Nature Simulations.

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value ? c flag.

our history, in being humans, is defined by nature, person, music and arts. form ally spoken, we’re all defended, we’re defended by our flag. The flag of democracy, last nation’s sign to see.

Which flag to choose, find shelter?

well, that’s dependend on value of nation, for person self, for family. defined by art. (vi) of UN [1948], declaration of human rights. here we see value of formal existance of person, form ally defined, with any state. So that value exists for 75 years now. We call it a well-known value. Still, not every paragraph of that well-known declaration may be well-known to each single person.

how can we relate this core, humane value to value of nature, we ask our selves, in being, in being people, on planet, one earth? – fairly well spoken, to belong to a nation, finally, we defend it by showing the flag.

And the natural right to create our own flag is a basic right, with Dynamic Applications.

So that people shall be allowed to create a flag of their own, to express their own personality. In the democratic state, this expression of our culture is defended by the Freedom before the Law, and, as well by we the people being same before the Law. So in creating our own, small, peaceful flag, we don’t have to be enemies, even if every one family has their own small set of self-created flags. right?

That’s why we have, why i have created our own, small family flag.

What’s then the value of the flag?

. .. .

. .. . . . .. .

Fairly well spoken, all in, so to say. All in to Nature, that’s Participation to see. our final Target, related, to our well defined own AGB. Level of Water, on Planet, defended, by what we call value, of person, on planet.

That’s what we call weight, self care, sports, jump, to gravitation of height. Best place for having good weight on the planet? – defend family self, have a happy life, and be able to see your children.

So for a happy living on the planet, we conclude that every family, or even, each single person within a family, shall have a basic right to express their Tradition and Culture by creating a flag.

This flag can then be inherited and shown at occasions where the Family Tradition is celebrated.

For example, should a Family have to leave their Home, and move on to another place, because their former home is now used as a Water reservoir, they should be allowed to take their belongings and be refunded properly. So that they can create, acquire, or even have created for them a similar home at a better place. And still, they should be allowed to take their belongings, Family Tradition, Family culture, and their flag. So that they can show it as a welcome sign of self identification to all the people passing by, on their new place.

. .. .


. .. … .. .

Now you are invited, to defend ur self, you people in Russia, China, or Church.

What values are stored in these words, we ask our selves?

That’s Rush ya, C H in a, C H ur C H, and in 21st century, all three are relating to the flag of The United States. Roots of democracy, founded by the Memory of understanding, sets Targets for Nation, in memory of war. To day defended, by value of Flag, one family more or less on planet one.

Rule of equation, you’re asking me, rule of equation for everyone?

. .. .

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.. .. .. .. ..

Well, take a guess, so here’s what aye’d say. Defend your Country, self, here we saye. Take care though pursuing a moderate fare. Why not declare one sheet of paper, defending self basic value of country.

Allow all people to join ur small party? – well, well, oh really, that’s certainly scary. So here we learn in defending our selves, we better moderate society ’round us, first.

Creating Template of defending Law, don’t you put on there much more than a thousand of Pounds. So if we defend the value of participation, here we assume «good» value, a person.

How much do you think, well, that value be?

Key Account Manager. 1024x1024 Logo.
Key Account Manager. Defending democracy self. Logo.

All aye can tell you, defending right here, value of country, called germany here, shall be 100 €, a month, at minimum. So right here we live in a really poor country, if you look really closely.

That’s defended, formally spoken, by GVG Law paragraph, GVG § 198 token, Gerichts-Verfassungs-Gesetz, Federal Constitutional Law of Court, same value of people, we speak, we hear:

C o u r t.

See, owe you, are time. as well.

Right in your well-defind own home, of country, same value.

Why then is that value so low, then, you ask me, right spoken?

Well, what did you think how it works, in your Country? – there it’s defined that one basic value that any C o u r t will warrant you for having been heard not, u hurt, oh my, one year ago just, we poor, people hunting for paper works defending Your food, that’s memory of our, of my own fair country.

Can we relate that to value, of Water, of Level of our daily grave ‘it, age on, your very own loved one having the diamond on?

. .. .


. .. … .. .

