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Small Business Developments v5.04 - Family Shoe Production
Perfect Desire v5.72, calculating a small Family’s Shoe Production.




an old renovated wooden house. Home.


about Dynamic Applications.

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Dynamic Applications are of Transparency, Privacy Protection, and Participation.

In following our Targets, we try to compromise between the rights of neighborhood, of home and family, of working for your own food, in having a home, our own workplace. That shall be under same rights for all you people working out there in the world, hopefully having rented, or created a home, as well, voting for the next idea we publish.

At Dynamic Applications, we are Sharing Economy. 

Dynamic Applications is a community project. We‘re commited to fighting poverty and hunger around the globe, and so we empower people to follow their own pursuit of happiness. 

So this project is much like a common eLearning experience.

We hear, try, learn, develop Small Business Planners, free of charge. We’re focussing on personal Freedom, in Responsibilty. our Measures are

Simplicity, Ergonomy, Innovation, and Beauty. 

So’ whe be people ‘make a wish come true.

As well, it’s now time to hear your valued opinion.

It will certainly be recognized. Comment section is open.

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