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From our perspective, there is no “standard” company in the world. Why did you think that we the people are all different? –

and so are our companies, right?

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Dynamic Applications. On the road to success, as a general habit. one mile per day.

In 21st century, it’s our company culture that separates us from competition.

Laptops we got all.

Take your time and see part one (1) of this Workshop if you have no idea what this is about.

Overview: Business Model identification.

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We solved that in Part 1 of our interactive Business Model theory workshop, so here we go.

for Platform Builders. Founders of 21st century. True Entrepreneurs. Startups. CEOs. and anyone, who wish to be.

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Dynamic Applications. Business Models for the 21st century.

Business Models for the 21st century Platform builder. 

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Business Model Nr. 1: Growth Hacking.


it’s a work in Progress, please come back next week. Hu? What‘s that? What is that? Oh. Whow! Really? – And what could i do with your device once it’s ready? – hm. It looks weird, so does it have any visible advantage right now? – If you go this way, that’s a typical slogan. Ever heard about the Hacker, who breaks into large companies, searches for bugs, then publishes any security issues, bugs and loopholes? –

according to Hacker ethics, that’s ok, as long as they don’t be evil in publicating, in sending results to the wrong target group, and make the situation worse. So they hack themselves into the security holes of large companies and try to help repair them.

The Hacker points out how to make something better.

The Growth Hacker does something very similar, only the topic is not the software itself, it’s the business model of your largest competitor. The Growth Hacker looks for flaws in their business model, and repairs them in a controversary business approach. A disruptive component is typical, but not mandatory, here. It mainly helps in achieving visibility.

Apart from that, this is the key one business model that’s got potential to change the world.

  • Ever heard about Amazon, the long tail of virtual goods, a culture of greed in automation, of working for Jim Bezos, the richest person on earth? –
  • Apple, the big hero leader culture of Steve Jobs, with all those high-priced, excellent devices they develop, making you pay for their UFO HQ in Cupertino? –
  • Google, an open source shareholder anarchy digging into other people’s information, for searching everything online, for driving more people to their website? –
  • Uber, the bad child of Sharing Economy, perverting the good idea of car sharing to maximum absurdness, pressing money out of their drivers, worse than before? –
  • Microsoft, defending Windows, their Desktop Operating System natural monopoly, with all kinds of bad Internet Explorers? – offering the deal: best value for money?

The Growth Hacker not only follows these, (s)he tries to understand each of these, to separate them from each other. Microsoft, for example, follows a last mover strategy. The last mover strategy is in line with offering best value for money, as the last mover can look at all the attempts of innovators, of earlier market makers. He decides for the way to go when the way to go is already clear, which is the cheapest way to go. And so they offer a best price operating system, which is hard to top. Challengers? – not many on the Desktop, but there‘s Linux, a completely open, free of charge OS, with a crowdsourcing business model behind itself. Invented by Linus Torvalds in 1991, it soon became a world success.

And here we go.

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The Growth Hacker reads technology newstickers. (S)he identifies the culture, in all its brilliance, and in all its defiance, as well the pitfalls of her largest competitors. Then, (s)he attacks them right on their weakest spot. 

No need for that large UFO in Cupertino, we are working from home, here! – no need to suppress all our workers, we are sharing in a team! – No need for bad websites, we’ll develop the best free and simple Website generator in the world – the story of, a 2004 startup by Automattic, Inc.

A very important thought here is that in being a successful company founder, you have to look out for USP. Aren’t we all like that, looking for the best item to buy, the best products, best value for money, best shop in the world that suits our needs? – 

now, if we consider for a second that there maybe is no universal truth at all, rather we are all subjects, and so something is true (look at Einstein’s theory of relativity, founded on e = mc², the connection between mass, gravity and energy, for example), if only enough people say that it’s true? – so that other scientists start adapting their formula ecosystems to be in line with Einstein’s theories? – so that the definition of Energy, itself, is even deducted from the existance of Gravity, of Mass, of our planets and the sun, from a light years constant in square, quantified by a single person‘s assumption, by a definition? – here we go.

If you are able to define a USP, a Unique Selling Point for your application so string, so universal, founded on such universal belief as the existance of mass, of gravity, of markets, of value, of justice and fairness, expressed (for example) in defining the same value for everyone, for every one of your customers, no matter how they be, that’s gonna be a very strong culture, isn’t it? –

compare that to a culture where you try to be the Jack of all Trades. To be the Jack of everything, that’s also very difficult to achieve. Only that you’ll end up in normality, in the unbelievable boredom of a standard shop, with standard offerings, standard services, standard pricing.

Hmmm… do you think customers will run for your store, of all stores in the world? – why?

So that’s why we recommend to define your company much in line with your personal belief, your culture, your strenghts, and your rules. This way, it may even result in integrity.

Integrity creates belief, trustworthyness, and so it is one of the strongest sales points we know. So the Growth Hacker is the only one who really goes for gold, here. Imagine, as a Startup Founder, you have pretty much got nothing in your hands! – a good idea, all that’s left, all that separates you from bitter unemployment. Nothing is ready.

Altogether, key to success for the Growth Hacker is the following business development pattern.

  • goes online as soon as possible by any means.
  • Website open on day one, even if it looks like crap.
  • makes himself/herself the complete laugh of the neighbourhood.
  • defines a Business Model so ridiculously attractive, noone believes (at first).
  • works like crazy and is all intrinsically motivated, that this is the one big thing.
  • radically expands. In 21st century, sends thousands of SocialMedia follow requests.
  • lets himself/herself beat for everything, closely listening, building a roadmap.
  • soon has got hundreds of ideas and incoming requests from the crowd.
  • as time is limited, rejects anything but the most crucial features.
  • defines a measure to identify which goals to follow, first.
  • must reduce cost by all means, as the road is so long.
  • many questions, “what’s that? – really!!? – why?”
  • works on ideas the world hasn‘t seen before.

