AGB. Terms and Conditions, 2016-2019.

Terms and Conditions of Dynamic Applications, 2016-2019.

My name is Martin Bernhardt, geb. Grote, Founder of Dynamic Applications.

Transparency. Privacy Protection. and Participation. our values.



These AGB (additional Terms and Conditions) have represented the Terms and Conditions of Dynamic Applications from 2016.01.01 to 2019.11.15, wherefrom the new AGB, Terms and Conditions from 2020 were announced.

Since 2020.01.01, this page basically holds additional data protection and 3rd party content information, as well as additional, historic information about this project’s purpose, including a few considerations towards law and order in The Federal Republic of Germany, my country of birth.

Honest people shall not owe any debts.

Formally spoken, from 2024.01.01, this very page shall only defend the Website of Dynamic Applications, in all its pages, anymore, towards any third party declaration of rights. 

Until then, it shall be regarded and, formally spoken, valid as additional information.

In case of inner conflict, the AGB, Terms and Conditions (from 2020) are valid, while this addendum shall be regarded invalid towards the specific statement in question.

In public, do main.


Shall ever the Dynamic Applications AGB be declared void by The European Council of Human Rights, finally, then, in that case only, the Domain of this very Website shall be owned by the European Court of Human Rights, de jure, under the condition that the domain will be kept alive, online, and there is a small notice informing the public of that takeover. So that any honest man, any honest woman can fight back our rights for living in the Federal Republic of We the People.

In being the Founder, hereby i regret any personal harm that could have been imposed on anyone mentioned on this page. We try to be rather honest, righteous people, here. The purpose of this Website is basically to answer, in transparency, all kinds of questions towards Dynamic Applications. So please feel valued by having been mentioned on this very website, should that ever be the case.

It was not my intention to harm anyone.

However, in trying to be an honest person, i also document our way of life, our open daybook, in the Logbook of our Founder’s website. Should there be any conflict ever, please ask yourself why do you read that page. Then, we also try to mention noone, and use natural language of all kind. However, with international Trademarks, you never know. 

How can you address that challenge, in being a rather poor person? – well, i’ve tried to go my way, developing our mostly free goods in public domain, as long as someone places a work order, and then there’s always misunderstandings. So please excuse if you feel we have done you harm. You are invited to complain here at our HQ office, in persona, to day.

Formally spoken, for Lawyers of all kind, how dare thou to forfeit good rights of us, be same.

Two weeks of invoice, two of duty, two of second duty bound by 40 Euro for expenses (usually, we charge 25 €) to fight corruption. Then, finally, we go to Amtsgericht Lemgo, where so we claim our right, ourselves, like you may claim your right in person, so we be honest people, show sign of proof, to day.

Where from six weeks, it shall be granted to the other side to claim their rights, as well, or you be default to be owner of the property in claim. So claiming your rights personally will lead to challenge the other party to either pay their debts, or bring proof. Unless they bring up proof, it is assumed the right is then on your side.

That’s public law in The Federal Republic of Germany, my country of birth, to day.
And so i do to day in person, as i believe in same basic democratic rights for we the people. Why should i ask some other guy to claim my rights for me.

Well, well, i hope quite a few people there will know my name in person, age be. So at least my work of lifetime was not all but wasted. I try bring goods to people. And really good a price shall i claim towards all of you, so i can feed as well my small own family.

My name was Martin Bernhardt, geb Grote, and so i try to fulfill promise of my name.



and there be faith.

and there be truth.

and there be children.

and there be democracy.



about the freedom of association
Art. 9 GG Abs. (3). Basic Law in the Federal Republic of Germany, my country of birth.



This page describes additional remarks, terms and conditions for the Dynamic Applications Website, especially towards referring to the terms, conditions and data protection statements of various 3rd parties offering Web-based Services, SocialMedia content or integration, that may be integrated or referred to by this Website. Yes, it’s a whole damn lotta bunch of crap to mention nowadays, cross-promotion almost, in endless details. but that was public law here, at the point in time when this Website was created, that some people who called themselves government have made for the all of us.

Well done!


in case of question, the following Terms and Conditions shall apply in order.

The Terms and Conditions of Dynamic Applications are defined by the dna license,
as defined by Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications, from 2016.

The Terms and Conditions of Dynamic Applications are defined by the dna license,
as defined by Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applications are (c) 2016 Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applications are published under the Creative Commons (cc-by-sa) license.

In case of question, it would’ve been my wish that Dynamic Applications shall be declared Open Source at some point. You know who you are.

