Planning for the Future while you still have Time.

a wonderful Blogpost by Simple Ula:

Planning for the Future while you still have the Time

it reminds us that everyone’s time on this planet is limited, and how important it is to use your time in a useful manner.

considering how young the author actually is, the more extraordinary are her remarks.

At Dynamic Applications, we develop a series of small business planners that are free of charge. and so, we follow the target of supporting our fancrowd in a pursuit of happiness.

i’m not competing with you.

i hope we all make it.

Thank you!

simple Ula

We look towards the future with optimism. We note down destinations we want to visit, we plan out the perfect life, and we (secretly) decide on baby names long before meeting our future spouse.

It is vital to plan for the future, but that time seems so far away, and so sometimes we believe that it can wait until tomorrow, next month, even next year. Yet, putting off these plans doesn’t always work out. We all know how quickly life can spin on its head, so being prepared is something that needs to be considered.

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5 thoughts on “Planning for the Future while you still have Time.

  1. interesting post which reflects a lot of thoughts that i had when founding Dynamic Applications.

    We’re doing freeware business plan calculators for everyone so that people can define a goal and select a Target to follow. So in a way, we’ve automated your idea, if you want to see it like that. So that people have a chance to follow their pursuit of happiness.

    From my perspective, it doesn’t have to be the money you’re focussing, and it’s actually easier to be successful if you don’t. Think about a purpose of what you are doing. Perfect approach would be to define a formula for customer satisfaction. Since that can depend on a lot of things, it’s very difficult. So you can as well focus on minimizing your running cost of operation (rent, car, insurances,abonnements) and whatever goal you want to find or follow, i would always recommend to start as small as possible. Maybe with just a website (and/or a virtual good like software, articles, song or document) and then expand from there as you have and grow your customers. Don’t forget to follow a few (100) people on SocialMedia every day. The response rates are good, but you can wait ages until the first ones make it to your website. As i see it, that doesn’t mean your offering is bad, it only means that others are good as well and you can not compare your beginning to someone else’s greatness and final success. Learn to love and value all the labour that keeps you growing. Learn to be confident and tell yourself that at least you’re trying, and learn to be happy with that. It’s the greatest thing you can do for yourself.

    So you concentrate on doing something for the people, grow slowly, thank every customer, address their need, and expand your offering (articles, downloads, but also SocialMedia network) over time. If you don’t grow it, nobody will. From my perspective, success in reaching your Target will almost automatically come to you, as you are helping people and they have a motive to thank-you (some of them will even ask you how can you make that price). And so, they are asking can they give something back already, and if you can not afford to e.g. write your blog free of charge, you could do workshops at minimum price.

    Have a nice day! Keep writing for the people,
    best regards

    Martin Bernhardt


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