future. and we’re heading directly towards.

future 🌷. in a children’s tale. a novel. my novel.

automated machines, based on internet technology, shall answer all our questions. like an early prototype, called google. later, the cloud ⛅️ will solve optimization problems so complicated, that even Einstein’s brain could nevermore follow. 🚀⛅️🌍


chapter 1. why technology developments are always faster than cultural.

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in a standard living room of the western world, most lockers, closets and vitrina will be replaced by spaceless emptiness. wooden parkett, white walls, wooden doors. elegance. the doorknob in glass, with scratches so tiny. only deeper than today. like fog, in a way. a designer couch, a bed, and a table, all we need. our virtual assistent, a small robot for the standard household, will cook the finest meals, select a moody desk plate design, and put the dishes into the washer. we took a good one as you need a little luxury in life. after all. 💓⛄️🙇🔲🔺👀🔻🔳💍🎩🍄👞

rooms with virtual reality screens, like windows in size, with animation by desire.

about labour. about confidence. about fundaments. about society. about contribution.

forest. sea. fire. mountain. creek. island. green land. winter. frost. spring. summer. heat. autumn. savannah.

like in the old days of 10000 bc, if you desire. of course, you could also use an outside camera and make your projector a window. -{# !75324 crack one. flashing here! gotcha! crapped. swell. 42357! /#}- boring neighbourhood though, boring home.

cape town, hong kong, sydney, or new york’s manhattan on street level will be hip. investigate foreign people for a while.


they come and go, while human nature would stay the same.

meanwhile, intelligent load balancers. based on system dynamics, forming the world of our tomorrow. just type in your question! millions of answers. and the best: you only gotta read the first three. search optimizers. that’s how they’ll gonna call it. ubiquitous knowledge for every man, every woman in the world. learn-to-read apps forming an upgrade path for the forgotten poor. ♻️

so clothing, accessoires and food will be thrown away, more and more. it started as a send-back thing. provided on demand, produced on even more automated production streets. from 2020, brought to you by air drones. as this was the time, when the wheels of production were still spinning. faster. it was spinning faster, first. 🎡🌉🎢🚀🎡

understanding future. understanding past to present developments.

the need for any kind of monotone work will further diminish. recreation, excitement and joy will dominate the day. it started in the 2000s with a thing called apps. app games. so much time for them, and aren’t we all stressed out.


chapter 2. consequencent automisation.

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stressed by the endless, endless stream of information that we all decided to flood our brains with. in a final attempt to trick out evolution, so to say. meanwhile, the work of the future will only be for the most creative mind. 21st century designers. swim against the swarm, create something unique, or be automized, be forgotten. “design! or be designed” by a progressively alternative rock band called MUSE. a world hit in 2016.


wifi mesh networks, based on ieee 802.11s, will guarantee maximum ad-hoc performance. through interconnecting all those mobile hotspots, where ever the crowd gathers. so the all inclusive net intelligence will have become ubiquitous. from the connecting mankind’s point of view, that is.👞💄🚶👣👤👥👪👠

IMG_0253.PNGa definition of complexity.

everyone else would only be controlling whether all machines do work, now. routine work. a while ago, not too long after real man’s craftmanship was gone, they gave ’em tools called word. word and excel, for excellence. it was a work for that kind of more nostalgic people. the people who were fancying windows. 20th century people, you know. gone. robots will do all daily routine now. no need for PC anymore. -{# !75324 crack two. flashing! here! gotcha! U2! there you go, you son of a crapper! swell. 42357! #}- PC. those monsters in size! 10000 PC in a single robot’s brain, now. and they will all be connected. connected to, with, within. being inside. part of the cloud. virtual. beings. 🚨.💓.💻.📲.💓.🚀.💗.☁️.


chapter 3. future developments in energy supply.

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wind and pv, photo voltaic, combined with solar thermic, widely more optimized, will provide an amount of surplus energy unseen before. wasn’t about 99% of energy coming through an unbelievable distance, a distance of 8 light minutes, anyway? – still there in its morning’s ever beauty. and wasn’t that so for a long, long time to come? – to go? – eternity of space. there. a sun. the source of life.

