The Ethics of Sharing Economy.


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so if there is a dna license that comes with our software, why is there a web page dna license that isn’t even carrying exactly the same wording, length, or meaning? – it’s a three-piece. platform engine (“c# software”), the concept of online democracy (“network magnet”), and a lot of crappy, neglected buzz about it (“dna website”). get ready, young modeler. your task for today is to clean any single buzz word by reporting one bug. it’s just a train the trainer game, you know. pretty boring, but very unconventional intro:

  • hu? what’s that? – really, what is this? – what is this? – dust. thin air. fog.

a silent whispering is starting our small game, ahead of time, right now. apart from this very page and the core page, so boring that you relax to the maximum level of unwillingness to dig into detail, and you will almost lose interest, before your point of no return even appears, as a piece of white dust, in front of our outcarved tree’s horizon.

we also have to consider that as of today, this software being available through almost a thousand conventional freeware pages (“forgotten islands”) in the very large, deep blue sea of the international network, itself.

However, imagine if we hit people with a text like that, before even having a chance to see our small top-of-the-page banner. that’s not rude, that’s not funny, it’s hurting. a picture says more than a thousand words, and as i see it, this way we give you as much time as possible before we all start to catch up in this very game of fun and joy.

are you ready to grow?

a short overview.

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  • The Ethics of Sharing Economy is explaining our Vision, Belief and general Purpose.
  • formally spoken, The Ethics of Sharing Economy is an intro. It’s not binding by law. 
  • read this if you’re interested in the global, non-governmental organization (NGO).
  • The dna license shall give you up-to-date Sharing Economy conditions by law.
  • The dna license shall define precise conditions, as delivered with our programs.
  • the Dynamic Applications Business License is an excerpt focusing on partner conditions.
  • read the dna (business) license if you just want to check out the Business Case, nothing else.

Ever thought about creating your very own Startup, once in a lifetime? –

At Dynamic Applications, we have a tradition in offering exceptional business cases to our customers, as a general habit.

Remember this.

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In case you’d think about a 50 year old, widely unknown, but proven in theory, scientific prognosis method called System Dynamics, in conjunction with the slogan:

Business Model Calculations

right on the top of your very homepage. Now, how could you create trust in your very own, absolutely exceptional offering? – see? – there you go. In offering outstanding value for money, we just fulfil our own promise, every day. A simple, and very useful success indicator. Read this article and make up your own mind, all i’m saying. Oh, it’s very easy to do it like that, actually: be willing to live your life in relative poverty. Sell your car. Forget about the bank credit. Why do you want to work for a banker’s wealthy home, anyway? – as a Startup?. Reduce all your personal cost to the absolute minimum, that’s a true winner. There’s a couple of mediocre reasons to found a Startup, of course, but as we say here, there’s only one good reason:

change the world.

And who said that’s gonna be a bad life? – i’m not saying this is the only way to go, not at all. I’m saying at least it was a life.

Oh, and there is one good news on your way: all the time, every day, you can be pretty sure to be a true winner, in the end. As you’re surpassing, on a bad day, easily a hundred other founders, who have set themselves a common, stupid target: personal wealth. On a good day, you’ll leave a thousand wealth runners behind you, worldwide. All the time.

Wealth runners are running in a wheel.

So as you can imagine, at Dynamic Applications, our measure, our true Target, is not the money in our pockets, or on a personal bank account. And, even in being the Founder, i’m not saying that money isn’t important, not at all. I’m saying that it’s another small side-target, that we look upon here, and there. Buy some basic food, a few 2nd-hand clothes, a good old, used book for a dime, maybe even a small game to play with your child, you know. How can it be important, or even difficult, to earn yourself some money for food, if it’s not that much?. Remember you don’t have to work half of your lifetime for the big, shiny cars, the building, or the wealthy village houses of your big bosses, anymore, as it was when you were an employed worker slave. Where they put tons of un-inspiring work, ordered by angry, ripped-off customers, on your table, and let you bore out with stupid tasks under 120% over-pressure, every day. Profitmakers.

I’m not saying that these people are stupid, by the way, by any absolute measure or means. How could they know, how could i know? – on this forgotten website, i just write what i think, and if you wanna start up your very own business some day, you better make up your own mind, all i’m saying. Don’t expect any help, you know. 


At Dynamic Applications, an important Target we care about is to make our customers happy, no, what am i saying, truth is, we work to make them anything from excited to turning them into an emphatic, determined, and absolutely euphoric fan crowd. And i’m not saying we succeed all the time, not at all. Targets, you know, Targets. Learning by doing. For this purpose, first of all, we have to start from crap. We assemble some crap that the world hasn’t seen before, and go online as soon as possible. How could we fulfil any of our true targets when being invisible at the same time? – see?.