Of course, we saye, so let us assume, there to be one small channel just to be, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, defended well, just 500 km long, in height estimated m 25, yeah, just 25 meters to ’bout 27. That’s not so much, here we saye, so why not assume, just one billion dollars, one Mrd. of Euro, one billion pounds to move around, the earth. Then, we calculate a hundred thousand Euro for every human being living on a sea coast, including their belonging assets, as a good assumption of the value of that person, altogether. So of course the person could be moved to some other place. But then the Home has to be rebuilt. So we assume the value of a person and the value of the person’s belonging should be about same. For a standard house of 4 People, that should make 400 000 Euro for the Family home, a good value. That’s a fine house even in a rich country, in a standard village or city. So by this simple equation of equality, now we can estimate the value of all persons rescued by leveraging the global water balance, with our small river, our channel from Black Sea to Caspian Sea.

Fair enough, we saye, as we can self not save every one age, so we defend also value of family right there in Baku, at the Caspian Sea.

. .. … .. …. .. ….. .. …… .. ……. .. …… .. ….. .. …. .. … .. .

Map of the Caucasian Region with Manych River depression – a possible future River location for leveraging the global Sea level.

.. .. … .. …. .. ….. .. …… .. ……. .. …… .. ….. .. …. .. … .. .

But, you might say, would then not surely be, oil’ed Town of Baku sink under the Sea?

Yes, yes, true point, my friend.
The height of Baku is 28 m beyond the Sea level, at 0 m.

That’s why we’re talking here so much about Family, Tradition and Culture. So the challenge here is to either define a River so carefully that only the excess water would flow towards the Caspian Sea. Then, we can have all this excess Water Supply evaporate in due time, and see a green band east of the Sea.

Another option would be to fill up the Caspian Sea area slowly enough, in hundreds of years, that the speed of required Travelling matches fair enough the natural distribution rate of the people, so to take 248 to 750 years, for example, for the whole experiment. Still, we see a stabilization of the global Sea level, but now it comes with a Prize – the prize of giving up so many homes near or at today’s border of the Caspian Sea, that’s 25 to 30 m below standard World Ocean level.

. .. .


. .. … .. .

Well, well, here we defend us, right properly: let us take 750 years, where 248 years may be at the maximum speed yes, acceptable to, our world wide society. So kids of Baku, here is your challenge. Do you want us, people, on the globe build for you great, ol’d age story glassy aquarium, visit you under the earth, of old Town of Baku? – or do you prefer to have, let us say, next year already a garden, a house, of gold’en bricks and old bridges to see in the ol’d president’s residency of Sochi.

. .. . … . .. .

Pictures from The City of Ganja – Azerbaijan – cc-by-sa Sefer Azeri from Wikipedia.

. .. … .. .

Same price, we’d say, so let us assume, an other one billion of doll ar ‘t’` oil, t. What’s the relation to me, you say? – well, fairly well, that’s for you to decide. In following our own luck of pursuit here, we, have defined first value of Transparency.

. .. … .. .

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Startup Product Manager. Logo.

. .. … .. .

That’s why we lay out the value of solving the question quite openly. Even if you haven’t got one PC. Then, as we shall protect as well your family, take your own ring, say, to marry the one, even the value on finger of hand, may defend family self, on the planet.

That’s what we all call here value of Family on our one planet, defended by shelter, or home where we’re lucky defending position in a good country.

Defended by flag, self, u say? –

well, that’s defined in art. 22 of our own AGB, Terms and Conditions.

.. . … . .. . … . .. . ….. . .. . … . .. . … .. .

The federal Flag of the Founder

shows black, white, red, gold, dark green, on dark blue.

.. . … . .. . .. . … . .. . .. . ….. . .. . .. . … . ….. . … . ..

That is our flag, which got’ life, as it has its ow’n meaning, to be.

First of all, a flash light, seen, may be? –

yes, here you can follow our very well defined colour sequence.

Hu? – you are asking, what does he say, why has he seem to have oil on his hands? – well, fairly easily now we explain, black, white, red, gold, dark green, on, dark blue, say, let’s mix together all colours we see – here we have earth oil, the wonder fuel substance that drives us along.

So the Federal Flag of the Founder represents the Colours of a Flash light as well as the Colours of earth oil, the oldest substance of all living beings, on the planet.

And that’s because the Federal Flag of the Founder is representing Participation.

just my 2 ct!

dynamicons - Logo - 48x48

and best greetings to you,

From my dark star, one ol’d far light figure, defended by flag and picture of father and son.

sun on rising earth horizon

Memory, say, Participation is Memory well.