You’ve got the right to host Dynamic Applications (our software products) and pages on your website, should everything else fail, to keep our service alive. Until then, you have got the right to publish any singular page of the Dynamic Applications website, as well as to host, link to, or to offer our product downloads on your very own website, as long as you present of what you found noteworthful in your very own words.

We are honest, poor, and upright people down here, that’s at least what i say to myself every day. 

Thank you for supporting us, and don’t blame us if some people who call themselves government in your state declare my words, our work illegal. It was probably on purpose, but we can’t give warranties of protection of that kind. Use everything we provide on your own risk, on your own responsibility. See dna license for details.

In god we trust, and thou i am, so i declare these my words down here, my very own diary, from day one.

Excuse me, forgive me, it was my humble opinion, and i didn’t know how to do it all just better, fair, even, and just, in that small limited amount of time that was my life. As good as i can, or tell me where i failed, exactly. For lawyers of all kind, we always recommend to ask your self why was it, that was written these damn words down here. Up right and just behavior, and if i try, how dare thou to forfeit good rights of us, be same.


Unless further declared, the rights of Dynamic Applications are defended by our attorney of law, Mrs. Britta Holwitt, am Barkhauser Berge 8, 33813 Oerlinghausen, EU (D) (2018-2024), in a specific case in court, at minimum, and, then, by Martin Bernhardt, Helpuper Str. 314a, 33818 Leopoldshoehe, EU (D), our first level contact, in person.

From 2025, the rights of Dynamic Applications shall be defended as well by Mr. Lukas Bernhardt, shall not (dnaw) fall to um ber s , on final c mbe, in ch of helpup. 

a church near Oerlinghausen, Teutoburger Wald.

Past Times of thousands of Years, they have restored down there to day. near by, groten wald.


In case of formal questioning and accusation, we choose Amtsgericht Lemgo, at the heart of the European Union, to defend any case, as far as and where ever applicable by public law, unless chosen otherwise, declared and confirmed to you by Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications.

You’ll find us right at the northern border of Teutoburger Wald.

Amtsgericht Lemgo.

Around, The Forest.
Just North of Roman Empire, that was about 2000 years ago.

Good luck on your endeavours, and try do good, so shall we be as good to you as possible.


The paragraphs we recommend further to read on here are the following two, the Preamble and the Paragraph about Simulation Models, Formula and Support, full stop. Sorry to everyone for this lengthy page.

However, since this is my first global, non-gouvernmental organization, and due to legal concerns where, to be honest, our programmers (me & you) don’t know much about really, there are a lot of formal disclaimers included so yes, you have found them

‘dna license.



when nothing else matters, at some point,
let your emotions speak in silence.

believe me or not, you can earn a lot of money, when you sleep in silence, this one more day. 

as there’s always one more way to grow, talking of global public welfare.

that’s what i say, that’s why i found, so prove me wrong before thou dare to upright us.

This is a peaceful project, and silence is golden.

Thank you.
You are kind, me too.

we the people make a wish come true.

Martin Bernhardt,
Founder of Dynamic Applications, from January, 2016.

First Software published called Predicted Desire v0.1, 29 Feb 2016. 10 downloads, if at all.
if you wanna grow and found a Startup, in 21st century, you better give up only when convinced, your self.






Startup Product Manager - logo

As a matter of fact, Inventors like us seem to have some issues with law and order as a standard behaviour, or tradition (it all goes down to questions of definition of normality, itself… do inventors have a right to exist as well, or does everything have to be and stay as defined by normal behaviour and standardized rules, even if one guy or girl in the world says wait a minute, i got an idea here this is better), and i’m not saying we are better than you guys by any means.

I’m just saying as being innovators, we have a right to exist as well, so you better convince us with a good argument in a minute. So if someone comes up with a good idea for this world, even from the smallest Island, and we can combine it with our idea, we’ll always change our path for the better. Maybe it’ll just take some time. Until then, you can use Dynamic Applications for many, many kinds of purposes as you want, but the main target is to help people learn thinking over time. As sustainable living for everyone follows from that.

The true Capitalist may find this a stupid remark and use our Apps for net profit maximization, and you may find that approach really helpful for the typical kind of people as stupid as that.

Most of them will probably have big dreams of muscle cars, luxury, decadence and wealthy houses, as far as we’ve understood that so far. Exactly the reason why most of them won’t be very successful, lifetime. People who are targeting wealth can not reach their destination.

And so they fail, and get unlucky.

As a matter of fact, many of them address their unhappiness in Targeting more wealth.

The true Communist may find our Apps really destructive, as they are much about fulfilling small people’s dreams, and that’s destroying their wonderful, idealistic world where we all must share and ever so many more rich people have to be robbed.