4 000 000 000 years to come. ☀️💋🐚💎👣⛅️🐢🐣🐝

everything was better before.
everything was better before.

and what did we see? endless worries. they called it “german angst”. oh god! prices will go up even more, people went. at a time where the ages of intelligent excess had just begun. it was a peaceful revolution, a revolution that changed everything. dynamic net prices were leading towards this in the 2020s, when pv became cheaper even more. then came summer’s autonomy, driven by batteries. the next big thing. “throw your oilcan out! protect nature with the brand-new, 100% recycable Lithium-Ion battery”, our TVs went everyday. and after a while, you start to think over it, you know. think it over. and so, the electricity networks were soon being financed by the old, dirty old town’s skyscraper flat renting people. only. the last people connected to the centralized energy supply of 20th century, paying all the network’s price alone. and that was pure social dynamite. 😕📝🔆💵🔋💷🔌😬💶🔅📝😥⛄️

you know what’s going to happen next. more and more people would go offline. “i can’t bear it anymore! i’m off. i’m buying pv and a battery and make my own energy from today”. even higher net prices. then, after a riddle through, no need for those supply networks, anymore. free energy markets arose. redesigned by decentralization. stability. defendability. autonomy. independency. driven by desire. internet driven, in a way. so it was only the first step, dynamic net prices. like call-by-call enery. a market answer. justice, in a way. waste when there is surplus in summer.

dna header - photovoltaic system glass roof
about Photovoltaic Systems. about unlimited resources. Energy for everone.

save only on expensive days – those no wind, no sun, just cold, misty and rainy days, where we all sink into melancholy. that was the true meaning of the ages of intelligent excess. sensibility. reasonability. energy nets shall remain in town, where there is little distance. autonomy out there in the field. however, after enough of ever-so-better renewables were built, the public decided to prefer flat rates for everyone. again. as usual, the markets delivered on demand. but – the one difference that everyone hated. the companies put a footnote in the contracts.

it was the footnote of grey, misty, and cold november days.

do you know how expensive a battery is that stores large amounts of energy, but is only activated for two weeks a year? – 26 times as much. and you’ll need a lot of them for central western europe alone. in the end, in a forgotten state called germany, they used up dirty old coal burners for the purpose. exactly as long, as there was enough cheap coal available worldwide. or that coal burners finally broke apart. one after one. and, not to forget, we’re talking about a price question for future of modern society here. ⛅️🏭🌆🏭☁️☔️☁️🏭🌇🏭🌃🌊🌁☁️

however. the best one yet to come. imagine. 2022. still in preparation. 7 years from now. when all the nuclear power plants in the whole lot of good old germany, have been shut down. finally. 🌅

finally. open the curtain. a wrecked BILD interview started the buzz. have a look! “refurbished nuclear backup batteries!” – 2 weeks a year. 🌇

and people gonna say, “unbelievable! what a rip-off…” – and that’s why we love traditional politics. best drama in the world.

what a genious, what a plan! – being! – being inside.

being part of a strategical energy reserve. 👀💃👪🏃🌇

meanwhile, 21st century worldwide growth of forest continued to benefit from increased CO2 production, worldwide climate change, and an increasing amount of clouds. rain forests. Canada. Sibiria. Taiga. Tundra. an equation of sustainability.


chapter 4. past developments in energy supply. a behavioural pattern.

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in the end, it was almost like 1914. when the forests of ireland were all burned down in the kitchen’s oven, and public believed in that there was an energy crisis coming up. and at the about same time, electricity was invented, electricity – the internet of 100 years ago. hopes and fears, but what a fascination. 1914. Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Rudolf Diesel. World War I. gone world. gone people. meanwhile, automated machines will fight a war in some vanished place of the former third world, now called the forgotten states. like a garbage bin of the 2020s, long gone. in the modern world tho, the nations of the 20th century will be gone. they call it UN now. finally. united nation. subsidiary principle. it was the internet. the internet deemed the nation concept useless and threw it in the garbage bin. a few countries were trying a north corea strategy to resist the necessary evolution. well. how stupid.

forgotten states now. states? – oh, sorry. a 20th century word. ♻️

about subsidies in civilization and energy markets. Is there any target?

cyber security will care for daily protection, as the only remaining criminal of the future will be the virtual attacker. -{# !75324 increasing security demand. look here… 42357! /#}- smart grid, smart meter, smart home, smart memory.


chapter 5. developments in surveillance.

