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A collection of Dynamic Applications around Daily life, Life at Home, Family, Food, Care, Virus Infections, Medicine, Services, Checks and Balances, Goods, Tools, People, and the will to keep going on.

Healthcare Simulations. Understanding Helpfulness. Understanding Sustainability.

Apple Tree v4.48, initial version. Works allright.
Apple Tree v4.48, basic version. included with Healthcare Simulations.

We can all sit home now and wait for Politicians to help us along. But believe me or not, the more Billions will be on the Table, the more the greedy ones will take their share, already. So there is an equation with Healthcare and Money, naturally. Still, in the righteous state, all guilt has to be proven in the single case, first. In dubio, pro reo > Pacta sunt servanda, finally.

Help yourself, so help you god.

Healthcare Simulations - Martin Bernhardt

In moments of crisis, it‘s natural that all kinds of existential questions come up your mind.

Will all these wonderful incentives and benefits of Globalization diminish before our eyes, and the endless labour days of history be back withs us? – will our savings be gone, be void, sooner than expected?

Inflation and monetary erosion are logical consequences of debt-making, of living on other people’s loan. ahead of us a long-year battle to bring up again our Worldwide Economy.

Maybe we should consider that The State, The Government, The Federal Reserve Bank should basically make rules, not business. Stable money would help people to understand the value of hard work, while inflation, deliberate debt-making on the backs of the many, cronyism, lobbyism and corrosion just wipe our eyes. And more values to be replaced by greed, the more we gonna see of that.

But who‘s gonna help you in case, who‘s gonna thought of me, of you?
Now we can take part in learning by doing. It‘s up to you.

Stability. Truth. Values.

All of a sudden, a Virus outbreak.

Your Task is gonna be to find some cure in Time.
In such Times, we have to learn to stand on our very own feet.

At Dynamic Applications, we measure values in lifetime.




As it is concept with this Website, each of our Dynamic Applications Products comes with a single page, where i am quite sharing a few thoughts about the issue.

Keep in mind that there is more than one Truth, with people.

So please don’t be offended should you not at all agree, here and there.

Instead, it is your good right to comment on that, or open a new Website and publish to your own benefit. Please also excuse our direct language. As we try to express out thought clearly, a few people may find my writings inappropriate to their personal relation with Healthcare issues. Please don’t feel personally offended.

Here are a few personal thoughts from the author of Healthcare Simulations.

Let me point out here that Politics is also much about the art of explaining what ever happens, in a consumable way. So a good Politician would know how to colourize an event within the word- and opinion spectrum of their own Party.

With the recent, so-called Corona-Flu, for example, everyone started talking about the dangers of exponential growth. So a limit of 100 in 100.000 (or even less) was told as a bearable rate for people suffering from the cough-IT 19, then later called Corona Virus. But, which one was it, exactly? – nobody knows. The so-called Corona Virus Family has existed before, Wikipedia tells us, so it is all based on assumptions, naming and framing again.

What would happen in your country if you start running around, claiming you’ve seen people with bats in their head? – so this leads us to the Vampire myth. One blood sucker, one person with a microscope, there you go to the old people’s home. So we’re not saying the scientists are all wrong, we are saying they should be reliable for their budget just in the same way as the standard household owes any borrowed money to the bank accountant.

Then, there was a saying about Secret Services involved. Why would a country claim that another country has sent Secret Service personnel, to create a Virus outbreak? – seen by the light of day, it‘s pretty obvious: The country leaders haven‘t found a good explanation themselves, so they have to blame the issue on another country. Then, they blame it back on the Secret Service on the first one, and so they distribute the debt by creating more mystery.

Not very helpful in reducing the danger of ~ – ~ = > Riots < = ~ – ~ on the streets, which are obviously not very helpful in a pandemic. Then, there was a brand called Corona Beer, from Mexico, right? – uuugh. Doesn’t it sound like Make sick you? – so here we learn that quite a few important lessons are printed right on our one planet, the Treasure Map of Planet Earth. Nothing to say against Mexicans, we’re just saying there’s a lot of Myth created.

