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to the next 21st Century Business Case Simulation in our series of Young Modeler possibilities and options, all reached by own craftmanship, trying and learning.

So this one is an inventor’s own rocket. It’s our very own scenario, the way we are predicting our own way to success since May 2016, when our earliest prototype became reliable, as we got our little automated Formula Solver up and running. This scenario is all about Software Development, and the very special thing about the 21st century App Developer is that all your cost is R&D (Research and Development).

No matter how they call it in your Company – if we’re talking about Software products, all your cost is R&D, no matter what they say. The rest is digital marketing and thousands of downloads, and if your price is right, it’s not that difficult to achieve that many.

Per Aspera ad Astra. Through hardship, to the stars.
Keep in mind that outstanding success requires years of hard labour and cost reduction.

Exceptional planning and a good idea have to work hand in hand. In striving for perfection, You may have to adjust your way, again and again. Plan ahead, optimize, adjust accordingly.

But you never give up. In accepting your fate, you’ll be able survive very well in hard times.


It’s 21st century!

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We are talking about a Marginal Cost for deployment of about 0.001 cent per download.

Every honest man integrates, gives R&D results for free, like that. Pay for time, or even Pay for success, are much better than Pay-for-past. Let’s say except for, well, a few old companies from last century, heading all their way down to non-existence.

So once our product is compiled and running, we can deploy it worldwide, at virtually no cost. It’s all based on the promises of The International Network, operated and driven forward by millions of users. Every download already paid for, with your own flatrate, all inclusive. Internet. Today’s Computers, Notebooks, Touchbooks, iPads, and Smartphones.

We believe it feels good to produce something useful, and sell it at a very good price.

So what are we doing all day? –


well, what’d you think, we’re Software Developers! We’re just adding the next useful button, every day. Our Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition tells us what to do.

You may call it swarm intelligence, we call it Customer driven development. As for us here, at Dynamic Applications, it doesn’t count to have that super sophisticated approach. We care about useful things that people can understand, easily. Software for the masses.

Usability, Reduction, Ergonomy, Beauty.

We keep the price of 99 cent, and just continue to add value to our products. As The Theory of Growth Hacking explains, we can now expect exponential success.

We’re expanding.

And through that expansion, more customers will be attracted over time. 

Now how do we earn any money?

Well, well, that’s also important of course. In being App developers, we need some food to feed our families. As well. So we take the time to develop an application where in theory, all do-it-yourself parts are free of charge. However, not everyone will be as good in developing Dynamic Applications from day one. So we take money from doing the extra work for you. And we’re proud to take the lowest wage that we can afford, working from 25 Euro/h currently. Check here for details how we do it.

So that as many people as possible can use, can apply our product’s benefits.

let’s not forget here that almost all people on this very planet are utterly poor, by western standards.

Features in Detail


In the scenario of driving 21st century by contributing a whole year’s solution of work at an unbelievably low price, the SocialMedia driven App Developer includes typical

  • App Developer – basic – Startup, just essential cost and income.
  • App Developer – classic – Website Visitors, Downloads, conversion rates.
  • App Developer – SocialMedia driven – Followers, SEO, Freeware, App Stores.
  • Total Cost, Revenue, Income, Net Profit, and Total Downloads.
  • Conversion Rates – Twitter / Facebook to Website Visitors.
  • Conversion Rates – Website Visitors to Downloads.
  • Conversion Rates – Downloads to Sales.
  • Configurable Time Ruler: 10..240 days, weeks, months, years (Win 10 App). 

Downloads from App Stores and 3rd party Freeware or Shareware Websites are considered, as well. All that is counted together by our application over time.

All Input Parameters allow you to estimate their development. Exponential Growth is the heaviest growth function we know, so we all can’t overlook it. The good news is, for this purpose, there are personal computers available right from 1984, IBM PC. And we got one really nice benefit here: Software.

We’ve built a predictor based on System Dynamics.

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Dynamic Applications. vision. dedication. passion. challenge. courage. outstanding performance.

So how does it work now?

Perfect Desire logo - one world dynamic_idea_logo_48x48

First of all, we reduce complexity, and concentrate on each single item. We target our influencing parameters one by one. They’re small. We can overlook them. We estimate a single Input Parameter’s development over 48 months, one by one.

Our Software will count all singular estimations together for you. Precisely. And even if you’re not 100% sure, a 90% estimation gives a 90% result. It’s much better than to know nothing. And from a statistical point of view, the more screws we fine-tune, the better our average results will get. Predicted results will occur exactly as shown within the next 4 years, as long as you manage to get the single parameter’s development estimations right into the Detail Input Value box.

That’s what we guarantee: our concept, our equation solver engine, is 100% accurate.

If you find out our Formula Solver is not working correctly, we’ll give you a full money back guarantee, so quote me on that. Every bug reporter against our calculation engine will also get a universal access code, enabling you to use all our products for free.

