on the autonomy of we people.

on the autonomy of we People,
in a well-balanced Federal, Democratic and as well Republican society.



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today, on 22nd February 2o22, radio and tv stations around the globe are reporting that russian troops have occupied a small Region in East Ukraine that was called the Donbass.

Two cities, Doneszk and Luhansk, with a population of about 1.000.000 people and a bit more than 400.000 people, respectively, have been accepted by the Russian Government as independent, autonomous regions in the world, with a status of, or similar to, a small independent Nation.

Furthermore, it was told that no further Territory of Ukraine or other countries was occupied by Russian Troops. So as it seems, to the best of my knowledge, they basically have decided to defend the autonomy of their own Landsmen, who had settled there in the decades before today, in a majority of about 75% of Russian population, towards a minority of about 25% of Ukraine population.

This incident, as harmful as it sounds, makes it clear that the Russian Government has decided to invest no more hope in the autonomy status within Ukraine, as it was proposed in the Minsk agreement.

According to the Principles of International Public State Law, a country‘s actions have to be measured by the country‘s constitution. This follows from the assumption of innocence (in dubio pro reo), in combination with the existance of any natural person(s) in that state. We could question if a public state exists, in Theory, but as soon as the existance of that Public State is defended by a natural person, signing that to you personally (an alternative common worldwide habit is to claim your belonging to your Public State by showing your Passport), the existance of that Public State is now properly defended by your own Personal Integrity, Trustworthyness, and Credibility, through (Pacta sunt Servanda).


Eqality before the Law.

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Would we add The assumption of Equality of We the People before the Law, in that Public State, in general, we can now safely assume that all we people in that Public State shall as well defend the Existance of that Public State, by Pacta Sunt Servanda, or either their Personal Integrity, Trustworthiness or Credibility is, at minimum so to say, overall questionable. And that‘s formally defended, correctly, by in dubio pro reo (prove me wrong), q.e.d.

See? – since you can not prove me wrong, correctly, it‘s properly defended. This simple consideration proves that any person can defend their public state, self, form ally. Under the assumption that there are no other illogical declarations (statements that can be proven wrong) or mistakes in the declaration of that Public State, at all, now we have declared the minimum legal Public State.

Finally, please note that there could be other, as well or even more minimal declarations, that are as well functional (for example: cogito, ergo sum (i think, so i am)). However, the less binding rules there are, the more Freedom for aggressive people would be legal in that Public State, naturally, defended by in dubio pro reo. In any case, as long as a person of another state is acting according to their constitution, how dare thou to forfeit good rights of them, be same.



Under the assumption of Freedom before the Law, granted in combination with Equality before the Law, as we have it here in Germany, best path to follow would be be half free, grant half same, to everyone, naturally. As well we can conclude already that as long as these two basic rules are granted, it‘s fair enough to write and publish your own thoughts on autonomy, as well, and create all kinds of functional states, as long as the good rights of others on their own opinion are not destroyed, or harmed, severely, or, strictly spoken, overly (while that‘s actually, looking closely, a very righteous opinion, because overly demands equality overly, and so denies a lot of personal freedom). That’s Logic.

At Dynamic Applications, we call Persons who dare to deny us our natural freedom an „intolerant person“ (unerträgliche Person), as they are not very tolerant, to us, at all. This way, we decently express our utter disrespect, in all our modesty, for such enemies of our own constitution. But we don‘t have to insult them, so we just mention it peacefully, at times. Never have we taken their Passport just for that, although we might have seen this our good right, following from art. 18 gg, et. al., in our own opinion. But we are honorable people, and so we can behave ourselves.

Finally, to conclude these our most early considerations, we take a look at the Constitution of the -Russian Federation, one of the warranting nations of our own existence, to day. As Russia 🇷🇺 was precluded by The Soviet Union 🇲🇪, they have the problem of natives who reside in foreign countries that were formerly part of The Soviet Union. Here we have been looking for a description on how they shall, or have to, address it, correctly, according to their own constitution, considering that half a million mostly russian people were not properly cared for by the Ukraine, from their perspective.



Of course, native people from the Ukraine could have another, different opinion, based on their own constitution. But they should not deny good rights of autonomy to their russian neighbours, friends and brothers, have they declared some Autonomy, or not, of course, which again follows from the consideration of equality. At least it‘s safe to say that minimum good rights (Water, Food, Electricity) of we the people should have been granted them, of course, as for everyone else (children and old people and unemployed people, in Ukraine standards, for example). So that the good right of basic, peaceful living as such, with elementary supply of foodshall be granted to either side.

That‘s what we defend at Dynamic Applications. Everyone‘s most basic existance, altogether, where possible, by Pacta sunt Servanda. So, should some people from Ukraine who live inside of Russia declare Autonomy for them selves, fair enough, we say. As well should they be treated, with minimum good rights them granted, any case. So we are still people.

.. .

From: The Constitution of The Russian Federation (EU), Article 69. Source: EU Council, Strasbourg, 2o21.o2.o4.

. ..

Yeah, well. Read what it says, think self, we saye. Fair enough. Fair enough, in all respect.

Now how would we expect good democrat, react to that, in all our modesty? – watch modern TV, honestly, and think ur self, then you will understand the difference between good, modest and respectful person, and a demagogue.



Apart from these very basic considerations, what ever will happen, these days, be sure and please respect that here at Dynamic Applications, we have to condemn any further, especially military interactions that would involve, endanger or even risk the life of people, by all means, which is defended by art. 102 gg, literally reflected in art. 102 agb of Dynamic Applications, where capitol punishment is abolished by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, defended by us, formally correct, by pacta sunt servanda, in dubio pro reo (ref. art. 20 gg (4)), as expected.

So in case you are utterly hurt, or even lost a loving one, be sure to be defended, formally correct, by Pacta sunt Servanda, with us. This means nothing less than that you can bring up your issue and claim refunds, any Court. But as we are only a small family development, in charging your claim, you are kind of on your own, unless you decide to involve us formally, for example, by order, or by Law.