Then, there was the story of a Virus outbreak from a Laboratory. Hmmm… we never know, and if it‘s true, let‘s all hope we never find out too much about that. So of course, yes, there is an option of a dangerous variant of flu around, but how dangerous is it? – think self, here we saye. Learn self, here we saye. Help self, here we saye.

There’s Myriads of Bakteria, Viruses, coughs, flu and running noses around, so that battle can not be won. Therefore, we say it is important to find a good, reasonable, bearable measure on how much shall it cost us to treat the people upon? – 10 Euro for the influenca vaccination of new kind, that’s certainly ok.

100 Billion Euro gone, is certainly not. So better watch out who now has that money got. 

Some Truth can only seen fron looking back, that‘s one thing for sure. So, unless proof can be presented us, the non-medicians, in a 5 to 10 page statement, clear and obvious to track it down, we might as well see effects of a Mass Hysteria. As Albert Einstein once said:

if you can not explain it in one sentence, it’s not clear enough to yourself.

Corona, the inner Crown crisis? – no wonder that no one is talking about Cancer anymore.

So we’re sorry for the few who lost a relative, under the new Corona name, but that won’t help us in the long run. All in all, in situations like these, what happens is that there is an immense, worldwide Trading of society values around. An isolation, an instructed hiding of a father’s, a mother’s faces to their so-small child, how much effect will that have?

How shall we handle that some children can not even go to school, so nothing much is told to them?

Here helps us so e good Truth we find in Math, as simple school mathematics is highly normalized, around the globe. So let’s take a look what we are talking about, here.


100 in 100 000  =  10 in 10 000  = 1 in 1000.


a simple equation, but yet so powerful. So here we learn that Simplicity itself creates another value:

Transparency. The understanding of how a State functions well.

How many Viruses, Bakteria, and “Keimchen” do we want to count, in endless Microscopic detail? 

At Dynamic Applications, we have a strong relation to speak Truth, unless Exception. The attempt counts, here we say. So, we suggest that Politicians all around the globe should Face the challenge, return to defend what defines us all:

The Culture, The History of our Village, Town, or Nation, the Memories of last war.
The good, fine habits of Judgement, of Law and Order, of good behaviour, in Simplicity.


100 in 100 000 == 10 in 10 000 == 1 in 1000 == 1 ‰. ~ vs. ~ 🥀 ~

1% == 1 in 100 == 1000 in 100 000. ~ 🥀〽️ ~



1% ill sounds more acceptable to us.

Then what!? – Nobody knows anything, for Certain?

But then, wasn‘t this Socrates? – “kommt Zeit, kommt Rat”, here we saye.

Wasn‘t it so that 1, 2, 3 per cent of Population always had some Healthcare issue? 

So here we learn it helps us nothing to bring up all Scientists, Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals of the World to aim for the impossible. How can we have only 1 in 1000 people suffering from what we have called the Corona Flu here, a Cough, or some Fever, where not running Nose, a hoarse throat? – so cough it up, and wasn’t it told us long ago that every, any Virus could as well be travelling along our blood, so that it can reach any destination? – uuugh. Now we can all create quite a big lot of new Corona Variants.

Over, achievements.

Corona Blood, Corona Heartbreak, Corona Liver, Corona Healthcare.

See? – the mystery has almost eaten up ourselves, already.

.ep i 🤧 demic? ~ .🛠. ~ !Pan demic!?  ~ 🤕🎋🇪🇺🥀🕊~ Nomad🧑🏽‍🎓am. 🛶 Pirat.👨🏼‍🎤. 🌅 .. .

So all we can say overall is that what helps us here, we got the Law.

Bat! bed! but! you bet. be belle. Old Cultures, Traditions. Here still we find true Wisdom. How is it possible that we turn Radio on, every morning, some people telling us to forfeit the Law?