Their Vision is that we all have to do less.

Oh, and as these people tend to feel a little inferior, considering that just a few people may see it a little different and so they target productivity, we all gotta be surveilled. Imagine if some of them kept anything of what they’ve built from their own hands, for themselves.


We say a good company lives longer than it’s inventor, as its idea was outstanding enough. Just my 2ct. In being honest people, we try to deliver as good as we can, at a very attractive price. If there’s a way to choose, we often take the hard one. No, wait. The promising one. The best one. So in 21st century, age of surplus SocialMedia information, we deliver worldwide. What else could make anymore sense.

So I’m asking as in being an App developer, how can we do a legal App in 21st century at all, as long as they are not unlawful by a resolution of United Nations?

Considering this, we just develop these Apps, as good as we can.

Believe me, in being inventors, we think a lot about our Technology and its consequences. We’re pilots.

A true inventor is required to do so, as otherwise we’d lose any reason for existance, as we’d lose any sense in considering worldwide problems and how to solve them, altogether, and we try to change the world to the better. (Yes, there are those people, working on machines on purpose which won’t change the world to any better. We just wouldn’t call them inventors. Poor guys who haven’t understood).

So that’s what we think about all the time from earliest childhood.

We put the world in question 1st, and as soon as we understand the question, we hold the key. Then, we try to change it for the better. So we start to build our machine. And if you do it for years, believe me, there’s a pretty good chance to become better in even that. Solving complex problems over time. I’m not saying we ever succeed.

I’m saying we win courage from a good hearted vision, dedication, hard work, challenges, passion, and finally, years passed, years passed.

outstanding performance.

and believe me, it feels damn good to know that we finally belong to the courageous, and we have finally found a good reason for what we target.

Changing this world for anything better than today.

Is it possible? – we say yes.

Me before i type our programs in, you before you vote, and i hope that some day, one honest lawyer will stand up and protect us from the potential aggressor, altogether, you and me (true Inventors tend to be a little unrealistic, at times, but it doesn’t mean our solutions are not useful, at all. Problem is you’ve got to understand how to use them, first. Before you can charge them right onto your Personal Computer, run them, and use them up to their full potential, as you haven’t seen anything like that, before. So that’s why you’re wondering what’s that guy talking about, here. Now you know.

Don’t worry, other people have come here, and read this page before hitting the green button, before. At Dynamic Applications, we use to call this effect courage charging).

So it’s really for the lawyers and do they have a right for existance and have something to read and think about, in elaborated detail? – we say yes. Let’s hope some day legislation will have caught up and made publications on the Internet more secure not only for the reader, but also for the publisher. Doesn’t it seem completely illogical that in some countries of the western world, you can even be prosecuting by sharing other people’s wonderful work on your website, for free? – how much promotion can you ask for. If you wanted to keep it private and safe, why did you put it online in The International Network? – and i’m not saying we try to steal things and looking for a cheap excuse, here. I say we tried to keep to so many rules of so many countries, you wouldn’t believe. At some points though, this effort has become ridiculous, so we rather concentrate on doing something useful now, than wasting all our time.

Consider you may destroy the life of a father of a small family, living from small Freeware and Shareware-type applications, and occasional work as freelancer consultant (not that anyone has ordered anything in 2016, fyi). Only numbers constantly rising are SocialMedia Followers, Website Visitors, and Downloads per Month. So we collect faith and keep working. After some time, you’ll become a little better in what you do, you know.

Although most if not all content on this website so far has been written and published by myself, in preparation for having a student, supporter, co-worker, secretary or other employee in future, most of it is written in the ‘we’ form, so we don’t have to rewrite the whole website in that case. At the moment,

please consider ‘we‘ as “me and the 1000 people on SocialMedia that help us on their way” so it’s you and me, all together.

At Dynamic Applications, we believe in Transparency, Privacy Protection, and Participation.

As for Transparency, we see this value mainly from us towards others. So that you can understand what we and our products do, you may ask questions or look up things in the software, and the purpose of our license is to grant you as many additional rights on the basis of participation and fairness, as possible. That is an intention, it’s a work in Progress. Constructive criticism is welcome and strongly encouraged.

The two central voting algorithms for Dynamic Ideas and the Platform Roadmap have been implemented on Twitter, so that the voting is transparent, verifiable, fair, and the usage of itself is free with reasonable effort and minimal personal welfare.