All in all, it certainly requires a lot of courage to go this way. One big advantage though is that they go all-the-way in. Pushing themselves forward, everyone can easily see that these people have got potential, and where they don’t see, they’ll even be stumbled with their nose into it, by full force of radical expansion and growth over time, founded in the attractivity of offering. Today, in the ages of free software foundations, it‘s typical to go online and publish all your works free of charge, just to gain momentum.

Weak spot is to predict expansion from a limited (growing) user base, in relation to time left until all your funds are consumed, and any funding coming in from the fan crowd, as fans have to be developed for a long time. It‘s typical to have a delayed, sometimes hidden revenue model. Quite a lot of Startups split their customers in two fractions and create a win-win-win situation as follows: free to use for the crowd, pay for use by 3rd party interest funding (e.g. shop owners, who benefit from making their offerings visible), and a small share plus expansion advantage for the Growth Hacker. 

This way, the Growth Hacker is very good in adressing the most serious problem of any 1-2-3 person Startup in the world:

  • invisibility.

The hard part is that in trying to offer exceptional business cases to all their customers, these people heavily suffer from exploitation, if not poorness and pitfalls. While everyone sees how much they are trying, there will be very few buyers at first. The products are not perfect, as they go online in all their imperfection. So the hard part is really to create a balance between remaining resources / initial funding, lowest cost possible, the speed of expansion, and the price point where they can sell, to survive.

Still, the chance is there, and even if fortune turns against you, remember one thing:

  • you have to believe in your own idea.

If you fail to believe, no wonder that noone else will bet a dime on you. So you better start believing, and so always remember that the best motivation to work is to start work. An important part to achieve this is that you start to build your marketing right into your product. As a platform builder, You want to, You have to define an excellent business case for all your customers, right? – in 21st century, the world is so fully over-crowded with very good Tools, surplus Information, Startups working on the craziest ideas that anyone could think of. And you don’t want to create a platform for no customers at all, right? – here we go. In being a True Growth Hacker, You’re damned to succeed, in a way.

You have exactly two Targets:

  • growth
  • and contribution.

So you’re driven by purpose and you’re not easily giving up, but all in all, it may still not be enough. You have to see the fact that in offering outstanding business cases to all your customers, your income is very, very low. What you are going to need is a very good plan, here, Young Modeler. What you are going to need is a Tool for excellent prediction of how long your budget is going to last, for how the conversion rates of thousands and thousands of customers are going to develop over time, so you got some income and they don’t take away all your work for granted. We recommend Perfect Desire for that purpose, as it’s the best one we have at all. It’s pay-what-you-want at the moment, so anything from 99 cent is wonderful news for us, here. Over time, growth and continued contribution is going to deliver: fulfilment, utter satisfaction, looking back at the hard stony path you’ve been climbing up your mountain.

So how do we make it, now, master that in all its challenges?

Here, a new thought comes in:

  • your product is your marketing.
  • integrate your marketing right into your product.
  • Ever thought about that people already started to admire you?
  • Let them be part of it. allow them to make more of it.

Yes, you gotta integrate your marketing right into your product! – even if it’s got a few flaws and things in work, you’re offering outstanding value for money, remember?

So in being a Growth Hacker, we highly recommend you integrate some kind of marketing right into your tool. Famous Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and Google have gone this way, before. Concentrate on your product, your service, your offering, your USP. 

All you need.

Your best ads are the first-hand recommendations of all those people trying out your work, your Demo Applications, your proof-of-concept Prototypes. Have it be a “whow” effect, and if you want, even gratify all your new friends for helping you on your way.

  • Pay with a Tweet.

Read more about our Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition on Twitter, world’s fastest network, in case you’re looking for a good idea on how to gratify your users without just giving them 5 additional stars or simply bonus points, as you have it in every local super market today.

at Dynamic Applications,

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we say that the Growth Hacker has a lot of potential to succeed.

As success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm, courage, and a good vision, hidden deep in your heart, to make this world a better place for everyone.

Following that path, you can’t go wrong.

Read more about famouos companies in Growth Hacking, here:

In case you’ve understood the idea, this page will continue with an overview of more, maybe even more interesting strategies to follow as a Startup Platform developer. 

If you want to talk your idea through, we’re here to help. First call will always be free.

Business Model Nr. 2: make more of it.


And now we’re entering the way to a new level of achievement: at some point, every serious Platform Builder has to invite others to join in, and start using the platform for their very own purpose. How can we achieve that?

First of all, i can tell you how we did that at Dynamic Applications. In 2016, as i said, we made ourselves the complete laugh of the neighbourhood, by publishing software as ugly as follows. At that point, i still thought that customers would come by all by themselves, as it used to be so many years before, working for established companies, you know.

Predicted Desire v0.1, our first ever publication. 10 downloads, worldwide.
Predicted Desire v0.1, our first ever publication. 10 downloads, worldwide.

In a first Tweet, we even warned them that this prototype can not do much, and so we recommended it only for the True Entrepreneur. Good news is that we learned pretty fast on how not to promote your software if you want to be any successful in life.

So from that very version onwards, we switched over to the positive, almose euphoric style of Tweets you all seem to love and share, when we write about new releases and point out every so small detail in the best words we can find to describe its purpose.

Success is a heavy attractor in business, so by publishing shiny, much better looking new versions rapidly, we managed to increase the number of downloads, substantially.

Same thing, about a month or two, later:

Predicted Desire on an early flyer. The picture even carries our first, historic domain.

We’ll save you from more viewing more of those old, ugly pictures.

I thought this one wasn’t so bad, though. For three more months, the result diagram was a complete fake, though. So what we did is to build every piece of it, make it work over time. Lots of early testers came back and pointed out the most silly things: here it doesn’t work, there is something missing. Excellent! Now we got all these guys at their balls, demanding the next release already. Of course, we thanked them! A few months later, i finally took together all my courage and defined a version 1.0 that was pretty much roughly working, with one business model running at all:

The bakery model.

