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The Water Supply simulation is much about the most basic things in life.


we learn from history that structural problems can not be solved by exchanging singular person or persons, and be it the people on top. Structural problems always have to be changed by changing the structure, itself. That’s logical, as most people won’t hurt themselves and be the stupid idiot, for a long time. So first of all, you gotta understand the cause of the problem. You can not solve a problem without understanding its cause, its inner movement of motivation. And then, you have to solve it by placing a motive, much like an award, to be better than anyone else, in an easy way.

Like a Water Supply. A solution, in a way.

A way towards the solution that is easy enough motivation for people to go, to grow slowly.



A while ago, i met some people who took a child away, for no substantial reason at all.


Government people, you know. You wouldn’t believe what kind of strange reasons some people find to follow their well-formatted procedures, in a consequent way. Even though the small family was just living a decent, modest life, they fell under the statistical level of what they called “poverty”, officially.

Too poor feed child, they said.

Another life destroyed, who cares. That’h how they earn money.

When father went to court, the judge went first day, saying, “we only want to look forward now”, and that’s how it went on. The takeaway was prolonged for the time of a long inspection, in 6-month cycles, so to earn some food for themselves, it seemed. Lots of useless discussions, and they didn’t even dare to forge the protocols, so that nothing shall ever remain.




When father went up court, requesting to be allowed to feed his own child, he was bitterly rejected. In lack of a lawyer, which he chose then rather not to afford, to protect the last remaining fortune of the family, his own savings, he was not even allowed to file in some requests towards court, for formal reasons. That was against the law. His statements where not written to protocol, not even, when he claimed then forfeiture of his constitutional rights. It was not even written down. The protocol was not even sent towards the father, in the beginning. When he finally got hold of the protocol, he wrote a complaint towards the judge. The protocol was not even corrected. The judge wrote back a one-page letter, stating that she would literally be willing to do nothing at all in this case.

And so, only the statements of the other party’s lawyer made it to the protocol. His child was then finally taken away by the judge herself, who ruled solely on the arguments of the other party. Basically, the judge wrote that the fact that the father had tried to arrange a small birthday party for his own son was the reason. A small birthday party with a small present on a secondary date that the child himself had wished for. So because the father had tried to fulfill a small children‘s wish, he was now forbidden to see his child, again, except for very few hours a week. That‘s what the judge brought up to defend her ruling.

That’s what i have to say, so i speak up, to day, forfeiting right of privacy,

just here, alone, defending state as it should be, in public.

cause i say law and order is still better towards no more law, at all.

so form of state, will you produce one protocol of right, or not, in time?

so when i came across that case, finally, i filed in personally a letter towards that judge, stating that the protocol has to be corrected, or the case was escalated in form of a criminal complaint towards attorney-of-law against the judge in person.

this is December, 2019, so we‘ll see what comes from that.


So they took child away and then, they started to sent money to the child, and then they started sending bills with artificial debts they had made up themselves, to the child’s father. You may find this irritating? – not at all. They can earn more money this way, sorting files of next victim, for a lifetime. Every family showing up at Youth Welfare Office, a new lifetime job was born. Funnily, neither father nor child had ever asked the government for any money, at all. And so, the remainders of another, not too wealthy family in a rich country, were scattered by destroying anything that was left.

Just following the standard procedure, as usual.

So that’s how they do it in a rich country, you know.

Town’s government was led by Social Democrats and the fancy women of Green Party. Party on, you know, with nothing but thin, hot air behind. And all those ants in that large, brown-glassed building in a nearby town keep sorting their files, to day.

Even if when looking closely at that case, to day, it doesn’t make anything better, at all.

Now that’s what i call an organized, bandit hostage, implemented by a group of anarchists.

May god have mercy upon their souls, one day.

Town’s gouvernment, meanwhile, seemed still occupied discussing how they like each other.

How could such rich a person understand poverty anymore?

So you really get the impression that in a rich country, like the one i was born into, in fact a lot of people, including a lot of people who claim to represent the state, law and justice itself, seem to have forgotten everything about what was meant to be right, and wrong, when it comes to honest decisions in life. Help the people, or oppress to the max, and make some bargain? – it’s up to everyone.

In situations like that, i tend to read that small blue bible that i got for confirmation, from my parents, at the age of 14, right here in next village called Help up.


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Then, Jesus went into the House of Lord, that people had built for worship, and cast out all of them who sold and bought in the Temple, and overthrew the Tables of the Moneychangers, and the Seats of them who sold Doves.