About 100 billion Euro seem to be gone in Germany alone, with what comes out another Influenza Vaccine, for 10 bucks only, alone, per Person. For a lifetime, or what was that Value „alone“ about? – are we creating Social demand here, on purpose? – we never know what’s up in other people’s mind. So that’s as well what makes Corona so important, so dangerous. The battle could continue in your very own Household. So we suggest to consider, everyone, that the Government, first at all, are well bound to the Law, themselves. Of course. That‘s how it is in most of all these Countries, that we have, and if it was the King itself, with Lawmakers and Religious rates.

So why not can the Government go back to Parliament, explain suggestion, so to hear the Wisdom of the 750 delegated that We the People have elected, here, exactly for that Purpose? –

Tradition. Culture. Goods. Taught children, first. bat! but! you bet.

debatte, debatte. 

A fine practice of good tradition helps people orientating towards Orderly Behaviour. So that could help a lot, prevent more Riots, much more than drawing so much more Corona Bonds out of each other’s pockets. So all we saye is that it’s clear, the money we had given them has to be shared, as fair and just, as we the people do it, down on street. Should that not be, should that not hold, we are no longer talking of Pandemic. Then, we are all preparing, we are all prepared to battle in the next financial crisis, or should we call it Civil War. Oooh my.

Let Reason fall, let’s all behave, let’s work for good, no more exaggerate. 




It‘s good for them, it‘s good for us. So that we get some best reliable instructions by good Law.

Then, we have to ask ourselves, how can we help along in our own, our good Culture. The history of a Nation is always told the Lection, the Lesson of last War. So let‘s combine around the globe, we people, practice good Law, refine what‘s useful, look back in Constitution isn‘t that too much, already? – who knows article 125 of your own Country, right away? – how is it just with Nr. 25 of the most basic law, that warrants Freedom, Peace and Order?

does it help us to create ever so more of them, Laws in all detail, Orders, spoken words in Radio, TV?

it seems to me that we should all forget that super crap of Big, big dadda bullshit bingo and return to decent planning in all decency. That‘s why aye have created Healthcare Simulations, in all its modest, smallest elementary form.

. ..

Simplicity. ~> Transparency. ~> Understanding. ~> Orderly Procedure. ~> Innovation.

Privacy. ~> House, Home and Family. ~> Recreation, Joy and Fun. ~> an honest, simple life.

Protection. ~> cry out, ask food. ~> be given. ~> grow. Learn. ~> work. Give. ~> be protected.

Particiption. ~> get food. ~ get shelter. ~> give chance. give food. ~ build Shelter. -> part being.

.. .

So here we learn that Life is always not alone about Your self. Other people are as well important. So while the Democrats around the Globe are still debating

(. .. i’ve bat! .. u bed! .. debatte .. debatte .. debatte .. you bet! .. i’ve But! .. .),

good old Republicans continue to build walls around them selves. ~ Tulsi! Aloha, Hawaii! ~ the undecided presidency, it’s still not passed a year along. ~ The dog barks, and then came Kamala, Harris she knows a lot about. ~ In the Pirate Party, the civilization of man kind’s global party thought, in our own words of wisdom, now That‘s what we call a Tool debatte.

Tool see, geb Heardt. 

🌟 . .. 2 men, 1 woman. .. 💞 .. 2 women, 1 man. .. . 🍀

The Future is all undecided, that‘s what the Prophet Mohammed was all about.

So you better have a good plan for today, as well.
Like, working hard and honest to supply with food, of your own Family.

Then, the world is large. In the desert, there‘s no Time for talking, for long debate. It‘s Time for arrival, at Oasis, then instantly, Water, Bread, and Shelter for good price has to be served. Or there is shooting, dead, white bones, and better nobody would ever much find out. Could be the last Survivor of The Village, of us people, right? – so here we learn why with all justice, there is also some point, some good Truth in what we learn afrom the Nomad culture. They‘re bot so stupid at all! It‘s not so wrong that to protect the last, few, helpless poor Survivors, one man may have to care for many wifes, with Family.