We help victims in such cases by creating public, general and legal proof by creating a public calculation model. This way, every journalist, every judge, every state attorney, every police officer, every other victim can as well calculate the case, and, even adjust the calculation to their own requirements. We charge our work time for that. Simply spoken, you can involve us by EMail, calling us on the Fouder‘s phone (+49 15 25 35 26 101), on Twitter (@dynamicons), Skype (martin.bernhardt.2002), or Clubhouse (@mydarkstar). These are as well declared on our Impressum / Contact page, in public. Then of course i have to find it (your EMail has to reach us, for example, and decide self to invest my time for you against all other people, exclusively).

Our EMail System, for example, is then defended by Pacta sunt Servanda, through United Internet AG. Not much to complain there, all i can say, at least it works, don‘t ask me how they filter it.

That‘s why it’s better paid, generally, but most of the time we listen to it first, consider, and can at least give a few early recommendations, free of charge. As long as it‘s not paid, that‘s more or less expression of our personal opinion, of course. Where paid, well, then it‘s properly defended by Pacta sunt Servanda, with us. So now you can turn the Law against us, should we not serve you well enough. This is not actually welcome, so we are happy that we never had such a case, so far, that we‘ve been sued by Customer. In the worst case, should there fall to way many cases on my Table, order is well-defined by our own agb, terms and conditions (first come, first served, and Paper works best in any case, as Courts as well send work on Paper, frequently, already).

at Dynamic Applications, we are not a Lawyer consultancy, and, we are not a State Attorney Factory, we are just a very well-balanced Startup consultancy. This means that we do good in caring for a well-balanced public state, in that we can calculate general public crime, for example. So should there be victims in a shoot-out, for example, we can calculate the sum of refunds, correctly. Sometimes there are ugly cases, where people find out that their health or life insurance was basically insuring themselves. Then what also happens regularly is mistakes at Court, self, so forexample, corrupt or mistake by Judge. In such cases try self to go against Judge, because all of a sudden, State Attorney so busy, so busy, no time for your poor case. State Attorney and Judge get paid by same Court, you know. So by fighting against each other, Court‘s reputation is harmed, which harms Trustworthyness of the Court, by Law. Should they continue, fighting, no wonder that the whole place was shut down, by Public demand, just few years later.

First questions and early thougts are free of charge, in such cases, of course. The proper refunds will have to be calculated by Court, then paid by insurance, criminal self, or even Town office, anyway. Finally, to involve us by Law, you can simply use our official, well-defended Protocol Form Template or Work order Form, as published with our AGB as well as deployed with every Windows 10 Store App, formally correct defended by 75 € before the Law (ref. art. 25, art. 100 gg (2)) for this, as printed in same text in our own agb, where there‘s declared how to apply the precedence of directly binding international Law.

Finally, by simply using our well-defended Protocol Form Template for your Letter to any Court, worldwide, we are already involved, formally correct. The Court itself (your Judge) will then decide whether to involve us, or not, or the case would/could (be) escalate(d), so as well escalate in News, Radio and TV, as well as be escalated correctly in Court hierarchy, where no other remedy. So now you understand the good, defendable Balance that results from working like crazy and providing goods for the many, you know.

At the same time, by having declared in public that we reserve our good right to limit any such personal, or public tax donation by 1000 € self, per month, here we proclaim in public that we don‘t intend to be corrupted, any time, in public, so print that out and sue us later, any Court. See? – that‘s how we people can create a case defendable, by Law.

As i said, basially really the only thing we can do is to create proof of incident, so, for example, make visible in a relatively easy, understandable way as well your issue to a platform 100 000 almost completely independent, very well distributed, almost undetectable users of Dynamic Applications around the globe.

As we are all of independent mind, freedom and equality, every one will then decide just for them selves, and their families, and so as well their own priorities, finally, of course. But where no other remedy, this may come at a really good price, you know. Because 2500 € is a lot of money to us, just a monthly payment for a few weeks full of work, where others would not even give you just one handshake anymore, for that.

That‘s the value of defending the existance of Dynamic Applications properly, to day, with 1000 € formally, distributing Germany’s Publicly declared State Targets (ref. art. 14, 15 gg) correctly (!) by world Law,

80 mio so’uls x 100 000 € = 8000 bn € = 1000 € p.P. per nation on earth,

as constituted in memory of WW(ii), and defended by [[(UN 1948)], (iii), (vi), (xii), (iixx)], The well-known declaration of Human Rights (World Law), as well defended as The Federal Republic of Germany, itself, warraned by the UN General Assembly, our human life and dignity as well granted, as well to be, by declaration of [(UN 1948)], in Memory of WW (ii), c grace, c grace, exist, and be we thankful, q.e.d.

Now don‘t you worry, that won‘t make you a poor person, instantly. That‘s why we have the Courts, on the Planet. They process it, case by case, with everything that comes on their table, while People dying on the streets. Many people have many wishes, you know. In the Federal Republic of Germany, this is defended by §198 of GVG, the Federal Constitutional Law of Court (Gerichtsverfassungsgesetz), for example. So check that out and now you understand how poor this Country really is, including your self, as a resident here, by Public Law. However, the books of GVG are really not well-known, to very many people, and that‘s why so much stupid Garbage is talked about, in modern Radio TV. So the challenge is not only create Public Law, but as well being able to defend it, properly, and make it count against the Court, where no other remedy.

Now that explains a lot of problems on the Road for your own, small Autonomy. To resolve this, correctly, before the Law, at Dynamic Applications, that‘s why we have declared the Honorable Council, as an addendum to the Laws of Constitution, in art. 101 of our own Constitution, our agb, Terms and Conditions. And they read it by the Thousands, per year, already, alone in 2o21 a.d. Now take a guess what impact that‘s in year 2o32, 2o45. No one knows that for certain, but so far, are we live well-presented and defended by The Public Law, or not. See? – Chances. it‘s always good to have the Law with you, my friend. So make it right, fair and most evenly, or run away no more consider, anyway. Our golden Law of daily Task, empowering us people, fiercely defended by the Thousand souls.

.. . … . ..

(Transparency. Privacy protection. chance. and Participation). our values. .. .

. .. … .. .

