about USP, or: why Google Analytics can close down.

Hello everyone,

USP weekend voting competition is #live!
we think Predicted Desire has 12 Unique Selling Points.
send your vote, and get our promise: we’ll Retweet you to 12 k Followers, minimum.

all you need to do is to tweet to @dynamions your Top 5 USP sequence.
add a smiley if you want: what Susie says of Sally, says more of Susie than of Sally…

or, if you prefer, just press fav/rt. we’ll count those as well.

about the outcome? – see below.

A photo by Drew Patrick Miller. unsplash.com/photos/_o6AAx9dl_Y
we’re fine-tuning future aims. then, we target them.



Balanced Scorecard. We start from a sketch on a single sheet of paper. Then we put number on it.

Monday, 05 September 2012:

when after hours, noone sent in a USP sequence, i came to the conclusion that that was too much effort. We’ll keep the competition online, just scroll down in @dynamicons tweets. Now, about the good side: almost 50 retweets and favourites in one weekend, 250 new visitors on our website.

simple enough, key to success!

until today, noone has sent substantial feedback, criticism, or hate.
seems that people simply like it, or it doesn’t matter to them and they read on, somewhere.

thank you for coming by, here. let’s move on to new explorations, together.

PD v1.2 - App Developer Model
SocialMedia driven App Developer, the success model of Dynamic Applications.
  • sustainability, key to success.
  • think about the way, not the money. keep going your way. 
  • provide value, and contribute your work, every day.
  • someday, you’ll succeed as well.
Hmm… i wonder what that very snail is for.

oh, by the way! In writing our F.A.Q., we’ve refined our USP today. Here you go.

about World Problems
Our Vision. Our Mission.
Key dna USP
Our Path. Key dna USP, 2017.05.18.

if you want to read in detail why we think we got a real USP towards Google #Analytics and all those other #BigData products, this is elaborated in one of our first Articles:

about Dynamic Applications.

Slowness. Pirate Parties. Disrupting capitalism. And International Network development.
We’re not saying that it makes a lot sense, altogether. But you could discuss about it.

We say maybe, you’re wrong, we’re right, and some people start following the general idea. Then it does. We got a market there. A completely new market. And we built it.


Now, have you ever seen Unique Selling Points like that, before? gotcha! now you see.
Thx for reading. Stay tuned.

About slowness. Success is much about heading in the right direction of time.

Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. and you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

2 thoughts on “about USP, or: why Google Analytics can close down.

  1. Very great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!


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