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pv independency, and cyber security will care for your protection. protected independency. but – alas! one thing they overlooked. in the world of formal languages, the most brilliant minds will be king. -{# !75324 cracked by #privacy private! open up (and catch me if you can, robofuckers!) #public data – remember Eduard Snowden! Julian Assange & Daniel Domscheit-Berg of Wikileaks!! 4 oo #piracy! pirate 42357! gone. /#}- unfortunately, some of those NSA guys became a little too greedy after a while, so they automized them as well. replaced by machines now. same happened to those russian guys, from former KGB. should’ve better not slept so much, when it came to stochastics in school that one year. but i’m only talking about the bad ones here.

the good ones survived and called themselves police later. then those passed away as well, as traditional business like theft will long be gone, since about every device on earth can be destroyed remotely, instantly, and on demand, and the position of everything within the IoT, the Internet of every thing, would be reported to cyber police on demand. 🚨📲🔫📲🎯

the evolution and worldwide availability of free photography will have even so more revolutionized our relationships. this was partly triggered by teenagers of 2015, using apps like threema and snapchat to send such photography across themselves. in preparation for driving cars. ten years later, the last burdens broke. cars drove by themselves. broke as after some horrifying court decisions, that captured single black sheep right from the crowding parties, public vote finally changed the law. and so, part by part, the laws of tradition went away.


about youth. a memory of early 21st century.

major traditions like family, privacy and catholic church remained, but still go pass away in an ever so longer reminiscence. seen on by the majority as being in a status of asynchronicity. like only the amish people fulfil nowadays, or the scientology sect. who later became a standard religion, as more and more IoT desirements were hyped in endless TV spots. it seemed like the flat screens became a little larger every year. well. maybe it was just the shrinking of felt room size. 👪


chapter 6.  21st century agriculture and farming.

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so as the 20th century was the one where mankind finally took over control over planet’s nature, 21st century will see nature by design. genomes, clones and replicates will replace all those evolutionary beings of the old times. food, farming and breed will have passed all childhood defects and are surplus.

only the bees were gone.


nobody mentioned at first. meanwhile, human brain and statute would remain on a level of the first nations, some 10000 bc ago. as there were just not enough evolutionary cycles passed, some people start adding cyborg technology to their bodies. heart step makers and contact lenses formed some of the first implementations, the latter designed with nano OLED projection on them, from the 2030s on. organic light emitting diodes. 🍭👀🍭

but portions of original evolution will remain for a very, very long time. as nature defined what is our identity. cultural processes always take longer and people would critisize every so new device, no matter how genious. 🐟⛅️🌿


GLASS is garbage, they’d go, the battery only lasting for a day? – do they mean it? never would i buy anything like that.


should beat em up. really.

Google Glass
be the one. be free. be GLASS. one of the connected.


chapter 7.  augmented reality develops.

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but once prototypes became more and more widespread, the remainder of population pretty soon found out that GLASS was exactly marking the point. the point in time where connection to the internet, the re-build of human brain all implemented in machine language with various layers of formal languages above, became ubiquitous. google, a company of the early 2000s, maximized the big brain rush. with their popular slogans

“GLASS. your entry to the cloud.”

“be part. join the cloud. or be zero. be gone.”

“be the one. be free. be GLASS. one of the connected.

in an attempt to emphasize the hype for marketing purposes. ☁️


it all was prepared using brain symbology called “cloud” from about 2010.

about freedom. about liberty. about individuality. live your own life.


chapter 8. we’ll see even more #socialmedia channels. and why.

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as it became clear to a very few clearly thinking informatics philosophers, what the meaning of the internet itself, was heading towards.

it was so obvious! – with people storing memories, photos, phone calls and videos of their personal life like crazy in their new superbrain already, like lemmings.

intuitively evolution opted them to care for survival of their souls, as life time was still limited at that stage. so, they did the right thing intuitively.

mankind. 3 generations in 100 years.