(in dubio pro reo, (cc-by-sa) » agb),

(in dubio pro reo, (cc-by-nd) « agb),

. .. (1000 € » c agb » c form), .. .

(gg » pacta sunt servanda « gg).

.. . … . ..

We defend us by Law of constitution, with a few additional amendments and comments, which we consider our good right. Still, we believe that in publishing calculation models of global relevance, in raising and concerning the public opinion of our selves with certain topics, we contribute to the perspective of your self, our selves, and the people around us, naturally, by defending 100 000 people (root of man kind), but not more. We are not god, You are not god, so that’s more than enough. We offer to take Protocol, formally correct, for example, and sign self therefore be involved with all kind of other people‘s Trouble.

That’s why we value our own project with a relatively low overall value, formally. good news is that we take small wage, so most of all profit remains for you and your Lawyer(s), formally correct, as well. So the more we care for Law Topics, self, the better we defend our own belongings, naturally.

Never think that a good, formally correct presented idea by Law, has no value though.

Sharing is caring.


Vlad in mir, put in.

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.. .

In a Pandemic, as we call the most recent worldwide “Corona” Healthcare crisis, apart from the question of the influenca, g’rippe, cough and cold questions of personal health, we see the World challenged by another Threat. “Ep i demic? – Pan! demic!”. The strongest meaning comes from within the word self. So a Pandemic brings the natural risk of we the people, calling each other mad on street, fighting against each other. Much like the word “Corona” brings images of the Mexican Military Man (Coronel), the Crown, and the Sun’s own Corona with it self, so very rare, but so much told about, the holy sign of Moon before the Sun, that ol‘d, un-believable Mystery, that no one person could explain, at all, by any kind of well-known Logic, for ages, for example.

Further mysteries added to this include the Taboo Town of Wuhan, for example, or the mysteries of the Bat, in early morning’s night mare. With so many meanings in one word, no wonder that we have a debate. In such cases, it helps us a lot to have a defined constitutional order, by Law, cause this is defended by Public Belief (many people look it up to orient them selves, up on, and so that creates orderly behaviour with many people, which is good. Because it prevents chaos and destruction on the streets, where nothing else was left for certain.

. ..

From this simple example we follow that in a Pandemic, there is a major risk of confusion.
People around the globe are asking themselves: what’s true, what’s good, and what’s wrong?
And as we are talking about a Pandemic, that’s already a major thread in itself.

“Ip i demic?”, in german colloquial, sounds like the old, basic question: “if i’m damlich?” (am i like a lady?), which means am i an idiot or not.

“Pan’! demic!”, in german colloquial, sounds like the old, basic answer: “Peng!” “You were damlich” (and i have hit you with a pan for being an idiot, q.e.d). Nothing against man and woman, of course. But that‘s how they spoke in old times, where our words of today were created, derived from.

So the danger of Pandemic is quite well-related also a matter of the Public Opinion, that could lead to much more, new problems, almost like a civil, global war on words of microscopic detail.

Shall we all hope that people around the globe shall now behave cool, calm, well-thought and reasonably decided to pursue the welfare of the many.

However, based on this incident, i have decided today to propose a general, fairly well-balanced solution, based on a simple example. so if we could agree on fairness of this simple, innocent adventure, then we may as well consider for solving the question who was most guilty of the war, against Ukraine. Of course, where weapons already speak their truth, how much may it be worth to collect Truth.

.. .



. ..

Autonomy in Leopold’s Height.

Let us assume a small village at the Teutoburg Forest, that was called Leopold’s Height.

Leopold’s Height (Leopoldshöhe) was a sleepy village of 10.000 people, altogether, that was formed in 1969, when my parents were in love, one year before my own birthday, on 25 April 1970, from quite a few former, much smaller villages, that were called Asemissen, Bechterdissen, Greste Dorf, Grester Lake, Leopoldshöhe Dorf, Krentrup, Heipke, Schuckenbaum, Bexterhagen, and Nienhagen.

Next to my Home place, in about 750 m distance to the South, there was the beautiful village of Help up, the church village. In 750 m distance to the East, there was already Kachtenhausen, which now belongs to the Town of Lage, Deutschland, for much about the same reason.

Now let us assume that a few people in Greste Dorf would have decided that they want to go independent from Leopold’s Height and form again as a village of their own.

So how could we pursue that Task, let’s assume, our innovative Target, in a formally correct, reasonably modest way?

In the Federal Republic of Germany, where we live, now that is not much of a problem, in theory. Because this basic right is granted already in Article 28 of our Federal Constitution.

.. .

Article 28 [Land constitution – Autonomy of Villages and Towns]

(1) The constitutional order in the Lands must conform to the principles of a republican, democratic and social state governed by the Rule of Law within the meaning of this Basic Law. In each Land, county and municipality the people shall be represented by a body chosen in general, direct, free, equal and secret elections. In county and municipal elections, persons who possess the citizenship of any member state of the European Community are also eligible to vote and to be elected in accordance with European Community Law. In municipalities a local assembly may take the place of an elected body.

(2) Municipalities must be guaranteed the right to regulate all local affairs on their own responsibility within the limits prescribed by the laws. Within the limits of their functions designated by a Law, associations of municipalities shall also have the right of self-government in accordance with the Laws.

The guarantee of self-government shall extend to the bases of financial autonomy; these bases shall include the right of municipalities to a source of tax revenues based upon economic ability and the right to establish the rates at which these sources shall be taxed.

(3) The Federation shall guarantee that the constitutional order of the Lands conforms to the basic rights and to the provisions of paragraphs (1) and (2) of this Article.

. ..

This means that in the Federal Republic of Germany, such autonomy is possible, and it is granted as part of the basic ethical Targets for this Country, in a Memory of World War II.

Here in Germany, that warranty is given even before the general mandated democratic assembly of Deutsche Bundestag is defined in detail, from article 38 GG, onward.

So that’s what, strongly spoken,

separates a Federal Republic from a Federal Democracy.

.. .

In the best, modest intent of a typical republican, so we are defined as such and our basic rights are granted, full stop. Who can read so far and has got had a clear thought about what it means is in clear advantage.