The Farmer, The Hunter, The Leader, The Princess Scott Land.

It‘s still with us, as that‘s as well included what we call Participation. Justice. Judgement. However, keep in mind that too much Luxury in man‘s own thinking could as well create you lots of enemies. It‘s we the people altogether in this boat. And should one day an Afsha Butt arrive with us, on Travel, who knows would that not be the Final Value that we‘ve seen. But that’s for everyone else also to decide for themselves.

This project is much about values.

And we‘re going to stay exactly at this point, unless you bring up some really good argument against that. So stable money is good money, here we say. The more money they throw on us from above, the more lucrative it‘s gonna be to go to your backyard daily, and grow some healthy food for you and your beloved family.

As well, i hope, some people will have found the wisdom that as well a Father as a Mother would need help from Youth and Family office, in that they grant fair chance in life, own child to see, so that they may be empowered as well to shield good father, well, good mother so they talk about old parent‘s life.

Because they know, have understood the value of one family.

So here we learn that Kindness (Güte, as we call it) with us, only is for long, if we ourselves would practice best, good effort, as we can, ourselves, much on a daily basis. Having some 3, 5, 10, 12 or sometimes even more of people all around ourselves. The attempt counts, here we saye. So kindness is also a value that‘s as well be seen from you, looking from 20, 30 years passed by. That’s how we define a good kindness in person, right?

So here we learn why they are saying, with Family already taken, there‘s Justice now, around us.
Would there be any one, two, three people remembering?




Be blessed if you caught tiny glimpse of what it means to see, good life has passed.
Beware of those, though, who, always preach you your good is not yet good enough, by factor 10.

Those are the liars, so let us defend ourselves, by law.
And if it was with just a single garden rake, the good, old planter‘s symbol.

Not with a weapon, but with Law, here we defend ourselves. With order, good behaviour, and orderly procedure, as good as we have learned ourselves. One in a hundred, always ill, some times it‘s 2 or 3, from hundred, and so still 99, 98, 97 go to work, earn some food, for honest price, all what it takes. Don’t get me wrong – we’re not saying that there is no illness, no flu, no virus around.

We’re just saying that we all should look that this whole, worldwide debate would, should not end up in useless accusations all around the globe, how many viruses there have been defined, at all. So we say that we better all go back to work, enjoy our day, and wash our hands, regularly. So that’s how we define an honest, working man.

And so we learn why we keep 1000 Euro, here, ourselves. A final value.

Our agb value.

Much better than another worldwide breakdown of the Finance Market, by drawing non-existent people’s money from each other’s pocket, all we saye. Let’s not forget, let us beware the values of stability.

Working for a good price.

Who says won’t 25 per hour, 1000 Euro each, per week, not be enough?

Should you find this our simple, do-it-yourself Key Account Manager be helpful, but, no all to easy to work out, yourself, well, go, you may ask us here for help, and i will be happy shall i be involved with that. We don’t know much, in being simple people just as you, so happy if we make it to 1000 Euro in a month. But, we have quite a good idea of you can defend a fine, good price. In being honest people, our Price list we have officially declared, so everyone may copy for themselves good role model, up to 3x that value, as house, guard, food seems granted towards me already. You know who you are. It‘s Truth with us, unless Exception.

So that’s to be a fine, honest Key Account Manager. Honesty is best.

Hereby i want to thank Ms. Afsha Butt, with Umber Saiyan, for serving as a role model, discussing and so working on this part of Story very well with us, feeding us back in honesty, and they have not yet asked me for a single Euro. That’s why we dare to mention them here on this page, as honesty is best.

Let‘s help ourselves, we saye, and so help others. Read constitution, read practice, Law and Order, behave in public, turn the key, put feets on Table, right at Home, and take good price shall there be Wifi with you, you blessed man, or shall there be at least one person, that you take, with your last glimpse, that stayed with you till your last day.


