmund Zöllner, House and Garden Service, Detmold …

Website - Zöllner Service - Unser Angebot


Example 3.

a Website for DieWi GmbH, Industrial Trade and Euro Palettes, Bad Oeynhausen.


DieWi GmbH - Industriebedarf - Startseite - Home


Example 4.

Dynamic Applications Web Store – 

a Website in form of an Application catalogue –

Dynamic Applications Web Store -


Finally, you’ll find an overview of the Free WordPress Themes from, here.


Requirements for your Small Business WordPress Website.



Martin Bernhardt Profile Picture
Martin Bernhardt.



I’ll be happy to discuss your personal requirements and send you a substantial offering.


Martin Bernhardt, Founder.


Martin Bernhardt at the National Forest, Thuringia, in 2014.
Martin Bernhardt, Founder of Dynamic Applications.


About Dynamic Applications.


Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. At Dynamic Applications, we create Small Business Developments, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for visiting Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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  1. Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself spending way to much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!


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