And he said just unto them, that it is written:

My house shall be called the house of prayer, but ye have made it whole den Lot of Thieves.

Then, he started out in person, throwing out all Moneymakers from within the Temple of Lord, same day. And the blind and the lame came soon towards that Temple, where he was seen now, healing them, in sharing words of cure and wisdom.

Matthew 21, Verse 12-14.


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Trying to be yourself a good example never hurts as much as what these people do, that’s what i think. So Let’s be kind as long as possible, modest, correct, good-hearted.

Let’s use the message of the word, like what was written into bible, and read yourself all through that good old books of Law, and prepare all yourself in courage for the next big step of hostage on the plan. Defend your parent’s house, your last refuge, home of yourself and little sun, inheriting all knowledge, wisdom, and good heart from you in time.

Let’s write constructive complaints, demand these paragraphs from those in charge.

You know, complaining…

It’s seen almost like joining all those whining politicians. Uuugh, all fame, it is so hard to bear…

Is it worth it? –

shall we shut down, or shall we people be worth battle, shall anyone encourage, see, defend, or simply help your case, or fill the pocket of their own? –

you wouldn’t know.

That’s why i say, trust your own mind, and read, search, find, all paragraphs that had been written to defend your case, by all those, people, judges, and, well, even politicians thinking about all these problems, years before.

A lot of justice you’ll find, if you look closely all through books of wisdom.

So then, well well, let us defend all we the people’s benefit.

That’s how we do it here.

So it’s good to do what’s right only at the right time, right place, and only towards people who have really, really, done everything they could to deserve it. So that’s what i did, in the case i heard of. Filed in an official complaint, asking them to change the rules so that children should be allowed to see both parents, even when they split, in the general case. As long as none of them were prosecuted, or there was any danger to the child.

So just that children could see mother and father in the standard case.

And if both parents wanted to feed child, why not help them discuss who can take which task.




The Federal Press Agency is your personal reporter

When asking back why, head of financial service department told, well, we prefer stability here, Mister. We’ve seen a lot of bad things before, and so we say it’s best for children to stay with mother. There are mean mothers as well, you know, but that’s pretty rare, believe me, Mr., we’ve seen so many father’s don’t care for their children, at all, before. So that’s why we prefer stability here, it’s mostly best, well, in your case, it seems a little different, hm hm, unfortunately though this means you gotta pay if father and you gotta file in this paperworks if mother and then child stays with mother and father pays. It’s been like that since old age, and we rather keep it like that in the standard case. In case you feel that’s not what justice is, why don’t you go to court and file in a complaint for justice, Mister. Because we here say if there is a father and they truly love child, why don’t they go to court, in this extraordinarily case, hm?

And so, in every bureau, the take a while, they take a 10-to-15 minute break, they listen a bit, but when it comes to action, they rather shift you to the next friend of themselves, than trying to believe your story, and have a lot of trouble from next day. No, no. And so, they have a habit how to earn some money in an easy way. Hm, hm, now i don’t know.

Standard Procedures. Defined by Politicians, ages ago.

Was that before or after WWII, or right within, i ask myself?

An assumption of innocence, unforeseen to day, in hateful darkness of people in charge.

An assumption of innocence, void. Who cares for basic law, qnymore?

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Well, don’t we give up

one single case for no substantial reason at all. Do we?

Then, i filed in a suggestion of how to consult and moderte a fair procedure in children’s best interest. So that they won’t be orphaned by force, in the standard case, anymore.

Should one party happen to fall too poor to feed child, allow for basic ground income to feed child, so how about 250 Euro per month, i wrote, back then in 2018, and that should account fairly towards potential other benefits given to the poor. Also, in conformance with Constitutional rights here in Germany, please allow both parents to take care of child in the standard case, i.e. add one line to official forms they use where you can sign that you wanna feed your own child, yourself.

So that they know and they can then consult where possible, and grab the money or help child where no one else would wanna do.

But not should be allowed that one parent files in for money, and so they takeaway poor child from other parent, and orphan child alone by one accusation, without even giving the other side one chance at all, respond, and care for child from their side, rather then, in person. So that when one parent demands money, the other parent should at least be granted that one option to offer personal care. So that poor people be allowed as well to care for child, in person, should they be in a situation where there is not enough budget.