Smart Grid Simulations - 48x48 Logo

Now let’s take a look at our Founder’s Birth place, called Bethel. Apart from Bethel, the famous historic place where Jesus was re-born, in Israel, Bethel is also a small suburb of Bielefeld, in North Rhine Westfalia, Germany. Right down from Sparrenburg, where you may, one day, see the Flag of the Founder, self woven, ur guard to be, half post right, half height, say, one day we’ll see.

May be, May be.

With BVerfG, let’s say, case bvr 25o4 gdR o678 brd 3321.

So that’s the value of one Father, who’d wish to see his own son.

A simple file sign remains, silently waiting with Karlsruhe.

Isn’t that a sad value? – with hundreds of letters already written, by the loving father,

here we learn how mean people in Court can be. Everyone knows that this is against the Law, nobody wants to do anything about it. Because, they say, that’s why we have Judges who are independent before the Law. So that they can do as they want.

As well, my son can always return home, where i am living.

.. .. … .. …. .. ….. .. …… .. ….. .. …. .. … .. .

An old picture of Family Johannes and Margret Grote, with Martin, Christa, Norbert and Tobias, and Wilhelm Grote (1987).

. .. … .. …. .. ….. .. …… .. …… .. ….. .. …. .. … .. .

That’s what i am saying, in being the Founder of Dynamic Applications.

Finally, after 4 long years of almost never been able to see my son, as ruled against the Law by some unlawful Judge in the Town of Bielefeld, with GVG, that’s Federal Constitutional Law of Court here, in Germany, so we say, we see a few very interesting things, to relate.

First of all, GVG § 176 (1), (2).

(1) The Judge maintains order in the Court room.

(2) Any Person in the Court room is required to show their free Face as an honorable Person before the Law.

Next to consider, GVG § 178:

here we learn that in Court, any misbehaviour can be expensive:

(1) Should a person not be willing to follow the Court’s order, a sum of up to 1000 € (Euro), or one week in Prison can immediately be charged.

. .. … .. . .. … .. .

. .. … .. . .. … .. .

Finally, with GVG § 198,

we learn a lot about the True Value of a Person in Court. A value so small that it is in face warranted by the Federal Republic of Germany.

(1) Anyone who, as a party to the proceedings, suffers a disadvantage as a result of the unreasonable length of Court proceedings suffered will be adequately compensated.

The appropriateness of the duration of the procedure depends on the Circumstances of the individual case, in particular according to the difficulty and importance of the procedure and according to the Behavior of the parties involved in the proceedings and third parties.

(2) A non-pecuniary disadvantage is presumed if a Court proceeding is unreasonable took a long time.

The Compensation shall be 1200 € for each year of delay.

a complaint about delays can be repeated after six months at the earliest, unless exceptionally a shorter period is required.

. ..

sun on sunken earth horizon

.. .

So here we learn about the value of a Person, that’s measured in months of delay, for having been granted any hearing at all by the democratic state.

This is correct, because the value of a person has to be measured with the poorest people on earth, just getting Water and Bread. And now we understand why there’s a ring on your finger, when the Marriage was told, one day. With a small diamond, or a ring of silver and gold, one man, one woman shall be able to defend self, a Family.

Showing the Flag, here we claim, hear us, u all, propose two people shall defend our own self, right, according to Law, basic art. 6 gg, with just one Family. Really? – so u ask me. True, say.

To make this come true, we’ve written our dna license. Declaring a network of helping hands, full of hope. Hope, home and family, labour, neigh bour, hope and seek, finally, well, self declaring defense.

.. . … . .. , .. . … . .. , .. . ….. . .. , .. . … . .. , .. . … . ..

declare ur self, help us, help russia on, ch in a, ur, ch ur ch, to go, united arab emirates, nomen est oman, and caspian sea, aral not far where they did hv a mare, 1776 to 1978.

. .. … .. . .. … .. .

Azerbaijan, City of Baku. a look-out at the Haven to the Caspian Sea, at 28 m below Zero ground.

. .. … .. . .. … .. .

So there is Jura, in Court, of Town B, that defends fairly well, let’s hope, my own Family.

Then, we have Town Hall, near Station of Railway to see, where our own Flag may be half most, half post so to say, when they are talking what they tell me, polite’c’ants or, just people to claim, defended by value of same, people, same lect’ur one small town democrat c. oh, now you wonder, is that one guy not at all, crazy, may be?

Pyramid Simulations - logo - 48x48

Well … may be yes, may be no, but, here comes value one, in a democracy as told upon we have had people defining some Targets for Country, as memory one.