While driving the inner constitution of the organisation and the Dynamic Applications itself forward, you the people on this very planet shall be able to understand and participate on a fair and even basis in the development of Dynamic Applications as a global, Non-Gouvernmental, and Participative organization, as constituted in These values are central to the whole organization.

At the same time, the fundamental Rights of Privacy Protection we follow may seem awkward, if not impossible in the context of Transparency and global Participation.

From my perspective, Privacy protection though is strongly subjective. We the people are all working in a Social Network, and so we are influencing each other. For example, You may allow me (or us) to talk about what you do, as long as we don’t mention your name. Another person has no problem with mentioning your name, as long as we never disclose what you do. The third person has no problem with both, as long as we protect any and all belongings of their family, and the fourth person has no problem with the all of these, as long as their location is unknown, as we are so many people and names here.

Therefore, strong Privacy protection is very difficult for me, for us as a human being. Should you disclose information to us, we’ll try to keep it confidential (private) as part of our culture, and so we don’t intend to disclose such information that you find confidential to any third parties. Should we ever do, i humbly ask you to remind me of such failure both towards myself as well as towards other (future) members of Dynamic Applications. In doing so, please state what you consider private and why. Especially encouraged is constructive criticism towards creating a solution with better Privacy protection in Dynamic Applications (The Software, The Voting, and/or The Website) for everyone.

As for the core Software Platform, consisting of the Dynamic Applications Formula Solver Engine, and the Graphical User Interface, we are trying to reduce data gathering to a suitable, optimal minimum. That’s why we try to resolve the  balance between capability, accuracy, complexity and detailedness so that we try to view everything from the user’s perspective. In being a Founder or Foundress, possibly for the first time in your whole live, we can understand that there is some idea in you that you intuitively feel important, so important that you’ve started to go your own way and follow your own pursuit of happiness from now on. At the same time, it’s typical that especially in the beginning, the Path you follow towards, and maybe even your Target(s) itself are not yet that clear to you, as they are for your 20-year old competitor with the many employees and an established long-year culture, based on the many many experiences and failures of 20 years. And so, we try to reduce data gathering to an absolute minimum and we focus on things like ergonomy, intuitiveness, simplicity, beauty and perfection. So that no additional burden may be placed upon you on the difficult road you’ve started.

So that’s why we’ve built no Server behind you. It’s your business. We respect that.

And so, as part of our prinicples, it is our strong intention and belief to never disclose your personal data to any third parties. No data gathering in the core application.

However, the value behind (and founding) Privacy protection, as i see it personally, shall be informational self-determination. So what you do with your data shall be completely up to you. This means that it’s not that we pursue absolute Privacy Protection and are therefore heading towards a world of absolute silency. Instead, The Pursuit of Happiness  for everyone shall be our central belief, the value behind Dynamic Applications here.

  • So that Transparency

shall stand for honesty, self-explanation, ergonomy, and beauty in simplicity. Understanding.

  • So that Privacy Protection

shall stand for the rights of individuality, of personal freedom, of pursuing your own way to happiness in considering, at the same time, the rights of others to follow their own way. As universal rights can only be seen as just, equitable and fair if they prolong towards the many, if not the all of us, this also explains why we have to be a global organization. To be any successful in life, it’s always good if you believe in your own Targets.

Privacy Protection is the fundament of diversity, another core value of Dynamic Applications. In developing load balancers, optimizers for complex problems, we regard the diversity and the manifold of nature, plants, animals and humans towards each other as optimal, whether seen from a religious or a scientific standpoint.

This also explains why it is perfectly ok if you desire to transfer additional data streams towards and from Dynamic Applications. Automation theory. We’re not against it, as we’re not against Nature or Logic or Reasonability.

Finally, there is Participation. Where Participation is the most important value. From a global perspective, how’d you, yes you, rule the world, if you were in charge for a day?

From my humble opinion, Participation brings in the most important follow-up Values and Targets towards Dynamic Applications.

  • So that Participation

shall include the right to take part in Dynamic Applications even if you are so poor that you cannot even afford one of those old, traditional 20th century Personal Computers from stone age, thought machines constructed before written history. Considering that there are people on this very planet who can not afford such luxury, it includes the necessity to be able to use our software, free of charge.

Participation also means that whatever your values are, whatever mine values are, these values can not be absolute.

  • And so, Participation requires Tolerance.

So that’s why we say that we can not warrant, we can not guarantee the correct functionality of all of our applications. Instead, in respect towards others, it is our clear intention to provide you, our users, with the strong capability not only to fully empower, understand, and verify all our applications, but also to empower yourself in applying the self-healing mechanisms we’ve put on our platform roadmap for voting, back in 2017.