Then, we publish what we are going to turn the crap into, and make ourselves the absolute laugh of the neighborhood, our very own future SocialMedia fan crowd. Finally, apart from getting the whole thing to work, we target things like excellence, beauty, usability, simplicity, and reduction. We target mass adoption. We target things like automating exactly the most profitable benefit that could earn ourselves a dime already, and make that very thing available to our Socialmedia fan crowd free of charge, as some kind of general behavior.

Then, the boring part begins, you know, daily reality. Something is different.

You know it, i know it, we continue to do exactly that same thing at daytime. Continuously. In long evenings, we make every fan happy who could be willing to test our offering. For free, you know, for free. And we never forget to say thank you. Anymore questions why we got 25000 retweets, favs and likes, less than 2 years, later? – exponential growth comes from continuous contribution, all i’m saying. How would you feel if 50 to 100 people are sending a small thank-you, every standard day? –

Now, and how do we earn any money at all then, you are asking? – ah, don’t worry. If you do it exactly like that, believe me, there are quite a few more honest people around than you might have thought before. Honest customers of all kind are gonna ask you, and how do you earn your money, or honestly, how you can live from what they hear. Your chance. It’s much like sales, only that they gonna ask you how to pay.

As always, quite a few people are also gonna rip you off, and then, they never show up again to buy anything. And gone they are.

Too bad.

Good news is that in 21st century, the age of digital natives, you don’t have to lose money from supporting, from feeding them. No, you wouldn’t believe it, these people are gonna tell a lot of their friends how easy it is to rip you off. More downloads of your small PDF tutorial, that teaches them how to grow extraordinary apple trees, or bake that one delicious cake from it, your secret family recipee. Your online tutorial on how to build that funny small machine with their children. So here we learn that you don’t have to be a programmer to become a successful platform developer. 

Not at all.

It’s more like a decision. A decision to sacrifyce your very best secret, and publish your best skills on the international network, free of charge, as a general habit, to constantly increase your platform’s value over time. A good idea in your heart and a little bit of courage, that’s what it needs. Believe me, you’ll learn a few more useful things on the fly.

a 2nd example. 

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In much about the same way as described here, you could as well create a very successful unemployment agency, or even better, platform. How could you dare to beat Monster, Stepstone, and your State’s unemployment agency, altogether? – honestly, how can you compete even with those people, who call themselves gouvernment? –

well, it may be not as difficult as it seems.

offer jobs.

Offer jobs, honestly! Now, did you want to prove that you got any idea what you’re doing, or not? Warrant that with a full money back guarantee, and pay back everyone where you don’t succeed. Then, all it needs is to work as hard as possible on your customer’s success, as a general behavior on a standard day. You’ll see. Whatever you try, some people are going to find a new job really soon, and they’ll have lots of important tasks on their mind. And from their money, you can pay your rent for the extra time you’ll need to work for the others. A final tip: train them. involve them. And try to be the perfect example of someone they’d want to give a job to, every day. In being a successful founder, it’s always worth a thought to show that you believe in, and that you have understood your own concept. Just my 2 ct.

PS. i didn’t say you have to pay each customer $ 500 a month, for no work at all. How much was it that Monster and StepStone pay them?

Read on here if you want to understand the whole picture.

License and Disclaimer.


You’ll find the compact form of the dna license included with your software.

Formally spoken, the short version of the license that comes with the software is valid for the software. This page comes with additional explanations and examples in the ethics for The Sharing Economy.

This Software Product – Dynamic Applications – in all its thematic variants

(including Startup Product Manager, Photovoltaic System, All-in-One PV Anlagenbewertung, SocialMedia driven App developer, Internet of Things developer, Business Process Manager, Predicted Desire, Perfect Desire, Pirate Desire, the 21st century Truck Driver, and the 21st century worldwide Growth of Forest Simulation) –

as well as The Reverse Experience (T.R.X.) – as available on and/or

have been created, designed and programmed, and so are the work of
Martin Bernhardt, Founder of Dynamic Applications.

Imagination though, for example, in most cases was yours, or let’s say, yours and mine. You’ve inspired me, i’ve inspired you, and who could tell? if our thoughts are free.

Nevertheless, as i’ve been programming this one, my works and

This very Software Product is declared as Freeware (as long as free for download on our website) or Shareware (Perfect Desire, Windows 10 Store Apps) under the following terms and conditions of The Sharing Economy, under a creative commons – cc-by-sa – oriented license declaration, as follows.

Please note that –by– refers to the name of this project, or its two major websites.
While –sa– refers to share alike. But if, why? – and how do we wanna feed our children? – from luck, for free?.

Rest-takers means that we also take a day off, here and there, but not as often as an employed worker slave, of course. There’s a little trade-off with everything.

In being founders of 21st century, we take a rest as soon as we can feed our family for the two weeks in a row.

we’re creative commons.



wait and see.

