How to get a Business Process Manager certificate.


this blog post started from a “thank you” blog post, back then in February 2017.

It was five days before the forst anniversary of PD v0.1, our piloting sketch, as it went online on 29 Feb 2016, and yes, it looked as ugly as that at the time.

Found a strategy consultancy and an App Development company in one year,

for the first time in your life, and i’m sure you’ll understand what i mean. It is my own company; i have defined it myself. Perfect! For me. I say it was online after one (1) month, so people came by here, laughing on me, and i told them come back in 3 months and you bet i get this baby to work in 3 months.

And so they came back to check that out.

Predicted Desire v0.1 – most exclusive version ever (10 downloads, worldwide).

Not yet a year later, we’ve published Business Process Manager v1.96, in being the final spin-off from Predicted Desire v1 for all times. So PD v0.1 got 10 downloads in a month, from my own website, and when we published PV v1.0 to Softpedia in June/2016, again 10 downloads in the first month, being Nr. 3118 of 3118 products in Business/Finance. 25 downloads after the 2nd month. The rest is history.

So in case you haven’t got the time to check out the product, itself, well, first of all it looks really nice. 2nd it allows you to optimize 10 Tasks of your work in being a Consultant, Process Manager, Project Manager, Product Developer, SocialMedia Manager, Telephone Supporter, Mother, Father, child, Apple Tree, or CEO.

Most of your time, just meetings and talking, and it seems not that easy to be CEO and start cleaning the front entry of your company at 6 a.m. in the morning, every day, so once you end up here, you’ll start losing (or even missing) whatever knowledge you got before, but you’ll probably become a better talker, presenter, listener, problem solver, resource connector, or company manager over the years, or you’ll lose your job.

ok, enough from my side, so be invited to define what it is, and did i miss anything?

The limits to growth in a BPM-like notation.

Comment section is open.

We offer an official Business Process Manager certificate from Dynamic Applications for free for the first 10 people who manage to enter themselves right below this post!!

Just leave an (online or offline) contact address to send it to, and believe me, it’s gonna be as beautiful as the one above, which i got today, just as a little challenge for myself. Don’t forget to mention things you want to have included.

As i say follow your heart, and you can become everything.

BPM v1.96: Success in BPM is much about lowering your production cost, per service!






1. Do i have to download BPM to get the certificate?

no, where did we say that? – ok, consider you’d like to use the certificate for a job application. Is it wise to have no idea what you’re talking about, then?

We’d say bring BPM right on your laptop to your job interview, as that’s a pretty unconventional approach, you got a pretty unconventioal software with you, it can do pretty amazing things, so how many chances do you need to get your job.

If you fail once, congratulations! Ask why and you’ve learned a lot about BPM. It’s much about convince someone in a reasonable amount of time and don’t be too boring if you want more time to sell (yourself).

Take your time and be better 2nd try.

In case you’re in lack if courage, we’re here to help.


Startup Product Manager v3.24 with Formula Editors, activated.
Startup Product Manager v3.24 with Formula Editors, activated.


2. What’s the purpose of this post?

Well, it’s a memory of a wonderful event, so besides having got a couple of old business cards where’s Senior or Strategy Advisor printed upon from my earlier life,

i’m now certified by a well-known competing strategy advisory, as well.



at Dynamic Applications, we are Sharing Economy, so here you go.

BPM development certificate, UNITY AG.

We share our best knowledge all the time, and as i started this project alone, here’s mine.

just wanted to point out that Truth is really what most people believe in, so if you’re really interested in that topic and are in need of a professional certificate right now, and it seems a little too easy for you to get one, just remember you’re giving back by showing this certificate to as many companies as possible, right?


3. Is this a serious offering?

Who said Dynamic Applications is not a professional company? – we got thousands of people downloading our Apps, per month.

I’ll sign the certificate with my name, Martin Bernhardt, and who said one single person who managed to gain 175000 voluntary followers on Twitter alone, in less than 15 months, just for creating a critical mass of followers for this very project, is not an important person in this world. It’s not about the money.

Call me and let’s discuss the job you want to do, and just in case i can’t convince you to work for Dynamic Applications and make this one a million dollar baby, i’ll recommend you to anyone who calls me up later, as good as i can.

So aren’t we good in being a job search platform? – i’d say we are best, and our platform is going to be called





Best job search company in the world.

and we give a full job warranty.



be invited to participate, and develop this further on, here you go.

suggest how can we get any better with our BPM optimization suite, if possible at all.

I say to be successful in being a Business Process Manager,

  1. all you need is a convincing offering,
  2. be able to name it well,
  3. and be willing to get the job done.

Finally, to be most successful in life, it’s key to success to charge an exceptionally awesome price for your time or service.


Best one

we can afford to make.


But not better.

Thanks! Now you need all that there is to know about BPM.

Book a workshop at another company and pay a lot of money if you need more details and i’m sure you’ll understand much more about how a BPM really works after 3-5 paid workshops.


4. Are you ready to get a job done? –


ok, let’s test it.

How long do you need to apply for a free BPM certificate

and be in front of 10 early movers.



5. References?


[1] Wikipedia: about BPMN.

[2] Wikipedia: about Growth Hacking.


about Success in life. 


and the winners are:


my father once told me that

rich is not the man, who got much,

but who needs little.


just my 2 ct.


Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. and you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

2 thoughts on “How to get a Business Process Manager certificate.

  1. Dear Dynamic Applications,
    Admiring you from afar.
    What happens when you are no longer seeking work?
    Instead you apply all you have learnt, all you know, all you are capable of …… to the challenges of life ….. simply for the love of it? A different ball game.
    Sincerely, RomK

    Liked by 1 person

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