You can imagine how the first review went. It was done by Catalin Celariu of Softpedia, in July 2017, and he wrote: “i liked the general idea of the whole thing”. And then he complained, in the very official review right on their website, that it took him half an hour to understand how to operate that damn whole thing, at all. No documentation, lots of not-so-very-well-optimized dialogs, i’ll save you all the details.

Startup Product Manager v2.50, showing our first true success: the Bakery tutorial.
Startup Product Manager v2.50, showing our first true success: the Bakery Tutorial.

He concluded that this very experience could only be recommended for the True Entrepreneur, and that he was hoping for updates quickly.

  • 2.5 Stars from 5 Stars,

our first professional feedback. I almost burst into tears, and couldn’t sleep for 3 more days. Then, i said to myself, not yet, i’m not yet ready to give up, man, and started to fix everything. More business models were evolving quickly. Asked Softpedia if we were allowed to publish multiple versions of our software as long as they address different topics. It was ok to them as long as they were no plagiates, and so it was for about every software magazine and freeware store to follow.

  • so the next step was to create derivates.

The good news about derivates is that they allow you to develop one software, but publish itself in 2-3-4-5 versions with no additional effort at all. We simply changed the startup method, defining the business models, header pictures, and a few additional goodies, like the menu items to include with every version. Published all of them using Robosoft, a fine freeware upload agent, done by a small team of people around Mykola Rudenko in Ukraine. So we learn that there are people fighting a war in Ukraine, but at the same time, there are also people working for a better world for everyone.

  • Robosoft allows you to upload your free- and shareware to hundreds of websites,

all over the world. As long as there is no payment method involved, they all publish for free. So they get fine Tools, we platform developers get fine publication.

Perfect Desire, v2.32. Note a few small pen symbols, allowing You to change everything.

An early prototype of this is the book and the bookstore, it’s all the same. The book maker creates a knowledge-based platform, describing a certain task, like, building beautiful things from potter’s clay. So they take all their knowledge and publish in a book. Now the bookstore comes up and publishes the book for free, as long as they get a fair share of the revenue. In much about the same way as Robosoft, the publication agent helps authors to reach out to many bookstores at once, spread all over the country.

Next level of Integration? –

  • Perfect Desire, our do-it-yourself formula editor.
  • Translate our Dynamic Applications to your very own languages.
  • Modify any Formula, change anything, add new ones.
  • Rule of Three, all you need to succeed.
  • Load and Save, the final piece.

Believe me or not, right after defining our first few derivates, from October 2016 to September 2017, all we were working on was that one thing, really. It was planned for publication in December 2016, you know. So many details to solve.

We didn’t even have to put your nose on it.

It was the winner of 2016’s Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition, right at the top of the roadmap vote from August, 2016. So sorry that it took ages to complete that one, you know. Check through our Release Notes page and see all the small details we used to be able to put out a new release, every 2 weeks, when the whole thing was just a very big construction site, as a whole.

Next level of Integration? –

And now, we get to the very point of make more of it. The next level of integration was the dna license. We simply took the old license, called the pd license, and refined it so that you can be part of the whole thing now, no, even better, you can make more of it.

To achieve that, all we got to do is to sacrifice every piece of success that we see, every small business model that we found to have potential for a successful company, and we integrate that right into our platform (and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a book, a software, an IoT device, or a web store, here). So first of all, we added free Skype calls. Then, we wrote a dna license that you can create your own simulation models now, and that you may sell them on your own behalf.

How do we maximize our success? – You guessed it.

  • every day, we’ve been trying to maximize Your success.

It’s just a switch of perspectives, so easy to do once you get after it. So we thought ourselves in the customer, the convinced user, and the potential partner perspective, which is much about the same. So we thought about another, ridiculously attractive business case for you, not for us. We just made sure to define a so tiny, small piece of it for ourselves, you almost wouldn’t believe. So that’s why we defined it that you may keep 75% … 97.5% of all your revenues for yourself, in that you only have to share 25 Euro from every 100 … 1000 Euro you win for yourself. It seems more than fair to us!

We want you to be successful on our platform, right? – if we succeed in that in substantial numbers, it’s pretty safe to say that we’ve won anyways. Whatever happens, as long as you have dedicated partners, there’s nothing much to lose. They’ll back you up when you stumble, they’ll support you in attracting even more customers to it.

21st-century-bookstore. about true innovation.
a 21st-century-bookstore: about True innovation. as True Innovation is going to stay.

And now you know the small, interior secret of make more of it, already: if you wish for other people to participate in your way to success, first of all, think about their benefits in the whole thing, not yours. Just make sure you calculate your time and effort, closely. As soon as you have to invest more and more and more time to push people forward, you lose. As soon as you manage to let them run forward all by themselves, you win.

Your Dynamic Application of choice in following make more of it will have to be, naturally, Perfect Desire. You can start with Startup Product Manager if you want, as well decide for the SocialMedia driven App developer or the Internet of Things developer in the beginning, if you’re into either programming or IoT business, but quite honestly, in case you really wish to make more of it, that will require a bit more complex calculation, than those you’ll need to calculate a simple price point as being a standard product developer.

Internet of Things developer, v2.56. Trending growth. be invited to make more of it.

Business Model Nr. 3: Crowdsourcing.


A final example to give here, to go away from our very own example, would be the Bitcoiner. The Bitcoiner would take advantage of the Open Source code of Bitcoins, download the package, and first of all create their own variant. So they rename the whole thing to, let’s say, dna coins, and there you go. New values are created, easily.

