Startup Informer.

Startup Informer

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is your personal digital assistant,
an automated SocialMedia manager for the 21st century Founder or Foundress.

Ever thought about that in being a 21st century Startup or Small Business, and you’re so very small, chanceless almost, while your competition is wealthy and prospering on an obsolete, 20th century business idea?


it’s one of the greatest battles on earth.

Google’s whole Business Model is based on selling Visibility.

Your adword of choice, just 10 cents per click, and don’t they have a powerful configuration site. The Power of Big Data, right before you.

Keywords, Countries, interest groups, man and woman, rich and poor. They have collected it all.

We the people, ripped of.  worldwide available.

It’s not only the data, you know. It’s your Money as well. In paying Google for Adwords, and if it’s just the 1 Euro per day that you pay for them becoming wealthy.

Google wins. you lose.

and your customers are paying the price.

do you see any happy customers around here?

it’ll make Google rich, while you have to raise prices and your customers suffer over time, as well as your business. With 1 Euro per day, that’s 30 Euro per month.

With 10 Euro per day, it’s 300 Euro of additional cost per month, already. And so, they sell Selection. But the more you concentrate on Adwords and Marketing, the less time you got to work on the beauty of your products.

Your competitor goes ahead, their visitors are coming in already. They buy the Truth @ Google.

do you have the courage to doubt?


at Dynamic Applications,

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we pursue, we favour customer driven development, from a global perspective.


From 06 June 2018, it’s time for something new.

  • Your core offering.
  • Your chance.
  • Your way to Success.

Wasn’t that what you wanted to concentrate on, all the time?

we take pride from working as good as we can, not from counting the money in our pocket, or filling up Google’s BigData pockets. In being 21st century Founders, we are working on an exceptional offering, on a really good value for money.

From today, no waste of time for configuring Adwords. Not anymore.

That’s for people who wanna make rich guys even richer.

and here we go.

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Startup Informer.

configured easily through a high-level user interface, it’ll nicely take over, whenever you’re busy creating new wonderworks for your customers. A graphical user interface will take care of all your settings.

You’re working.

Startup Informer will take care of keeping your fan crowd up to date.

Take interesting content from all kinds of sources and create a beautiful timeline for all of your followers. Mix digital content with personal, hand-written information, no problem at all. This personal, interactive behavior is actually strongly encouraged.

Man and machine.


Download Startup Informer.

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Startup Informer features:

  • configure up to 2 Websites, free of charge
  • authorize one Twitter account, free of charge
  • Startup Informer will read your Website Sitemap in all its pages
  • Startup Informer will start Tweeting Informations for you
  • will inform about selected Website Pages
  • supports sub-page filtering (
  • ..
  • will Retweet your best Friends, once in a while
  • will Retweet additional infos (News Magazines, Quotes, Pictures)
  • will curate your best Tweets in history, and repeat them for you
  • collects and retweets your favorite Hashtags
  • will favour the Tweets with most RT and Favs, statistically chosen
  • ..
  • will run as long your Laptop or PC is running
  • minimal energy consumption, all Tweets cached internally
  • highly detailed log-file creation, so that it’s fully transparent
  • will startup minimized, and can be placed in your Autostart folder.
  • ..
  • free version supports 90 minute Tweet intervals (daysOfUse from 100 days)
  • Windows 10 Store App supports 10 Accounts with 42 min Tweet interval, each
  • SI focuses more on long-term values and slow evolution, than Federal Press Agency.


System Requirements:

  • a free Twitter account
  • you’ll have to apply at Twitter to become a certified app developer.
  • now don’t you worry, in the best case you’ll be authentified in 15 minutes.
  • a modern Website with a Sitemap.xml (automatic with most website generators).
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 with .NET Framework 4.6 (required by TweetInvi, autom. installed).

Startup Informer relies on TweetInvi API, an open source Twitter API library.
Issues towards TweetInvi or Twitter API changes may take some time to be fixed.

Startup Informer is intended for Startup and Small Business. We support classic Sitemaps  that come with many Websites, and we support hierarchical Sitemaps that reference multiple detail Sitemaps. What we don’t support is Sitemaps in GZip or PHP format which come with very large companies. That size of companies are beyond our focus of interest.

In case your Website doesn’t seem to have a Sitemap.xml (Table of Contents) yet, you can create one, here, for your Website. Your ranking on Google&Co will certainly also benefit from that.

To activate the software, log in to, and apply for your own developer authentification keys in just a few steps. Choose Company Name and Tool Name as you prefer, as you’ll be publishing your own SocialBot under your own name.

