21st century worldwide growth of Forest.



The 21st century worldwide growth of forest simulation is much about thinking about the consequences of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Thinking over Time.

So for a simulation like that, so many influencers, what do we have to consider?

Sunshine, Atmosphere, CO2, fertilizer, Glass effect, Clouds, Rain, Siberia, Growth of Forest, Green Land, Plants, Trees, Animals, and finally, Human beings and technology.

It’s all about the Details, the holy grail of detailed know-how possession.


dna hope signal logo

Endless effort, endless humility, endless modesty.

Weather and Technology, long term. From a global perspective, Planet Earth moves on. And that’s because of Gravitation. And so, all Evaporating Water is going to fall down.

First of all, as for fossile ressources, we’ve researched resonable information for weeks, just to dig up a few proven numbers. What we found was rough estimations. But let’s imagine for a minute that you are a Tree, gaining life’s secrets from Photosynthesis. What’s gonna be your wish, today?

are you ready to grow?

Simulation’s Perspective.


And so we understand that there are many, many aspects to consider in the 21st century worldwide growth of Forest Simulation. This page just tries to focus on a few, from both sides of the everlasting balance. Discussing world’s outcome, like writing down the need for Noah’s Ark, that famous old story, resulting from the Evolution of our lives on Planet Earth, from history.

But then, would there be any problem at all, from a global perspective?

We can not understand a System if we are not willing to be part of it, so to say, to look at it from an inner perspective.

Have you ever thought about the Climate Change from Nature’s perspective?

Now, what would a small Apple Tree, or any other Plant on this very Planet, say to all that?

See? – there’s much more to investigate than the old-term, Man-focused, anthropological perspective. Who says that Plants, Fruits, Flowers, Trees and Animals would have no part in this global interaction of Participants, in the long run?

And so, while the pure Anthropologist may dream of Smartphone-driven Weather forecast, in an artificial life, the Nature lover may dream of Sunshine, Beach, Sea, Evaporation, Clouds, and Rainforest, as well. The more Sunshine, the more Clouds. What a beautiful balance, with almost no human interaction required.

A world in balance. What a dream.

At Dynamic Applications, we’re building. We’re constructing a platform of user-driven Simulation Models, available free of charge. So we create the most basic simulation models, and then we work on improving the platform, and you are allowed to work on any aspect of creating Simulation Models around the topic. And may it be to replace some governmental, public funding of Scientists with a modern Crowdfunding-based approach for solutions.

What are these people talking about here, you ask yourself?

Well, why don’t you think about constructing some new, more stable House roof’s Tiles? – with minimum effort, in following this simple thought, now you have started to create a balance between the Changes in Nature and the well-being of yourself and others.

Participation. Same rights for all, same chances for all. our vision.


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Input Parameters and Target Formula.

WWF_logo_48x48 smallbdev_logo_48x48

  • Stone Coal delivery and yearly consumption (Input Value)
  • Brown Coal delivery and yearly consumption (Input Value)
  • Natural Gas delivery and yearly consumption (Input Value)
  • Crude oil delivery and yearly consumption (Input Value)
  • CO2 production from burning each of these (Target Formula)
  • CO2 mass (and ppm) in the atmosphere (Starting Point, then Target Formula)
  • Rise in global Temperature (there’s a huge discussion, we’ll let you set it: Input Value)
  • Evaporation – Water mass in Rain clouds around the earth (Starting Point and Target Formula)
  • Greenhouse effect – Plant fertilization through water and CO2 (Target Formula)
  • Forest area in North America (Starting Points and Target Formulas…)
  • Forest area in South America 
  • Forest area in Russia and Siberia
  • Forest area in South Asia
  • Forest area in Europe (excluding Russia)
  • Forest area in Africa
  • Forest area in Australia and Ozeania
  • Forest area, worldwide.

So here we go, simulating your winner of the year 2016
in the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition:

All Input Values and Formula, where suitable, are based on Wikipedia sources and articles, which contain further weblinks for public research.

See bottom of this page for a list of references and sources.




21st century worldwide growth of Forest.


Our 21st century worldwide growth of Forest simulation,
with a forecast based on System Dynamics.
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21st century worldwide growth of Forest includes:

  • Bakery Model (a one-product business calculation Tutorial)
  • Photovoltaic System – intro – PV amortization
  • 21st century worldwide growth of Forest.
  • default Simulation Time Frame: 2000 .. 2100
  • The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition.
  • freely configurable Start Date and Simulation Time (10..240 years).