Rejected, for no reason given at all. They would not be bound to proceed like that, that was the reason given. Asking back, i was told they would not have to submit a reason.

And in the standard procedure of constructive complaint, they never practice talking back with people. The one in charge of procedure is requested to explain again the cause.

a Perfect world ?.

Well, well, as you can now imagine, next thing i did was filing a complaint that there was not one working means for anyone in town, to file in such constructive complaint, about basically anything, as the only thing they do is asking that same person to send you again same sheet you already have criticized. Not interested, no talk, no asking back.

a Perfect world, and so efficient, isn’t it ?.

There were internal laws, it seemed, and one of those seemed to forbid that there are any mistakes.

And so, these people could not even excuse themselves, when pointing out how many fundamental rights, and laws in detail they had broken. Well, let’s consider that implementing, then fiercely executing such an obsessed, highly aggressive level of children takeaway, of anarchy, strongly directed against the laws, was not that easy to hide and forge away. Not at all, of course. So that explains to me why father’s statements, whether in or out of court, sent in by letters or by lawyer, found no excuse, no mercyful release. Instead, some people seemed to do everything they can to hide all that away.

It is important to attract new victims, what did you think?

These people also need some food. At least, that’s what i say to myself in the morning.


So now i guess you understand why i write down here these small words, first days of December, 2019, just before the advance of 2020, and i swear, should these people ever dare to send any one more bill towards child’s father, again i’ll send it back, along with 2×25 Euro per hour a bill for wasting so much of our own, my time of life, again.

Things went on in court, to day, and as you may have already guessed, whole thing went on much worse from when i filed in such constructive kind of request in town’s smallest court, let’s call it Amtsgericht Buy bye, le feel D, back in 2018. Ever thought about some really great kind of robbery story? – well, well, proof has been saved, that noone cared for even the most basic laws of all, Foundation of the County, as written down in Constitution.

One thing they’ve overlooked, it seems.

At Dynamic Applications, we still have values, you know.

Three core values.

  • Transparency, which stands for honesty and righteousness of we the people.
  • Privacy Protection, in right of a home, family, your own thoughts, a decent life.
  • and finally, Participation. Same rights for all, and fair chances, in online democracy.

Well, well. Observing this, you come to the point in saying, why would anyone waste your time and cast your vote into one of those garbage bins, anymore, you know. So for about the first time in your life, you understand why there’s so many angry, angry, hateful people on The streets of Philadelphia. At what they call official elections, we the people, don’t we all just vote for justice, there, already, you thought? –

Ha ha, we say, we are the people, we are the state, you better buy yourself some good old weapons for yourself and your last friends, and shoot ourselves from street in time.

That kind of thought, why natural, believe me, it won’t much help a single one of us, at all. I think about all this for quite a lot of time, you know, because i’d say it’s not so nice to lose your hope, your family, but getting in that kind of organized bandit hostage, a few months later, that’s quite some another kind of story. That’s how you start to think there’s way more reason in projecting, following on purpose what was meant to be good law. That’s exactly when you find out that some purpose got you all towards that small place there in court, Smart Phones long taken you away, and there you sit and if you are one honest guy, and you don’t want to luve on backs of others, right in the end you will sit there, not even yet one single lawyer made it to the day announced, in time.

There was no payment left to promise, so what did you think where do lawyers get some food?

And then, my recommend for you guys is to read quite closely through, yourself, all those small letters that were printed on white paper sheets of justice, Article by Paragraph, and find the many, many spots they overlooked in daily standard we can’t help you on procedure. Be prepared, that’s what i say. Share words of wisdom with a very few some kind of people whom you trust, and fight for rights of your and other families, all same.

Cause who is judge, who,is attorney and who is the victim, that is all a whole damn lotta point of view opinion, and if you got small words of wisdom, well prepared, all with you, you better tell yourself calm down, let’s try again, and write some decent words towards the personal in fault, but highly precise words in what you think about the general procedure.

Well, well. It’s not over yet, so stay tuned here to see how it all ended, when we got new year 2020,

from next month.

I’ve sent my bill in time, how about yours?

I’d say if we look at this from a higher level, no guilt would we assume ourselves, would we? – so all in all, i say respect, young SPD of 2020, that’s fair enough a public vote.

So now all children shall become, shall get 250 Euro in an easy way. Smart guys, hm? – this way, they can refund my bill through all you Taxpayers. Now, let’s imagine, who would take all this, and make election programme for the people?