No need to enter additional details, Callbacks etc. For OAuth Callback just enter your Website (we won’t need it because you’ll appear to Twitter under your own App Developer name).

Enter the 4 authorization keys for your Twitter account in Startup Informer, and configure your fully automated SocialBot, running under your own name, within a few minutes.


download now.

Download Startup Informer by Dynamic Applications
Startup Informer, logo.


download now - new version get-it-on-windows-10-store customize_up

Latest update exclusively on, our free FTP download Server.

We develop a standalone client: everything included. Precise. Pure. and Safe.
No data gathering, no Server behind you. It’s your business, it’s your data. We respect that.
Select your own App device name. Your Website. Your License. We’ll know nothing about it.

We’re following a customer-driven, agile development approach with 2-4 week cycles. Beat us for everything not exactly perfect on Twitter, next two weeks. 24/7.

We guarantee you a free 1-year-license. And we’re here if you need help.
All Windows 10 Store Apps come with full functionality, and offer Unlimited Upgrades.

Startup Informer is copyright (c) 2018 Martin Bernhardt, Founder of Dynamic Applications.

Startup Informer v176 - 05 Tweet Interval limitation
Startup Informer v1.76, Tweet Distribution configuration panel.



SocialMedia Guidelines

Martin Bernhardt - mydarkstar - Twitter Logo 48x48  Startup Product Manager - logo  SocialMedia driven App developer - logo  Business Process Manager - logo  IoT developer - beautiful butterfly on a robot hand logo  Perfect Desire - logo  Dynamic Idea - logo

we’re planning to write quite a few postings on our Weblog about it, so here’s just the basics for the time being.

  • Twitter is world’s fastest News network.

They rely on interesting information on the crowd. That’s why we don’t support to Tweet around in every minute. Believe me, this way you’d create just a lot of Garbage. After a short while, people will have seen everything. Their Timelines splattered with useless repetitions. This is not what we want to achieve.

it takes 20 years to build a reputation - Warren Buffett
imagine, 20 years from now…

Twitter Rules of operation.


Twitter does not allow to create Website Backlinks, only.

Your Target is to create a Timeline as beautiful as ours. Believe me, it’s not very difficult at all. See Startup Informer as just another plugin, a helpful assistant.

  • in being 21st century Founders, we don’t want to create anymore garbage, here.

We want to create interesting informations about our well-designed products, which come at an exceptional price. No waste in throwing money out of the window, for adwords, flyers, car-stickers, or wealthy company buildings. We concentrate on the product. Needless to say, you should always follow the basics of Nettiquette, of course.

  • Twitter is not a public chat. Use Facebook for that.
  • keep focusing on interesting news around your offering.
  • No threat, no harm, no hate, no spam, no aggressive following.
  • Say thank you and give retweets and favorites where people do you well.

And so, day after day, we’ll keep informed our small Fan-Crowd of our latest proceedings.

don't let small minds convince you that your dreams were too big.

The Freedom of Association - Grundgesetz Artikel 9 Absatz 3

Targets and Motivation.

IoT developer - beautiful butterfly on a robot hand logostartupinformer_logo_48x48

after 1 or 2 years, you’ll naturally come to the point where there’s nothing more to write about. And now, it’s time for Startup Informer to help you out.

  • it’ll gather the last 250 informational Tweets of you and all your friends.
  • it’ll sort out pure naked backlinks, as they have less interesting std information.
  • it’ll retweet and curate your best small Successes, your most favourite Tweets.

If you keep on working, and you take the time to add interesting information when you have something to report, it’ll take care of bringing the news to the fan crowd. Much like an independent radio station, they can turn in and out with no problem at all.

If you send around just a few (25..50) follow connections to interested persons on SocialMedia, every day, with a typical follow-back ratio of 25% (Nettiquette), you can inform 10 new customers about your offering, every day.

And so, your personal fan crowd will grow over time.

With a lot of interesting tweets, more followers will be attracted by the first few movers. In any case, we recommend never to follow more than 75 people per day. With today’s teen agers expanding their networks, that’s perfectly ok with every SocialMedia Networks we know. The point is to expand over time.

  • Remember my words: slowly, slowly.