Shall every one care for their own belongings, and that for everyone.

Now that’s all we need, in being good Republicans, and it becomes instantly clear to us that there was no reason to read any of that further democratic bla-bla-bla of general language, apart from intentional attempt to undermind these our basic, most traditional good republican rights.

. ..

So first of all, how do we here detect, define, or even defend a Republican, a Democrat, and what was that again?

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a good Republican

pursues and defends the most basic right for the local community (republic) in the most basic way.

.. .

. ..

in contrary regards,

a good Democrat

pursues to define the best general right for the largest, global community (nation) in the most general way.

And that’s exactly why all these shiny Politicians from the Capitol Hill are talking so much bla-bla-bla in shiny TV. As general decisions have a tendency to ignore minorities, naturally, not to hurt people overly, a good democrat takes a strong attempt in talking around that True fact as long as possible, so that the Hurt is shared evenly and as few people as possible would hang them selves up today, in consequence, because of the unbearable consequences of the Law of Majority has turned against them, including their own life, tradition and family.

From this simple consideration we conclude that a Republican Thought brings us the basic advantage of self organization. So that in every small Household, Village, Suburb, Town, or Skyscraper, we the people are empowered and allowed to arrange ourselves as we prefer, in the best interest of ourselves.

The natural disadvantage that comes with this Approach is that this high level of sophisticated self-organization may be considered unkown, and therefore confusing, for strange people from the outside world.

As long as applied modestly, though, the Republican Thought comes with the beauty of having everything arranged well-thought out to the local requirements, with minimum corruption.

According to its inner principles, The Republican Tradition works best in relatively small, local communities of People, who are living there for a long time, with long distance and small Travel between villages.

As well, we conclude that the Democratic Thought brings us the basic advantage of standard organization. So that in every small Household, Village, Suburb, Town, or Skyscraper, we the people are highly recommended, where not required, to follow the standard general procedure.

The natural disadvantage that comes with this Approach is that the standard procedure is, at its best, the warm-showered, mediocre wash-up of all people’s opinions in everywhere. Following from this, the required standard procedure may or may not suit the inhabitants of a specific Household, Family, Tradition, Religion, Village or Town good or bad, almost by coincidence. If the ruling party has decided against you, bad luck, my friend, powerful dnew harm on your table. So the strong global, federal, and nation-wide Democracy brings us the Easiness of same rules for all, with accomodate Travel, Transportation and Welfare, at the cost of Billions of Dollars decided by a few decision makers (cursed as ‚corrupt by principle‘, or ‚deep state problem‘, in the republican slang).

So while the good democrat would try to strengthen, and defend the strong public state, a good republican defends the self-governance of the local municipality, of all the friends and neighbours that The Democrat misses in the crowded, crazy Capitol, completely. While from the Democrat‘s perspective, a bit of enforced order in confusing, crowded Capitol would help a lot, the Republican fights it. Considering a large Country with a lot of distance between people, this Target-conflict combination naturally works best, so that The Country‘s culture associates, reflects, defends and balances the best of both, as far as possible. The multitude of requirements can here be seen as advanteous, resulting in a strong republican tradition in rural areas, and strong democratic rules in The Democratic Capitol, self, where all democrats in the Capitol think that their Laws are followed in the Villages, which gives Republicans a good laugh.

According to its inner principles, The Democratic Tradition works best in relatively large, urban communities of People, who are living tightly packed in short distance, for example, in a Capito Town.

Having described the basic principles, advantages and natural disadvantages of these two common, base democratic principles on how to create Law and Order in a Community, we conclude that there may be quite a few, let’s say, at least one dozen other Principles of Thought, that people may want to live upon, for example, Communism, Naturality, or even Christianity.

.. .

The natural Limits of the existing approach.


. ..

Concluding from these basic elaborations, we follow that the best natural approach is a matter of the public opinion. So in an optimal society, there are as many possibilities and subjective ‘Goods’ and ‘Rights’, as there are Memories, Families and Traditions.

That why we the people have a tradition in assembling peacefully, and so, in every 4th year, we execute or most basic right of election by selecting one Person from one Party with one cross, in all our modesty.

At the same time, the matter of public opinion, as represented in the Rule of Majority, has a strong tendency to neglegt minorities, as not all opinions could have been covered, unfortunately.

That’s exactly why in a strongly Federate, or Republican Country, like, for example, The United States of America, or, The Russian Federation of Republics, we the people have a strong tendency to unite ourselves in smaller unions, that we call Families, Households, Villages, Towns, Religious Communities, Sports Groups, or even Fans of Certain Musicians or Celebrities.

Following from the Principles of Legislature, Executive and Jura, as well we see an unbelievable creation and collection of Federal Laws of all kind, followed by an unbelievable creation of Land Laws of all kind, and so on. In a peaceful, sustainable society, this is well-balanced by the Republican Tradition and counter-weight of organizing things in the best way for the location and community. That’s why we have signs on streets for all kinds of things to note, as well.

All in all, so, the more standard, general and the more democratic (here especially, delegated democratic) a state’s functions are, the higher the pressure on all the uncovered minorities, who have not even won a single place in big shiny TV Parliament. No wonder that they took our children, where there was nothing else to take, anymore, here a good Republican would say, and fancy them selves in all that corrupt, bribeous attempts of creating pools of Sharing Takeaways, that we call Corruption.

In being good, Federal Republicans, never would we take from that.

.. .

. ..

And that’s exactly why a well-defined, balanced state, such minorities require to have a few, good basic rights of defending, or fighting for their own existance, and their family’s survival. So where the right of public armor was prohibited, it’s a natural requirement that appropriate measures are introduced, strongly enforced, and well-balanced, that allow people of minorities to execute their most basic rights, peacefully, at minimum.

That’s exactly what separates a well-defined Democracy from the Shiny TV State of Corruption, Fraud and Betrayal, not to name the utterly condemption of all kinds of minorities, taking first their chance, then their family and most basic rights of inheritance, or even of seeing their own children, at all, as one of the most basic good rights of we the people, of all.

. ..

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.. .

