a few thoughts on Climate justice.


The 21st century worldwide growth of forest simulation is much about thinking about the consequences of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Thinking over Time.

This article was formerly published as The 21st century worldwide growth of Forest product.

However, we have decided for smaller, more reasonable official product publications. The reasoning shall be relatively short there, and further thoughts and personal opinions around the topic shall be written in Logbook Articles. So that people downloading our software can follow and develop their own thoughts, and are not mislead too far by mine, on the product page.

So from 2020, in the Logbook of Dynamic Applications, we shall concern ourselves with Articles, Short Stories, Essays and Noteworthy Thoughts around Values and Targets, as well around Society, Politics, Democracy, Law and Order, Targets in Life, and finally, Sustainable Thinking.

As that’s what we learn from working with, working on Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applications, Company HQ in Leopold’s Height, North Rhine Westfalia. Home.

Time is infinite, and so it heals all wounds.

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The immanent extermination of Life on Earth, quite honestly though, has neither been proven, nor does it seem logical from looking at the existance of Earth in time. From all we know, our beautiful planet must have seen much worse times, before. So there’s no need to worry.

Apart from that, have you ever heard of the Photosynthetic effect, CO2 consumption by plants of all kind?

Life and Death, Loss and Win. What a beautiful variety of beings on this very planet, isn’t it.

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So for a simulation like that, so many influencers, what do we have to consider?

Sunshine, Atmosphere, CO2, fertilizer, Glass effect, Clouds, Rain, Growth of Forest, Siberia, Green Land, Plants, Trees, Animals, and finally, Human beings and technology.

It’s all about the Details, the holy grail of detailed know-how possession.


dna hope signal logo

Endless effort, endless humility, endless modesty.

First of all, as for fossile ressources, we’ve researched resonable information for weeks, just to dig up a few proven numbers. What we found was rough estimations.

There’s so many assumptions on remaining ressources, in practice or theory…

So in using this very simulation model, we can learn a lot about the holy grail search.


Be modest, that’s good for you, that’s good for others, as well. Less greed, less decadency, and all of a sudden, our nature is gonna be fine, as well. In 21st century, we don’t need cars, we don’t need greed, to survive, hurray. As we got so much time now, so much time, to make friends with one butterfly, one whole free day. Or write an application as simple as this, in all our free time, in being Founders of 21st century. Much better than flying in Airplanes all over Greenland’s melting coast, to day. Just to write one more report, one more report so useless in history. As if you’d look, if you’d look how many open ends there be in this very simple simulation today, you’ll see how much more useless formula they create when building simulations of ultra complexity.

World’s details are endless, that’s what we here say.

So you better make up your own mind, today. It’s free of charge, anyway.

In the end, you got to decide if Participation is one of your core values (ecologist), or you believe in mankind’s victory (anthropologist). While the ecologist welcomes the natural change, and sees human caused change as merely natural (one world of participating species), the anthropologist merely believes in primate and secondary species, so that all secondaries shall serve the primates, and be eaten, killed, or surpressed, for example, for reasons of farming and for optimizing net profit in industrial food production.

What we say here is that climate change is mostly good for nature, as it is gonna get warm and evaporate. We’ll see a large new manifold of species, and Planet Earth has seen so many worse times before, we find ourselves in a self-regulating circle already.

Only for mankind, with industry, business, welfare and bureaucracy, we see that too fast change could mean a lot of harm, that could be avoided if we all just live in a bit more modesty. So while nature, as a whole, may certainly benefit from warmth, evaporation, rainfall and CO2-driven photosynthesis, there may be bitter destruction for thousands of people. The re-naturation of infrastructure by thunderstorm will only seem right if you’re not the victim, including your own beloved family.

Win and loss. That’s what we learn from nature. So we’ll all see how Mother Nature’s gonna strike back on us. She’s seen much worse scenarios in history. Globally seen, natural reflection may not be a problem. But it won’t help us all to live a life in fear. So with little effort, we could all give in our share. To a better living, a living with, within nature. In a base democracy, no sense at all in picking at some leaders. Everyone on the same level, everyone responsible.

If we the people could vote on a global level, that would be an option.

An option to agree, to build synergy on a global level. What a promise to pursue, to follow.

at Dynamic Applications, we believe in participation. and the uttermost fair and even, strongest level of participation is of course not sitting around in infinite boredom of universities on the backs of the working class, all day, but rather to experience all that beauty, all those wonderful interactions of nature and man kind in your own very garden. May it be Butterflies, Ladybugs, Ants and even snails. Not everything may suit you on your Table, so whenever you’ll have access to god’s own environment, we shall have at least one small, completely natural peace of wonder’s garden. Then, we can do as well a little agricultural gardening for food. Of course, participation with nature, in its ever so beautiful diversity, that’s best to achieve, in all our wonderful life of modesty.