It’s your SocialMedia agent. And so it’s your responsibility. We say it’s perfectly ok to grow your audience at the same time you grow your products. However, if you keep growing your Twitter accounts just for the purpose of clicking yourself around the neighbourhood, you’re likely going to end up in perfect bankruptcy. Because while you keep shifting people in through the front door, they’re already climbing out of the windows, as the room, your space of interest, is overly full already, and you haven’t cared for the next step. Take a look at Startup Product Manager (free business planner for the insecure) in that case, or even Perfect Desire (you’ve found your topic of interest, and now you don’t only want to grow anymore, you want to keep it for a living lifetime).

Startup Informer is not a machine gun. People who use SocialMedia for massive Spam overload would find out really soon that their idea is not any good for sustainable Success. To protect everyone, we have limited your personal freedom of choice here. While that may seem untypical for a Pursuit of Happiness organization like ours, keep in mind that Privacy protection is another core value of Dynamic Applications. And so, we’ve set a minimum Time interval of 90 minutes between SI’s automated Tweets.

So the point is not to grow your SocialMedia network by pressing people in masses through the front door. As soon as they see there’s nothing to gain here, while you keep pushing people in, they’re already climbing out of the window. The point is to configure a beautiful timeline and provide useful, valuable Tweets for your fan crowd. At the same time, you win time from automating everyday’s standard tasks, and you can concentrate on your work and add a few selected Tweets per week that increase the value of your offering.

Under these conditions, do-it-yourself SEO with Startup Informer is free of charge. Should you find 90 minutes too long an interval, there’s options to reduce that interval to 60 min.

People with goals succeed because they know where they're going.
about the Value of Targets.

multiple Twitter accounts?.

Dynamic Idea - logo federalpressagency_the_circle_logo_48x48

The restriction at Twitter is that each of them should have its own Topic of Interest. Too much for the early Founder’s 5 pages, this functionality is exclusive to the Pro Version.

Keep in mind that Startup Informer is a very powerful tool.

It is perfectly ok to create one Twitter account @21stAppleTree for a coming-up simulation product on natural growth. Another one that informs another fan crowd about @21stIoTDev, our business planner for your device in the Internet of beautiful Things. As well, there can be @dynamic_idea, our voting on new simulation ideas, and @dynamic_qs, our public roadmap voting on your favorite basic platform features to work on. So in case you’re really interested in following this great idea by Twitter, and present different thoughts in topics to different Target groups of people, we support that.

With multiple Twitter accounts, Startup Informer will split that interval so that each of them still has got the same 60 min interval, but they’ll start tweeting in turns. So with 4 accounts, it’s 15 min after each other.

In expecting a long-term buyer’s rate of 1 in a Thousand visitors, not much harm for those who prefer it more quietly. A few Tools may even allow to ensure that you’ll never follow or contact the same person twice. And so, all we do here is connect with people from all over the world on Social Media. Who are looking for the hottest stuff of today, anyways.

Not much harm, and minimal intrusive as well, compared to other means like a TV spot, or adwords. In the end, you can use the standard Twitter client, as well. It’s good enough.

Considering that we got more than 100 websites per living person as of today (2018) already, not much harm. The amount of surplus information to gather is already limited in the total time of people per day, 20 h/day at maximum. And so, even if a million people use Startup Informer (or any other Tool or Automat) to create 100.000.000 single, small website pages (Tweets) per day, with 1 kB per Tweet, that’s 100 GByte per day. Even from the global perspective, it’s so little that it fits on a tiny USB Stick, altogether. Some Google Robots will be so stupid enough to show more Startup Websites to people around the globe, who are looking for this and that. And so, all that we do here, altogether, is to grow Twitter as well.

Be free like a bird.

and look what i’ve built for you, you for me.

Except for a few Giants from past, not much harm.

At Dynamic Applications, we support a world of freedom and independency for everyone. Let others fight their wars of the past, or sit alone at home and complain about being unemployed. At the same time, we are working on a wonderful offering.

In the beginning, almost all of our Tools kept expanding like crap. Like a snail, you know. Like a complete failure and misconception. A small light on the horizon, all that remains in going online from day one, for a long time.

But, we are online.


The power of visibility, it unfolds over time.

The power of understanding the laws of nature. evolution.

Slowly, slowly. Once in a while, another follower stops laughing. And so, in working our way towards Newland, we keep growing our audience, every day. We keep growing our audience into nothing less but an emphatic, determined fan crowd of supporters.

and if ever so small we are today, we see a light on the far horizon.

Excellence. Beauty. Simplicity. Reduction.

happy customers.

our Target.

we are working.

we are visible. we are here.

who don’t care, can go else where.

Vision. dedication. hard work. Challenges. in Passion.