Now, now, you’re going to say, but these are worth nothing, right? – right. On the day of creation, these are worth nothing. So we have to induce a market here, right? – and, wouldn’t it require just a little too much chuzpah if we want to surpass all bitcoiners, etherum lovers, smart contract pizza eaters over time? – we have to face it:

  • we better gotta attract a lot of people taking part in that.

And so, we’re already at the core of Crowdsourcing, our next Business Model to discuss. So how do we attract those coins to all kinds of people we know? – a first idea comes to my mind, to your mind:

  • every new visitor of our very website should get 1 coin.

Yes, one coin! That’s all it needs. It could as well be a hundred, or a thousand coins. That’s a matter of definition, of the sound of your very offering. Now, you got participants. There’s one more thing it needs to gather inital attraction: offerings.

  • take a couple of good, old books, old videos, old hardware. sell for a coin.

Here we go! It’s almost like a flea market. Lots of goods to acquire, a coin in everyone’s hand, right? – all of a sudden, your coins have gathered a lot of value.

Now, now, you’re gonna say, but that doesn’t work out in the long run, right? – right. The one point where we continue to fail here is that the market you’ve just created is very much one-sided. You have got the goods, all others have got the values, right? – so it’s no wonder that the whole thing ends up exactly as it has to end up:

SocialMedia driven App developer, v2.56: trending growth.
SocialMedia driven App developer, v2.56: trending growth. Find your dna coins in info menu.

You’ll have again all the coins, everyone else will be delighted to have all your goods. The only problem here is that as soon as you have got again all the coins, they’re worth nothing. There’s one more step to go until we see the whole picture:

  • you could offer to sell a classy, very expensive product for 10 coins.

Now, that’s a winner. With this simple measure, all of a sudden, you’ve created a market. Right, right, believe me or not, we’re ahead of time! You are a Market Maker. As by publishing a very attractive Target, you’ve just created a really attractive Promise on the far horizon of everyone’s mind. As long as people desire your classy, very expensive products for 10 coins, all of a sudden, there’s a high incentive for them in trading your coins amongst each other, possibly bringing in all kinds of natural creativity, bargain and luck, used old books, DVD videos and children’s games, to be able to acquire 10 coins and buy your classy, very expensive product. Alas, one thing still doesn’t work out: once you’ve sold your classy, expensive product, all of a sudden, the market breaks down again. Maybe some people will not have heard about it, on day one. But it breaks on day one and dies on day two, you know.

So that simple approach didn’t work out at all, right? – and here it comes, the great promise of the crowdsourcing approach:

  • you gotta involve people into the very core of your business.

right on, right on! Here we go. So imagine you start sharing your very idea in the first place. All your work. Your sourcecode. You make it open source. And then, as nobody has got an idea what that very Source Code is good for, you write a story about how it works.

  • you gotta write a success manual.

And you’ll see, if it’s any good, one day as many people will come to your website, as today are coming to read our Success Stories, here, from all those 250000 Followers on Twitter, 25000 Contacts on LinkedIn, and more than 1000 freeware and shareware pages, publishing our small Dynamic Applications products worldwide, as of today.

Finally, put up a wish list, much in the same way that we have put up @dynamic_idea and @dynamic_qs for voting, and allow everyone to take part in your very best ideas, to be part of it, to make more of it on their own behalf, and there we go. As long as your promise is strong enough, sooner or later, all kinds of people will come over, from all over the sea under the bright blue skies of The International Network, and they’ll start trying out how to make something from your very one genious idea.

about Crowdsourcing.
about Crowdsourcing. Sharing is Caring.

The difficult aspect here


is that in following the Crowdsourcing Business Model, you never know exactly how the all of this will turn out. The whole thing may explode, or die down multiple times.

You will may have some benefit here, but may have some self-made competition there.

In the end, all that remains to you is that you better make pretty sure that you’ve been The Inventor of the whole thing, or there will be thousands of inventors of that very whole thing, really soon. So now you know why we add those small cc-by-sa creative commons logos to all our promo pictures. It’s just a sign that we ask you to share – cc – what we’ve developed, mention – by – whom you got it (mention or at least, please don’t rip off that small website mention at the bottom of the picture), and – sa – share alike with others under same condition.

  • See? – that’s Crowdsourcing.

Some people will look at it, some people will share it, some people will mention you, some people will link back to your website, some people may not even say thank you at all, or create their very own marketing material from your original thoughts, but all in all, you’ll have influenced the all of them, and your brand carries on. If nothing else, they’ll have visited your website many times, even the copy-cats, and the better your offering, the more they’ll guarantee you have got visitors, resulting in you’ll be having much better rankings at Google search engine, over time.

In 21st century, as soon as you manage people to come back to you, to Pay with a Tweet, you win. There’s no Traffic Jam on the extra mile, you know. There never was. So if you are willing to go the extra mile and work two weeks of a lifetime just to publish a small article series just like this one, and enough people are willing to help you by posting your works on Facebook, by paying with a Tweet, by liking what they see, you win over time.

If you fail to meet people’s need, though, you will as well lose over time.

Maybe the most common cause for failure of a Startup. So in love with their own idea, in their very comfort zone, delighted to do what you want, for the first time in your life, you might miss the true need of people, of customers, of society as a whole. That’s why we always recommend to keep your costs, low, and rather keep growing slowly, than overheating from high credit under high pressure, only for maximum speed of what some people call growth. In case of failure, you’ll have more time to reconsider, to reconcile, to renew your path, your culture, and your solution altoghether, and adapt your company to daily reality. To the needs of your customers. Your define your way to go, along them.

And not against them, or even away from them, right into your very own comfort zone.

Photovoltaic System v2.56 - TCO - RoI - Return on Invest (Light UI Theme)
Photovoltaic System v2.56. automated ToolTips, explaining all formula in live calculation.

In 21st century, it’s all there.

