Business Models for Team Workers.

Workshop: Your Perfect do-it-yourself Business Model Tutorial.

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Today, You are on Page two (2). It’s a work in progress.

Your way to Success.

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From our perspective, there is no “standard” company in the world. Why did you think that we the people are all different? – and so are our companies, right?

In 21st century, it’s our company culture that separates us from any competition out there.

Laptops we got all.

Take your time and see part one (1) of this Workshop if you have no idea what this is about.

Overview: Business Model identification.

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Dynamic Applications - Business Model Tutorials

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Business Models for the 21st century Team Worker. 

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We solved the above in Part 1 of our interactive Business Model workshop, so here we go.

for Teamworkers. Service people. Supporters. Consultants. Business Process Managers.

Dynamic Applications - freedom of choices, reflection, options, poverty and luxury, growth and contribution
Dynamic Applications – people, cultures, reflection, options, freedom, growth and contribution.

Business Model Nr. 1:  Pay-per-Time.


a very easy business model. You separate between Customer acquisition (free of charge) and Customer consultancy, or service. Once the customer decides for you, clock’s ticking. Your customer contracts are much like an all-in-one-budget definition.

Here, you’ll define the maximum amount of money you’ll charge for fulfilling a specific task. Your project management method is easy to describe:

play against a fixed deadline, limited by the budget itself.

Your Target? 

Finish your project ahead of time, with all critical issues solved.

Your customers will love you for it.

Your Dynamic Application of choice is the Business Process Manager. It’s a simple 10-task work time optimizer, where you enter your top 10 tasks, and see where you can improve.

about Pay-per-Time. Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock. &. €. $.

Business Model Nr. 2:  Pay-per-Workshop. 


that’s also a classic.

We borrowed that from 20th century, in a way. Computer Stone Age…

you’re planning fantastic Workshops for your customers, and you do a lot of promotion. The best way to do it is to have a feedback channel for everything you can do.

Take our Customer and IT Service Conditions as a very simple example:

we post what we are gonna do,

and our customers may use the WordPress Comment list to enter themselves, 24-7.

Your Dynamic Application of choice is the Startup Product Manager. Here, you can optimize your work time (BPM), but you could also call your Workshop a product (Bakery).

about 21st century workshops. anytime. anywhere. digital. or human. Customers. friends.

In case you find this list too stupid or blunt even, feel free to help – we’re working on it…

Check out Eventbrite, a pretty much perfectly automated 24-7 workshop planner.

They’ll even send your bills for a very small fee. In case you have no idea what could be an interesting event, why don’t you create one from all the information you’ve seen here, today.

At Dynamic Applications, do-it-yourself is free. Business Model Cards are available on request, but we’re pretty sure that you’ll be able to create your very own ones.

about 21st century Team Workers. Ever thought about introductory Workshops, for free?

A thought about Marketing.


With all that information overflow, who cares about me, about you?

Content is key.

In 21st century, with worldwide digital societies, understanding will be key. Your challenge, and our simple tutorial here, is to define a balance between traditional recommendation marketing. And the hottest buzz about your very latest idea, right on all SocialMedia channels of your choice, driven forward by your emphatic fan crowd. You’ll need a few months of training for it, no question. Remember that starting up a business is not a sprint.

It’s a once-in-a lifetime experience. So, how do you get people into your workshops, now?

Pay with a Tweet.

The wonderful 21st century marketing slogan for your website.
And why did you think we offer this interactive tutorial series, free of charge? – See ?.

Business Model Nr. 3: Pay-for-Success.

BPM_logo_48x48 BPM_logo_48x48

this one is a small sign of excellence, expressed in a few words.

we’ve invented it just for you. In case you’re really willing to outperform your competition, let me tell you one thing: it requires Vision, Dedication, Passion, Challenges, Hard Word, and all the time, your Target will only show up as a small light on the far, far horizon, from time to time:

outstanding performance. 

The definition is easy, the achievement is a masterpiece.

You offer to solve your customer’s problems at a fixed price, or in a fixed amount of time. In case you want to solve anything at a fixed price, you’ll need a very good prioritization method. A pretty well-known approach here is called Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). It’s much about playing against a fixed deadline.

You prioritize your tasks, and then you fulfil them in order of importance. This way, you can not fail, all critical issues are solved first. If the customer is satisfied, anything else is an additional option for future projects.

Don’t be surprised if most customers come by in urgent need. Nobody buys a workshop or lets you solve a problem and pays you a lot of money, if it’s not important.

German Wikipedia has an amazing article about CCPM, here. Contact us here if you got questions. At Dynamic Applications, your first support call is always free of charge.

about Customers. about more Customers. and about even more Customers. Your way to Success.

A sign of excellence.