Thank you to Ms. Afsha Butt, with Umber Saiyan, from Edmonton, Canada. Thank you for supporting us.
Thank you to Ms. Afsha Butt, with Umber Saiyan, from Edmonton/Toronto, Canada, with Families and Team. Thank you for supporting us.


As well, so here we learn already, that it‘s not always fun to Rule a Country just alone from all above. So hereby we suggest let us protect the good names, that protect our countries, and rather let‘s concern ourselves in what could aye, you, we the people altogether do to improve Law and Order? – so far, nothing that much we know about Corona Flu, in all its variants and mysteries, but let‘s not make, let us not trade our fate even much worse.

So now you understand why we have just created, from early 2020, a version of our own AGB, Terms and Conditions, that we hope could serve well you also in creating suitable variant for your self.

It‘s not just here, we give you this and you many not and then, you are allowed, but!, not like that and then, you may not but!, if you do we will throw you out of that unless, we tell you that if not and here, your data goes along with us and then, when we meet finally in Court you will find out why we are rich and you are not. And then it‘s free, if you agree. What kind of stupid crap is that?

Come on, no lunch in life is free, we saye.
So honestly, what do you want, and how much is our work time just for that.

Define good price, just a bit competitive to what you have heard, and here be go.
Success will come to you, my friend, have they been talking more Corona Nonsense in TV, bla bla, or not.


Dynamic Applications, light UI. Bakery Tutorial. Help yourself, and so help others.

Work, Bets and Chances.

Maybe we should all be aware that a global series of heavy, feverous infections may hold a much more severe problem in itself than most of us might expect, so far? – yeah. We heard things like that. Only we say that from all this hypocrisis, exaggeration and fear, that you can read about in every newspaper, watch in TV, and hear on your favourite radio station, nothing much gets better in the end.

Especially, looking at your very own life.

So only healing with cure, and substantial solution finding could bring us all one step foreward. But who is gonna help you, and your small family? –

Think self, here we say. 

Help yourself, so help you god.

Healthcare Simulation is a collection of fine examples how to gain independency as well as stability. Grow some Fruits in your own garden, sell Apples on Street. Refine our simple Bakery Tutorial in a calculation model for producing Apple Pie. Yes. As simple as that. Helping you beloved ones with a cup of Tea, instead of battling for the turn door’s key. Let’s not exaggerate, let’s all behave as we all know from Grammy’s good old, fine tradition.

Working for we the People, next step required.
Defining what’s cure, ourselves. Servicing Healthcare Solutions.

What a good life.


Healthcare Simulations.

HealthcareSimulations logo 48x48

Create your own Tools, Services, and imagine to live from curing people in need.

Dynamic Applications. Understanding Nature. Understanding Science.

As usual, here at Dynamic Applications, we focus on an creating an excellent platform of Small Business Planners for our Followership. And Everyone shall have same chances to create anything useful from that.

our Healthcare Simulations collection, with a forecast based on System Dynamics.
Softpedia Award for a 100% adware and spyware-free download!

Available from 2020.04.24. Freeware.


Healthcare Simulations include:

  • The Bakery Tutorial, our introductory cost-profit simulation.
  • Apple Tree (basic), a Tutorial for producing or selling Apples from your Tree.
  • Business Process Manager (basic) cost and profit of your Healthcare Service.
  • a Multi-Material Product calculator – produce your own Medicine, or Tool.
  • a Small Business (3 Products) calculator start producing any useful goods.
  • a Family Shoe Production – take a daily walk in the Sunshine.
  • Healthcare – Virus (Town Infections) – single Country, Town or Village Simulation.
  • Healthcare – Virus (Worldwide Infections) – Worldwide Countries Simulation.
  • Water Supply (Well builder) – build your own Water Supply.
  • an Inline Formula Editor System – (Top 12 Input and Target Values free of charge).
  • The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition. – your vote on new ideas.


We develop a standalone client: everything included. Precise. Pure. and Safe.
No data transfer, no Server behind you. It’s your business, it’s your data. We respect that.

Latest update exclusively on, our free FTP download Server.


