when everthing else fails, what’s important in life?

  • Home, Family. To be at home with your family, undisturbed.
  • Beyond that, the Existance and Stability of a State. Understanding outside world.
  • And finally, Participation. Same Chances. Same rights for all. Public Votes for We the People.

All you need.

So, let’s accept some democratic rules.

So we the democrats shall guarantee same rights for all, may it be right isolates, left alone, blue night mares, the free from democrats, or even the green wing radicals from Extinction Rebellion & Tree one, should there even be left two hearts beating as one in the Forest, it‘s 2 votes,


dark, dense, and smoky. Yea. That‘s Trees.

Memories, you know. That‘s value of memories.

One vote per man. Oh, Food. Who man? – bring gull.

Laws be valid for every one. The rest is personal opinion.

Result? – Kindness, of course, and Tolerance, in all our Modesty. ok.

Good Food, who man. The blood smells almost warm, aye say.

That‘s food. Yea, i know. The sail discussion.

Yes. Yes.


Oh no, that‘s not fair.


no, no.
Live sails we never spoke about.


but i’ll vote first.


and there you go.
knew it.




We the People. democrats.

Welcome, 21st century of choices.

At Dynamic Applications, we create Small Business Planners for we the people. 

So that there may be uniform values of Truth,

of peaceful Understanding, in a research for optimal solutions.

Build better than your competition, and with a good price, you’ll have customers.






we need a plan.

no. No.

a new plan, this time.


aye make the plan.

you do what plan says.

we‘ll see.


Dynamic Applications - Small Business Developments - Shoe ProductionSmall Business Developments v4.96. Cost and Profit of a Shoe Production.




U rudder.


whoooo hooo….






child ).



u r.

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