Don’t hesitate to try out estimations – when talking about the future, nothing is for sure.

Dynamic Applications forecast, 2017.12. growth and contribution.

Dynamic Applications forecast, 2017.12. growth and contribution.

We’ll help you to get a clear sense on possible scenarios, time-frames, and margins to expect. We are talking from experience, here. And we’re not saying it is easy. We’re just saying it is possible to be very, very successful, here. And we built a tool that will allow you to get your own picture. All results we show are exact in theory, nearby in reality.

So this project is really about Transparency. The true value of reliable prediction.

For this purpose, we’ve put a lot of Tooltips in the application, available on every Input and Target Value. And they explain every single calculation Formula we use, in detail. With hand-written comments, added from our own experience when growing big.

Get Ready, Young Modeler. Prepare to Drive. 

The starting values of our simulation are updated whenever we use this application ourselves, to refine our strategy for the following weeks. So you can exactly follow, if not estimate, our progress over time.

Just an example of developing your own strategy, here.

Internet of Things developer simulation with automated ToolTips

Internet of Things developer v3.12. Your device for the Internet of beautiful things included.

SocialMedia driven App developer.

SocialMedia driven App developer - logo

Our free App Developer Simulation, with a forecast module based on System Dynamics.

Softpedia Award for a 100% adware and spyware-free download!

Softpedia 100 No Spyware Award.

SocialMedia driven App developer includes:

  • The Bakery Tutorial – baking bread and operating the most basic company.
  • Small Business Company – Simulations with 3, 5, or 10 Products.
  • App Developer (basic) simulation – with Website Visitors and Downloads.
  • App Developer (classic) simulation – with Employees, Work Time and Salaries.
  • App developer (SocialMedia driven) – Followers, Adwords, SEO, Freeware Stores.
  • Internet of Things developer (basic) simulation – add a Device to your App.
  • The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition – your vote for new features.
  • a freely configurable Time ruler with 10…240 months/years (Win 10 App).

We develop a standalone client, here: Small. Precise. Pure. and Safe.
No Adware, no Data gathering, no Server behind you. It’s your business. We respect that.

Latest version exclusively on, our free FTP download Server.

download now.


SocialMedia driven App developer - logo
SocialMedia driven App developer.


download now - new version get-it-on-windows-10-store customize_up

We’re following a customer-driven, agile development approach with 2-4  week cycles. Beat us for everything not exactly perfect on Twitter, next two weeks. 24/7.

SocialMedia driven App Developer is copyright (c) 2016 Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications. We guarantee you a free 1-year license. And we’re here if you need help.

All Windows 10 Store Apps come with full functionality, including the Target Formula System editor. So there’s no need to apply Promo Codes on Windows 10 Store Apps.

Unlimited License for the Windows 10 Store App, including unlimited upgrades.

Civilization, an Avalon Hill board game publication (1980).
Civilization, an Avalon Hill board game publication (1980).

About the Dynamic Applications development scenario

SocialMedia driven App developer - logo dynamic_idea_logo_48x48

We don’t collect any data within the application.

Who needs to control every user? – lots of old companies do it, like Google or IBM, you know. We’re a 2016 startup, though. Nowadays you get so much information for free.

We don’t collect your data. We put all our knowledge into the client.

By the way, Apple follows a similar approach. They are using a much more sophisticated approach for the same benefit, and they call it Differential Privacy, now. Half, half.

We believe in Strategy here, the thought of a clear mind.

Much better than collecting all those Bigdata curves from past, every so more in every detail, over time. And we think we’re pretty successful in what we do. See for yourself…

Even in 21st century, you can deliver 100% Privacy Protection, and still be successful, q.e.d.

Problem solving, a central Key to Success, generally.

Thanks to all Supporters of this great Crowdfunding approach.


Thank you.

We love you.


Dynamic Applications, Website Visitors. Nov 01 2016, at 01:30h, in the morning.
2017.04.25 - SEO Stats, Dynamic Applications.

2017.04.25 – Visibility, Dynamic Applications. Thank you to Julia Vashneva & Ann Lin from Kiev.

Dynamic Applications, WordPress Visitors, 2018.08.07.
Dynamic Applications, 2018.08.07. 152k WordPress Visitors from 211 countries, 10k per month.

dna forecast, 2018.05

Dynamic Applications forecast, 2018.05. additional income from customizations and paid work.

A photo by Alejandro Escamilla.

21st century SocialMedia driven App Developer. Work place: everywhere ‘s free wifi.

… we the people make a wish come true …

… and throw your sorrows, all your pain, away …

join the competition. enjoy your life, every single day.

Are you ready to grow?


SocialMedia driven App developer.

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SocialMedia driven App developer. Logo.


download now - new version get-it-on-windows-10-store

download now.

Dynamic Applications. In 21st century, it’s our culture that defines Success over time. Laptops we got all.

about @startup_2020.

Dynamic Applications

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we create Small Business Developments, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

We the people make a wish come true.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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