First look, it seemed so mean even to me, but now i say, keep guilt to those ones in the Town i have observed. Who knows how many of we people have filed in such similar complaint? – at SPD, they’ll never tell, we’ll never know. Some people talk with some, you know. Connections. And much more debt they wanna make us, i have heard today.

With 320k followers of what we have collected here, let’s call it an Arminian voluntary movement for a second, i’d say you’ll see all that all day, in shiny old TV. Just let’s assume once in a while, a small tweet tells some 10k more of you guys what that utterly small light upon that dark, dark water icon was all meant, to be a fore.

Public opinion business, you know.

Personally, i think it’s right to do it just like that, at congress where the social people would discuss what social is. These people have not done a thing to me.

And so, i say to day should noone ever be just willing to bring up good argument, i’ll keep on counting hours, sending my bills in time towards that Judge who could not find the Law.

Well, well, if you are interested in that kind of business, we recommend you take a look at our Social Boat of people as we call it here, The Federal Press Agency, that we’ve been night-long typing in the keyboard for the all of you guys out there, sing your utterly small song of wisdom for the people.

A very important thing though to consider is that everyone of us would only spare about one quarter, 1% of day to look it up, you know? – so that’s what to expect from when you have collected some first 10k online followers. Follow a few by day, you know.

They never show up in 10k on just day one. Do good, talk about it here and there, and don’t forget to keep on working all the time. That’s how we do it here in Startup, ground school of successful business.

100 impressions, if at all, and then, one click, one fave, all gone.

So now you see why i have taken all the Time to write, and defend small Arminia of The Social Network, even against Twitter’s support unit asking back, when more and more of we the people came up and asking can i have these small 4 keys of implementing my own way of Twitter, in continuity approach? – small, slow-paced repetition of your daily message, that’s all we offer for you guys to see. So that we have some kind of automated, full 24/7 newsticker network, and that’s what Twitter calls itself.

A small people’s self-built newstick network.

So we can concentrate on working on, developing our beautiful machines, our programs and our videos and music, our small built things from home that all we people now start sending to each other, now that potential for that thing of Sharing our Economy is seen on the horizon, so far away that you the people on the other side of Planet 🌎 Earth can see.


People in need of justice, we are, here we say. And justice for all, we try to work upon.

Sounds weird, i know, but please consider that you’re getting little better, day by day.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we are gonna fight them, you know. That’s not good. We just sit here, do right, and build a better state. As they can’t bear it, they’ll gonna fight you, all by the selves. They’re gonna fight us, with all that’s left, one day.

But we the people won’t just know for sure. That’s good.

Believe me, well, that kind of thought will lead you nowhere but depression.

And if you’d ask the other side, they’d tell the whole damn story just the other way around. So in the end, it all comes down to values. If you get values, not too much, they’ll tell you what to do. If you got courage, too, well, well. That’s more of all that kind of trouble on your road to heaven.

Just from the point of Startup business consultancy, all what i’ve learned, all what i have experienced in life before, with 50 years behind me on my road now almost, is that if you got values to defend, you better stay defending your core values, or you will see that nothing much was gained except that you have lost all three of your core values, your all so beautiful a life, your courage, and your Startup all along the way, and be left back with nothing but a lot of debts, from when it came to all that point of who is gonna pay for all that crap. Beware of wolves, sit down, and read all those damn small fine words of wisdom, and read yourself through legislature and then beat them with all those fine words of wisdom and of justice, that we the people have all elected, have defended here to day. And make them count where and when you have to.

Well, well, if i may fail, could be you’ll find some link right within here that gives you some more insight, one day. Let’s hope i am not tempted to all go beyond that final step.

For people of all kind, if you are looking for some good old water supply, in nearby town or region, well, well, we offer workshops, here, they’re free on Friday, there we can talk, but you know, some time it’s better book your spot today.



We do it so that we help other people in a just, fair, even, an hopefully also modest kind of way. but details stay of what we call a company HQ, small garden house north of what my old parents call large tree of life.

So what’s important in life, then, you may ask yourself as well, one day?

I say it’s important to live a good life, be honest, fair, and just, don’t try to jump on people’s nerves, and try tp be a good example of a fine man, in the time you’re given.

The attempt counts.

So who is town’s mayor, the one with the official medal, or the one who gets all that questions, all that frustration, hate and disrespect on their table to guide, to answer.