This basic, well-defined balanced could, for example, be defended by granting a few good, basic rights to every single person, that they may defend, them self, backed up by the Empowerment of State Attorneys, who care for that there is a well-defined balance between the Public Opinion and the good rights of the single, peaceful individual, bearing so much harm for following their own Tradition, Habits, Culture and Religion to survive.

.. .

Requirements of a well-balanced Solution.

. ..

.. .

Having weighted both advantages and disadvantages

of just these two major Federal, Democratic and Republican Traditions,

we find that a good, well-defined balance between the defined Powers of The Public State (Legislative, Executive and Jura) is as well of importance, as the ability of a defined, well-known, therefore general, and working defense for the single individual, to warrant at minimum the defense of their own survival, and their families, under any condition, and should it be to create food in their own garden (defense of minimum property), for them selves.

To define and defend a general solution, we take as good example our own Home Town or Village, in this case, Greste Dorf.

So let’s assume there shall have been 2500 people, literally defending Greste Dorf, by living right there on the spot, that was marked by the small, symbolic, green yellow Village Shield, to day.

Then, as stated before, we have 10.000 people in Leopold’s Height, altogether, including all inhabitants of Greste Dorf. What’s a good requirement for assuming the good, natural and therefore indefeatable right in theory, of Founding an Autonomy of its own, in their best interest?

The first basic Requirement is that to prevent confusion, we need a very large majority of inhabitants to support the idea of Autonomy.

Then, the next Topic of major concern is that there are enough people participating in the autonomy, so that it can defend itself. In highly populated regions like western Europe, let us assume 1000 People a relevant size. In the U.S. and Canada, there may as well be (a few) 100 people (only) sufficient, already, or even less, to defend such village or ,Town’.

.. .


. ..

In respect to our Federal Constitution, where they are talking about a two-thirds (2/3) majority in such cases of Federal and Land rights for the Bundesland, the best possible weight that comes to my mind is 3 out of 4 people, or 75% of supporters. Becaues this reflects the value of the standard person in the standard society of Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter.

Since the ability of Autonomy could include the takeaway of all, or any of the good, old, long-term developed Rules, Laws, Memories and Traditions of the Former State, we found that very adequate.

Much like you enter the Court Room as a single person, and instantly, one Judge takes from you half of your possession, then half of the remainder, instantly. Now should you have a chance, defend your ground, your own existance, or we are certainly not living in a democracy.

To verify this, i recommend to bring the Total Sum, at next occasion, of 2500 Euro, clamining to defend the utter most basic right, ur self, in being one good father, one mother, trying to defend food, ground, and survival of your child, self, in fulfilment of your basic duty.

Should it turn out that you are not even allowed to book one single seat for your own very inhabitant, sun or daughter, your own birth right in memory, for this amount, in that very Court Room, anymore, as it has happened to me and my Family, for example, on 7 December 2o21, congratulations.

Now you can take a safe guess that you are not at all living in any kind of Federation, Republic, or Democracy, at all, where such basic rights were granted to all we people by § 198 GVG, the Federal Constitutional Law of the C o u r T itself, in Germany, but find your self locked in between a bunch of Criminals.

That’s a very good right that you now have discovered, as defended by The Federal Law of Deutsche Bundestag, Strafgesetzbuch, § 235, Entziehung Minderjähriger (Hostage taking of children), which is defined a severe public Crime (“Verbrechen”) with a minimum requirement of 1 to 10 Years in Prison, much like any other Hostage, defended by Public Law, by Legislature, who have done here a good job in theory, respecting that we people shall be same before the Law.

.. .

.. .

Now you are welcome to defend the utter most basic rights of we the people, self, as you have discovered on that day, when they refuse to grant you protocol, and break up meeting at the earliest occasion, to have a paid, free afternoon self, in utterly disrespect of any protocol or any other basic rights, at all. For this basic right that you have now discovered, resulting from such bitter injustice, that it literally breaks your heart on about every following day, week, month and year of your own life, you can buy yourself nothing, except for the memory self. Of course.

Of course. Yes. You can send it to the State Attorney. Yes. They have got it, believe me.

They have got it, up to the general attorney right at OLG Hamm, the highest Court building we have here, in Germany.

It’s probably just hidden there, behind some Aktenzeichen.

The good news is that if one day, chances of fate shall finally have turned around by we hurt people, everything was stored orderly, in a hope that one day, they could dig up some benefit from that. From my perspective, nothing wrong with that. So one main reason of deploying proof with half a dozen Courts, and State Attorneys, was to create large enough community of People having insight in detail.

So that not one day, one corrupt Judge, on their own, could destroy all that proof, together.

So that Father and Son, shall Time have come, make good hunt for them Criminals, together, and Track them down, and make them pay us back, for all that hurt, injustice, mean full ness and hate that they have invested all by themselves, to suppress one good thought of Father.

As for idea of being a professional Founder, Father had sent in the idea that Man and Woman shall be same before the Law. Now that poor child shall not be unforgiven, shall half right be with child, to select self which side to live, one quarter learn from Father, one quarter learn from Mother, and so pursue the optimum path between Article 2 and 3 of our Constitution, so to Teach child Freedom and Equality before the Law, where no thing else.

Good News is that an absolute negation of correct, valued righteous hearing will never fade, by principle. As the righteous state was never attending, they can not claim correctly that one single day has passed.

.. .


. ..

In pursuing the benefit of the many, we consider it of major importance for a peaceful society, not to mistake the necessary establishment, the final, self executed defense of Public Law, with self-created, self serving justice and revenge. So although we are well aware that so much of this hurt was beaten upon us, with full force, to destroy me and my beloved ones, intentionally, we are not at all on a manhunt, by principle.

By expressing our conviction that it‘s every one‘s duty to defend the public Law, self, in all our public statements here we pursue to define a well-thought, reasonable, professional balance between the good, basic rights of the individual, and the public state, in every one‘s best interest (except for a few corrupt criminals).

That‘s why we have added a small section ‚refunds towards Dynamic Applications‘ as part of our own AGB, from 27 December, of 2o21. So from finally having to have involved the Federal Constitutional Court, as there was not one other option left, anymore, not to neglect our Family and my own heritage, here we claim a small, but formally correct refund as well for ourselves.