You still say this is not a success story? – well, it didn’t exactly start like that, you know. Fact is that after two immense, worldwide financial stock market crashes in 2001 and 2008, where lots of people lost everything, including their home, some people developed the idea to automate about every thought on earth. It was kind of a survival idea, you know, pure logic, automated cars and stuff. Yes, we Programmers need some food as well. A few years later, everyone else was flighting themselves into healthcare, consultancy, bureaucracy, haircutting, SocialMedia, or old people’s homes, you know, and pretty soon after that, payment got really, really bad for all that kind of work. Let’s call it thinking and servicing jobs, mankind’s last refuge. Thousands. In the beginning, you know. And one thing i can tell you: you can’t sell anything where there’s no need, anymore.

In that case, you can be happy if you can sell your work for a really bad price.

And so, year after year, a small need for The Sharing Economy arouse, out of nothing, yes, it almost seemed to happen for no reason at all.

Terms and Conditions.

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You may copy and run the product on one of your own personal computers, at a time,
You may use the product for your own purpose, on your own risk,

provided that the software product as such remains unchanged, and its Info dialogue, the original copyright information, and this license are included. This is not an open source software. We’d like to prevent the minor-quality derivates and adware and spyware apps that could be resulting from this. Not yet.

You may not modify the program’s executable or dlls, neither modify or re-package the setup installer, without written permission from the author.

Dynamic Applications are much about providing free and micro-payment, interactive, and most powerful Business Model Calculators for every single person in the world, who wants to win pride from calculating an exceptional offering – however you turn it around, best ad in the world is exceptional value for money. Being the Founder, i’m guaranteeing their functionality with my own name. We’re not saying that everything is perfect, but they are as good as we are able to do them, and you are encouraged to send in any bug reports or desirements you may have. We’ll look at them and fix what’s possible as soon as possible.

Impossible things tend to take a little longer, at times.

It’s a work in Progress.

TRX_logo_48x48 Pirate Desire - dark Logo

The technical concept is published in The Desire Language Specification on our website. Feel free to develop your very own approach of a System Dynamics – based projection software. There’s a lot of details to solve, we did that, and that’s probably why some people are crowdfunding us with 99 cent for multiple person years of work. They wanted to give something back after using it for a year.

About 1 in a thousand of people downloading our applications have already done so, and we are grateful for that. We think you’ll feel much better if you go the same way. Be rewarded small. So we take pride in our work, not in the money in our pocket. Fairness and same chances for everyone. At Dynamic Applications, we‘re part of an international network of people competing for the best product in the world. Much as it is at your own startup. Only difference is we’re determined to use our chance, as when you look closely, we’re not driven by profit, we’re driven by imagination.

Vision. Dedication. Passion. Challenges. Hard Work. Exceptional Price calculation. 

lucky customers. our success.

And finally, finally. Years from now. outstanding performance.

As we believe in what we do, we believe in you. We play fair on you. And that’s why it’s gonna be true.

Dynamic Applications - freedom of choices, reflection, options, poverty and luxury, growth and contribution
about confidence. how much does it take to live a lucky life?

In the ages of the international network,

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small is the new big. We’re dreamers. We’re creative. We’re commons. We’re spinners. We’re stupids. We’re poor. We’re crap. But we got this one thing. We got vision.

Now, now, and what follows from that? – yes, we’re stupid, in a way. Too stupid to just accept daily reality. Too stupid to work into our own pockets, so you say. However you beat on us, we have a life, full of work, full of joy. It’s a matter of perspective, of Targets, as we say.

Imagination brings a small loss of reality, we call that change, and change brings chances, and that’s what we know, that’s what you see. And maybe, that’s exactly what some of you, the ones who have given up, are fighting. Too many bad experiences, right? – That may well be, and we’re not saying you’re totally wrong, here. Just saying that people, who are working for a better world, have got exactly the same right of existance, and in 21st century, this means as well a right to provide benefits in developing solutions for the all of us.

Naturally, this includes free software platforms, as they symbolize a maximum level, in market theory, of contribution that anyone could give to this world of international networks, in 21st century. And i’m not talking about free programs here, i’m talking about free software platforms, designed for people all over the world, to fulfil their own wish, their desire to grow, to grow in excellence and contribution, to form their own hand’s craftmanship. As they can not find sense in getting rewarded if their’s no labour involved. We just try to provide the most excellent Type of tool here. You can transform your own tool as well.

Alternative reality? – now, who can know anything, what for sure, is true? – check your self, hm hm, there you go. What you say is wrong, is my daily reality. Are you sure, what you know, all is fair, all is true, has to be? – i don’t know, and you get angry, when i offer to change it for you. So how can we solve this conflict? – i don’t beat my opinion on you. We just offer options to go. But we’re confident, so we are. We vote in online democracy, for the best way to go. This means nothing less than that we listen to you. Yes, you. Our thoughts are free. as well. If we have nothing else, we’re independent in our thoughts.