And so, just to give you a little insight into our company’s short history, here it is, the 2016 winner of the Dynamic Roadmap competition on Twitter, world’s fastest network.

Towards that voting, consider that it is strongly optional and voluntary.

We see it in the context of gamification, of Try and Error, of the genuity of ideas towards the burden of implementation of each of them, in elaborated detail and excellence.

Considering the subjectivity of Privacy protection aspects in combination with the strong diversity of people, we came to the conclusion that Privacy Protection is strongly required only if the participation in voting would be mandatory. If we were a gouvernmental organization, for example.

So that founds our constitutional belief that Dynamic Applications have to be an NGO.

As long as participating in using, in developing Dynamic Applications is an experiment in online democracy, everything is strongly voluntary here, just an offering, much like my, much like your personal job application.

And therefore, Transparency (both understandability and veriyability) and free Participation aspects are seen as more important than the absolute right to vote secretly at this point in time. Also consider that The Social Network of Twitter also needs some right for existance, somethings to work on towards, for their own behalf.

Thank you for reading this lengthy preamble. Following is about our customer conditions in a little more elaborated and specific detail towards the software solution, followed by way too many formal conditions that have been implicated on us by public law, as invented by some people who called themselves Gouvernment in the Federal State of Germany, European Union, World One, at the very beginning of 21st century.

Transparency. Verifyability. Privacy Protection. Diversity. Beauty. Ergonomy. Simplicity.


In case of conflict, i declare the following bla-bla void.

Dynamic Applications is driven by dna License,

our fundamental declaration of


The Ethics of Sharing Economy:


dna license

our culture.


let the be dignity.

truth. children. democracy.

tolerance. and kindness.

heart of our solution.


Thank you for choosing

to look at Dynamic Applications, today.

the work of my lifetime.

about Success.


Sustainable Thinking. 

our product.

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it’s for you guys.

enjoy, it’s free of charge.

Pay with a Tweet.

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Martin Bernhardt, 2018.12.14.
Founder of Dynamic Applications.

don't let small minds convince you that your dreams were too big. Transparency. Privacy protection. and Participation. our values.

  • Simulation Models, Parametrization and Formula

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Simulation Models and Theories about them, as expressed or explained in our blog or on our Website, are all purely subjective and personal creations and opinions about our world and its function. No harm intended. Feel free to comment anything we do, whether written on the website, into our software, or even a Tweet. We appreciate to see another point of view, even if completely different. We are interested in arguments. If you like something, rate it with stars, and a little nice word is always appreciated. We reserve the right to remove anything you write to us from our website at some point in future, as nothing is endless; however, due to the nature of our general idea, we do not intend to do so. If you have a problem with any message or content posted on one of our Websites or one of our SocialMedia accounts, please let us know. We’ll be glad about it.

Due to the nature of System Dynamics being a Top-Down Approach for analysis and understanding of complex system behaviour, all parameters and formulas we use for prototype models perform as sample configuration, only. Any requirement of adjustments to default formula or input parameters of our software will require an individual contract. Should you have expert knowledge and claim that any specific formula or parameter should be adjusted to be more precise or correct, this is welcome, so please let us know. We are grateful for any comment, and do our work as good as possible. As part of our principles though, please know that we don‘t consider such feedback as a description of defect. Instead, there is a user competition for new features. Formally spoken, all of our products are simply game models. We do not claim they fulfil any specific reason or meaning.

Especially, the number of parameters and formula we use is limited, so to make our models not too complex for the interested visitor. Therefore, simplifications have been made on purpose of ease of understanding, and not every suggestion can be included in our standard applications. We can always make customizations on a professional basis, see our Customer and IT Service conditions page for more.

It is forbidden to use our software for any military purpose, as well as to rely upon our software in nuclear power plants, or in any other circumstances that may endanger the life of people. You agree to use anything we publish or send to you on your own risk, except where otherwise stated in written offering. We do everything as good as possible here, but there’s always the chance of a mistake. It is our intention to enable you, the user, to verify, understand, and parametrize our software, including model and purpose, to use them on your own behalf, and for the purpose of optimization of your business after verification.

We accept as description of defect any error you detect in the general formula system, i.e. our Differential Equation Solver algorithm as such. We guarantee its functionality to be correct. So what you see in the formula system, is what you get. We’re not saying it is necessarily what you want, but we are saying the calculations are mathematically correct to the best of our knowledge, in suitable precision, and correct enough for practical usage.