360 generations since 10.000 bc.

themselves only the most slightly adapted to the world they created, mankind started to behave like in the the ages of 10.000 bc.

when world became more complex, maybe too complex for the single person, mankind started to look out for people who still understood.

digital natives.


while everyone took a good part in leaving their own, digital footprint in internet, as man did for thousands of years, and so helped to make it more complex, themselves.

be someone. be popular. be important. be selected by leaders. be leader. survive.

and all that #socialmedia buzz was about who is the next one. what page to read, whom to listen to. find the one. your leader.

unfortunately, the age of wisdom, of wise people like Einstein, Gandhi, and Jobs, was over.

Technology was faster than culture again.

in information age, no one cared for posessing information. information was everywhere. and people started to believe that #socialmedia was gonna help you to find it.

besides, that way was much more interesting than reading Wikipedia.

about Quantification. Social Styles Model. People and Culture.

and then, on a bright sunny day back in 2010, Google, the kings of information age themselves, started to personalize their search engine. The Page rank algorithm, best search engine in the world, started to deliver

popular, personal results for everyone.

look out for your name!

it’s right in the top 10 results at Google.
awesome, isn’t it?

better don’t tell your neighbour to look up your name at home, or you’ll be the laugh in your neighbourhood.


chapter 9.  future of internet – inter (national) net (works).

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while others became mobile geoinformation systems, and lots of them were downloading portions of cyber intelligence on devices they wore all day along. apps. that was the term. very small portions, worth 79 ct each. app store, the revolution of micropayment. facebook. the largest implementation of a mesh-capble, distributed db technology with 1 000 000 000 users seen worldwide. no docs, just fun. free. minutes to load, gone with a click.

pay for your portion of the cloud, throw away for free. 79 ct for the sharing economy. and imagine. imagine they’d show this one video to the world, for 1 second. your video. revolutions. 

it turned the world upside down. and so, mankind became just mobile gis on google maps. the maps of world one. 🌾🌱🌲🌰🌳⛅️🌏🌈🌍⛅️🌳🍂🌲🌱🌾

about decadence.

designing one world. it divided the public into the ones connected, and the hopelessly stupid and forgotten poor, who were later expelled by the new masterpieces of creation. it was the time where those then formed the forgotten states. it was done in a way similar to like the poor were jailed in desert countries outside the first world, in the ages of today. many desperate fought to be part of the survivors.

while most people are honest people, some are using theft, robbery and blackmailing.


chapter 10. united nations. refugees welcome developments.  a winner.

dna hope signal logo

stupid people don’t understand and make a “nation” concept responsible, like the nazis did in 20th century. and ask to transport refugees back to Greece, where they should either built a fence around Greece to make for a prison, transport them to Turkey, who will say “thank god! – refugees”, or put them in railroads, boats, or airplanes, and transport them back. into either desert or war. then, finally, the public demanded for more a consequent legislation as the interruptions of recreation and joy became unacceptable. and so, they got the time to design even smarter homes for themselves. then came the next war, and it was called cyber war. terminator. the movie. it showed all of us how it would naturally become.

a masterpiece of imagination.

training internet to open and close its borders between nations. later, internet could open or close doors against any human being, fully automated. be happy to get in. 🌊🌊🌊❄️🌀☀️🌾👣🏃🚔🏊❄️🌀☀️🌊🌊🌊

thinking about the future. confidence. courage. a sense in life.

so there will be resistance, and resistance will grow.

it’s an equation of equality, in balance of the world, as it’s ever so been. will resistance succeed? – well, did the slaves capture ancient rome and burn it all down? – it took so many battles before democracy was invented. two thousand years later, the united states of democracy were founded after a fierce battle of the expelled. against their former european masters. 🇬🇧👑🇺🇸

400 more years later, words like decentralization, entschlaeunigung, back to the roots, and pirates! came along, like a twitterific c64 game, at first. they were promoted by a first gathering of the very few, quickly hyped, then laughed upon.


chapter 11. developments in online democracy. future of politics. of society.