Age of surplus information. Why were you thinking about that presentation for that wealthy banker, to feed you? – in the end, it’s gonna be exactly the other way around. If you fail, Your parent’s house is gonna feed that banker. And if You win, 5% of all you earn is already gone for the credit. See? – a good banker knows a lot about fine business models, you were just inexperienced. So as we said before – the best motivation to work is to start work. Go ahead! Follow many people, tell them what you do, show them how much effort you have put in your very works, today.

Don’t worry, in 21st century, Success is gonna find you.

2017.04.25 - SEO Stats
about SEO. Success is much about heading in the right direction, over time.
2017.07.17 - dna - SEO Stats 2-6 (de)
about SEO. There are amazing tools out there, we prefer to use those we can use for free.

  • was it worth the effort?

a very difficult question to answer. You can use Startup Product Manager (Tool-centric) or even Business Process Manager (people, task and work-time-centric) to calculate your time, but your success could take Years over time, years longer than you’d originally thought. Take a look at the SocialMedia driven App developer (programming effort) or the Internet of Things developer simulation in case you’re interested in Adwords, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) cost. Whatever they say, these are also not low.

For every Adword to succeed, for every click on your website, you’re gonna pay between 10 and 25 cent, minimum. If we assume a realistic conversion rate from Website visitors to convinced buyers of your products of 1% over time, which is a good rate, those 10 to 25 cent for a click have already become 10 to 25 Euro for a buy. And so for every buyer, you’ll have to charge them an additional 10 to 25 Euro towards the true value of your products, our you’ll not survive for long.

So the true value, the natural attractivity of Crowdsourcing is that you have got a pretty good idea, or even better, a strong Vision on where you’re heading towards. In the end, you may have to spend a lot of extra efforts in networking with other participants of the source creating, source seeking crowd. Remember that in being The Creator of the whole thing, you have a natural advantage of overlooking most of it, for a very long time ahead. So how did we gain all that knowledge about Business Model theory, to be able to tell you, to Teach you, today? – well, what did you think, it was 25 bucks! It was 25 bucks of invest, reading myself into a good book on Business Model development, then another 5 bucks into an old, used pocket book called “what would Google do?”, then some studying of Wikipedia and a bit of specific research on Google, our universal knowledge holder, itself, and then, it was sitting down and writing it all down, that one day.


In case you have difficulty in understanding those Adwords and SEO calculations we did, we’re here to help. Your first Webmeeting, Skype call, Workshop or phonecall will be free of charge as long as you spend the Train ticket if you want us to visit you. As long there is no cost, there is no cost. As soon as you start asking me to work for you, that’s charged.

Business Model Nr. 4: The Market Maker.

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Finally, a true killer application. What’s that? –

The Market Maker not only creates a business platform, the Market Maker creates his or her very own market on top of even that. If you have read closely, you’ll already have seen a lot of information about heading towards The Market Maker. On Page 1 of our Tutorial, we’ve already introduced you to what it is, right? – then, all above sections have told you a lot about the various requirements, like, how to define and start building a platform from scratch, using the Growth Hacking methodology. Then, starting to make more of it. Third, using Crowdsourcing to attract a large variety of people to it, by publishing your method, if not your sources. So basically, coming here, we’re pretty sure you have a very good idea of what The Market Maker does, right? –

  • Amazon, ebay,
  • Google,
  • Uber,
  • Facebook, Twitter,
  • Dynamic Applications.

What’s common among them? – and why did they finally succeed? – well, first of all, finally is a strong word, here. We all don’t know if any of these will have survived in 2025, have been forced to split up, to merge, or having been bought by a finance investor (you can be pretty sure, by the way, that Dynamic Applications is never going to be bought by a finance investor – just my 2 ct in being their founder:  we’re not that stupid …) – what we do here is that we invite you to take part in it, to make more of it, whether you are wealthy, or not.

As we try to give the value of 1 to everyone, to every customer out there.

You help yourself? – it’s free. We work for you being lazy? – it’s charged.

Our culture.

Throw as much of that culture right into your very own Garbage bin.

Take what you want. It’s free. 

about 21st century markets. changing the world is much about creating a vision from belief.

So what it needs to become a successful Market Maker is, first of all, a lot of potential.

  • Is your promise strong enough?

Our first key question to answer. Now, how do we create potential if we start from nothing, with empty hands? – there, there, now you’re much too fast, Young Modeler, as sad as it sounds, you’re ahead of time. But we’re not saying as sad as it is, you know. I’m saying as sad as it sounds, as when i look bad on our small family business, here, that’s not sad at all.

At Dynamic Applications, we the people are defining our way, our next Target to follow, the next big thing to publish. We are voting in online democracy. We don’t talk much about pride, status, power and absolute control at all, we win pride from working. We are working for each other. We create our own competition, by making every tiny piece of success available to our followers, by subsequently incorporating every wish we heard. As we are no Time billionaires, either, we post things on our public roadmap, before we build.

Consider that on your way to become a successful Market Maker, at some point, you’ll have to share many, many, if not all of these precious USP that you have created, that took you so long to build. That you could very well use to feed your own children. 

For example, have you noticed that Photovoltaic System, in all its powerful uniqueness, is much of a pretty standalone example in our product suite? – it was our second simulation ever, done right after building Predicted Desire, our proof-of-concept differential equation solver engine. It was the first ever Application written in Desire, our very own simulation model language. Do you see what kind of a value was that? – looking back, almost instantly after its publication, it stopped the bullshit, it stopped all those laughing in tears smileys.

Photovoltaic System v2.50 - TCO - RoI - Return on Invest
Photovoltaic System, v2.56. Ergonomy. Usability. Complexity Reduction. Simplicity. Beauty.