We’re determined. We’re fast. We got dedication. We’re driven by purpose. We’re human beings, as well. We contribute. You say it’s wrong, it can’t be, but we contribute to our common, our future society. And if someone comes up with a good idea, however blunt they beat it on us, next day we‘ll adapt our company, our website, as a whole. It’s so small, so small you know. And that’s the fastest way to grow. In being founders, we don’t have to ask anyone, anymore. We don’t harm you by purpose, we try to be fair, and we are no rockstars, not at all (maybe a few?). We excuse. We believe in anyone should have a right to follow their own path, as long as it’s founded on belief to be good, for you and our common society. We’re in balance, in balance with the world, that we see. A world of chances, with our children, having rights, as they are voting in online democracy.

We excuse for mistakes and for things so desparately missing, that we fill in the gaps for free, before we finally found how to address, or how to automate even that. In being programmers, we address what we love, and we automate what’s too much, what we can’t handle, anymore. For free, you know, for free. In full transparency, as we want you to see. As we won’t have much friends if we start charging for thee. In being Pirates of the sea, we’re just protecting all your personal privacy. Oh, Robin Hood? – but we do not steal it from you, wait and see. In 21st century, we found a better way to be. We invite you to join and improve over time, a wish here, a joy there, that’s all.
Earn less than 10 €/month in a country as wealthy as good old Germany for a year, and in year 2, you’ll see. As well. We can not starve, and we got trashcans of beautiful things, for free. Now we see how we lived, we still live in unbelievable luxury. While others give up when their money goes down, we’re gonna stay. You’re looking for money, but we’re founders. With our costs Target down, wait and see. You’re laughing on us, we’re improving our works, our plants, our food. Even our small mind machines for the Internet of beautiful Things.

We dream that maybe one day, a person would join us, who can do it better, here and there. Don’t we all have, something? – who brings in a small bit of courage, and is willing to grow her, or his own money, his own bitcoins, or her own ether, over time. We got change, and we believe in values, to trade, you know. And so we don’t offer money from day one, we offer exceptional rewards for all your labour. Unique selling points, USP, that’s what wee see. On this very planet, we’re working for the better, a better society. Just a small person’s dream, you know. Truth is, it’s not like that, in reality. That’s the sad side of independency. Alone, we may be. In the beginning, we work a lot for the success of our first true partners.

There’s thousands of free offerings in The Sharing Economy, you know. And whenever we find one, we start using it for free. As everyone else, i do it, as well. It doesn’t work out the other way, pay for all that’s going, or not going to be. And so, we all pay for the best ones, only. We’re looking for beauty. Best Vision. Dedicated Passion. Exceptional value for money. We don’t have much on the bank account, you know. We offer to help for food, for being able to pay our rent. We’re no beggars, though. Not anymore. We just go ahead.

?., we say.

In the lands of The Sharing Economy, far far away on the horizon we see, we’re specialists, to be.

Somehow we’re accepted, in here, in our new land, far over the sea.

We discuss in just a bit more transparency, who cares. That’s gonna be, it’s me, it’s we, it’s modern, it’s worldwide society. Me for you, you with me, both of us for the customer, with combined force. win-win-win situations, that’s what we create here.

Ever thought about why you may develop, and even give away your own dynamic simulation models for free, according to this license? – sell your workshop, give a free extra, for free? – that’s a win (you), +1 (downloads), win (customer) situation! – in that reserving the smallest benefit for ourselves, we create high motivation for everyone. And how much work do we have with preparing your workshop? – fixed effort! We write a single license, a few additional explanations, and from next month, we’ll be working on a series of excellent business model tutorials for you guys to support your workshops, for free. Please excuse me, it’s a little embarrassing to explain it like that. So many questions, you know. So many questions. But, did you see ?. That’s how we work in The Sharing Economy. It’s exactly why we surpass a hundred wealth runners on a standard day. Please don’t get angry on them, by the way. These people grow anger from greed. All we wish for is that these people may find as much joy from contribution. Their anger is not towards politics, refugees, our taxation, by the way. They wish to crack the mirror in early morning, when they look into it for the first time. So easy to turn around, you know, from the doer’s perspective.

So hard to turn around and accept the whole lot of diamonds they’ve collected, just being glassy splits on our streets towards confidence, in heavy winter’s freezing cold. It doesn’t help them to simulate understanding though, you know, simulate understanding out of misery. That kind of false misery would only increase the distance. Their warms comes from rare, dead animals. Our warmth comes from within. Let them go their way. So how can we handle them? – as soon as they enter our shops, we welcome them. Take care though not to feed their greed. Help a poor one while they are looking at our products, you know. Then, we help them as good as possible, for a truly fair price. As well. Their rights to existance are as well, you know. We the people, united in online democracy. It doesn’t work if you sort out every second customer. Contribution requires a lot of Tolerance, you know. They’ll see. Believe me, they’ll see.