Healthcare Simulations - logo - 256x256
Healthcare Simulations. Logo.


download_now get-it-on-windows-10-store customize_up

Healthcare Simulations v5.24. Virus Infection Projection for your local Country. Town or Village.
Healthcare Simulations v5.24. Virus Infection Projection for your local Country. Town or Village.

We’re following a customer-driven, agile development approach with 2-4 week cycles. Beat us for everything not exactly perfect on Twitter, next two weeks. 24/7.

We guarantee you a free 1-year-license. And we’re here if you need help.

All our Windows 10 Store Apps come with full functionality, including the Target Formula System editor. So there’s no need to apply Promo Codes on Windows 10 Store Apps.

Unlimited License for the Windows 10 Store App, including unlimited upgrades.
Our long-term warranty since 2016.

Healthcare Simulations are copyright (c) 2020 Martin Bernhardt, Founder of Dynamic Applications.

Dachgeschoss Ausbau - do-it-yourself Holzausbau mit dreieckigem Fenster zum Garten

Understanding Healthcare Simulations.


Healthcare. Cure. Learning by doing.

Understand how deeply about any kind of Scientific Projection will depend on certain parameters, ratios, and interactions. World‘s details are endless, and so are the possibilities. Check out how easy it is to set up Simulations of and project about any outcome from that. Then, try out one with proven facts. And if it‘s dead people.

Healthcare. Create your own Virus Infection, add Target Formulas, and simulate additional effects. Add medicine, isolation, hospitals, food supply. As you prefer. Top 12 Input Values, and Target Formula fully customizable in the free version. A fully functional Simulation Model environment to answer a few basic questions.

Does anyone know what they are doing?

In all these uncertainties, it never hurts if everyone brings in their small part. Take Care of yourself, take care for your loved ones. As Problems bring chances, Solutions bring food. Also it doesn‘t harm to protect yourself, like you better don‘t meet too many people. So with any virus infection around, there‘s a short term survival and a long-term survival to consider. And these should be in a good balance.

Beyond all those theoretical assumptions, there’s always been a place for a good value for money, a fair treatment of your customers, an excellent price calculation of ever so small goods we might produce from home. Thankful customers.

The challenge is, as always, to adjust your course just slightly enough to benefit in time.

And wouldn‘t be our world a better place, if we all worked, helped and cured constructively?

Our basic Internet of Things business planner will teach you all about producing goods, sold online. And if it’s just Candles, or a series of small, self-painted irden houses for the Christmas market. Religion. Hope. Food. Shelter. Family. Home. A simple, good life. Always think about your neighbors, your village, town, county, and other people on earth’s requirements. Survival of the many to follow.

A bit of caretaking, of developing cure. All we need to go on, and survive, isn‘t it?

So the final solution to a series of Virus infections can not only be found in the microscope. There are so many microbes, so many bacteria, you know. Do we need to name them all? – The problem with traditional Scientists is that they‘re always good in writing reports that produce a lot of more problems in Theory, but nothing of value to be sold. So here we need to achieve substantially more respect, more decency towards the good Life of others within the Scientist community.

And so it‘s best to measure as well also the value of the Scientist‘s research, and make them pay back where no value, by contract. This way, we can ensure benevolent behaviour of the Scientist community as well, one thing for sure.

If their plan works out, let them keep half of the profit, until their loan was paid back. So they can feed as well. But where they fail, there should also be some responsibility. Like it is good practice with everyone else. Honest people have no debts,  or, at minimum, they do all they can to pay them back.

So they should borrow their budget by contract as well, under same rights for all. A reasonable, modest payment for the Scientist, under responsibility. That‘s what we find a good, working measure here, ar Dynamic Applications.

Where Participation is a ground value.

Fair chances, and same rights for all to follow.

There‘s nothing to say against the honest, hard working Scientist, you know.

It‘s just a question of do you have values, when it counts, or are we making fun and there‘s no values at all. So here again we find that feeding the Scientists is also a question of defining a good balance towards the all of us.