dna hope signal logo

what a crap, what a disappointment. pirates. like that GLASS protos. broken by design. it was a good idea, yes. but they shooted themselves right through the eye. gone eye, black cap. free vote for children beyond 18… ha! they gotta go to school, first. dumbasses. simply too stupid for thinking about what’s really important. and besides, they did the same thing to me back then. free votes… it would be fair, yes. in theory. besides, that’s really, really a stochastical approach, and that means, there are only very few people who can understand it. like these crazy pirate guys. those stupid black cappers! all gone, no courage.

swarm intelligence!

about worldwide diversity. about globalization.

weirder than weird. crazy! could you compare mankind to ants??! –

any crowd in the world needs a leader, that was the problem. and everyone in the very germany knew that. inheritance. and then, this freedom of communication promotion. if you do nothing wrong, nobody’s gonna catch you. believe in your state, your nation. it’s being driven by our leaders. and those politicians gonna do the right thing, as that’s why we elected them – gone. (it actually never really worked out in the old world, kids. lobbyism and stuff, and they always cared for their next election. don’t ask. the nazis pretty happy about Amsterdam’s excellent stats on population, a preliminary but insufficient bigdata approach. that’s for another story).

and so, while people were voting for back to history garbage like crazy, all that went in preparation for the next big thing. the stand, the final battle for mankind as we knew it.

the one for the world of former mankind. 🌘🌋🌁🌾🌱🌾🌁🌈🌔

so we’ll see how much these people could reach. everything goes on, as it always has been and ever so will be. in the laughed upon phasis though, interestingly the ones called pirates won a lot of challenging privacy and data protection concerns in court. as judges were mostly free in their decision, and not so stupid after all.

about surveillance, a major trend in early 21st century.

reading in the old books of democratic constitution, as long as there were books. as these books demanded slavery to be gone for the times called present and future. 🌁

It will be our future, and we’re heading directly towards. and it will be our utopia. 🍭. brought to you in a simple tv commercial. it’s all ready! go buy on. only 10 bucks for a month, and they’ll give you a decent flat.


accept the risk. and be touched by bliss.

to understand how the digital transformation, the application of internet to traditional energy supply, the smart grid, will remove old fear before creating a new, and again, even better world. and that’s really what #future is about. hopes and fears. uncertainity of most. driven by a few courageous people. the world game. the story of mankind.


but seen from today’s standpoint, it will be a long time to pass, a long road to follow.



so good to know that one for sure.


>>> >>>> —-afterword. on the value of optimism. —- <<<< <<<<


the 12th chapter.

dna hope signal logo

so wouldn’t you agree it a nice idea to walk again home instead of drivin. stand up in early morning, wake up in the first beams of daylight. walk out there on the fields, or into the town’s garden. go to work on your feet again. on your way. into the wild. through a garden where birds are singing, a bee, 🌱🍀🌷🐝🌻🐞🌾🍁⛄️🌱💋 a bee from the old world is refreshing, on an ever so small raindrop in the morning’s mist. where is it heading now, you think? – then you go from the park bank, up to enjoy your work. your work for forming a better future. and be confident that time will heal all our wounds that there ever so are. the wounds of today. 🌎.🌾🌳🌅🐚🐳🐸🐘👣💐🐭🐌🌄🐜🌲🌾.🌏.💋.

imagine. your mind. free. ⛅️. as free as mine. flash! in piracy. the piracy of design. hide in the crowd whenever you desire. the true pirate is a base pirate, they said. flash! separate, like a swarm of intelligence. separate into the wild. anytime. rejoin if you like. -{# flash! – whenever you like. /#}- and attack all those robots. sports, 2050. gotcha! – no need to worry. it’s only machines, you know. invented by some, now almost forgotten species called mankind. pirates. flashing mobs. that’s how it all started. when some people understood. think about it.

about decentralization. about natural superiority.

so join #socialmedia. start using technology for a different purpose. pirates, recreation and joy. it’s just been started. and understand the meaning of being a swarm particule: feedback. share your thoughts, learn from your response. crowd asking. a superior way to find your information, your answer. it’s gonna be the business model of the future. a future in surplus of everything. in a world, even better than today. our future in the clouds.



enjoy today first.
as tomorrow’s gonna happen

tomorrow. my wish for your today.