If you use a pocket calculator to verify our software, and you should get different results, please let us know. We’ll do our best to get it fixed as soon as possible. Please don’t come up with 2-digit rounding issues when calculating a 1 Mio. Euro scenario for your company, and the numbers would not fit into the box. This software is about simulating the future.

  • Support, Simulation Ideas, Platform Bugs, Features, and Enhancments

If there is any other issue with running the software, please see the following resources, and vote for your topic of interest. It’s the desired way of requesting new features – a fair user competition.

You’re welcome to tweet a new idea (mention @dynamic_idea), or a new issue for the roadmap (mention @dynamic_qs in your tweet).

Have a look here, and pay with a tweet for whatever feature you want. Many have done, and we think it’s fair.

We’re always happy for constructive criticism, feedback and bug reports.

Especially, we’ll accept bug reports and enhancement requests against our standard products.

Send any bug or enhancement for our software platform to @dynamic_qs. This is free.

Send any new idea of a big a small prognosis, amortization or nature simulation you’d like to investigate, to @dynamic_idea. This is free.

There is a user voting included.

We hereby confirm:

  1. we’ll work on that one idea in the next month, as soon as the most important bug is fixed, in R&D time (available research and development time, up to the full month if possible).
  2. as soon as it’s ready for release, we’ll offer your solution as a free Download on this website for one.
  3. we’ll inform of new releases in our SocialMedia Newsticker, @dynamicons, on Twitter. Join us there and stay tuned for publication of your winner’s feature.

We kindly ask to understand that we may not accept or prioritize any other defect for free, especially talking about un-documented features, ideas, desirements, that did not make it to the top of the list.

As long as documented features are concerned by an issue, we’ll take a look at it, of course. We’ll try to fix any issues in documented features as soon as possible. This concerns issues in the calculation engine or the general method of formula solving and value calculation.

Should there be a major defect prevent you from using our software, or other major issue that keeps you from using the software, and cannot be resolved within four (4) weeks of your first reporting to your satisfaction, we hereby give you a full money back warranty.

In any case, refunds are limited at maximum to the full sales price of your application, including taxes. You have to inquire personally, per EMail or letter, about your request for refund.

If you don’t agree to these our feedback and support conditions, we recommend you look for some other company to help you on.

If you think our proposal sounds overall fair, but you’d like to engage with us requesting a specific customization, please refer to our Customer and IT Service conditions page.

For every customization we do, we reserve all rights on the sourcecode we’ve produced. This means we may or may not use parts of the sourcecode for other customers, or even decide to integrate it with our standard application.

This way, our platform can grow over time, and customizations should become cheaper for everyone as the pool of solutions increases. Furthermore, in case your solutions are integrated into the standard, no need for paid, customized upgrades to the latest version for all those features anymore.

Finally, if we have programmed a solution once, we can do it again. It’s ridiculous to throw away our source code, and do it all again for the next customer.

At Dynamic Applications, our time is linited as well. We reserve the right to re-use our software as a whole, develop a better portfolio over time, and provide solutions on the best price we can do.

Thank you for taking the time!

You got any constructive suggestions, let us know.

What follows now is really for Lawyers who are totally lost in space, by now.

  • Limitation of liability for internal content

The content of our website has been compiled with meticulous care and to the best of our knowledge.

However, we cannot assume any liability for the up-to-dateness, completeness or accuracy of any of the pages. Pursuant to Section 7, Paragraph 1 of the TMG (Telemediengesetz, a law in Germany), we as service providers are liable for our own content on these pages in accordance with general laws.

However, pursuant to Sections 8 to 10 of the TMG, we as service providers are not under obligation to monitor external information provided or stored on our website. Once we have become aware of a specific infringement of the law, and we understand that law is any useful and shouldn’t be removed as well, we will remove the content in question as soon as possible. Any liability concerning this matter can only be assumed from the point in time at which the infringement becomes known to us.

  • Limitation of liability for external Links

Our website contains links to the websites of third parties (“external links”), for example, Social Media Websites. As the content of these websites is not under our control, we cannot assume any liability for such external content.

Consider that this content may change over time, without our knowledge. How can we be responsible for that.

In all cases, we say the provider of information of the linked websites is liable for the content and accuracy of the information provided. At the point in time when the links were placed, no infringements of the law were recognisable to us. As soon as an infringement of the law becomes known to us, we will remove the link in question as soon as possible.

As for pictures, we love to use license free pictures. Almost all pictures on our website are either from us or from (creative commons cc0) at the moment, and we’re targeting 100%. As links may change, and we need some time to work as well, we prefer to upload copies of free pictures instead of linking to their source.

