beautiful garbage.






Thank You to day, Mr. fine 👨‍🍳.

You look so fine, Shirley Manson, so fine to day.



cu to morrow, Mrs. white dove 🕊. cu with thee.

same rights for Y’all, we say, same rights to me.



and so, an old Apple, Grant Wilhelm’s Boskopp, from Apple Tree, shall always be as fine, as valuable, as any knowlegde, wisdom and articifiality that you can borrow from today’s smart phone, for billions of public worker slaves to be.

so if they come by, your house one day, or lock you down on street, with all their Police red-blue light, and very fireman’s own hospital philosophy, we the people, in that all Pirates one day we be, shall always defend our own life, house, work and family.


same rights for all, same rights for you and me.

That’s how it always was, and so shall always be.

as well for me and my beloved, old very own my family.


And that’s equivalent to the all value of the whole Dynamic Applications carpentry.


I’ll eat one Boskopp, and throw one to them who’re wasting all my time, and soon they’ll hurry, can take their shit back to their own, old-fashioned brand new gadget hospitality. No dime they’ll earn, this way, when they ride back, as well as there was no dime here to earn for me.

When they came visiting my house with brand-new order from the Town’s major whitty, and i myself have told them that all that majority was as much worth as one good apple from my own Grandfather Wilhelm Grote’s Tree.

And for ages, that’s our Truth to be.

Righteousness in one self’s Responsibility.

Do good, i say, do well, i see, and on our house boat be one place more with every signee.



Hereby declared by law in accordance with Article 2 and 3 of constitution of the whole Ger’many.

Age be for you, Age be for me.



_ (m’b’e).

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