Balanced Scorecard - Management in System Dynamics

True Values.


Build and grow your own House, Food, and Family over time.

Create your own Business. Supply Yourself. Supply others. Build for the people.
Imagine the value of a 4-year all do-it-yourself investment.

The work of a lifetime, built from your own Home. No foreign property involved, at all.

Ever thought about that True Values can not be on other people’s bank account? – Build your own business around financial services for we the people, of all kind. Help yourself, so help you god. Now you may help others. And that’s your very own decision. As it was yesterday.

Be a good, righteous man. Be good, righteous parents.

Raise your own children. Share the bread on your table, even and fair.

And inherit the value of a lifetime, created just by your own hand’s craftmanship. Honesty. Home. Family. Cure. Fairness. Tolerance. Participation. and Chances.


Hopes and Fears.



We‘re not saying it‘s anything like easy to make a good projection, and if it‘s just gonna be a simple plan for the most basic survival. And as it happens with future, you never know for sure.

But would that mean that all hope is lost, and we shall just wait for them to rescue us?

When the Wind of change blows, some people build walls, but, as always, it‘s up to everyone. So simple isn‘t bad, here we say. As Einstein once said:

Any intelligent fool can make things more complex, more detailed, more violent. It takes a touch of genius, and courage, to go the opposite.

Simple ideas are good ideas, here we say. We call them realistic.

So that‘s why we‘ve started to collect. a small bunch of simple ideas to follow, and published for you guys. And same rights shall be for me, as for you, as shall there be for everyone. You‘re invited to create. In case you find the Top 12 Values not sufficient, free Promo Codes are hidden in quite a few central articles on this very website, and in the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition on Twitter, world‘s fastest network.

Good luck on your Endeavours, where ever you may be visiting us from, today.



Healthcare Simulations v5.24, light UI. Bakery Tutorial with automated ToolTip.


Apple Tree Garden - v4.48 - an automated ToolTip showing Yearly Apples Sold.
Apple Tree, v4.48. an automated ToolTip showing Yearly Apples Sold.


one dna coin. shall be worth one hour.


Small Business Developments v4.98 - Daily Shoe Production - 24 December 2019
Small Business Developments v4.98 – Daily Shoe Production, with Inline Formula Editor.



Heathcare Simulations v5.32 - Virus Infection for a Country or Town population
Heathcare Simulations v5.24. Virus Infection for your local Town, County or Village.


don't let small minds convince you that your dreams were too big.


Water Supply v5.24 – included with Healthcare Simulations.




Healthcare Simulations.

HealthcareSimulations logo 48x48

Understanding Helpfulness. Understanding Sustainability.

In servicing, while searching for cure, we may find purpose in life.

what a promise.


Dynamic Applications. Still life.
Dynamic Applications. Still life.


and would we find no cure, our life we lived in purpose.

The attempt counts, here we say.

Healthcare Simulations. download now.

Your work for servicing the many, starts being planned to day.


Healthcare Simulations - logo - 256x256
Healthcare Simulations. Logo.


download_now get-it-on-windows-10-store customize_up


Healthcare Simulations are copyright (c) 2020 Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications.


Healthcare Simulations v5.24. 845 Targets showing Global Virus Infection Projections by Country Population.
Healthcare Simulations v5.24. 845 Targets showing Global Virus Infection Projections by Country Population.



Dynamic Applications - Small Business Developments - Shoe Production
Dynamic Applications – Small Business Developments v4.96 – Shoe Production for a small family income.


Fearless Motivation - Let Past be the Past - Dynamic Applications
Fearless Motivation – Look ahead, Young Modeler. Let Past be the Past – fight for your right to work, and to survive.


Healthcare Simulations - worldwide Population growth
Healthcare Simulations – worldwide Population growth


Dynamic Applications. Success is much about heading in the right direction, over time.
Dynamic Applications. Success is much about heading in the right direction, over time.


Water Supply - Horizon Header


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