in Memory of Mary Stuart.



This Article is much about the Power of Words. Because Words create thoughts, words can create fear, hate, distrust, as well as a good mood creates love, to believe again in justice, fairness, in chances, in good and fair money for the worker’s job, and no dime for the lazy ones in court. Same rights for all, or no justice was found, anymore.

A few simple, well-known examples?

Huawei. for Jahwe. Wu’han. for Woman.
Freedom. and Equality. for Justice. and Fear.

Because with every good, righteous person, in Politics, there‘s gonna be some loser, as well.

Someone’s got to pay the bill, or there’s gonna be no justice, no value at all.

Hopes and Fears. Love and Hate. rise and fall. That’s world.

In Terms of Chaos, the good old Stability of Premise shall win through the battle.

That‘s law of Eternity. Trust worth ability. That’s Law of Eternity.

Cause when it gets close, most of all People will vote for their own Survival.

So tell me how can you create justice, and there be no losers, at all?In Memory of Mary Stuart, we hereby make available our original collection of Pirate Party Founder Cards, as published in MS Word and PDF Format, with all our professional Windows 10 Store Apps, from 99 ct per item. So that everyone may create their own Friendship, Party, Family, Startup, Business, or even Pirate Party Founder Cards from them, and sell them for 12 Euro per Year, under same rights for all.

Check it all out, and decide for yourself. For Truth and Stability is gonna stay here with me.

Newland in Sight, my chip is on board, and Mary Stuart, so she shows finally, her very own, so much more beautiful, so very proud self-made own flag of Pirate’y 🏴‍☠️,’ 2 me.

So Now they’ll all knew that Mary Stuart is gonna be there with me.

At Dynamic Applications, we‘re just creating Small Business Models for the People. Learning by doing, altogether, and if that’s our vision, then it’s our long-term mission.

Altogether, in Sharing Economy, we learn, and so we teach to balance the world, for the many. Cause in 21st century, known as the age of international networks, a good man, a good woman would not only care for themselves, anymore. Simply, ‘t’s not enough to get U 10 Followers, to win any vote, to get, you, small diame, or to sell one small App, alone.

Be prepared well, because at some point, it’s always time to put the facts on the table.


So you better live a life in honesty, and justice herself may well follow you, my friend. So if you want to go into Politics, in all these Words spoken, you better make sure of one thing. For every piece of justice to give, there has to be some giver. So always make sure to define clear and even:

who’s gonna give, who’s gonna get, and why is that right.

So you better know why, and how to share all fair and evenly. Be well prepared, but don’t you mistake all your kindness, endurance, and all your forgiving for a weakness. Know well that all Justice can rise from with in some good heart, alone. So never mistake the meaning of Justice with Kindness to be, to remain hidden with in your very own kind Personality. Justice is also important, my friend, so don’t you trade justice with too fast forgiving!

There’s always so many people to see what your example shall mean, to day. Do you want the world, all these people, to take bad example from your self, this time? – not today, you’re gonna say, not tomorrow, you gonna pray. Stay strong, and what ever it takes, be just. cause that’s your fate now, to be. Or your star be gone, and fall down in to dark, night mare sea, of non-ever to be any memory. Success in life is not for the weak, who never stand up, and who don’t care at all, whatever them gonna be taken. That’s losers to be, same way, next day, much in the same way as there are some weak, there are so many weak, same as there are so many Losers to day.

The workers on Street, the miners of Coal, the Caretaking, well-known for Value of Service, the producers of wood, for the fair’st price of all, who are giving their own life for others to be, those shall well be your guide to some good, very old people’s Right.

So if you wanna win anything, Look out for the strong to support you, and survive.

Now that’s what i call good Politics.

There’s one coin to be, as t ever well for her majesty, do you remember? – Cause in our NewLand, there’s one coin to be, and we share with you fine and evenly.

Or get out on the field, right, down, you, work on the ground, and bring home some food. That’s Memory, dear, always, to be. As poverty has begun ages before we have begone. Or The Corona Bat was seen in The Forest of First ever Four East, c’ollection of Trees. That’s Fear.

The Secret of The Corona Crisis, you’re asking? – one blood sucker, dumbo, minimum, or the Queen’s own Corona will never can’t ever be proven ‘in you. One Blood, sucker, or you’ll bee in Fear. And how long is your plan to live it like that? – i’ll cu in the next life, she said. Cough it, 19. Cough it, 19. As 19o19 is gone. 20.20 Rulez, since you ‘here. So now u know. It’s all been invented, but believe me, u better not try to tell ‘was buy me.

Pflugstr. 12, Berlin, Europe. Near the German Wall. At Pflugstr. 9a, last Pirates of Germany.
Pflugstr. 12, Berlin. Near the German Wall. In memory of Mr. Pflug, an automator. At Pflugstr. 9a, Pirate Party HQ.

Food for the many, under same rights for all, and don’t you say me that you’re not gonna work anymore ‘long with me. Or lonely you be, much the same, as we’re all gonna be, one day. So don’t you forget, Same rights for all, and forever, that’s well our strongest rule ever to be. Upon your last day, dear, you’re gonna see, that i was good man for so many to see. That’s Truth to remain, and shall all our lives have been taken.

Dynamic Applications. our values of today. are values of tomorrow.

Dynamic Applications. and justice to remain, if anything. Just one life to give for more peace in the world, as always. The rules of eternity have spoken to me.

ok, then, let’s see. Do you have any values to share? – come on, it’s time, now let’s see. So few? – ooh, ok. My fault, don’t you worry. That’s youth, not your fault. Forgive me, i’d say, and i’ll have to remember take more patience in you. If you keep my star in your heart for while. Aye? – aye. Great times now ahead. Win, win, win. Yea, yea. So that’s what you’re looking for. We’ll share our Premise, my dear, that’s certainty. Now keep what you’ve learned and teach me today, and i think we’re gonna be just ok. Cause i am so glad that you came stay with me. So lost i’ve been, to day. Now let’s not talk anymore, let’s start working again. Need food for the Winter’s strong cold here to come. Life’s way too much short to wait one star to be, if you can make them all win some three, you know.

Three good hearts, in one row, and if that’s people want, well, what could i even say.

Let’s go, and marry me young.

Time’s be against us, all chances to be, so why do you care what those people will say.

Use your time, and be wise, then you know, let’s start working for food, house, and plant our own Tree. And our future be long, and for that, just you’ll have here to stay, with me.

And i’ll train you defend your very own house, in Time.

Where Merry Stuart will stay.

Newlands, Schottland.
In Memory of Newlands, Schottland.

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