wie man jeden Job bekommt.






mit Humor.


about Dynamic Applications.

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At Dynamic Applications, we are Sharing Economy. We develop Small Business Planners for we the people, focussing on Simplicity, personal Freedom, Ergonomy, Intuition, Elegance and Beauty. Targets, you know.

Dynamic Applications is a community project. We‘re commited to fighting hunger, and so we empower people around the globe to follow their own pursuit of happiness, to found their own project, or company.

Our Logbook of Articles is much about inspiration in defining just a good enough weight, and the development of fine personal values.

Core values of Dynamic Applications are Transparency, Privacy Protection, and Participation.

In following our Targets, we compromise between the rights of neighborhood, of Law, order, home and family, of working for our own food. We’re lucky 🍀 in having a home, our own workplace, under same rights for all you people out there in the world, voting for the next idea, the next feature we publish.

In 21st century, it‘s our culture that defines us, our success over time. Laptops we got all.

And where not, a small worker sign, a small cure on the front door may help us to develop on.
We the people make a wish come true. our vision.

This is a common eLearning experience.

As well, it’s now time to hear your valued opinion. Be invited to comment freely on your personal desire, your wish for the many. It will certainly be recognized. Comment section is open.

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