Should there be questions of credibility, or lack of understanding, feel free to call me personally. We can explain the situation in more detail, on request, but as we‘re granting Privacy protection, that‘s not for the general public to consider. What i can say in public is that in the past four (4) years of fighting for survival of my family, it was not even granted us the basic right of having protocol of the most basic, simple thesis, that a child should as well have a father, as well as a mother, and so i have suggested to care self for child one quarter, or more, as well granting one quarter to the mother, half of time granted to our child, in a blessing of good name of my own wife, who’s called Yvonne, to be same. The one word, the one wish of her own parents, her blessing for a life.

Yes. They have refused to day in granting protocol of such a basic statement of a father. In the first two years, i have not even found out why, as any attempt to find a Lawyer was as well undermined. However, at some point in 2o19, i have studied Book of Law of Criminals, where it says that a State Person would not have to write down any Proof against them self. So, although they‘ve never admit even that to me, here aye assume that to be the Price of in dubio pro Reo.

A malfunction of Public State, par excellence.

Imagine, how many people have been utterly destroyed, in faith, hope, chance for home and family, just for such a weird, intentional misuse, pure lye, and self protection of such ruthless criminals, feeding we poor people’s Tax them self, for ripping children off good people, with full force as well as proven intention.

There fore, so now here we claim even that well-known, good ol’d clause in dubio pro reo, in consequence, must be well-sorted in here in the correct constitutional order. So that as a consequence of Art. 2, with Art. 3 GG of constitution, having been granted any protocol of half free, half same, must follow directly, or there would be no legal path to defend any Family, at all. So that the Freedom of opinion, as well the Freedom before Law, have to retreat before Equality of we the People before most basic Law of Constitution, as defined by strictly following Constitutional order, where no other remedy. So it shall be up to deutsche Bundestag, where not we people self, in autonomy of Target 28, good ol‘d republican Tradition, to define order of their own constitution, first.

That‘s why we have Law in order, here in Germany, defended self by every honest man, following Tradition of Federal Country‘s Target, 20 part (4).

See? – at Dynamic Applications, we don‘t build weapons of destruction, fighting for killing people on the street, lynch justice. That‘s not even possible with Dynamic Applications, following directly from art. 102 of Constitution, reflected same in our own agb, Terms and Conditions, where it says that Capital Punishment is abolished by all means. Instead, by having stated refunds, in such beautiful speech, here we define correction of the former, severe malfunction of the Public state.

Now you may have a good laugh, young modeler, and think to your on self: yeah, he‘s got a point there, certainly, but also, it seems that this guy is a bit demanding. No wonder he got some problems with Court, as that‘s exactly why i never went there. Yeah, yeah. Believe me, i went there as a friendly, decent, modest man. Howeve, when they take your children, and deny you protocol of your own saying, your one argument, how would then you find that, my friend? – and how would you then go, defend your baby, your own sun, your daught’her, blessing of your life? – now would you want to see your children, regularly, or ever again?

Having been treated like that, utterly denied to even note down you‘ve brought one more Law, one more argument? – and then? – you go home, you write down self, you send Protocol, no one answers you, at any time, by all means. One year later, you‘re so angry, you‘re so angry, my friend, you take one damn Protocol, my friend, one good page and this was strong, and send it on to State Attorney, file in as Crime self, as written in the books Law. You know what? – they read it, they let pass 6 weeks, do nothing, by intention, and then they write, on day of last occasion:

ooh, so here we go, now that‘s what we call one strong crime reporter.

Fairly well, Mr. Bernhardt, fairly well. We got you fairly well. But listen to us, Mr. Bernhardt, have you heard the word of hear-saying? – cause that‘s what you have brought here on our table. Hear-saying is no Proof. worth nothing, Mr. Bernhardt. That‘s worth nothing. You bring proof, with stamp up on by Court, bring strong, bring un denyable, strong hard facts on Table. How did you think we work here, such cases? – you bring proof, so undenyable, next Judge starts to cry, one level up.

Then, Mr. Bernhardt. Then. May be. May be. You are welome with us again. How do you think we are paid, for bringing up some crap like that? – yeah, yeah. And now you understand. Bring Judge in Prison, self. That‘s what it‘s all about, day one. Or never see yor child again, cause as it seems, now you have made your self some brand new enemies.

And that‘s exactly how they treat you, and believe me, when you ave beautiful idea, of freedom, luck, and friendly family, all transferred peacefully to new state of Autonomy, fare well, fare well, my friend, of good life with your family, when Democrat has found the passage about Military man, defend that they are 750 people in damn parliament, want to remain 750 people, ruling, no one gone, with all-in self.

How small can be advantage, then, you wonder, how small can be advantage for a person not to help you, block you out just from day one. For some stupid better chances, have a good day, self, who cares that some person has a heart-attack, removed, with soul, life, wish, hope, child, gone, full stop. See? – that‘s price of Autonomy, that‘s price of your beautiful, small startup idea, why not? – let‘s help people on the globe.

Un fort u na tell y, some guys found that bad.

That‘s then Trouble for you, that‘s some Trouble that‘s a head. Idea lists, they bunker. And then they shoot you in the head, almost like that. Just to live on, uninspired, bored out, as they had. They won‘t care, when they don‘t know you, so they care for self, my friend, that‘s basic fact.

Who is gonna help you, see your child again, my friend? –

no cash, no food, not one customer, not one person left on planet one, see you frustrated, destroyed, just like that. Some nice people from the neighbourhood feel a bit sorry for you, in the beginning, you know.

Now, let us take a look at our new ‚Refunds towards‘ passage.

Form ally, correctly. Form ally, correctly defined. With lack of righteous hearing, and never passes by, one day. As fresh and good, all proof, as it has happened again, yesterday. One case, all proof deployed, our reference. Now you want take a guess what win-win-win scenario we all can build, demanding justice, altogether, with bullet-proof justice beneath us. Altogether, by Pacta sunt Servanda, we people are to fight for our own decent life. Them Criminals? – too bad. Too bad.