Still, that’s just my 2 ct, so as always, we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

at Dynamic Applications, we believe in that you shall rather life a good, fine, decent life, than to destroy what’s god given to us. So let’s enjoy all that we see, and believe me, i see before me thousands of years gone by, Bye bye, le feel D, and still we see one brown bear tapping on that unknown stuff again that we now call ice and snow. And that’s what i call proven from history, as if you look closely, 5000 years ago, there was one guy called Noah, oh, how did her enjoy, the greatest Pirate on earth. He saved them all, living together with plants, animals, children, men and wifes, did not he have a wonderful life.

And so we see that we now all can relax a bit and say, well, well, that’s what we learn from history, good plan is 4 more years, and all beyond we may as well call scientology. Especially, if politicians say in 2020 that they will save the world in 2030. bla bla bla, no change of course, just they fill up their pockets, or they make more debts in filling up the pockets of some friends. In case you wanna know what kind of guy i am, now, why don’t you look at test i did to find out about all of my believe. Reflect, i say, and learn from thee. And a bit, small part of that strongest ever Pirate, Noah’s arc, we find to day in Pirate Party flag, around the world of green party believer’s nightly child mares, soo very Pirate children before me i see, why don’t you join and enjoy life with me, in modesty.

And well, you know, how child is made, that’s what we call here all protected, in you bed room’s privacy. So unfortunately, i couldn’t talk about that! You gotta go ask goo goll’s monster of paid truth. Ok, ok, you gonna say i cheat, if i move forward in your head one single thought. So i better stop and wish you a good nite, here. Hm, hm, sometimes, best thoughts appear to me in early morning, when all around god’s wonderful landscape i hear them calling, my lightweight friends of feather’s bride, singin to me from all those nearby, wooden trees, we haven’t had to carve away in an attempt to resist greed.

I say that nature, up from ants and even beneath, would probably tell us their very own, best ever theory, of why they think all species on earth shall be wild horses, wolves, or fox hunt funny bunnies on the field. Cats, mice, the mickey mouse of me, i am so small i most enjoy the lightmost elements we see, in what’s called birds who bring up children from small eggs. Enjoy your break fast, i say, and why don’t you try all kinds of fruit there is, and try to find out which of these may suit you well, some day. Take what you need, not what you might think you can get.

If we do all like that, no need to worry at.

Now you may say, hm hm, so if i decide for human, anthropologist view – survival for me and my family and many others – won’t that mean that we got to regulate climate change, globally!?

hm hm, i say. First of all, everyone shall have there own opinion, that’s part of oir method here. In using Dynamic Applications, whether we raise up a value, whether we rule down a level, both ways we train, we practice, we learn thinking over time.

In creating, in offering Dynamic Applications on our websites, Sustainable System Thinking is a constant value we provide. So this is more like an eLearning approach, than that we’d try to tell you about the holy grail, the one world formula, ourselves.

Now to your key concern, your core argument. Yes. You may decide for man kind, family, village, people. Absolutely. Who said that man kind shall not participate here, anymore?

Now do we have to find global solutions, and isn’t any measure, just everything, wasted and void, otherwise? – because if we here in Germany should build more bicycle ways and ride by car, won’t Donald Trump in USA, Bolsonaro in Brazil, Philipines, India, China and Putin all laugh on us, and benefit from less demand, cheaper oil now?

Now that’s a good question.

We can not solve globally when we taboo critical questions, at the same time.

From my point of view, if you got a global idea, an idea that has potential, that could possibly scale up globally, just post it on your website, then why don’t you use Startup Informer or The Federal Press Agency to deploy your idea, worldwide. This is a strong win-win-win situation for good ideas (me, you, and the customers who visit your website in more and more masses, soon). So yes. We can solve problems, globally. The problem of climate change is not a problem for nature, as we have seen. However, severe follow-up problems could arise for humanity if some people keep occupying land on this beautiful planet, and then they are neither willing to share, nor would they admit other people to be of same rights. That’s egoistic and nasty, living on the backs, the skulls of the poor.

Seen this way, a mediate arise in climate change and local temperature could lead to severe problems of social healthcare and survival for the many, the billions of utterly poor people on this very planet earth. If you got a child, or even got the luck of god be mother, be father of a few children, and now you gotta decide to rip wood off last trees near village, just to make fire and cook meal, so that children don’t get ill from infected, dirty water next week. If you shall decide to save your own children to the next month, would you save that tree, honestly? – so that some ultra rich people from Europe, first world posh shine taker’s USA can sleep better, in their artificial year 2100 problems?