Have you noticed it still to be part of our right-hand side navigation pane? – it’s a top-down approach, remember. Now let’s assume we started to build many more of those, of all those promising, sophisticated simulation models. How long does it take, for example, to buy a good book on Amazon, or even read yourself into the Power of Wind Turbines, of motor engines, of Hydropower plants, on Wikipedia and Google? – to take a piece of paper, draw a few circles on it, connect them, put some numbers on it, develop some first-hand formula, and publish a new simulation model, ahead of time, ahead of voting? – not very long. A few days, a week, at maximum. The natural drawback here is that if we start to follow the path of an Engineer, a traditional Programmer, a Product Manager, refining our very own tools, where would we end up? – see? – we’d definitely not be ending up to become a successful Market Maker. We’d probably be able to sell a simulation model here and there, high price, we’d have to switch around our website, make it shiny and beautiful, buy in a professional website designer, you know, and go all the way down that so many other companies went.

And so we learn that to become a successful Market Maker has a lot to do with the second part of our big, strong promise, growth and contribution. To become a successful Market Maker requires a lot of contribution, in the first place. It requires you to stand away from your very own success, no indeed, to work yourself to death for the success of others. To work yourself to complete exhaustion for the success of the very first few people who started to believe in you, who started to trust you, and who started to trust you so much, so strongly, that they finally started to build their own success on top of your very platform.

As we said, that’s a killer application. From our perspective, the Market Maker was the hardest road to follow, the ultimative path to select, the strongest Target we could think of.

From maximum growth to maximum contribution. 

What a challenge.

Third World. What a Potential. In People. In thankful customers. Target Your future customers.

Good news is that in going the hard way, you learn a lot about what it means to be a good Market Maker. You more or less have to by-pass, to fulfill all the strategies shown before on this very page, to be able to incorporate them right into your very own solution.

In a way, it seemed natural to choose that one.

Remember that different people have different goals.

The belbin team role test, for me in being the author of this article, has shown very strong results in being The Plant (inventor – 17 points), The Resource investigator (15 points – networker), and finally, the implementor (programmer, wheel driver, 12 points). Every other role was beyond 5 points. That was the core of writing the business plan. And so, Dynamic Applications became the perfect company for me. Remember that first of all, key for success is the diversity of market partners. Second, that not every person on earth has got the same strengths, which defines your very chance. Third, that i’ve changed a lot over time, from being Team worker, coordinator, implementor, and specialist in 2004, when i did that test for the first time in my life. So you could as well decide to become any personality you wish for. Just make sure to give it some time, you know.

A successful Startup, a fundament, developing a culture, is much like the walk of a lifetime.

The longer it takes, the better it gets. Let’s say we’re not in a hurry, as a general habit.

Startup Product Manager v2.50 with beautiful, automated info symbols.
Startup Product Manager v2.56, in all its reduced beauty. What would Google do?

We’re working. Our motivation.

Dynamic Applications - dna logo

We’re working to make you, the people all over this very world, who are downloading all our small business applications by the thousands now, even more happy over time. We win pride from your success, not ours. Why did you think i took the time to write down all our experience in successful Business Model development, here? – I’ve been studying almost 10 years, started both Physics and Informatics, or Computer Science, as you say in America. Working 15 years in Energy Industry, at a company department called Utility Solutions. 

Finally, after a few years of Strategy advisory and simulation modeling for a Smart Grid investment planning, i took all my courage together, and started over from belief. From a belief that it was not very worthful to help rich people to become richer, every day. From finding out that noone was going to thank me, by concept. That i had a lot of money on a bank account, but half of it was already gone, month after month, from paying an expensive, small room in Munich, and from buying Tickets to go 1200 km per weekend with Deutsche Bahn, Intercity Express. The higher you get in traditional business, the harder it gets. 

Noone is going to thank you, all former collegues are going to hunt you. The higher you get, the more money you have to press out of customers, former collegues, employees, and young Team workers, who have done nothing wrong except hiring at the wrong company, a company of greed. So that’s why i’ve started Dynamic Applications, and to be honest, that’s the true reason why i think that we will be successful, here. Going an extra mile, every day. Publishing all our works free of charge, on The International Network.

No kidding, i’m going out to the green woods, walking an extra mile every day, now. As i’ve got time. As i’ve got your thank-you’s. And as we’re so rapidly expanding, that our small, self-written predictor here, called the SocialMedia driven App developer, tells me that we almost couldn’t earn anything here, in year one or year two, in any realistic scenario.

Well of course, if you’d be willing to pay 7.49 Euro for Perfect Desire in Windows 10 Store,  in high numbers, no problem at all. But that’s so very unrealistic thinking, you know.

Wishful thinking does not necessarily lead to success.

Do we pay our bills, our taxes? – you bet. At Dynamic Applications, we’re builders.

dna header - beautiful woman looking eyes
about success. vision. dedication. passion. Targets. challenges. hard work. outstanding performance.

What you need to become a successful Market Maker


is, first of all the Need of many, many people out there. Is your promise strong enough?

Have you heard about that they elected Donald Trump for President out there, far over the sea, in the United States of America? –  and why did they do that? – well, if you ask me, it had got a lot to do with a deep desire to make yourself an easy life, you know, to shortcut all that burden. Think of the coal miners, for a minute. Why do you think the coal miners are told to have been electing Donald Trump by the thousands? – to become a coal miner requires a high level of dedication, of courage, of passion, of challenges.

It requires you to work deep under the earth, smell that smoke, inhale that dirt, that dirty old coal in your lungs, it involves to work yourself to death for a well-being living of people living down under, in that shiny big coast towns, like in New York’s very downtown, in downtown Manhattan.

dna header - lighted sea haven in fog at night

It’s a little hard to understand, in being a coal miner, we assume, that some of those very well-being people, suffering from high education, have nothing else on their mind than to protect our world climate by creating more and more laws to protect our environment, you know. To protect coal from burning, in effect protect coal miners from working, from risking their life for you, from earning food for their families. Imagine for a second, that you would already know that you are going to die, 15 years ahead of time, from coal lung cancer, with 70 to 90% probability.