In working together, we don’t have to bind ourselves, bind ourselves into the next level of slavery, so it may be. As you prefer, so are we. Remember we’re fast, going all down the road of the hard way, before we climb. We’re specialists in our very own idea for this world, and that’s perfectly ok. Because we’re working on it, every day. We’re innovators, you know, innovators. We define ourselves in all that labor, in the sense of all that labor. We bend our heads down when they are laughing today, but over the years, believe me, people are going to admire us. Working towards excellence. Reduction. Beauty. Learning. Usability. Chances. And we’re willing to help a lot of people that have no idea what we are about. We’re going to teach them how easy it is to use Twitter and Facebook and Amazon and old, thrown away Smartphones free of charge, and we do programming in that we write a small algorithm on Twitter, world’s fastest network, that promises to accelerate our success over time, and if it’s all we can foresee, it’s left what we have, at all. We offer our works for free, and ask just for a small sign of gratitude, free of charge.

Pay with a Tweet.

We start charging whenever people come up, and require us to do extra work for them.
We earn money from rich people, or even normal people, being lazy that one day.

Taking a break.

And we’re so thankful


a few, just a few shall call up that one day, having understood our continuous job application.

The good news is that to grow your business exponentially faster over time, you don’t have to work exponentially harder over time. It’s enough to be confident, continuously work as good as you can, and offer the best price you can make. We know that growing exponentially will take a lot of time, maybe a whole lifetime, as the exponential curve starts close to the very x axis, where y is our income (so low?). The good news is we also have a t axis, down in the middle of our secret business planning application. We do 3d projections over time. We optimize our offerings in a software, as easy to play as a silly children’s game. Well you know, with a good plan in our hearts, and the perfect priority schema, we have a lot of time, actually. And we choose that, ourselves. Remember we don’t have to work exponentially harder, to grow. You work for money, we work from belief, from a belief that feeds us so well, so well, in all it’s beauty. In having a Laptop or PC, we are rich already. We can not starve that easily. We are ahead of people in this world. And we are looking for need. We’re addressing need, so we got some light to see. As well.

As well, in our dreams, we sleep, for free.

a beautiful Horse in Ostfriesland - Martin Bernhardt
a beautiful horse in East Friesland, EU. Ostfriesenwitze. To remember the stupid poor.

We’re motivated.

Business Process Manager - logo

Wait no, we’re courageous. We don’t talk much about that, it’s embarassing. Please excuse me. We think they gonna see. We may be the forgotten poor, but in the ages of 21st century, we’re using perfectly automated optimizers for our exceptionally priced startup products, well you know, our planning, a month. Well, what did you think, we also love safety and certainty. In being members of The Sharing Economy, You can operate them from a tent in the desert, as our products are gathering no data, at all. No Server is watching behind You, and we, the stupids, the crazy, we forgotten poor, some how we were smart enough just to see.

If you look at developments over time, best culture will surpass all others, wait and see. And i’m not talking about Amazon culture here, a culture of greed, a culture of slavery. Working for the richest person ever?. We think that Amazon is ripe, so we use it for free, but not to help you with thee. We’re demanding here, see? – in 21st century, after we started to use, as well, we have started to build small Applications for the poor. We may have used Facebook, but we are not promoting our face, there. Not anymore. We believe in everyone’s value now, but not in famous face selectors. We started using WordPress, and now we deliver word pressed Weblogs for all those Google’s robots, out there in the fields of nature, spun up by the internet of beautiful things. We promote ourselves by providing the work of a lifetime. The small plant we grew. The funny capsule of wool that we shove from our sheep, that we’ve colored with our children in one day. The one food we have baken for just so long, that we can now send it around the international network of things, IoT. And it doesn’t need all to have Wifi, you see.

Startup Product Manager, v2.50. Including the Internet of Things developer simulation.

The beautiful little machine for our children’s memories, of the world we used to live with in. So that they can connect with us in their memories, when we’re dust. Our website. As long as any single one robot that we may have set up, will remeber to promote us, here and there. Just for the one day when someone starts looking for it. As the time may have come where they started to see that we also had a reason for being here with them. Our hope, do you see?. But in daily reality, is it going to be any useful for the people, at all? – is it easy enough? – will they be able to understand the beauty of it, in millions? – and is our promise strong enough? – today, our small thing here, it looked like crap, just yesterday, uugh last year, horribly! – compared to what we’ve imagined, and now , we barely got this one very prototype to work, the one we use to find out how it could change the world, you know, and almost noone would ever download, for free…

not yet.

and i’m not saying we sold it already, for a dime, two, or three. And never in our own very country, you know. Well you know, that’s how people are, we think, not to lose any hope of what’s left. Over the sea, over the sea. If nothing, we got friends now, from all over the sea. If ever so small our success, so will it be enough for a decent, a modest small living, in due time? – so we can be free, for even a few days longer? – … a lifetime …. ?!

logic says yes.

our dream.

We’re inventors.