If we want to solve the climate question, let’s solve the social problem.

It could mean nothing less than to disrupt the global financial market system.

For this, first of all, we’ll need a better idea to follow, a better wish for we the people, the all of us united, than what we see in nationalist’s patriotic selfishness today, globally.

However, having solved that, i foresee rather challenges than real problems to remain, speaking of our participation of species on this beautiful planet earth. years passed by, years to go. Same sunshine, same heat, every day, globally.

Reflection of a planet’s cosy warmth in cool, cold space.

Billions of years, of life, to follow.

What a promise.

Second, let’s talk about rural, local applications. Here in Germany, core EU, for example, we had a really hot summer last year. 40+ degrees. Yes. I was there, i have seen it. My little son and me, we live directly under the roof of my parent’s home, where i have built new rooms out of nothing with my father. So we need not take other people’s home away, for ourselves. That’s a great local thing that you can do with no or little impact on neighbours and society.

So if people, should refugees come by here from the desert, at least my family and me have tried not to occupy too many homes (we’ve beeen 4 children in my paren’t family, and at the moment we live here with 8 people in one house – my old parents, ground floor, my brother’s family with 4 kids – 1st floor, me and my little sun, 2nd floor). At some point ground floor will be empty again, so another family can move in. With a bit of will and tolerance, much harm to anyone. And we coild even rent the house to someone, make a small business model and have some food. Win-Win again: home, food.

But apart from that kind of social problem solving, let’s look at nature itself. What Germany’s CDU-CSU-SPD government did here last autumn, was one of the most stupid things in ripping off more taxpayers, that i ever heard of. They offered, they created a fund with dozens of billions of Euro (“30 Milliarden Euro” i think it was), just to save dry farmers. Yes, of course, it wasn’t their fault alone.

But look at what they did! Now every farmer who never took precautions can get strong saving and benefit for doing nothing at all. But all good farmers who benefit nature back for a long time with building a natural water reservoir, just blocking a small river a few meters up, they get nothing. Only if they went bankrupt. Is that not unfair?

It’s so easy to create small lake, if you have even small water flow on your ground. Even the rain from your own house roof may do! Just collect it in a small garden pond, or in a fish pond as a farmer. No harm at all! Instead of feeding pork and beef, now you raise some fish. The local kids may even use a boat and have a fine children’ playground. Pirate games, you know, a classic children’s fun. You never know where they can use all that kind knowledge they create by just been playing round your lake all say. Now if you’re afraid one might be sunk, ok. We don’t want that. That’s one good reason for a garden fence. Sell key to children for 5 bucks and they can use your boat with mum, all day.

That’s solution thinking,

because it helps a lot in having a good life with lots of fun, you know?

Even if you got just street water, think about creating small bio water pond, small lake. All you need is one way in and 2 ways out. Lower sea level is small pipe, large enough that it won’t fill itself with mud. Dig a hole , and calculate the extent you shall need with Water Supply, our free calculation model, 2-3 m above ground, which is 5 m below earth ground level, for example. Up from there, another 2 m up, just half a meter below earth ground level, create a big concrete flow-out exit. All you need! No matter how much rain should fall, it will fill up your basin. Any excess water will be stored first, then exempt slowly in the next few days. Less peak tides, your neighbours down the river will thank you so much for that. Still, should too much rain fall locally, no local flood just rain will fill up lake and then will flow down river to some place where it’s not raining, full sunshine again.

Best of all, this way you never have to worry for your field be dry and convert into desert. Not here in western Europe or on any place on earth where we got rain, at times. And should the global temperature be really raising up some day, well well, i say we soon habe thousands of new clouds. Man kind would burn up planet earth, a whole? – ha ha, we say, that’s only hypocrisis of those idiots from the greens. Piling up a few catastrophies and claiming Mother Earth be dry and dead. Stupid Imposters!

We here, we are from Pirate Party, and we have learned to always use our brain.

Think globally, act locally, that’s what we say, my dear friends. Strong focus on content, on argument. No need for super ruling humans with that mass of dumb ideas who collect taxes from all us just to feed them and their hyposcientist’s experiments.

Content is key.

In being Pirates, in being members of a transparent society, let us demand truth, not hypocritic fabulation in simply adding up a pile of ever so more milkmaid calculations.

Throughout history, politicians may have found the weirdest reasons to raise their taxes, but really, thin hot air taxation, wouldn’t you agree this was, this is the greatest bullshit of all?