Yes, that’s what we call here our ground, our own Constitution of Country, Ger’many here.

The flag of @mydarkstar, on Twitter.

Article 1 ? (1) Menschen würde. Would there be any humans? :

then (2) let us respect first of all good right of our neighbours, on the globe,

then (3) there shall be Legislature, Executive and Jura, in the righteous state of Germany.

dna Key Account Manager Logo - 48x48

Finally, have we seen all of these values, we may read on, with Article 2, Freedom before the Law be with us, peacefully, and in respect of human dignity, life, health, and body, then, Article 3, let us be respected as being same, all people.

With Article 4, (1) you may have any opinion, by Law and (2) any religion of church, as a man, a woman, or a child, so may you be a christian, a jude, or a muslim, or have any other religion, and have a place here.

Then, we see again defending our country ur self, weaving the flag, here, with Article 5, so to have ink, defining the freedom of science, music, teaching and arts. art work is hard work, we saye, teaching to keep up, defend, Law, order, as a good, well educated, fair yven base democrat.


Then, with Article 6, we may have our own Family, signed, and vowed upon, as defended by Thuringia’s £ Pound, at 748 €, a two ring value of the Bernhardt Family. And one’s family shall be protected by the public state. The public state shall care for its existence, and it shall be the first right and the first duty of all parents to care for their own children, self, unless it was proven that their children were severely neglected.


Now we understand how valuable it is, dear reader, may you be husband, wife, youth, or child, to work in good faith for a decent price and always value the food on your Table, that father and mother have earned, in working all day for you, to have food on the Table, against any one out there, as well.

Key Account Manager. 48x48 Logo.

At Dynamic Applications, we defend the value of a Person as part of the dna license, which brings a small standard contract that allows you to defend any other person’s basic value of existance, home, food, shelter and family, or be defended self, based on the assumption that we are mostly honorable, modest and decent people on this Planet Earth.

Take a deep breath.

. .. … .. .

Celebrating the 20th year of independence in Turkmenistan, in Traditional Family costumes. Photo by Kerri-Jo Steward, cc-by-sa.

. .. … .. .

our history, in being humans, is defined by nature, person, music and arts. form ally spoken, we’re all defended, we’re defended by flag. Which flag to choose, find shelter?

Well, that’s dependend on value of nation, for person self, for family. defined by art. (vi) of UN [1948], declaration of human rights. so here we see value of formal existance of person, form ally defined, with any state. How can we relate this core, humane value to value of nature, we ask our selves, in being, in being people, on planet, one earth? –

In the end, keep in mind, that what ever your Country, your Neighbours, your Constitution or the Judge self says, you’ll have to keep your Family together, much like your own belongings, self.

That’s why i’m writing these words,

so that one day, when you find these pages,
there shall be some memory of a lucky family.

As lucky as possibly possible.

. .. … .. .

. .. … .. .

Nature Simulations.

Nature Simulations - 48x48 Logo

Our free collection of Nature Simulations, with a forecast module based on System Dynamics.


Softpedia Award for a 100% adware and spyware-free download!

. .. .

Nature Simulations includes:

  • The Bakery Tutorial – baking bread and operating the most basic home company.
  • a Tool builder calculator. construct all kinds of Tools, for your need and support.
  • an Apple Tree Plantage. a fine example for a Apple Trees in your house garden.
  • a Family Shoe Production. In daily life and in nature, we need some good shoes.
  • Healthcare Simulations – a few easy examples about healthcare and influenca.
  • Nature Simulations – green flag from Caspian to Aral sea. our intro to diplomacy.
  • Water Supply – Well Builder. calculate size, dimensions and height to build self.
  • Protocol Form and Work order. Form Templates for the most basic human rights.
  • a configurable Time ruler for 10…240 sec/h/days/months/years (Windows 10 App).
  • The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition – your vote for Features on our road.

. .. .

We develop a standalone client, here: Small. Precise. Pure. and Safe.
No Adware, no Data gathering, no Server behind you. It’s your business. We respect that.

Latest version exclusively on, our free FTP download Server.

Nature Simulations - 256x256 logo
Nature Simulations. Logo.

. .. . . . ..

download_now get-it-on-windows-10-store customize_up

. .. . . . ..


“The enemy is fear. We think that it’s hate, but, looking closely, it’s fear causing hate.”

Mahatma Gandhi, Lawyer, India.
. o2.1o.1869 .. 3o.o1.1948 .


dark blue sky with orange red sundown


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