They gotta refund, refund us, share evenly, from their own work. Just to prevent what we here call almost a global, civil war.

What? – was this democracy, or not. Have good path with, u r self.

Good to know that we go the decent path, that‘s justice on our side, one thing for certain. Cause our own pockets self we have just woven, from old cloth. And they know it, by the thousands, already. From 2o22, it‘s pay-out time, my friends. Now we start shaking, moving. Or we have no chance, at all, see our one own child self, again. No other path was left, clear Target. go, en joy, en joy one beautiful, long road of Thank you‘s, that we have got basic understanding in counting one and one, together.

What a bitter result from having good idea, making this world a bitter place. However, as long as calculated, modestly, fair enough! Fair, enough! Same, enough. Same, enough. Fairness and encouragement, leave rage and leverage 100 000 followers, support each one. Sharing Economy. Cause Sharing is caring, my friends. Sharing is caring. Sharing is preparation of some decent Form Templates, write contracts, proof up on, by a hundred thousands. Have a hundred thousand people r euse good, well-defended Protocol, In Voice, and Work order Form Templates.

For all kinds of purposes, you know, small Treaties, that people found important, caring for each other. And why not? – legal Templates, beautifully designed, defended by the AGB, Terms and Conditions of Dynamic Applications, from 75 € before Law.

Imagine, oh my, oh, no, just imagine, one corrupt Judge says our own Protocol Form was wrong, was against Law, was not defended 75, any more, by Court of AG Lemgo. All contracts void, day one. Imagine all these people. Imagine all these people, have trusted us, now declared all their contracts void, life time. Travellers. First one, then two, then bunch upon.

A hundred thousand Travellers, arriving AG Lemgo, demanding defense of the Protocol, Form one. United by the Laws of Constitution, backed up by Soldiers, Federal Police, and deutsche Bundestag, 750 People made good Law, so have declared there, what was right, and what was wrong.

Now, let us take a look at our new ‚Refunds towards‘ passage.

in dubio pro reo. in dubio pro reo. c flag. Pacta sunt servanda.

Now, let us take a look at our new ‚Refunds towards‘ passage. Pay out, day one.

Pay out, day one, defended by such strong, well-defended, public democracy demand.

or be condemned, by Truth of Bible, having neglected Protocol with roots of man, kind, square root, 10 bn £.

.. . .. . .. . .. . ….. . .. . .. . .. . ..

from: agb, Terms and Conditions of Dynamic Applications (2o21.12.27).

. .. . .. . .. . .. ….. .. . .. . .. . .. .

Finally, by sharing evenly, we warrant as well a clear path on how to create just public welfare, where we have funds in access of basic requirements, which we consider as fulfilled from 1000 € per month.


creating public welfare, defended by art. 9 gg (3), with all that daily sorrow gone for good, refunded by The Public State‘s corrected function, granted for correcting Public State malfunction self, where found.

That‘s how we do it, at Dynamic Applications, in daily habit.

If you ask me, most of these State Attorney people could have a life much like my own, that’s how i understand it. All day, they hear about the utter try to most exciting, unbelievable stories of what they’ve ever heard, of what can happen to poor, innocent people.

However, in being paid fairly a bit too well, here and there, in daily practice, they take a look, they shrug a shrug, and then continue with exactly, more or less, what their own boss found most important for them selves, including him, to get some salary by the Court people who defended all existing Judges in the Land of North Rhine Westfalia, fair well, corrupt, undecided, or guilty not at all, together.

Who knows why that one Judge decided to delete another family, you know. If we would start to look deep down like that, oh my, what unbelievable work load on our own Table. So they rather continue hunting some other people, who are called criminals. There’s probably reason for everything, you know, so be nice, and make good friends with your own Judge, what ever it costs your family, to day.

So that‘s why we are rather working for Dynamic Applications. Purpose and meaning, justice, fairness and reason, decided upon, and defended, self.

In elaborating the idea of an almost perfect autonomy, we found it relevant to start from the perspective of True Values of small company.

Now you may get a glance why We the People, now me and you, at Dynamic Applications, provide and defend self

Protocol Form (75 €), Work Order (75 €), In Voice Form Template (100 €), and Work order Form Pro Template (748 €), literally, by defending 1000 € of cash, safely secured here at home, self, as it was recommended to me by Sparkasse Helpup, a few years ago.

.. .

. ..

Transparency. Privacy Protection. chance. and Participation. our values.

In dubio pro reo, we say! In dubio pro reo, we say! c flag. Pacta sunt Servanda.

Yes. That’s justice, we say. Teil habe!

.. .


. ..

Teil habe, the most basic value of our own ethical background, here by we defend self, thank first of all, God, for having survived all this to day, then WordPress, for granting basic right free speech, in good faith. Fair enough, we say! That’s Pacta sunt Servanda.

So here we claim that this is Fair Enough to defend democracy, self, we say, for any one attending self, to day. Cause should one Corrupt Judge claim, and take from you this utterly most basic right, in basic recognition of the smallest public bill, in 20 times 50 Euro of Paper works, grant one full Wagon takeaway, to feed your family, that corrupt Judge, Policemen, Neigh bour, Robher or Military Man, indeed vows to claim you’re dead, on spot, already.

Should that thing ever happen, to you, my good friend, keep in mind how many of we people we have lost before, how many of us have just fallen, in defense.

Then you are welcome, in respect to all the dead, the millions and more millions of old people, all the passed away, in Memory, where even one Teil habe could no more be granted, a live, then you are welcome to defend your self with all your own belongings, in a lonely place.

As everything was executed in most utterly, bored out Routine, it seems, in short, sharp letters arriving more frequently your place, than you had seen before, Standard in year 7 of working as an independent company, aye guess. No reason to get overly excited.

Same chance for all, next day, so live your life in joy, be happy, see your Far there, Mow there, Husband, Wi fee, your own sun, your daught’her, and be granted blessing of defending your own com pay, to day, by defense of this one article, on your own website, written self, in your own words.

That’s why we have decided for Creative Commons, (cc-by-sa), in licensing our (s)words.