Not the very best end of a lifetime to imagine, you know?

And, instead of saying “Thank you”, which was all that they had hoped for, now they feel like White Trash. Dirty old people who have learned nothing much than coal mining. Thrown-out old Taxi drivers who were pretty well doing in driving a Taxi, who were experts in traffic, in driving your very own car, like it was so very standard in the old ages, in the beginning, right after stone age of computers, in the beginning of 21st century.

I am pretty sure that many of them truly understand, deep in their heart, that the days of coal mining, of truck driving, of all those early self-made-man jobs are going to be over, pretty soon. As machines are going to take over what’s left, what’s still needed from that hard work and labour. Maybe, it would have required a little more respect for those people, a small remembering, a footnote in the president’s weekly press conference.

Maybe it was just the time to go, the time to come, for a new generation of people.

How would these people wish to be treated, when they’re old and tired?

Dynamic Applications - freedom of choices, reflection, options, poverty and luxury, growth and contribution
Dynamic Applications: freedom of choice, options, poverty, reflection, growth and contribution

At Dynamic Applications, we’re slow, we’re small, we’re a freeware publisher and a small family business, and we can’t help everyone. But in that we take pride from working, from working for you, i can tell you one very thing.

How wonderful it is that any single person on earth need not wait a single moment to start improving the world, our world of tomorrow.

  • do you believe in money, the universal value holder? –
  • do you believe in the existance of numbers, of Math itself?

Looking out of my window, i see a lot of potential: Customers. Customers in need.

Now i am too small to feed all of them, you know, we are too small as a family, a group, a country even. What we can do is to write about what we do here, how wonderful it is, how thankful we are for all those thousands of Retweets and Likes and Favourites you’ve been sending towards us. Liking our ever so small Tweets, with a sentence or two.

Sharing your articles with us, driving us forward with full force. And so we conclude that there is gonna be a need for what we do, there is a need for a better world, a need for business planners, a need for automated optimizers even that will allow you, our very fan crowd out there, allow to define your success on the software we’ve built, in long days of frustration and problem solving. It’s founded on The Ethics of Sharing Economy, of the ages to come. Read more about our vision, the fundament of our company culture, in that very article. And now you know the true reason why Dynamic Applications are gonna be free, no matter how poor we already are, or how hard it may gonna be. That’s not a matter of greed, it’s a matter of principles. It’s a matter of values, of belief, of working, of trust in a better society. Of Sharing Economy. Of creating our very own market here, of working for each other, even if it’s just been elaborated, concretized, in those very few bridges to your world, our small pocket calculators. Our Knowledge, all that was left. Your way to success.

Dynamic Applications. civilization. world wide connections. growth and saturation.

What we learn here is that it may be very helpful to create some kind of convincing story, some company culture, or even borrow some cultural ethics (lots of sources for that) and connect the fundament you like best, to your business. As that would mean that apart from the monetary aspect, that you can not really win by attraction, there is a high incentive to join your project from the idealistic point. In case you are any good here, that would in turn create a wish to ‘be part of it’, to join your project and work for your idea just as people feel that this way they are supporting their own belief, their own vision for a better world.

And a better world is something that many, many people wish, but it’s almost to achieve that in being a single person. And here again it comes, the choice to select from, or combine the ‘make more of it’, ‘crowdsourcing’, and ‘The Market Maker’ business development strategies. Keep in mind that it’s not very useful to end up being the Jack of all Trades, so it may be wise to address them, one after one, like building stones for the fundament.

So while the Growth Hacker has a genious (or even just starting point) idea, that grows into something great, but suffers from invisibility. The ‘make more of it’ strategy requires to share all kinds of benefits with your partners, to limit yourself, so that the boundaries between customers and partners almost go away. You have to leave your customers for your partners, who help themselves and make more of your idea, and so your partners are your new customers. This means nothing less than you have to start all over as soon as you have acquired your first very few customers, or even see them approaching on horizon.

2017.04.25 - SEO Stats, Dynamic Applications.
2017.04.25 – SEO Stats, Dynamic Applications.
2017.07.17 - dna - SEO Stats 2-6 (de)
2017.04.25 – SEO Stats, Dynamic Applications. Detail improvement can take a lot of time.

The crowdsourcing strategy offers the greatest promise to partners, in allowing them to exploit all your works in maximum extent, but in turn, it requires you to forfeit your own vision, as even if you’re successful, and people start downloading your code, everyone will naturally start to use it for their very own best. So the whole thing has high potential to end up in complete anarchy, with lots of once-promising, now broken-down starters, the typical open source project. Still, examples like Linux, or Google’s Android smartphone OS show the high potential of the general idea.

Finally, the Market Maker strategy will require you not only to create your own competition, it will require you to create a completely new market, so first of all, you have to convince people that there is something to buy, and then, that there is something to sell, and then, that there are many competitors already, and then, that they got a chance to succeed right in there, from all the options on their table. So The Market Maker strategy will in fact require you to create a lot of rules, or no wonder that people are going to fight endless wars against you, and each other. And therefore, it is much about the opposite of the crowdsourcing strategy.

Now, which rules could be useful, here? – well, naturally, you’ll have to answer all your participants’ first questions! – first of all, how can we create money in a sustainable way, so we don’t waste our time in something that’s not going to work out in the long run, anyway? – second, are we sure this is not just another Pyramid game, a snowball avalanche that’s going to feed a few creators on the backs of all late participants? – third, and here we look at the topic itself, why should we put our work time, our money, into trading something new when this naturally means it is not very clear how much it is? – and there you’ll need a strong vision to survive. It doesn’t have to be perfect in the beginning, you know. 