However, whatever they say – personally, i think it is very important that every one of us, every single person of we the people tries to think about what’s happening in this world, ourselves, and so first of all we contribute to a world that’s better than the world we were born into. Because that makes sense in the single case, as well as in the general case, you know. So that’s how we define a good thing, here.

Town’s mayor i had written to, long time ago, and months went by all i could see was quite some shiny new programme of SPD, all towards me presented in what they call a really old TV. To call me back, say that you, well, you know, people forget.

It’s very useful to follow a good way in being a company founder or foundress, you know.

It helps you to develop a substantial offering for your customers. For all those people around here, lost on this very small one planet, one world in space.

Stay constructive, but criticize what’s to be criticized, or there will be no chance of anything become a small, fine programme for we people to elect afrom. Hm, hm.

My personal flag was all blue water, sky, and just a small, weak spot of sunshine.

Who cares.



So justice was defined to be spoken by we the people, in my country?.

And that both executing and jurisdictive powers be bound to serve lawful, and just.

So i think it’s first of all a good idea, before going public, to take your time to understand.

Most reoccuring patterns, as i see it, would never reocurr just out of pure coincidence.


Try to remember just the face of your own, small own child, fading away.

Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say. When they take first own child, away.

Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say. When they took your child, next, one day.

May be you’re father, mother, child, don’t go there, all i say.



And justice was defined to be spoken by we the people, in my country.

And that both executing and jurisdictive powers be bound to serve lawful, and just.

Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say. When they take first own child, away.

Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say. When they took your child, next, one day.


Try to remember just the face of your own, small own child, fading away.

Maybe we’ll both sit down there, down on street, one day. Drink all our hurt away.

Gone by, gone by your family. “Don’t look at bump, that dumbo down on street”, to day.

Just an old, sad, utterly unlucky helpless guy, “so sad, can’t help them all”, they’ll say.


Feom thinking a lot too much about this unfinished article, i came to the conclusion that whatever other people do, in the end, all that remains is that you can only try to give a good example, yourself. Not yet, i say. Not yet, away. It should be possible to arrange even that one letter where it all starts from, in a just way.

Would Judge in Town, much like a Dove, would be so nice to Lawsuit form in charge?

I am still here, you are still there.

Altogether. Connected. Strong.

You gotta believe in something, you know.

And so, i mostly try to understand what’s going on, and then i build some more of my find project of online democracy, for we the people to find some, fine just small ventile to adjust. And it shall be for all of you to see, to reflect, and to vote upon, in much the same way i am still myself all taking all the time to read those fine, small reply channels there on Twitter, world’s fastest network, intended for the ll of you guys to respond. Interactive fan post, much like an online guard for justice, much like an online small reflection of what people say. Hm, hm.

And if i like it, you’ll just get yourself some fine small retweet or fave, of what calls itself @21stWaterSupply, the Twitter account. A simple, small menu item, not much more it seems.

Keeping a good Balance. Well, well. We all try to do something just, you know.



So i am building these small business planners to day, as good as i can, and since they’re based on a universal equation solver, you guys can build about anything from that.

It was a constructive complaint, a formal request described in the constitution of that state that described how to follow a better general procedure, after visiting a lot of those people in their office and asking them how they do it, and why. Last thing i heard, it’s been processed up to day, no visible changes in general procedure, at all.

Don’t listen to them, anymore.

That’s what i say. These letters are worth nothing. Think self, we Pirates say.

Tell them exactly how you see it, tell them once. And focus then all your energy to build the new, forget the old as soon as possible. And if it doesn’t work without having some people make a good laugh right upon your self, stay with your values, so,that you are not lost of anything you wanted to beware all through that time.

Integrity, and Trustworthiness, for example.

Well, well, define your own core values, defend all three, as good as anything else.

Most small ideas are really good if you just don’t let yourself kick around at times when there is really not a reason, not one reason to give up, at all.

I think when that small complaint came on the mayor of town’s table, they thought that they could win more voters by following on with the general procedure they had defined.

So i prefer to sit down here, now. and look up, to day.


by the way, not to forget

An excuse to all people in Bielefeld, here, down in NRW, EU (D), where i was born 25.04.1970 in Bethel, a small suburb we called much like the one from Bible. Where my own mum had been working as a nurse, before. My parents got 4 children, and i may say i am so thankful that i had good parents, all the time. So now that my mom has already passed away, last year, it’s about time to defend good old values of my parent’s family, as that’s much better than what i have found in what they call Youth, Welfare, and Family office in your town. It’s not about everyone, you know, so please be fair, try to be fair and just should you be tempted ever to go there report a family issue.

