17 Equations that changed the World. !?.






Berlin, Pflugstr. 12, in Memory of Mr. Friedrich A. Pflug, an Automator. Pirate Party HQ until today resident at Nr. 9a, not far from Germany’s historic death zone. Automation theory. Knowledge. It’s the PC with us. Honesty lives longest. Misery. And finally, Welfare for the many of we the People.


Created from the People‘s will, it‘s not gonna be there if you won‘t believe in it. As it is wrong to forfeit good right of mother/woman to see their children, with the so-called Corona Flu, we think it‘s fair enough to allow father/man to see their children.

In representing good right of the many, we see it so that even the publication of ‚disputable‘ footage (like the above) should not be considered reason to rip children off their parents, and so rip more or less intact families apart, just to make more money for the ‚Gutachter‘ and other roles of Money-makers, that the rich have created to feed themselves, as it seems.

It‘s the PC with us, and in its core belief, the Pirate Party of Germany defends some of the most traditional values on earth:

Simplicity, Transparency, Honesty and Righteousness (in public, do main).
Home and Family, Privacy Protection (have retreat and relief in good faith of the Law).
and Participation (Fairness, Chances, work, food, democracy, and good right with you).

We think that it is a good that not all people on the earth are identical, of same belief, religion, work, or look. At the same time, a few basic rights should be granted for everyone. Especially, if you have not done wrong. Following ‚in dubio pro reo’, this also means that any serious crime has to be proven. Otherwise, you could take a simple music video, create some weird, unproven mystery around it, and rip children off their parents, school, or even healthcare, destructing them in heart.

That‘s why we the people have created the Law.

So in much of the same level that man should not mistreat woman, and vice versa, children should as well be granted the most basic rights on earth:  Father, Mother, healthcare, and school.

It does not help to create some mystery about secrets from bats, call it Corona Flu, talk about nothin else on TV for the most un-proven thing we‘ve seen in a lifetime, and use all that to celebrate destruction of the poor. 

That‘s just a new word for a classic, old illness called „Grippe“, right?

Then, more and more doctors would buy more microscopes, raise and grow „Keimchen“ of all kind, create all kinds of articles about the least noteworthy artefacts, and write nothing else anymore on about any passaway?

Here we consider and say: wait a minute.
What if the battle for good, basic rights of we the people keeps us from clear thought?

Of everyone was free, would people hide at home, in fear of meeting yet another free man, on street?

It does not help us then to throw millions on millions, billions on billions to create the health extreme. As long as the reason is officially unknown, according to WHO, we therefore can only recommend to report in an appropriate way:

we do not know much about it, for certain.

In public, do main. It’s we the people’s Law, or there is no Law, at all. That‘s how we see it. You are welcome to reflect these thoughts in your own language, against your own country‘s Law. In publishing worldwide, we are happy to be granted the most basic, standard rights we know.

That‘s why we have AGB, Terms and Conditions in respect of basic law of our neighbourhood.

However, the benefits of Law, of Ethics, Culture and The good name of Your self will show up only under pressure. It‘s easy to be friends with everyone, when there is no problem, at all.

So what‘s the point then, of this Logbook article?

All the money, all the formula, all achievements of modern society are worthless, when there is no heart, no love, no emotion and no kindness anymore. So let us go back, research and create good Law. We the people, for a better world.


Much in the same way that we say: Time‘s gonna heal all wounds.

In case you‘e interested in working in good faith on good health, care and services, that‘s why we have created Healthcare Simulations. So that everyone can make up your own mind, undisturbed.

Should you have other opinion, we‘re happy to discuss it on a fair and even level, respecting each other. So take your time. Comment section is open.

Thank you for visiting Dynamic Applications, today.



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