How to define a Basic Ground Income.

This is a resolution for a global, participative, fair, even, and conditionless Basic Ground Income, also called Universal Basic Income.

August 04, 2018.

Year one.

In the first year, the basic ground income for every person in the world shall be 1 Euro.

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The wealthiest persons on Earth shall share 2 Euro / month.

The poorest people on Earth shall be conducted 1 Euro / month.
The wealthiest people on Earth shall be conducted 1 Euro / month.

fair enough ?.

21st century. age of information. age of global distrubution. internet age. and justice for all.

Year two.

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In the second year, the basic ground income for every person on earth shall be 2 Euro.

The wealthiest persons on this very planet shall share 4 Euro / month.

The poorest people on Earth shall be conducted 2 Euro / month.
The wealthiest people on Earth shall be conducted 2 Euro / month, back.

Year three.

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In the third year, the basic ground income for every person on earth shall be 3 Euro.

The wealthiest persons on Earth shall share 6 Euro / month.
The poorest people on Earth shll be conducted 3 Euro / month.


Year n.

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in every following year, everyone in the upper half of the world shall pay 2n Euro/month, while everyone already gets n Euro back. So it’s actually n Euro to share for the rich.

Year 99.

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The wealthiest people on Earth shall share 198 Euro / month.

The poorest people on Earth shall be conducted 99 Euro / month.
The wealthiest people on Earth shall be conducted 99 Euro / month, back.

Year 100, the final year.

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Everyone on Earth shall share 100 Euro / month. The free Universal Basic Income for all is there.

It’s the final target.

about Success in Life. Sharing is Caring! Let’s go.

Political Consequences.

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In the 2017 democratic elections in Germany, an almost forgotten state of European Union where i was once born, the Left Party was fighting for a basic ground income of 1000 Euro p.P. per month [1].

At Dynamic Applications, we have a clear vision we Target, and in that vision, everyone shall be allowed to pursue their own way to happiness. So the only thing we can say officially here is that this position of the Left Party very clearly speaks for itself.

Personally though, i have a clear standpoint towards that.

That’s what i call national socialism.
That’s what i call nothing less than the end of the Communist International.

well, i think that’s what it is. a lie.

it’s simply not possible to finance such a global basic income.

except when you define it as a distributive measure amongst the wealthiest people on earth, only. And who’s gonna distribute that universal basic income amongst the poor, then?

No personal offense intended, Mrs. Sahra Wagenknecht. Just my 2 ct. I am a Pirate. and here, we share fair, we share even, and we share worldwide, so this idea is free of charge.

good luck with your movement, Mrs. Wagenknecht. really.

about 21st century people, hungry for a life.


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oh, apart from the left party, what i presume what’s going to happen now – if we the Pirates would keep following this very way – (let’s call it the best way possible),

the inner core of the green movement – the one world movement –
and the inner core of the liberal democrats – the liberals – will also know what to do. 

it’s logical.

so why do you wanna be second, if you can be best?

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be a Pirate. 

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about online democracy. it’s your choice. your time. and your chance. are you ready to grow?

a vision of one world.

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imagine if just a few Pirates around the globe would take 1 Euro, Dollar, Pound, or Rubel.

imagine if just a few Pirates on this very planet would picture it, would paint it. Imagine if just a few Pirates would paint it on a picture of a boat, a small boat on this very planet earth’s oceans. Imagine if there were a few people on that boat. Refugees. Imagine a (c) (P).

imagine what this very message would mean to people on this one world, on this very world one. The only one we got. we the people. altogether.

it would mean that every family of the poorest half of people on this very planet would know that their own children would have double income when they die. 

it would mean to families on this very planet earth would know that their grand children would have, would earn themselves three times their income of today.

it would mean to mothers and fathers on this very planet on earth, that their grand childen’s children, would be willing to share 100 Euro p.P. per month, worldwide.

it would mean hope. for millions of people,
it would mean justice, fairness, and participation. 

a reason to stay. [2]

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Pirates of the world, united.

and here’s my message to you,

Mr. Donald Trump, Mr. Vladimir Putin, Mr. Xi Jinping, Mr. Narendra Modi, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, Mrs. Theresa May, and finally, you, Mrs. Angela Merkel.

In my humble opinion, if just you people who call themselves the G7 – the big leaders of the world – would suggest to each other that what we the people need here is an increase in Military budget of just 1% per Year, and it shall be enough. it’s already financed.

That’s what i see.

So if you ever thought about winning the Peace Nobel Price, i have one question for you.

The winner takes it all.

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wherever you are, G7 leaders, do you believe in doing your work as good as you can?
wherever you are, do you believe in justice, in values, in cooperation, and in peace of mind?

Think about it. That’s what i say. Think yourself.

United Nations are waiting for you. and so, here it is, the final question.
Because i have got this one very message for you, you big leaders around the globe.

Who wants to be No. 1, proposing?

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about one Foundress. one Foundress of 21st century.

an open invitation.

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so do we need a calculation model? – really? – don’t worry, we’ll build one in due time. believe me, it doesn’t matter. it doesn’t matter at all. the thought is clear enough to see.

with a good calculation, we’re gonna win every fact-based debate, easily.
so i say, it’s better to have a plan, than to have no plan at all.

but the decision is yours.

Should you find this idea any good, i’d encourage you to sign this blogpost with your very own name. In the ages of international networks, it’ll be all that it needs. And believe me, thousands of people will benefit, will see that.

Hope. Stronger than fear. like always.

To everyone else, thank you so much for taking the time, today.
Your constructive criticism will be very welcome.

Q? – we’re here to help. It’s free of charge on fridays.

This is for you. 

Sharing is Caring. 

People with goals succeed because they know where they're going.
about the value of Targets.

Sharing is Caring?. a worldwide debate.

Inspired by:

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[1] Die Linke: Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen – was ist das?

[2] Heise online: Wenig Geld, viel Mut – ein Leben mit dem bedingungslosen Grundeinkommen.

[3] @dynamic_idea:

[4] @mydarkstar:

[5] license: dna license (short version: creative commons, cc-by-sa).

(c) 2018 Dynamic Applications (P). For a free world. Beyond anything we had before.

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