Hate. Support. Problems. Solutions. Exploitation. and lucky days.

and finally, finally.

Years from now. Years from then.

outstanding performance.

fare well. one day,

we die.

At Dynamic Applications, we’re builders.

about Success. Don’t wish it to be easier. Wish for yourself to be better.

In the beginning,

Dynamic Idea - logo

there’s not much use in repeating 5-10 singular website pages, all the time, anyways. So that’s where the free version is limited. With a better offering, it’s time to start exploring your SocialMedia fan crowds.

For example, with every Dynamic Application you kept voting for, we have created a fan crowd newsticker on Twitter, world’s fastest network, with special offerings, Target group information, holiday free-for-all Windows 10 Store Apps, and dynamic fan crowd interconnection.

  • one Tweet at a time, and no need to hurry.

And if you’re online just half an hour a day, after work just like me, and reading your fan-post, you’ll have a slight 2% probability of catching another Startup’s posting, just like half an hour is 1 / 50 of a day. With more and more Twitter friends you are interested in personally, the slighter the chance it gets to see something from a single person. From today, Startup Informer will take care to keep your Fan crowd up to date, on a regular basis. If your offering is really good, and it comes at a good price, believe me, you’ll grow.

Now think about what that means if you got 10 000 Followers in a year from now. And if you make really good products, it could already be 100 000 Followers in less than 2 years.

  • from here, Startup Informer can bring up to 100 Website clicks, per day.

By the way, you can combine Startup Informer nicely with Facebook.

All you need to do is to authorize Facebook in your Twitter account’s settings for Apps. If you do, Facebook will operate in Slave mode, and publish all your Tweets, as well.

As usual, the Windows 10 Store App is a single-time acquisition. We offer continuous integration with 2-4 week upgrades, and we’re a participative organization. As for this singular product, we’ll keep a wish-list of all the requirements and bug reports you’ll keep sending. As soon as Startup Informer will reach the Top 3 votes on @dynamic_qs, our Quality of Service platform voting, we’ll take care of improving. And we’ll make all those improvements available both for our professional and our free versions.

Future plans include to make Startup Informer available free of charge, from having collected 1000 dna coins for the truest Supporters running Dynamic Applications.

You keep supporting us. We keep supporting you. Pay with a Tweet. Thank you!

Keep voting, and stay tuned for more.

Balanced Scorecard Management icon

Our way to Success.

a few words on Privacy protection.

dynamic roadmap - logo IoT developer - beautiful butterfly on a robot hand logo Mirror Logo - Balanced Scorecard Martin Bernhardt - mydarkstar - Twitter Logo 48x48 Business Process Manager - logo Perfect Desire - logo The Reverse Experience - logo Startup Product Manager - logo

  • No data transfer. No Server behind you ?.

what we are talking about here is no Server by Dynamic Applications behind you.

If you have understood what this Tool is about, you should know that it can be used for publications and fan crowd information, in a very easy way.

It takes pages from your Website and some well-doing Retweets for your SocialMedia friends, and it transfers this information to your personal Timeline by posting infos and doing Retweets, once in a while. So there will be some data flowing towards and from Twitter’s Servers and Services. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Just in case.

We are using a fee Toolkit called TweetInvi for .NET here, that is based on the public Twitter API for automated News generation and transportation. So if you look at what it is, Startup Informer is just another API tool, a programming interface. It just comes with a nice, easy, plug and play configuration, and so it brings the Power of TweetInvi, of Tweet Invitations, for the masses. It is important to understand that Startup Informer, when it comes to delivering information, is a Transporter, and not an influencer itself.

It lifts your Startup up to the next level of integration, and that’s about all it can do.

The impact of Startup Informer is only visible from the global perspective.

What we mean here is that at Dynamic Applications, we are not supporting Privacy protection against all odds, as a matter of principle. The value behind Privacy protection is informational self-determination. While that’s the exact value we follow, our guideline, it sounds a little too complex for a company slogan.

As well as there is a right on silence, there shall be a right to speak up.

Balanced Scorecard: Management in System Dynamics.
Balanced Scorecard: Management in System Dynamics.

a world in balance,

Perfect Desire - logo

our Target. In all its beautiful diversity.

Startup Informer is a powerful SocialMedia agent, and you can configure it any way you want. Be aware that you are fully responsible for whatever purpose you are using it for.

We’re no judges, so apart from the mandatory delay, there’s no built-in censorship.