BPM_logo_48x48 SocialMedia driven App developer - logo dynamic_idea_logo_48x48

We’re highly creative. We’re founders. And we found a measure on our way. We use the votes of all the people using our apps, in online democracy. Freedom of choice, freedom of participation, power in control, freedom in privacy and absolute undetectability. While our products offer power in understanding each other. Full Transparency. Check it out, yourself. That’s free. We’re magnets. Power in influence. Power to see. And in supporting us, You’re magnets. Magnets of your own power, to be ?. Be as you wish, be as you see. Switch yourself on, switch yourself off. Always be free, that’s what i see. What would you do, if you could see things like me? Ahead of time, as easy as it could be? Lots of options will be. In the ages of 21st century, understanding will be key. We’re not fighting down our competition, anymore. Why should we fight any single person on earth? In being 21st century people, we’re influenced by game theory, from children’s age. We’re creating our own competition. We’re much about optimization, as we believe in it’s better than maximization.

You say we’re dumbo’s? Too stupid to see, noone’s sharing for free?

We play the fair game, here.
No surrender, just let be.

While old nations from 20th century

dynamic_qs_logo_48x48 dna_logo_96x48

are fighting their wars, at Dynamic Applications, we the people win power from competing with each other. Tolerance. We are working for a better world, altogether. We are not waiting for the bank to give us more credit, anymore. We are not waiting for the next unemployment wage, if possible by all means. We are not looking for investors, anymore in our dreams. We are not looking for rich people consulting us, founding us, selecting us, so we admire them. We are not writing to the newspaper and beg them to write that very one helpful article about us, the one we hope our success would finally come from. We are not looking for important scientists to teach us. Thank you, we are writing Wikipedia for each other, now. As stupid as it sounds, we are working to be working. For people all over this world. Supporting them, benefitting them, providing value for them, helping them on. As that’s our new life.

We the people make a wish come true. Every one day, and so we have food, less sorrow, more joy.

and so, we’ll be free. Stay free as we are, today. We’re so stupid, so you say?

Well, well, i’m not saying you’re totally wrong, here. But not yet.

It’s not yet time, to see.

It could be a lifetime. 

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we fulfil in an hour and if we can not deliver, we deliver for two. our next hour is free, so may it be. you are laughing? we are serious. you spit on us, we start charging from you. if you don’t believe in what i gonna say, that’s gonna be your very own problem, now. Check it yourself, just believe me, or let it be. It’s up to you. Whatever you do, in the long run, i’ve already started with working, for you. And if you wanna change that, just start working for me. That’s free. What i believe in? – fair chances for everyone, and justice may be. You won’t believe me? – well, all i can say, i believe in you. What i think is to me. What i say speaks for us. What i do speaks for true. and i’m determined to convince you of true. and as soon as you started believing in me, it’s gonna be true for the both of us two. Fix it for me, or you may let it be, or go leave me for free.

All we’re saying is you.





we are crap. we are so small.

chances are we’re gonna be a startup, if at all?.

and that’s perfectly ok. we are working for our own invisibility, here.

we are working for our lifetime of dedication, imagination, in challenges, of passion

our promise? – well maybe, we’re not going to be rich on the bank account.

we’re going to be rich in our heart, before we finally may die down.

we automate, only we won’t destroy in we take it from you.

and we have this one very message on our way.

at least i have tried to provide anything.







we ?.

What a powerful message it is, won’t you agree?

Until finally, our small boat on these very oceans on earth will fall over or be sunken, as well.

at Dynamic Applications, we’re builders.


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Usage Conditions.

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Why don’t you just let us do it in our own very way, for free? – that’s what i ask from you. see?
Why won’t you join in and have fun on your way? – just try it out, so it’s gonna be. as well.

and i’ll not see.

we think we’re so slow, you know. So slow.

a horse in east friesland, in central north western EU. ostfriesenwitze. To remember the stupid poor.
a horse in east friesland, in central north western EU. ostfriesenwitze. To remember the stupid poor.

License concept


is based on an approach from business model theory called “Make more of it”.

In brief, make more of it means that you allow others to participate in your success.

So they soon want to be part of it, and you reward them for it, as they reward you by using your platform.

What follows from that?:

  • you help others to grow, they help you to grow (win-win)
  • you have to spend a lot of time, explaining what it is
  • you have to be willing to share, and may earn less
  • you have to offer support, or excellent docs
  • if it works out, they are going to promote you
  • it that works out, exponential success for the all of you
  • beware of Ponzi schemata, or a Pyramid hierarchy though
  • as soon as you make everyone pay, your friends are gonna leave
  • so to lift your company higher, you have to automate, or outsource what you do
  • and only if you continue to provide, to share what works for you, you can grow.