In case you decide to offer to solve any customer’s problem in no time at all, just make sure you’re the one defining the final price. Another option would be to develop a software platform for optimizing that, but that’s wrong category, here.

We’re sure you’re gonna find out about that.

Your Dynamic Application of choice is called Perfect Desire. This is because if you really want to offer Pay-for-Success, you don’t want to go with the standard tools for everyone.

You better care a lot about the details before you place your final offering. 

Check out the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition in case you’re lacking inspiration on how to roll out this very business model in large, scaling up seemlessly with thousands of customers and participants, no problem at all.

about Success. Dedication, Passion, Hard Work, Confidence, Endurance. And finally. Results.



one day, our mailbox may break down. So we’ve automated our customer’s prioritization in building a pair of scales above our company: 1) idea generation 2) quality improvement.

Both were part of our original business plan, written down in two days in December 2015.

Our little secret, here? – very easy!

View the world from your customer’s perspective, as a general habit.

believe me – lots of sleepness nights, before. In my case, sleepness nights where i didn’t understand why i was helping very rich people in the Smart Grid and Energy Infrastructure markets to get even richer, for no thank you at all. So finally, when i was 45 years old and started to think towards the age of 50, i started to think about how i wanted to address it.

So anything remarkable or even just noticeable would remain from me being here, one day. And so i quit my last job and started to build Dynamic Applications, for 20 years to go. 

We’re in year 2, now. Not everything’s perfect, website is still a lot of fast-written stuff, but with excellent reviews, the software is definitely getting somewhere. It’s a work in progress.

Note: don’t let it drag you down if you’ll need 2-3 years to reach your break-even point.


about the worlds greatest feeling - 2 in 1
about Emotions. about Fairness. about Justice. about SocialMedia Success.

Business Model Nr. 4: Crowdfunding.

BPM_logo_48x48 dynamions_logo_signal_48x48

pretty new and amazing one, however in 21st century, this is almost a classic already.

so you’ve finally got this brilliant idea, just need the money for it? – outsource your funding to your Socialmedia fan crowd. No idea how to get one? – read our introductory page, about Dynamic Applications, on a pretty much 1:1 explanation on how to acquire many, many followers. Read the dna license and the Ethics of Sharing Economy article in case you’re looking for a good business model for that, and a way to turn your SocialMedia fans into nothing less than an emphatic, determined, and absolutely enthusiastic fan crowd.

one final note:

in following this, you may find yourself in another position, the driver seat.

From our perspective, Crowdfunding is the perfect approach for the Person-centric Team Worker – so much retweets, faves, likes and love by so many people around the globe.

Social Styles Model - people and culture
Social Styles Model. Ever thought about being a ship yourself, a moving target?

Crowdfunding is much about going online with your perfect idea from day one. It’s much about transforming yourself, in a way. Instead of looking for that wealthy client that never came up, or was too occupied to listen to you, how’d you like to let people all over the world decide on your way to go, your budget to earn, your path to follow? –

don’t worry,

the two articles linked above contain more than enough information to get you on the way, here. A few additional tipps and tricks you’ll learn easily on-the-fly. So this business model is not about looking out for the perfect idea all the time, now.

Instead, it’s much about going online with a lot of crap, posting your very idea on Facebook, deciding what you want to do, your Perfect Desire, and then, after making yourself the perfect laugh of the whole neighbourhood, while your family and friends are shaking heads, start to go exactly that one way. Your way to Success, as a Team worker. 

In deciding for this very business model, Crowdfunding, you’re all ready to start working for the people, from day one. With a good idea in your heart, in the ages of SocialMedia, People from all over the world are going to find you, all by themselves.

You’ll see. 

Your Dynamic Application of choice could be Startup Product Manager for the time being. What you need to do is open a website, describe your concept idea, calculate a really good price, and attract a lot of early supporters on the SocialMedia channels of your choice. 

Later on, you could decide for the SocialMedia driven App developer, or if you need to calculate materials, the Internet of beautiful Things developer simulation. Both contain SocialMedia to Sales conversions and SEO. In a way, we’re leaving the Team worker business models, here.

Crowdfunding is an approach where you write down all your experience in being a CEO, Consultant, Supporter, Service person, or Team worker, in a book, or an online tutorial, or a concept. And a book or an online tutorial example is pretty much the perfect start for our series of platform builder business models. Platform builders work with people as well, you know. Only we prefer people to call us. We had it the other way around, for long enough.

In case you’re targeting excellence, your dynamic application of choice will be Perfect Desire.


Workshop: Your Perfect do-it-yourself Business Planner.


Table of Contents:

Finally, select your perfect 48-month business planner, free of charge. See our Products Menu for more. All Applications are free to use, 99 ct after one (1) year of successful usage.

about Crowdfunding. a pretty much perfect business model for the human-centric Teamworker.

Dynamic Applications.

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Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. and you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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