Having passed by all this bad Memories, all daily Sorrow, Pain and Fear, we have decided, as a Target, for upcoming months and years, to provide means of charging corrupt Court and Judges in defense of We the People’s Public Law, correctly, self, for every one of hundred thousand participants, attending this our small, so help us god, wor ship, to day.

In Theory, because by Article 3 of our Constitution, We the People we are same before the Law, as long as these our 4 basic democracy Form Templates, of (998 €) Euro, Jura value, we have got two Times one Euro to defend our own Company, Father and Son, in heritage, have no debts of our own, as we were protected by Article 9 section (iii) of constitution, as pointed out before.

As well, should any Court claim, decide that any of our basic Values, Founder self, our Website, or our Products should be void or invalid, we defend us by 10 000 people whom we have deployed our basic AGB, Terms and Conditions, our defense, backed up by the dna license we wrote for you, that was defending your own project, art work, sample, or even well-defined business model, on your desktop, notebook, PC, at your home, you have good right to demand exactly that one Judge, backed up and defended by the one Court who printed his illegal letters, shall be required pay you back the Formal value printed upon Protocol, Work order, In voice, and Work order Form, defending value of being allowed to earn food, self, in the most simple, honest way of all, before the Law.

So that’s gonna be a lot of fun, as now we are rich people and all the corrupt Law breakers have to work for our survival, and not versa vice, one more day of our life. In the Federal Republic of Germany, we call this short phase of life,


. ..

Key Account Manager. Logo.
Key Account Manager. Logo.

.. .

One final Thought.

. ..

Having said all this, one final thought comes to my mind. In all these so much relevant thoughts on the Value of any one Person, Law, Tradition, Culture, Religion, or Family, there should, at minimum, as well be reason, fair enough, for next one Family, to defend self, on public ground.

From this we conclude the most innovative, final requirement of Peaceful Autonomy, the ur most basic requirement of defending your own Village, self.

In having organized 3 out of 4, 75 %, three quarters of all people, following your genious idea, there shall be one more duty, to succeed, as a requirement, or shall be void all our assumptions, as you have forfeited your poor neighbours, and being cursed self as a biblical result, defended by collective wisdom.

It shall be your own duty, to convince, as well, same number of inhabitants of former Village, Town or Land, that you the people of own Village have by now decided, leave for good.

So in that fine example of 2500 of we people in Core Village who are literally defending what’s called our Greste Dorf, first we need to convince 75%, one good advantage, minimum, to go ahead the road of many more to follow, in pursuing Target 28 of Federal Republic, where Military was allowed to construct Weapon, Target 26.

So we assume the value of three quarters, 3 by 4, all in all, 1.875 of we people were supporting us.

Then, it shall as well be the requirement – a gain, as well – to collect 1.875 people on the other side, supporting us as well.

That’s why we have got Time, Faith, good will, contract, and the utterly most basic Values of in dubio pro reo, pacta sunt servanda, or there be no Truth, only War, at all. So that would require that we organize 3.750 people, altogether, voting for Greste Dorf be independent, of its own.

Half of the 75 % of all the People in the major village of what’s called Leopold’s Height, now alone of Greste Dorf, but accepting all these promises, for them as well.

Should these most basic requirements have been met, all good, be welcome follow Target 28.

Should one of these 2 utter most of basic requirements have failed, should you have either failed to organize 75 % majority, or should you have failed to negotiate as well fair enough Treaty with your former friends and allies, so shall it be your Target to work on to follow these two Principles,

and be blessed to live on in the most peaceful Village of all times.

.. .

dynamicons - Logo - 48x48

. ..

In dubio Pro Reo!
Fair enough, one Family!
Pacta Sunt Servanda.
Fair enough!

one good idea, alone, for our new, Autonomous Village?

.. .

. ..

Fair well, Fair well, my friend! That’s fair enough to ask, of course. Quite Frankly, here we go.

My best suggestion is to take all those good, bad, well-balanced, or not, rules, laws, and opinion of past times, live on in happiness, as long as possible.

But let’s assemble once per month, in largest Home of Greste Dorf, to celebrate existance of one Autonomous Village, defending Target 28 of Country, in an honorable way, to day.

Then, eat, drink, play, dance, and listen to the Wor ship, where we invite one Priest of Neigh bour ship, per month, then vote for just one Law, deleted, in public assembly, be gone for good.

Thank god! – just 9999 orders left, to sort out. what a gain, again.

One less Law here we have at all to remember, that nobody had any idea any more why that one Law was invented, by some idiots, at all, who called them selves govern ment of the all of US, past times, and gone for good, a gain.

In the upcoming weeks, it is our Target to simplify and concretize these hereby elaborated Thoughts and Reasoning, as well based on the Community‘s first feedback, into our own general AGB, Terms and Conditions of Dynamic Applications.

As we see this our Project as an eLearning approach for upcoming generations of young people, we do not have acquired a specific Land, nor do we, in expressing we the people’s modesty, necessarily intend to ever do so. So we see our project just as an expression of free speech, intending to share our thoughts and empower people around the globe to work on evaluating and simplifying their own constitution, in a beautifully decent, modest way. So that future generations can build upon, and grow peacefully together, in representing one man, (woman) and kind, as well.

Now let’s join Clubhouse, where i’ll listen to the Worship of Mirenda Canary, and her Friends Doo’se, De bo rah, and Curt is, from Southern of The United States, with me reading the Book of Genesis, assembling 4 a.m. in morning before the work of day.

Be welcome to add your first own thought, or tell your Friends on Social Media, in an honoring of the Memory, where nothing else, of Founder’s Family.

In my world, dear friend, fair enough, we people could go welfare office, say we go with the standard, o k, less effort here, that’s great, get receipt we go with the standard, granted, k, c u next time, one problem solved, fair chance of future, one more family. no hostage taking, cause! full stop.

That’s how we people would define fair treaty, for every Family, every just one to orient upon.

Public state once more properly established, Youth Welfare officer gets paid, correctly.

.. .


. ..

in god we trust, be blessed, to day, a man.

Thank you for supporting Dynamic Applications, to day. Comment section is open.

. ..

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