Beware of wolves, i say, and that’s exactly why i have filed in a bill last week, claiming that all these people who should thank the lord that i have not written down their own name right into this story of a so-called bandit hostage anarchy, shall pay their share refunding all that effort in describing what went wrong, in that single case i heard of.

Fair chances for all, same rights for all, remember?

Oh, well, You better take some really good precautions, all i’d say in public.

Stick to the people who have ruled injustice, and defend life with all that’s left, or your life soon be gone, with all that money, fame and hope you had been working for so ling a time.

Anyway, should you be angry on me now, remember, you are not me, let’s hope you were not part of this, and so, it’s not your personal fault, right? –

It’s up to everyone, i say.

And just to project all your own hate, anger and frustration on the victim will help not a single you, me, them, or anyone of us. War feeds war, Peace feeds Freedom.

So let them know internally, and should you need advice, i would be honored if you claim that you relate yourself to damn small, unlawful rejected constructive complaint of Martin Bernhardt, geb. Grote, who spoke up on 15 Feb 2018, then filed in first letter of suggestions on 22 Feb 2018 towards what they call ‘Depqrtment of Advanced Payment’, as they did not allow one single line of caring for your very own first child, no free text box, no advice neither hint of you may write a letter, just pay the money or they’ll sue you right in court. Try it out, you’ll see! – from what i’ve heard, it’s all same automated letter, so person you are asked to go to next will not have written it, at all.

That kind of priorities was delegated to some people, wearing all fine suit with a tie.

So now i say, we’ll see, who stays with me will stay, and that we’ll know at the end of the storyline, of course. the story of a lifetime, a writer’s life, for you the people to see.



Water Supply, a hint of Sunlight.

It won’t help us to look further down the road, at all, you know.

That’s not good for your own heart.

So i continue to work for you guys, the few early supporters of Dynamic Applications, and i’m thankful that we have started to work on things that have got any purpose.

Fortunately, to day, they didn’t dare to take my laptop, my last device of work away. I told quite a few of them that i’d fight for correcting that, with all the time i have left. And so, every new morning, there shall be sunshine again.

Well, well.

we’ll see what comes from that.

They just won’t care for my writings anymore.

And i’ll continue to have my house door open for my little sun, to visit father, whatever they say.





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We’re following a customer-driven, agile development approach with 2-4 week cycles. Beat us for everything not exactly perfect on Twitter, next two weeks. 24/7.

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Water Supply is copyright (c) 2018 Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications. We’ll guarantee you a free 1-year-license. And we’re here if you need help.

World Press Photo Awards, Massimo Sestinis, 2014.




Forest in Siberia - Russia.


Luxus im Steinbruch. Neue Westfälische, 2018.11.17


beautiful Campfire - beautiful balance in Nature



Featured Image -- 14747


Sunrise of Small Town from the wolves point of view.




Dynamic Applications - HQ - outlook from our self-built balcony at Home
Dynamic Applications – HQ – Leopoldshöhe, outlook from our self-built balcony at Home

Martin Bernhardt‘s garden of nature. just nature, and flowers, to remain.
Martin Bernhardt‘s garden of nature. just nature, and flowers, to remain.

Water Supply.

Water Supply - dark logo - 48x48

Water Supply Chain. be part of it.

who man? – man kind. so we believe in reason.

think self, here we say. Nature’s balance is here to stay.

while first world citizens rather buy Bio-food, than to share wealth.

so many people around the globe are looking for help. so just provide help.

build Tool. dig down. find ground. build well. sell water. grow food. supply more families.

The Water Supply Chain Simulation Model is much about the most basic things in life.

calculate effort, depth, water volume, and energy for the Water Supply for your own house.



This world is your world, so don’t you complain.

but shall you make a better place of it, so you’ll be blessed, to day.

Water Supply Chain. Dynamic Applications has world’s most basic answers.

in case you wish for more, elaborated Water Supply simulations, please vote on Twitter.

So please, don’t you complain here, that’s really up to you guys to decide upon.

At Dynamic Applications, we’re just a small family. Do-it-yourself is free.

WaterSupply - logo - 256x256
Water Supply. Logo.

download now - new version get-it-on-windows-10-store


about Dynamic Applications.

dna logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we create Small Business Developments, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and all do-it-yourself parts be free.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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