Man, you wanna help nature, why don’t you shut up and drive nothing for a while. That’s what i say.

Do nothing, man, it’s free of charge, worldwide available.

Nature’s abilities of empowerment, we’d follow silently in astonishment. 20 years later, fell one tree, earn honest money from a hard day’s work, in building furniture for the people. Best value generation for a whole, New Generation, much like an old forrester’s family. So we can wait for Nature’s fine restauration, or we behave, just a bit modest, all.

A few acres of Land less, Lord, and instantly, less food we have to throw away.

No harm at all, honestly.

Build a Water reservoir for the all of them, the small forrester families.

Enjoy birds, a fine, simple life, and green plants, where ever your eyes look upon.

We here, we say if you good scientist, then go ahead, proof yourself first, and show you can and go develop something that’s half easy and half useful as we Startups build all day. Throw your dust in the air, and show us how your thin air, your lightweight plans really becomes the all of us to live more healthy. And then, you better start rejecting money from the others, you better open up small business and sell us your part of that good idea. Are you good scientist, have understood physics and biologic chemistry, or not. Are you a bot, reflecting say-say bullshit of ever so missing detailed holography?

Fair enough! That’s how we spot a good, fair, honest guy. Be father, be mother, be child, to us we are all same, so we demand all people shall be equal before law. Especially those old, bribed politicians who take money and then even make more debts. Ha ha, we say, ha ha, we know, that money wasn’t lost by any kind mistake! That money sure went to some other pocket that was bribed. Help yourself, think, be kind to others and provide solution, no bla bla. That’s how we here identify good guy. Do it yourself, you dumbo polititicans, show us that you are worth 1 ct a cross, a Euro four more years a key.

We are good basic democrats down here. We work on, have stopped listening, at all. Why should we listen to that bla-bla garbage when you guys have no idea, have never yourself experienced any poverty. Shame on you guys, shame on your family.

How dare thou rule us, who, be damned, got no idea, no key.

Don’t listen to them, anymore, just swith off your old TV, and start to watch all useful channels on the net, where content is key. Bla bla bullshit they tell us all day, bla bla tomorrow until hell, just stuffing pockets for bla-bla not working on any solutions yourself, all long day.

Shame on you guys. That’s what i say to that.


The 21st century worldwide growth of Forest simulation will empower you to make up your own mind, based on facts and logic. You don’t believe in a number, a formula? – go ahead and change every formula, integrated live within the application.

Free Promo Codes on Twitter, world’s fastest network, will empower you to activate all integrated Formula editors, fully.

See The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Voting Competition for more. Learn sustainable thinking by checking out dependencies between fact, effect, logic, cause and origin.

School’s know-how, and a small book of old, proven laws of nature, all you need.

What you see is what you get, here.

Verify, Change anything you wanna try, and solve with me.

Let’s feed our children from solutions, no bla-bla.

Productive for a better world, true day.

Sustainable thinking, we train. Understanding. Survival.

Where we can’t heal the world, why don’t we try in small, and as well feed your family.

To prove anything in itself, and show the proof of concept, we decided to go with the deliverable ressources per year, under today’s technology and market conditions, as we have it right now. As there is more grains, water, mesh and sunken trees in the earth und under the oceans than we might even know today, we let that value rise by about 1% per year, as the startup setting. It’s only a default – change anything as you prefer, and see the consequences.

So, apart from collecting a few note full articles, as listed below… –

we concentrated on simulating a few, fairly well known things.

  • Stone Coal delivery and yearly consumption (Input Value)
  • Brown Coal delivery and yearly consumption (Input Value)
  • Natural Gas delivery and yearly consumption (Input Value)
  • Crude oil delivery and yearly consumption (Input Value)
  • CO2 production from burning each of these (Target Formula)
  • CO2 mass (and ppm) in the atmosphere (Starting Point, then Target Formula)
  • Rise in global Temperature (there’s a huge discussion, we’ll let you set it: Input Value)
  • Evaporation – Water mass in Rain clouds around the earth (Starting Point and Target Formula)
  • Greenhouse effect – Plant fertilization through water and CO2 (Target Formula)
  • Forest area in North America (Starting Points and Target Formulas…)
  • Forest area in South America 
  • Forest area in Russia and Siberia
  • Forest area in South Asia
  • Forest area in Europe (excluding Russia)
  • Forest area in Africa
  • Forest area in Australia and Ozeania
  • Forest area, worldwide.

So here we go, simulating your winner of the year 2016
in the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition:

All Input Values and Formula, where suitable, are based on Wikipedia sources and articles, which contain further weblinks for public research.