So the tricky part here is to create a balance between your continuous contribution, the platform growth rate, and a modest, fair amount of money that you have got to deduct for yourself. A good starting point here is that you earn (take away) no more than twice as much money (maybe less), as a typical customer or partner can do, already. Remember that if you ruin your platform, or someone ruins you, all your partners will be ruined, or suffer heavily, as well. This way seems honest and fair enough, that customers are not someday going to go mad on you, even if you make one mistake. As long as you have credit, it’s gonna be alright.

Credibility. Trustworthyness.

Nothing against growing your platform really slow. If you can convince your customers of what you do, additional demand may be arising from this. We suggest you enjoy every day of it. Once the platform starts to expand faster, there may be some challenging, hard days in front of you.

Oh, by the way, building a platform does not have to be about technology, not at all. For example, imagine you’ve been building those small, lighted irden houses for the christmas market, or any other market in your religion or society. One day, you’ve built the most beautiful, challengine small house of a lifetime. The role you’ve fulfilled by now is the creator – producing some good from material, which has to have a high price for all your work and the time you’ve used to build this one. The people-oriented approach would be to be to tell people about it on a 1:1 basis (recommendation marketing, sales).

The platform builder though would see that you have a unique selling point in being able to build the most beautiful houses for the christmas market in your own country.

And so, instead of building an even more beautiful house, again, one day you’d start writing a book about about how to do it, or the modern implementation of that, a website. Here you go. Now, you can publish your book as a pdf, and if you make a self-extracting Zip from it, you can as well use Robosoft from Ukraine, and publish to hundreds of freeware and shareware magazines, worldwide. They publish your works for free. So in being App developers, we provide value. They gain value, and provide visibility. We share for free, and we’ve created a win-win-win situation in reality:

  • you (author, builder, innovator, value owner, platform creator)
  • freeware website, news agent, or web store (web platform, magazine, reviewer)
  • customer (consumer of free goods, feeds you back through SocialMedia)

To be honest, such a win-win-win situation is more or less the best thing you can achieve as a business owner, who’s got the courage to found something new. Who feels that there most be some reason for you to be on this very planet, as well. Welcome to 21st century! Be invited, here you go. Over time, Thousands of lucky customers will thank you.

Due to the nature of System Dynamics being a top-down approach for analysis and understanding of complex system behaviour, all parameters and formulas we use for prototype models perform as sample configuration, only. We say everything is implemented as specified, and visible through the application’s interactive ToolTips. Any requirement of adjustments to default formula or input parameters of our software will require an individual contract.

As you’ve seen in the manifest above, at Dynamic Applications, we combine a top-down method in problem solving (Prio 1, 2, 3, …, also called CCPM: Critical Chain Project Management) with a bottom-up, swarm intelligence based growth and contribution model, based on a continous invitation of participation. Reduced by the crowd’s priorization of tasks, and the pure duration of our own work time, so that we can not overload our daily work desk by concept. And if we reduce ourselves in the same way that others continue to grow, in the end, we fulfill the promise of The Sharing Economy: a sustainable model of a modest living for all of us, so in perspective, for many, many people.

Please remind us if you feel where we fail to go, so we keep heading in the right direction over time. This also means that there’s no need to stay with us, if you decide to take a break, or would like to be heading in another direction, a more attractive or sustainable Target for you. If we want to be inclusive and grow, it’s important that we don’t dominate you, e.g. by protecting our Sourcecode (thoughts, worktime) and you having to buy our works at high price, at the same time. If we don’t follow that way, one day, as a consequence of how fast we continue to grow, a revolution would split us in two, if not blow us away, as a whole network of inventors and innovators. Personally, i’d find this rather sad. So we are heading in the opposite direction, over time. We develop a small, first business model for ourselves, and as we feel this our very own business works well, we can start sharing the idea: Your idea, as well. It’s just an option.

We feel intuitively that we should rather develop a culture of invitation, which naturally has the potential to grow over time. This is also why, in relation to rather monetarian (kingdom or monarchy) oriented business owners, we’re not in a hurry, as a general habit. At Dynamic Applications, we learn to think about, before what we do. It is also important to understand that to be able to grow, we don’t have to share all that we do. So we offer transparency in explaining the functionality of the simulation models we do, but we don’t have to found an anarchy, or a freeware haven of simulation model piracy, so that everyone will always rob things from you. So it’s perfectly ok to protect the most easy robbery of a simulation model as a whole (open source file copy), but if someone really needs to recreate or adapt something here, they can read all our inline documentation, and so are invited to develop their own idea. And so while our thoughts are free, we protect us from destroying each other by inducing a beneficial system of trivial piracy (thought works robbery) against each other, right within our very own network. We rather compete for the best possible solution in offering a really fair business case, to all our customers. So that the effort of recreation, and the very effort for a new customer to work themselves into understanding all these formula, is probably much higher than buying and using directly what we do for a good price, or developing your very own version of thought.

Remember the more complex and specific the simulations we develop would go, the higher the effort to copy it all, and the less sized the target customer base, not even talking about necessary adaptions for the next company, here. If there are analysts, and they would love to join in what we do, we Train the Trainer, and charge only for the effort of the workshop, right? – this way, we continue to grow, as we have food to go.