Best advice we can give you is to point out to everyone how your idea is going to improve their world, and so is going to improve everyone’s world in enlarging and expanding, which you guys have thought through, beforehand, as bestg as possible by all means. A good vision must be convincing. Check out the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition if you haven’t done so, already (sorry for repeating, it’s our best bet). A good starter here is to invent some kind of system or method that’s going to warrant, that’s going to improve, your very own success over time. A good vision develops itself, over time. It starts in your heart. Ever thought about being able to find sense not in making rich bosses richer, anymore, but by fulfilling your own promise, everyday, in fulfilling your customers’ desires?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One final thing is to keep it simple. There’s a danger in the wish to fulfil everyone’s needs and questions, you start creating an all-in-one rule system that’s suitable for every purpose. Remember the Jack in all Trades, again. Keep it simple. Reduce it. Make it beautiful.

Overly complex rule systems tend to be not very convincing, as people will start to search for loopholes, increasing their fear of signing a contract that turns out not so well, after they’ve signed. And that’s not a strong seller.

At Dynamic Applications, our time is as well limited. So we start writing down everything that comes to our mind and could be useful, and then we clean that up and make it more beautiful over the years. The big advantage here is that you have a lot of content from day one, and even if people start criticizing you, that only means they’ve seen something, here.

And believe me, the one thing that all those Google Robots will never know is to decide whether an idea, a website, a blog, has valuable content indeed. They take a good guess, from observing masses of rottening data. They told us our website could improve if we use higher level speech, more educated language, for example. They think you have something valuable only if you have paid a design agency to polish your website to be as professional and boring as every other professional business owner website. Believe me, in being machines, they have got no idea about innovation, connecting the uncertain, creation of the unknown, and of developing a new vision for this world: Your vision. That’s the challenge.

Thank you to, one of our earliest, true supporters, for all their free imagery.

Future ideas

dna logo dark

on how to proceed on our way towards a successful Market Maker include The Dynamic Applications inventor kit, a package of Perfect Desire, some early source code, an export of The Dynamic Applications Web Store, and a small Tutorial that teaches you in putting the all of this together. Yes, you. Not, me. We wish you the same very experience, that very one wonder of success, coming to you ever so slowly, in days after days after days of continued failure, struggling, bugfixing, and explaining. In explaining so long about what we do that we finally started to write this whole website, to be able to answer the growing all-of-you more efficiently. Apply here in case you’re interested.

That’s of course following the Crowdsourcing strategy, a way we’ve considered, a way as well promising, a way that famous companies like Sun Microsystems went in defining their Java programming language, in Google defining the Android ecosystem of Smartphone OS.

It’s not a preferred way at the moment, though, it’s rather a backup strategy. Not all people on earth are your friends, whatever you do. In case someone comes by and would try to remove us, try to stop us on our way of developing our small, free platform for business model development for everyone, maybe by putting some lawyers on us for the most ridiculous reasons on earth, it’s always good to have a backup strategy at hand, you know.

A secondary line of development will focus on re-branding and deploying the products, the simulation models of Dynamic Applications under your very own name. Sounds pretty much like an attraction here, doesn’t it? – we’d say that’s a typical Market Maker strategy.

In August 2017, a small Startup of Young Modelers from Munich has shown interest in re-branding our platform, as a whole. Again, we calculated everything together. 750 Euro of adaptions for removing about all rememberances of our own Website, just to support their natural growth in defining their own custom software platform on top of my works.

Why didn’t we offer these at lower prices? – well, it’s always good to have a few red lines, you know. In negotiating with your customers, i learned that it’s key to success for a sales person to stay on top of what’s happening, to keep an overview of the situation.

Any sale of your product is a contract, and if it’s a customization sale, a high-price sale, that’s even a very important contract. And so, in giving a warranty that our products are error-free, we can not deliver customizations, for free. It’s already risky to offer such warranty for free products, you know, but let’s view that one as marketing, let’s view you guys as free volunteer testers for a second.

A third development line has already started, it’s the Dynamic Applications Web Store project, inventing a Store with the unique purpose to sell Dynamic Applications.

You can vote for it, here.

So in case you read upon here,

and find that way we describe the Market maker has quite a bit of promise, just remember it’s not about throwing all your works out of the window, for free. That’s just another comfort zone. From our perspective, being a successful Market Maker is much about perfect prediction, it’s much about keeping an overview over a growing fan crowd, fighting an ever growing battle of incoming requests, of competition visiting your website, of people copying your thoughts, of others inventing their very own markets, of creating your very own competition. We’d say you’ll need a pretty impressive Tool for that, so take a guess.

Choose for yourself, we’d say you’re more than ready to grow, Young Modeler.
Our online university class for today is almost over.  

Dynamic Applications. Success is much about heading in the right direction, over time.

For March 2018, end of Q1, we’re targeting completely configurable application menus, free of charge, for the all of you. We’re targeting to switch our deprecated, historical Visual Studio 2015 Setup Product Plugin with WiX, the Windows Installer Toolkit. It will allow us to define every Setup project in pure XML, a test-based small meta language.

This way, we target you, our customers, to be able to re-brand Dynamic Applications at no more than 250 Euro, for half a day of work involved for us for discussing and signing a partner contract. In the long run, we target you, all those Young Modelers using our small application framework, to build any kind of financial, nature or scientific purpose simulation models on top of our platform, under your very own name.

As your success is ours, one day, i’ll be able to feed my family from supporting all your enhancement requests, at a minimum price point. Best one we can make.

Now you know all it needs for being a successful Market Maker. You know all we know.

Your task for today is to define the perfect point of your personal involvement in this very one market, for example. Send in your thoughts, here, or pay with a Tweet. 

Stay tuned.

Sharing is Caring.

Dynamic Applications. Tutorials for Startups.

Workshop: Your Perfect do-it-yourself Business Planner.


Table of Contents:

Finally, select your perfect 48-month business planner, free of charge. See our Products Menu for more. All Applications are free to use, 99 ct after one (1) year of successful usage.

about Success.

Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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