We see it so that first of all, we are trying to transport a certain kind of knowledge to you guys. Understanding. Understanding each other. If you take a look at the diagram above, you’ll easily see that while there may be a certain spots of discomfort and uneasiness, there is no optimal position.

The classic Capitalist would say “Success to the Successful”, of course.

But if you look closely, there’s a circle of accelerating Feedback around it. Former partners start to interfere with you. As you’re growing too fast, there’s unintended opposition. You are losing friends. Escalations. And finally, the limits of Growth.

At Dynamic Appliations, we say that it’s better to have a plan, than to have no plan at all.

So keep in mind that the optimal position depends very much on your personal wishes, needs, targets, the gifts you were granted, and your requirements. So while one person wishes or has the capability to grow (platform builder), the next one wishes to connect. The third one is old and tired, but relatively wealthy and wishes some comfort to receive.

  • That’s the whole beauty of it.

And so, keep in mind that it’s not always helpful to just have “more” information.

If your offering is not any good, however big your marketing budget, however shiny your website, all you’ll earn from spending money on Adwords and Marketing campaigns is that you pay money for more people finding out that you have no good offering. And so, we recommend to keep growing slowly. To keep your world in balance.


System Dynamics and Growth Management.
Balanced Scorecard: Growth Management in System Dynamics.

Growth Management.

Startup Product Manager - logo The Reverse Experience - logo Perfect Desire - logo

The mechanism we use to curate your Tweets, and support your best friends’ Retweets, is based on the best global measure we got: the participative measure. And so, in much the same way that Twitter uses to encourage important informations, we give power to the people. We promote important content, that’s been preselected, favored, and retweeted by your personal network of interest, your friends, maybe the first gathering of the few.

So if you have to say something, don’t wait for the Bank accountant to give you more credit. Don’t wait for the Angel Investor to rip you off. Don’t wait for the wealthy to select you, curate you, and fill garbage bins full of gold on your head. Don’t wait for help.

  • Help yourself. Consult yourself. 
  • Keep the global perspective in mind. Help others.
  • If you have to say something, it’s time to speak up now.
  • It’s 21st century! Your voice is going to be heard.

The one wish we have behind Startup Informer is that in increasing the diversity of global network information and Startups of all kind, we all come to the point to see a further requirement, that is strongly connected with Democracy and Participation, but also finds itself anchored in the basic idea of Privacy protection:


We strongly encourage you to use it for interesting Tweets and informations about your 21st century offering, but keep in mind that others will also wish to pursuit their own way to Happiness. Fortunately, that’s what our fan crowd is about, so we’re pretty sure that our little Startup Information tool is gonna be found by the right people in time.



Startup Informer v176 - 04 Tweet Distribution
Startup Informer v1.76, first public version back from June, 2018.

Startup Informer.

Dynamic Idea - logo

download now. 

it’s just a little thank-you for you guys,
the SocialMedia fan crowd supporting Dynamic Applications.

As of April 25, 2018, we’ve got 275 000 followers on Twitter, and counting. 

Startup Product Manager - logo Perfect Desire - logo Dynamic Idea - logo

Startup Informer features:

  • configure up to 2 Websites, free of charge
  • authorize one Twitter account, free of charge
  • Startup Informer will read your Website Sitemap in all its pages
  • Startup Informer will start Tweeting Informations for you
  • will inform about selected Website Pages
  • supports sub-pages (
  • will Retweets your best Friends, once in a while
  • will Retweets additional infos (News Magazines, Quotes, Pictures)
  • will curate your best Tweets in history, and repeat them for you
  • collects and retweets your favorite Hashtags
  • will favour the Tweets with most RT and Favs, statistically chosen
  • will run as long your Laptop or PC is running
  • minimal energy consumption, all Tweets cached internally
  • highly detailed log-file creation, so that it’s fully transparent
  • supports Facebook operating in Slave Mode, publishing all Tweets
  • will startup minimized, and can be placed in your Autostart folder.


Download Startup Informer by Dynamic Applications
Startup Informer. Logo.

download now - new version get-it-on-windows-10-store customize_up

We develop a standalone client: everything include Precise. Pure. and Safe.
No data gathering, no Server behind you. It’s your business, it’s your data. We respect that.

Select your own App device name. Your Website. Your License. We’ll know nothing about it.

Latest update exclusively on, our free FTP download Server.

Startup Informer is copyright (c) 2018 Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applications. Support a sustainable life. For a sustainable future for all.

about Dynamic Applications.


Dynamic Application is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

we the people make a wish come true.

Thank you for choosing to visit Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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