Please always remember that while Dynamic Applications may have been some starting point for you, in The Sharing Economy, we start from crap, but we don’t want to be the laugh of a lifetime. We are looking for beauty, for excellence, in all its modesty. We are looking upwards to the next idealistic, or even just helpful Target on our way. We try to contribute, and the best way to contribute is to concentrate on what you can do best. So don’t worry too much in supporting us, we love you, but at some point, we’d suggest that you think about what you really want to do, and then you start defining your world, your culture, and what shall remain of you. Don’t worry, once you’ve set yourself a real Target, a long-term challenge, you’ve been walking all the way towards that in your mind, already. We are pretty sure you’ll be able to solve any Details on your way, as that’s what we try to help you. In case of unsolvable problems, we’re here to help, but as we’re no magicians, there’s no warranty that we can really help you. So that’s why we offer a 30-day money back warranty. In a way, here we pay back for you showing a bug you’ve detected in what we do. Talking about workshops (and not software) though, so you should really complain about (or even better, point out) a problem in our methodology. I didn’t like that one sentence you said, will not count in most cases (in a fair world, here we could deduct 1% for one sentence, if 100 others were still beneficial for you, right? – don’t worry, in most cases, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll rather give back to you).

Should you have expert knowledge and claim that any specific formula or parameter are irritating or defect, should be adjusted to be more precise, or be corrected, this is welcome. We are grateful for any comment, and we love to do our work as good as possible. Be invited to report anything. If you suggest a good idea, we may even add it for free. We may also put it on the public roadmap for voting. Formally spoken though, any missing features will have to be treated as Enhancement Requests. You can not report a wish as a bug, and then demand it fixed for free.

If it’s not there, it’s not a bug.


From September 2017, we also support load and save of simulation models in a variant of XMILE. That‘s a sophisticated file format that includes about any interesting feature from any popular simulation model software in System Dynamics.

„OASIS“, „XMILE“ and „XML Interchange Language for System Dynamics“ are trademarks of OASIS, the open standards consortium where the XMILE specification is owned and developed. XMILE is a copyrighted © work of OASIS Open. All rights reserved.

In a similar way, System Dynamics is supported – and lots of articles about it were published – by the System Dynamics Society,, a non-profit organization for the remembering of Jay W. Forrester, working with his team for MIT on World Model III, the very first simulation of our world, going down as a whole, in 21st century. Published by the Club of Rome for their popular book “The Limits to Growth”. Remember there’s always time, so it helps you to see. Just an overview, of what would be.

At Dynamic Applications, we target understandability and not super complexity.

Therefore, any missing feature that can not be imported from a third-party application can not accepted as a valid bug report. You can report it, and we may be willing to add it to the roadmap. Formally spoken, any missing feature from the XMILE file format has to be considered an Enhancement Request, which may be suggested for the public roadmap for voting.

What you can expect is that you can save a simulation model built within Dynamic Applications, and then you can load it back on another day, and you can run it and that it works fine. If it does not, you can report that as a bug. You can also expect that Load and Save will work for simulation models that you’ve created within Dynamic Applications, for up to 100 Input Values and 100 Target Formulas (42 each in the free version).

You can probably make any formula in the world more or less specific. As part of our principles, we don‘t consider such Input Value and Target Formula corrections or desirements as a description of formal defect of our software. So if you want a formula changed, you can change it yourself. Formally spoken, all of our products are simply game models. We do not claim they fulfil any specific reason or meaning. Sending in your results is welcome, we love it, and feel free to ask questions.

We’ll accept as desciption of defect any relevant issues or defects in our differential equation solver engine, the core of our solution. We’re going to fix any defects in the equation solver engine asap, as well as fix reproducible crashes or obvious defects in other parts of our software.

Please note that we have one release line, so any issue or bug will only be fixed in the latest version.

If you find a defect that we can not fix within 4 weeks, we offer a full money-back guarantee for the value of your product license. Please don’t fuzz with us about the 2-digit rounding precision, we just do it this way. It’s not relevant to look at simulations on future expectations in microscopic detail.

As with every winner in this world, there have to be a few losers as well.

It is forbidden


to use our software for any military purpose, in a military project or with such partner, as well as in nuclear power plants, within companies operating these, it is forbidden to use our software to promote racism, and in any other circumstances that directly endanger the life of people. You agree to use anything we publish or send to you on your own risk. We do our work as good as possible, but there’s always the chance of a mistake.

Freeware Conditions.

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As well as our Business and Partner conditions, are described in compact format, here:

as you’ve read the long intro, we’ll jump to right to the perfect location in that license.

a truly participative license.

and kingdoms will be. and kingdoms will be.


about true #innovation.
about true #innovation.

Dynamic Applications.

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Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing to visit Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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