We develop a standalone client, here. Precise. Pure. and Safe.
no Data gathering, no Server behind you. It’s your business. We respect that.

Latest version exclusively on dynamic-apps.org, our free FTP download Server.

download now.


21st century worldwide growth of Forest - logo
21st ct worldwide growth of Forest.


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We’re following a customer-driven, agile development approach with 2-4  week cycles.
Beat us for everything not exactly perfect on Twitter, next two weeks. 24/7.

21st century worldwide growth of Forest is copyright (c) 2016 Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications. We guarantee you a free 1-year-license. And we’re here to help.

All our Windows 10 Store Apps come with full functionality, including the Target Formula System editor. So there’s no need to apply Promo Codes on Windows 10 Store Apps.

Unlimited License for the Windows 10 Store App, including unlimited upgrades.

Planet Earth from Space - NASA - Creative Commons (CC0) - Wikipedia
Planet Earth from Space – NASA – Creative Commons (CC0) – Wikipedia



Our Planet as a whole, in neverending balance.

Introducing the 21st century worldwide growth of Forest simulation.

Our simulation does not intend to provide the singular world formula, neither do we have the capacity nor would be so arrogant to claim we have got the knowledge to do so. It’s just an overview of a complex system of interacting nature, climate and weather, in a top-down approach.

It should rather be an easy enough starting point for everyone interested in the topic to check it out, yourself.

By concept of the Dynamic Applications platform, all parameters are publicly visible through ToolTips, with formula and live calculation values.

Instead of just showing a few numbers and fancy diagrams as you can find all over the internet, here you can make up your own mind.

Now, Let’s go back to work, you say?

A well-known example of improving your environment is to take your Shovel and go down to next creek, build just a small dam so to preserve some reserve of water from ground up. Well, well, this may involve you better talk to Land-Lord of posession. So what can everybody do, from home? – well, think about where Water would assemble on your Home. Yes. Fresh, Rainfallen Water.

So that’s why we have constructed Water Supply, our simple do-it-yourself Well-builder Simulation. As well, Apple Tree will bring a beautiful, self-explanatory and almost simplistic Business Planner for growing plants. Then, finally, Photovoltaic System will even allow the all of us to produce some daily sunshine Electricity,

The 21st century worldwide growth of Forest simulation will empower you to make up your own mind, based on facts and logic. You don’t believe in a number, a formula? – go ahead and change every formula, integrated live within the application.

See The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Voting Competition for more.

Learn sustainable thinking by checking out dependencies between fact, effect, logic, cause and origin. Free Promo Codes on Twitter, world’s fastest network, will empower you to activate the integrated Formula editors.

For each ToolTip, we’ll be adding a hand-written comment to explain what this value is about, where we got value and formula from, and cite the Wikipedia source.

As usual, for everyone interested in adjusting the formula systems, there’s promo codes around on Twitter to activate Perfect Desire, our professional simulation platform, for free. It’s part of the game. So this very simulation comes with a built-in formula editor.


21st century worldwide growth of Forest - slowly rising CO2 level
21st century worldwide growth of Forest – rising worldwide CO2 level, depending on your config

Baumstamm - Perspective Orchideen
Rain Forest. Nature’s Treasure in global resources, woods, animals and clean air.

beautiful Campfire - beautiful balance in Nature
beautiful Campfire. beautiful balance in Nature.



Now what’s then important, at all, you may say?

To prove anything in itself, and show the proof of concept, we decided to go with the deliverable ressources per year, under today’s technology and market conditions, as we have it right now.

Simplicity. Reduction. Beauty. in Balance.

As there is more grains, water, mesh and sunken trees in the earth und under the oceans than we might even know today, we let that value rise by about 1% per year, as the startup setting. That’s only a default – change anything as you prefer, and see the consequences.

So, apart from collecting a few note full articles, as listed below, in creating The 21st century worldwide growth of Forest Simulation, we have concentrated on planning, on modelling just a few, a few fairly well known things.

In creating Simulation Models of importance, it is very important to rely on proven facts. The more hypocrisis we staple on each other, the less reliable our Simulation, our Forecast.