>>>> >>>> —- —-THE END —- —- <<<< <<<<


for achim and manja.
and everyone else from the old world.

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this article was stored in the public brain using a formal language implementation called wordpress.com. entirely written on iPhone, 6th gen. best one yet. Munich, world one, central western europe, 2014.11.11.

+~%=|+~+. beep. :#> :o) :*)

hello, world!


(c) 2014 cc-by-nc-sa Martin Bernhardt.

a senior regulatory and strategic energy market advisor, imaginating to live in post privacy of the 2020s, when the old values were gone.

(m)+49 152535 26 101
(t) @mobile_gis @mydarkstar
(e) martin.bernhardt.2002(a)web.de
(w) martinbernhardt.wordpress.com


join the conversation. be creative. or let your children be. see them as a chance. the chance for creating a better world. a world of their own. and shouldn’t we all learn from them?  – as creativity, not knowledge, creativity and fun is the one part where computers, in general, are pretty dumb losers.


don’t worry. just let go.
you’ll understand it after a while.

and don’t forget to store your piece of soul today.

>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> | | <<<< <<<< <<<< <<<<



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even more than towards past, i’m looking towards future. as this is where i intend to live. Albert Einstein.

dna - worldwide connections
why imagination is everything. Albert Einstein.

original article idea:
Dr. Katja Reisswig, technewable.net
(@ barcamp renewables, Kassel 2014).

barcamp invitation, PV, Solar Thermic & WACC expertise:
Cornelia Daniel-Gruber, Austria.

#socialmedia mgmt @ #bc_renew @ SMA:
Julia Endt, Leonie Blume, Christian Hoehle, Nicole Münziger, and Kathrin Hoffmann.

slide review, title, & pilot lecture invitation:
Heike Neudeck, Rahel Obergfell, Christopher Schmidhofer Design.

Strategische Reserve der BNetzA in a single Tweet. Claudia Kemfert.

system dynamics, smart meters, batteries, free energy markets, decentalization, internet, and overall vision: myself ((1)).

decentralisation of renewable energies: Katharina Nocun. Craig Morris.

PV, Batteries, System Dynamics, public infrastructure, independency, and future developments in Smart Grids. Sabine Schiefert. Frederic Hüwel. Bernhard Strohmayer.

internet, meaning of & translation: Dr. Sabrina Geissler. Marina Weisband.

cineastic aspects. right and wrong. and a free basic income for everyone:
Rhea Wolfrum Wassermann.

about thoughtful minds.

post privacy. post piracy. a discussion. Kathy Werning. Katrin Wolf.

how to survive being a piracy advisor, swarm intelligence, & online democracy:
Anke Domscheit-Berg.

Energie intelligent verschwenden:
Prof. Dr. Timo Leukefeld, Energiebotschafter der Bundesregierung.

introduction to physics of next 100 years. book.

Manja Harnisch, 2014, with Achim Wessling, Mettenmeier GmbH Samco Networks.

about the future importance of wifi mesh, and “smart dust” networks.

Werner John, FhG-IZM Berlin/PB, 2000-2004. Hans Hinsch, Bad Tölz, 2010. Visionairs.

Frauen werden einfach immer übersehen! Das musste mal gesagt werden.

share your knowledge. share your thoughts.

about success. vision. dedication. challenges. passion. and finally, outstanding performance.

review and feedback:

Katja Reisswig, Ann Kristin Falkenhain, Marco Graupner, Leonie Blume, Heike Neudeck, Nikolas Mimkes, Sophia Schwager.

and esp. everyone from my twitter feedback channels @mobile_gis and @mydarkstar, for their constructive criticism throughout all the versions of this evolving novel.

Thank you for validating my thoughts and supporting me throughout all the time, and still helping me to understand learning by listening.

You know who you are.

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====

Pirates of the World United.

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====

for Lukas, the young Pirate.

and, especially, for Yvonne Bernhardt. my loving wife.

Martin Bernhardt and his family. Burg Normannstein, Thuringia, 2011.06.24

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