Whoever claims that they are the source and it wasn’t free, please let us know. It’s always helpful to write a nice letter first and not charge 500 Euro on day one, as we reserve the right to use lawyers as well, in appropriate cases.

  • Data Protection and Personal information

Our website can generally be used without providing any personal details.

As far as personal details (such as name, address or e-mail) are collected on our sites, this will always take place on a voluntary basis (if possible for us and to our knowledge).

Personal details of our customers shall be protected, as good and as possible.

As far as a contract between you and us has to be defined or changed or if you need to make an inquiry to us, we collect and use personal information about you only to the extent necessary for those purposes (inventory data). It’s up to you.

We may collect, process and use personal data to the extent necessary to enable you to use our web offering (user data). These data are mostly anonymous, except where stated and reasoned above (for example, towards participation in the transparent user voting).

Personal data shall be stored only as long as this is required for the specific purpose (processing your request or contract arrangement, or having you as a customer).

A visit to our website may result in the storage on the server of information about the access (date, time, page accessed). This does not represent any analysis of personal data (e.g., name, address or e-mail address). If personal data are collected, this only occurs – to the extent possible – with the prior consent of the user of the website.

We would like to expressly point out that the transmission of data via Internet (e.g. by eMail or Download transfer) can offer security vulnerabilities, e.g. by secret services. We don’t know much about it, but things like that have happened.

It is therefore impossible for us to safeguard the data completely against access by third parties. We cannot assume any liability for damages arising as a result of such security vulnerabilities.

This Website may use cookies, which are part of the Theme or Website.

We don’t know much about it, however, here’s a link to their Cookies politics. We think this is completely useless information, it does not add any user value, and in my opinion this is really just for interested 20th century lawyers, however, in case you’re interested, here it is even for the fans of cookies.

We have no problem with sharing our own imagery or content when reporting about us on SocialMedia, or professional news, review, or testing Websites.

This is 21st century and SocialMedia has been invented for that purpose. However, we feel not in a position to formally grant you any rights following from that.

Therefore, formally and in case of question, any re-publication, duplication, processing, distribution or any form of utilisation beyond the scope of copyright law shall require the prior written consent of the author or authors of the content, except where we have designed it all ourselves, and you use it for a purpose as described in our license and this AGB page.

The use by third parties of all published contact details for the purpose of advertising towards us is expressly excluded. We reserve the right to take legal steps in the case of the unsolicited sending of advertising information to us (massive spam mail or attacks). The content and work published on this website are governed by the copyright laws of the European Union.

The reason for this is really we can’t afford lawyers for all you guys in the world. So we don’t have a problem if you publish our apps, and use our pictures, our apps, or parts of our texts. Please don’t copy the website as a whole, we may defend us against it. All i’m saying is we tried to do things as good and fair as possible, but for your website or blog, you’re on your own risk.

On quite a few pages of our Website, there is a 5-Star feedback and a comment function at the bottom. The comments are public and will be shown on the Website, automatically. The 5-Star voting is anonymous and we’ll never find out about you. However, should you want us to remove a comment, that’s possible. Contact us here.

We do not make use of Google Analytics, so there’s no hidden Tracking Cookie or Google Data gathering code on our Website, to the best of our knowledge.

If we have overlooked anything, please let us know.

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We do not claim ownership or responsibility for any comments or links posted in the comment articles on some of our articles. As soon as an infringement of the law becomes known to us, we will remove the link or content in question as soon as possible.

  • Data protection statement for the use of Google Analytics as the Website service provider may use Google Analytics, a web analysis service from Google Inc., so just in case: Google Analytics uses “Cookies”, small texts stored on your computer and which enable you to analyse the use of the website. The information that the cookie generates on your use of this website will generally be transferred to and stored on a Google server in the USA.

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You can prevent the storage of cookies by applying respective settings in your browser software. You may prevent Google from downloading, installing and processing the recording of the data created by the cookie and relating to your use of the data, incl. your IP address, by downloading and installing a browser plug-in via the following link:

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This website also uses the web messenger, provided by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. Twitter offers the “tweet”- function. This enables you to publish a 140 character message including website-links on your own twitter account. If you use the “tweet”-function on our website, the website will be connected with your Twitter account and eventually published there.

Twitter also receives data. We do not get information on the content and data you use with twitter linked to your person, except when sending a tweet to us.

Twitter is much about being as free as a bird, so what else do need to know.

For further information on data protection of twitter please refer to: Twitter also offers you the possibility to personalize your data protection settings:

  • Data protection statement for the use of Facebook or Facebook plugins

Our sites may include plugins to the social network Facebook, 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. The Facebook plugins are recognizable by the Facebook logo or the “Like-Button” (“Gefällt mir”) on our site. A summary of the Facebook plug-ins can be found here:

When you visit our sites, the plugin will create a direct connection between your browser, and the Facebook server.