And why’s that? – imagine first a Scientist, creating complex studies about the theoretical possibility of melting, frozen CO2 from ground of Sea. What an acceleration, if that would be. With 10%, she predicts world’s end by 2100. Meanwhile, an Engineer from Siberia predicts a meltdown, a re-empowerment of thousands of Square Miles in North of Russia, almost an experiment the world has never seen. Again, with 10%, he estimates enourmous effects on World Climate could there be, in consequence. Then, a third one lives on Alpia Mountain and sees a lack of Rainfall, of Snow Flakes falling down the Sky.

And now, some Journalist comes by and writes a Top-Page article, predicting Planet Earth’s destruction within next 75 years, with 30% probability, altogether.

What’s wrong in this picture? 

Fairly easily, every one of us has insight in their own small world, only, naturally. So while each of our three Scientists should well be aware that 10% * 10% * 10% makes up for a 0.001, a 1 / 1000 chance of Earth destruction by next century, the Journalist was not too-well in calculating one and one together. Well, or actually, that’s what he really did.

Counting Probabilities together, in fact, all the Probabilities, all the Ingredients required for a good story. Just that when looking at it, seriously, we know that Probabilities have to be multiplied together, in Math. Well, well, now we assume Correlation, they say. So now we have to understand that Multiplication has to be applied for combining Probabilities of Independence, while additional small fragments may be applied in combining Probabilities of correlation.

And so, at Dynamic Applications, we say why don’t we all assume a 1% chance of life’s end by 2100. As that’s what’s going to be true in time. Getting old. And finally, so lonely.

Think self, here we say. 

Do you think it makes sense to look all down the road, down to the very end, each day? – what a sad life that would be. And so we say that whereever you are, whatever you do, no need to worry. It’s up to you.


To prove our basic motivation, here’s what we’ve gathered for you in collecting almost proven facts in time. A couple of weeks, we took. Feel free to add whatever you find worthful, and understand all aspects of Natural Balance, Life, and Understanding.

As well as mine, an other thought of yours may be.

Just don’t you worry, too much, we say. There‘s always gonna be as much hope, as dismay.

A lection from our good old planet‘s, 1000s of years long history. Life goes on, just your experience grows with every working day. So that‘s truth, to be.

for Greta Thunberg.



21st century worldwide growth of Forest. Grow your Input. Show your Target. Think.
21st century worldwide growth of Forest. Estimate your Values. Check your Target. Think self.

Rain fall per area in a year, calculated from evaporation and Temperature.
Rain fall per area in a year, calculated from evaporation and Temperature.


Perfect Desire logo - one world dynamic_idea_logo_48x48

inspired by:

Spiegel Online: 20th century growth of Forest in Europe (Animation)

For this simulation, we’re referring to Wikipedia in german and english language as a reference. Further pages researched have been used as an additional resource to set up values and formula, but in the end, as of the mssive number of ressources, we decided to rely on Wikipedia, only.



[a] Worldwide Ressources on:

  • Stone coal and brown coal [1] [2]
  • Natural gas [3] [4]
  • Crude Oil and delivery [5]
  • List of Countries by proven Oil reserves [6]

[b] Energy density, CO2 and CO2 emission:

  • Energy density [7]
  • Gas and Steam Power Plant [8]
  • Carbon dioxide [9]

[c] CO2 in atmosphere, and Greenhouse effect:

  • Carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere [10] [11]
  • Greenhouse effect and CO2 fertilization [12]

[d] Weather and Climate

  • Earth and Rainfall Climatography [13]
  • Geologic Earth Temperature records [14]

[e] Forest

  • List of Countries by Forest Area [15]

21st century worldwide growth of Forest.

How many open ends will we find, when adding one more formula of choice?

Think self, here we say. That’s key one question to solve.

Sharing is Caring.



So this simulation model is much about living on the backs of others, you and me.

As it serves a good purpose, and to feed the poor, this simulation model is free of charge.

Living in Nature. Dependency. Understanding. Living in Balance with Nature.


21st century worldwide growth of Forest.



understanding. nature.

have you been in your garden, today?


21st century worldwide growth of Forest. Logo.

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Mountain Lake, in Summer. What a beautiful world.

Apple Tree v4.48 - initial version
Apple Tree, v4.48. To understand nature, don’t forget grow some food in your own Garden.

Desktop Wallpaper - cc-by-sa - Dynamic Applications - xyx - ebm
Desktop Wallpaper – cc-by-sa – Dynamic Applications – xyx – mbe.


Dynamic Applications.

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Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we create Small Business Developments, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

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