See bottom of this page for a list of references and sources.



Our Planet as a whole, in neverending balance.

Introducing the 21st century worldwide growth of Forest simulation.

Our simulation does not intend to provide the singular world formula, neither do we have the capacity nor would be so arrogant to claim we have got the knowledge to do so. It’s just an overview of a complex system of interacting nature, climate and weather, in a top-down approach.

It should rather be an easy enough starting point for everyone interested in the topic to check it out, yourself.

By concept of the Dynamic Applications platform, all parameters are publicly visible through ToolTips, with formula and live calculation values.

Instead of just showing a few numbers and fancy diagrams as you can find all over the internet, here you can make up your own mind.

21st century worldwide growth of Forest - slowly rising CO2 level
21st century worldwide growth of Forest – rising worldwide CO2 level, depending on your config

Baumstamm - Perspective Orchideen
Rain Forest. Nature’s Treasure in global resources, woods, animals and clean air.

For each ToolTip, we’ll be adding a hand-written comment to explain what this value is about, where we got value and formula from, and cite the Wikipedia source.

As usual, for everyone interested in adjusting the formula systems, there’s promo codes around on Twitter to activate Perfect Desire, our professional simulation platform, for free. It’s part of the game. So this very simulation comes with a built-in formula editor.

21st century worldwide growth of Forest.


Our 21st century worldwide growth of Forest simulation,
with a forecast based on System Dynamics.
Softpedia 100 No Spyware Award

Softpedia Award for a 100% adware and spyware-free download!.

21st century worldwide growth of Forest includes:

  • Bakery Model (a one-product business calculation Tutorial)
  • Photovoltaic System – intro – PV amortization
  • 21st century worldwide growth of Forest.
  • default Simulation Time Frame: 2000 .. 2100
  • The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition.
  • freely configurable Start Date and Simulation Time (10..240 years).

download now.

We develop a standalone client, here. Precise. Pure. and Safe.
no Data gathering, no Server behind you. It’s your business. We respect that.

Latest version exclusively on dynamic-apps.org, our free FTP download Server.


21st century worldwide growth of Forest - logo
21st ct worldwide growth of Forest.


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We’re following a customer-driven, agile development approach with 2-4  week cycles.
Beat us for everything not exactly perfect on Twitter, next two weeks. 24/7.

21st century worldwide growth of Forest is copyright (c) 2016 Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications. We guarantee you a free 1-year-license. And we’re here to help.

All our Windows 10 Store Apps come with full functionality, including the Target Formula System editor. So there’s no need to apply Promo Codes on Windows 10 Store Apps.

Unlimited License for the Windows 10 Store App, including unlimited upgrades.

21st century worldwide growth of Forest. Grow your Input. Show your Target. Think. 21st century worldwide growth of Forest. Grow your Input. Show your Target. Think.

Living in Nature. Dependency. Understanding. Living in Balance with Nature.

Rain fall per area in a year, calculated from evaporation and Temperature. Rain fall per area in a year, calculated from evaporation and Temperature.


Perfect Desire logo - one world dynamic_idea_logo_48x48

inspired by:

Spiegel Online: 20th century growth of Forest in Europe (Animation)

For this simulation, we’re referring to Wikipedia in german and english language as a reference. Further pages researched have been used as an additional resource to set up values and formula, but in the end, as of the mssive number of ressources, we decided to rely on Wikipedia, only.

[a] Worldwide Ressources on:

  • Stone coal and brown coal [1] [2]
  • Natural gas [3] [4]
  • Crude Oil and delivery [5]
  • List of Countries by proven Oil reserves [6]

[b] Energy density, CO2 and CO2 emission:

  • Energy density [7]
  • Gas and Steam Power Plant [8]
  • Carbon dioxide [9]

[c] CO2 in atmosphere, and Greenhouse effect:

  • Carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere [10] [11]
  • Greenhouse effect and CO2 fertilization [12]

[d] Weather and Climate

  • Earth and Rainfall Climatography [13]
  • Geologic Earth Temperature records [14]

[e] Forest

  • List of Countries by Forest Area [15]

21st century worldwide growth of Forest.

how many open ends will we find, when adding one more formula of choice?

Think self, here we say. That’s key one question to solve. Sharing is Caring.

So this simulation model is much about living on the backs of others, you and me.

As it serves a good purpose, and to feed the poor, this simulation model is free of charge.




21st century worldwide growth of Forest. Logo.

download now - new versionget-it-on-windows-10-store

Dynamic Applications.

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Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them& Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. and you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

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