Facebook will then receive the information via your IP address that you have visited our site. If you click the Facebook “Like-Button” when you are logged onto your Facebook account, you can link the contents of our sites on your Facebook profile. Facebook can then attribute your visit to your user account.

We would like to point out that we receive no knowledge of the content of the data supplied or their use by Facebook.

More information on this can be found in the Facebook data protection statement under

If you do not wish Facebook to be able to attribute your visit to our sites to your Facebook user account, please log out from your Facebook account.

As we’ve elaborated in “The Desire Language Specification”, key page of our docs, Facebook has a historic root in the evaluation of people. Compare two people and connect to the nice one.

At Dynamic Applications, we see the world in a completely different way. We give every human the value of 1.

However, if you feel good about Facebook, this project is much about letting everyone have their own view, so you can continue to use Facebook if you want, and we’ve opened a small page there as well just for the fans.

I’m not saying we support them, it’s more a tribute to those of you who have decided to go with Facebook and do not want to get a Twitter login, even though Twitter’s got the better idea and they keep earning less money from us, but try to provide better thought about value :)

  • Website hosting information

This Website is hosted by This means that any contents or data you enter on this Website may be transferred to in the United States of America with or beyond our knowledge. There is a statistical evaluation included with which shows us the number of users visiting our Website or single pages, on a daily basis, up to the localization of your country.

Please refer to the PrivacyCopyright and Fair Use, and Policies and Safety sections on the Website for details about their service. We hereby state that these policies, especially regarding data transfer, cookies, embedded content, protection and copyright laws, will apply to our Website as being hosted on, as far as we know.

  • Right to information

You are entitled the right to request immediate and free of charge disclosure on the personal information that we have collected or stored at Dynamic Applications about or connected to you, at any given time. You are entitled the right to immediately withdraw your given consent for future usage of your personal information at any time. For your right of disclosure please refer to our contact details.

  • Protection against third party encroachment

Auf Grund der zuvor gemachten Zusage der Entfernung evtl. fraglichen Contents besteht keine Ver­an­las­sung, die Ver­let­zung fremder Rechte zu rügen.

Es fehlt an einem ent­spre­chenden Rechtsschutzbedürfnis. Wir berufen uns auf § 8 Abs. 4 UWG in Verbindung mit § 226 BGB, und behalten uns eigene rechtliche Schritte ggf. vor.



Gerichtsstand ist, soweit rechtlich zulässig,

in juristischen Fragen das Amtsgericht Lemgo.

  • Thank you

Thanks to for all their wonderful support: our major source of inspiration and photography. License free photos for the world. Welcome to 21st century, age of surplus information.

Special Thanks to Alex Wigan from Melbourne, Australia for his wonderful photography of a blue laguna in early morning.

Our Website is based on, a free software service. Realized by a 2004 startup: Automattic, Inc. Congratulations, WordPress. A fine approach in excellence.

Excellence in customer orientation. Our measure as well.

Finally, we’d like to thank the Pirate Parties International movement, especially @PPInternational, die Piratenpartei, die Piraten Bielefeld, Lemgo, and NRW, the state i used to live within, before i converted to become a digital native in the land of international networks, living in Sharing Economy.

Sorry for having you bothered with all that legal stuff, we’ve been advised to do so. We’ll keep your data as safe as possible, if you wish, and publish your works, if you want to. 

We’re not free from mistakes. Should there be any requirements or complaints, please let us know and we’ll be thankful for the chance to answer your request in an appropriate way.

In case you’d like to read more about the fundamental culture, our article about the Ethics of Sharing Economy is your way to go.

Thank you for coming by and read this today,

here’s your reward.



Martin Bernhardt, Founder of Dynamic Applications.

Sharing Economy.


about the beauty of people, in all our diversity. How about your position, your values ?.

Martin, Yvonne, and Lukas Bernhardt, Burg Normannstein, near Treffurt, at the german border, on 27 June 2011
Martin, Yvonne, and Lukas Bernhardt, Burg Normannstein, near Treffurt, at the german border, on 27 June 2011


Margret and Johannes Grote, with Norbert, Tobias, Christa, Martin, Opa Wilhelm Grote, und Oma Magdalene Blecher.

Margret and Johannes Grote, with Norbert, Tobias, Christa, Martin, Opa Wilhelm Grote, und Oma Magdalene Blecher.


Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

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